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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 42 (catching up, an upcoming celebration)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

I awoke the following morning to see Seena lying on top of me, smiling softly, "Good morning, Lucas" she said, before moving her head down, bringin me into a kiss, after she released me, I responded
"well, someone's in a good mood" while smiling, myself.
"And why shouldn't I be?" she responded, before getting off the bed, before continuing "I've just been thinking about how good things have been for me lately, and it's all thanks to you." She said, before smiling again.
I blushed slightly, out of embarassment while getting out of the bed, responding "I'm sure it wasn't just me."
"Maybe not..." she started, while pacing away, before spinning back to face me and continuing, "but you're the one who's mainly responsible."
"well, in any case, I'm glad that you're happy" I said, while making my way to the bathroom, I closed the door behind me, as I started the shower, disrobing while the water was heating up, after stepping into the shower, I thought to myself.
"I wonder how Matt and Terese are holding up down in Pastoria, how would they take the news of Team Galactic's sudden reappearance?" I then had another thought,
"...Uxie? are you there?" I asked in my mind, there was a short silence before I heard the familiar voice responded
"Lucas, why did you call for me?"
"I was wondering if you knew WHY Team Galactic is back, and why they seemingly disappeared for a while..." I thought, while washing myself
"It was a bit odd that they just seemed to fall off the map for a while, but they were still there, they were mainly planning from the Veilstone and Eterna buildings, planning on a method of capturing my siblings and I..." Uxie responded, taking a strained tone at the end.
"Uxie...why can't I stop this?" I asked in my mind
"you just don't understand, Lucas, I have forseen what will happen..." she said
"Uxie, the future isn't set in stone, there MUST be something I can do." I responded, mentally
"Lucas, I've forseen what would happen if you DID try to stop their plan, and it's something I want to avoid..." she responded, sadly, I immediately caught on,
" would mean my death, then..." I thought, while frowning
"yes...and I don't want that to happen to you, you of all people...I hate to say it like this, but we NEED you" Uxie responded, sounding stressed
"who's 'we' exactly?" I asked, wondering if it was anyone beyond Uxie and her siblings
"well, in a sense, it's everyone...without you, we wouldn't have had this chance to merge humans and pokemon back together...I know what you're capable of, Lucas, but I also know your limits, trust me, you don't want to get involved in this..." Uxie said, sounding somewhat disappointed
I sighed, before saying "very well..." out loud before finishing up in the shower...

...when I exited the bathroom, Seena was waiting for me, she pulled me into a hug as she started to run her fingers through my hair, "your hair's getting pretty long" she said, before looking up to see my expression "Lucas, is something wrong?" she asked, with sudden concern in her voice
"it's nothing, Seena, it's just...I don't want to just sit on the sidelines with this Team Galactic situation..." I responded, lookng off to the side
"then don't, there's nothing really stopping fact, I kind of feel like I owe Team Galactic a thing or two, myself" Seena responded, througy a serious tone, I turned my head down to face her, before responding
"I wish it was that simple, Seena, but, Uxie has informed me that if I got involved with them, it would ultimately mean my death..." I responded, before frowning and continuing "I don't know what to do..." Seena's expression slowly changed to one of shock and fear
" can't possibly still consider going against them, right?" she said, in a scared tone
"I know, Seena, it's too important that I stay alive, not just for our sakes..." I responded, tightening my grip on Seena slightly.
"But, does that mean that you won't fight anymore?" Seena asked, before bringing her head to my chest
"No, it doesn't, I'm just going to try not to get involved with Galactic, after all, Uxie said it WOULD result in my death, I know the risks I can take on a sometimes daily basis here, but it's mostly in a controlled situation, sure there were times when my life was on the line, but I came through..." I was about to continue, but Seena brought a finger up to my mouth, shushing me, before saying
"I can see that you're nervous, Lucas, but please, try to think about something else..."
"what should I think about, then?" I asked, loosening my grip
"well, it's been about a year since we met, Lucas...maybe you could think about that?" she said, smiling
"so THAT'S why you're so happy today" I responded, looking down to her, now smiling myself, before asking "do you know which day it is?"
"it's in about three days, it's also special to Julian and Tira, as that was the day you met them, too..." Seena responded, looking back towards the door.
"well, I'll be sure that we come back here for the day, but for now, I believe we're going to see Terese and Matt, right?" I asked, while breaking our embrace.
"yeah, we should go get Zoey, then..." Seena said, before moving past me and continuing "I'll go have a shower first, though."
I watched her enter the bathroom, before thinking to myself "'s been a year, huh?"...

