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Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 43 (seeing Matt, a new friend?)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

we made our way towards the Pastoria city gym, in the direction of Terese and Matt's home, on the way, Seena asked
"so, did Zoey say anything about why she's been acting the way she has?"
"...not really, but I've got an idea as to why" I responded
"oh? and why might that be?" Seena asked in response
Knowing that revealing ZOey's feelings towards me would upset both Seena AND Zoey, I decided to falsify a reason, one that would stop questions altogether on the subject
"she was trying to see how the others like her lived in a different environment, she told you how long she was with Team Galactic, didn't she?"
"oh, I guess that would make sense, I guess she may have been the only one of the group who never grew up with others of her kind, right?" Seena asked in response
"that's right Seena" I responded, as we made our way through a parting in the trees, through to Terese and Matt's home, I then turned back to Seena and Continued, "I mean, from the sounds of it, even Terese was living with her parents for about a year"
"yeah...I guess EVERYONE had their own difficulties before..." Seena said, looking down, I put my hand under her chin, bringing her head up to face me, before responding
"don't worry about it, Seena, everything's sorted out, just worry about what we're going to do to celebrate our...anniversary of sorts" I then smiled, while bringing her into a hug
"alright then, Lucas" she said, before laughing softly and asking "I wonder how long the 'celebrations' will last this time?" I let go of Seena and responded
"only as long as you want them to, Seena" I then turned back to see Terese and Matt's house, just a little further off, "come on, Seena, it's right here" I said, before walking up to the front door and knocking,
the door was answered by a tired-looking Machamp, saying "Wake, I already told you I-" he then rubbed his eyes and said "oh! Lucas and Seena...we weren't expecting you."
"well, I thought it wouldn't be a problem if we stopped by" I responded, shrugging
"it's not a problem, it's just, I only just woke up, and Terese is still in bed" he responded, looking back
"late night last night, I guess?" I asked in response, Matt blushed slightly and responded
"I suppose you could say that, yeah..."
"well, I guess we could come back in say, an hour, then?" I asked
"yeah, that'd probably be best, but where will you go?" Matt asked in response
"well, we haven't been inside the Great Marsh yet, so I guess we'll go there" I responded, before turning to Seena and asking "is that alright with you?"
"yeah, that's fine, I've actually been curious about that place, myself." she said in response, smiling slightly, I turned back to Matt and said
"I guess we'll see you later, then" I said, before turning back, just then, I realized something and turned back to Matt, asking " you mean Wake can understand you now, too?"
"yeah, it was a couple of days ago that it happened, and he has been very proactive about learning everything there is to know about Terese and myself" he responded, before sighing
"oh, OH, so THAT'S why you had a late night?" Seena asked
"yeah...why? what did YOU think I meant?" he asked in response
"well, I thought that you and...nevermind, it's not important" Seena responded, before turning to me and asking "shall we go, Lucas?
"sure thing, Seena" I said, before turning to Matt and continuing "well, if I run into Wake, I'll say hi from you, I guess"
"please do, it'll stop him from coming around for another five minutes..." Matt responded, before sighing again...

...after that, we made our way to the Great Marsh, upon entering, a lady asked if I was planning on catching any pokemon in there today
"no...I'm not going to catch anything, but I would still like to get in" I responded
"well, regulations state that I'm going to have to ask you to hand over any pokemon you have with you, along with any items you have" she replied
"well, I can hand over my items, sure, but I'm not about to leave Seena behind" I responded, getting slightly angry
"well sir, rules are rules, and I'm afraid you won't be able to get in-" just then she was cut off by a familiar voice
"look Linda, this guy is special, and you can trust that he won't bend your rules...but the thing is, he doesn't see pokemon as pokemon, they're his friends, and family" I turned to see Wake, standing at the entrance "hey, Lucas" he said, nodding to me, before turning back to the lady, apparently called Linda and continuing "if you need any proof of this, just look at the Weavile's hand."
Seena's attention suddenly shifted to Wake, as she asked "what are you talking about?"
"your ring, Seena, that's what I'm talking about" Wake said, before turning, once again, to Linda and saying "just let him in, he won't just catch a pokemon, he asks them if THEY want to go with him..."
" this true?" the lady asked, I turned back to her and responded
"well, yeah..."
"...I guess I can make an exception, if Wake says you're okay...well, go ahead, take a look around." she said, motioning towards the door
"thank you" I said, before turning back to Wake and saying "and thank you, too, why don't you come with us?"
"I'd love to, but I've got some challengers waiting for me at the gym...tell you what, maybe I'll come in after they're done, whether I beat them or not"
"oh yeah, Matt says hi" I said, while scratching the back of my head
"yeah...well, I'll probably be seeing him too, today, anyway, I'll talk to you later, Lucas..." he said, before leaving,
I then turned to Seena and said "well, let's go then."
after we stepped into the Great Marsh, I looked around and said "well, this place certainly looks interesting"
"yeah...well, let's take a look around, then, shall we?" Seena responded...

...we spent the next twenty minutes looking around, there were other people, and plenty of pokemon around, but, we found something, or more to the point, someONE that really took my interest
" that Kangaskhan?" I asked, looking at the small creature
"a Kangaskhan? what's that?" Seena asked in response
"it's a, well, it's a pokemon that's a female-only species, they are very protective parents...which is why it's curious to see a child on it's own" I said, taking a step closer to it
"why do you think it...well, she's on her own?" Seena asked, following me closer
"I don't know...she looks incredibly young, I'm sure the mother is nearby" I responded, now seeing that the baby was asleep
"but where is she?" Seena asked
"I don't know, maybe we should sit with the child, look after it until the mother comes back?" I asked
"well, that sounds like the right thing to do, but what if she takes it the wrong way?" Seena asked
"I guess, I'll just have to hope that she isn't beyond reason, I would hate to have to fight one..." I responded, looking around.
We sat down with the sleeping infant, waiting for the Mother to show up... wasn't long before she DID show up, and she seemed pretty angry
"what are you doing with my child?" she asked, in a somewhat aggresive tone, I stood up and moved towards her and responded
"please, we were just sitting here, making sure that no-one else came along and took her while you were gone." she seemed unconvinced, responding with
"how can you prove that?" I looked back to Seena and said
"if we wanted to take her away from you, why would we sit here, and wait for you?"
"maybe you wanted to catch me, too" she responded, folding her large arms, before something clicked in her head, and she asked "wait, you know what I'm saying?"
"I have no intention of catching either of you" I responded, turning back to the Mother and continuing "and yes, I do understand what you're saying" at this point, Seena stood up and made her way to my side, before saying
"this man, his name is Lucas, and he holds respect for