...about half-an-hour later, after we had our breakfast, Seena and I made our way to snowpoint temple, upon entering, we ran into Lapis
"hey there, Lapis, how are things lately?" I asked, dispelling the tension
"well, things have been going well, so far, no-one has been intruding, but Candice has been in a couple of times, she said she could hear us now, too, is that true?" the large rock-snake asked, giving a small tilt of her head
"yeah, she can, so don't hesitate to talk to her..." I responded, while looking at the ceiling before asking "anyway, we're here to 'collect' Zoey, do you know where she is, by any chance?"
"well, she left the temple last night, but I saw her come back in recently, should I go get her? or do you want to?" Lapis asked, while looking down to the stairs
"whatever you think would be faster, Lapis" I said, while shrugging
"I guess I'll go get her, then..." Lapis responded, before making her way down the stairs...

...a couple of minutes later, she re-emerged, Zoey following behind her
"hey, Zoey" Seena said, waving lightly
"hey guys" she responded, smiling slightly as she made her way to us, after she reached us, I said
"Zoey, Seena and I were planning on going back to Pastoria today, so I was hoping you could take us there."
"Well, I haven't really got anything to do today, so that should be fine" she said, while looking around
"fantastic, do you think you could take us now?" I asked, smiling
"sure thing, let's go, then" Zoey responded, before making her way past us, I turned to Seena and said
"well, I suppose I'll put you in the ball now, but I'll bring you back out as soon as we-" she then cut me off, saying
"I know you will, Lucas, I trust you" she then smiled, pulling me into another hug, she soon let go of me, as I unclipped her ball from my waist, before saying
"well, I'll see you in a little while, then" before dispersing her form to a red light, watching as it retreated to the small, dark-blue ball I held in my hand, I then turned to follow Zoey just outside the temple...

...when we stepped outside, Zoey turned back to me and said "so, it's just to Pastoria, right?"
"That's right, Zoey" I responded, as I watched her spin around, before saying
"well, hop on, then" I noticed something strange about the way she was acting lately, but I merely thought she was in heat, so I ignored it.
I climbed onto her back, and she started lifting us off the ground, she wasn't as fast as Gordon, but I gues that was to be expected, she was a Golbat for only two days before evolving again... we passed over Celestic, Zoey asked "so, why did Terese and Matt move down to Pastoria, again?"
"there was a man renting my house in Celestic, and they thought he would be uncomfortable living with them, it worked out because Terese already had an avaliable home down in Pastoria anyway..."
"what ended up happening with that man anyway?" Zoey then asked, as we continued
"well, as it turns out, he was actually seeing one of the nurses at the pokemon centre while he was working on the poketch..." I responded, smiling a little
"which Nurse? Joy?" she asked, sounding a little nervous
"it was actually one of the Chanseys" I responded, looking back in the direction of Celestic
"really?" Zoey asked in response
"yeah, and from the looks of it, it was all a plan by the Chansey to get his attention...they actually have a child, now, too..." I responded (Author's note: check the house in the game, tell me I'm wrong...)
"so, this pokemon and human it becoming more common BECAUSE of you?" Zoey asked, I could see Pastoria in sight now
"well, I wouldn't say it's BECAUSE of me, but I think I might be helping it along..." I responded, before asking "could you start bringing us down, please?"
"yeah, no problem" she responded, as we started lowering in altitude...

...soon after, we touched down in Pastoria, after jumping off of Zoey's back, I turned back to her and said "once again, thank you for all your help"
"it's, it's fine Lucas" Zoey responded, blushing, I noticed this and asked
"you've been acting a little strange lately, is something wrong?" she looked around, and sighed, before responding
"well, I've been thinking about how we met, Lucas...and I, I need to get something off my chest"
"what is it?" I asked, taking a step closer
"look, I guess now would probably be the best time to tell you, seeing that we're alone...I, well, I LIKE you Lucas, the way you treated me, it's, it's so alien compared to what happened with Galactic, and after you saved me, I found myself becoming attracted to you..."
"Zoey..." I started, frowning slightly at this new information "I'm sorry, but I can't do anything for you in that regard"
"I know that, Lucas...I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt Seena, all I want to say is, sometimes I wish that I met you first..."
I knew that if I brought up Lapis or Terese, I would just upset her, but I knew what I had to say.
"Zoey, you deserve happiness, but I'm not the answer..."
"I know, Lucas, I just wanted to tell you that I like you, too" she said, smiling slightly, I moved forward, saying
"I'm glad, and I like you, too...maybe not in the same way, but that doesn't mean we can remain friends"
I then brought her into a hug by wrapping my arms under her top set of wings, I felt them wrap around my back, as Zoey said, "thank you Lucas, for everything"
"that's alright Zoey, it's what I do..." I said in response, holding her tightly...

...after we released each other from the embrace, she said "well, I guess I'll talk to you and Seena a bit later" as I unclipped hers and Seena's balls from my waist
"yeah, I'm sure of it" I responded, before returning Zoey to her ball, and releasing Seena from hers...
Seena quickly shook off the dizziness that she felt, before looking around at the city "well, here we are" she said, smiling
"yep, here we are" I responded, turning to see the entrance to the Great Marsh, and feeling a strange sense of foreboding...
Chapter End Notes:alright, my other chapters will be up momentaril
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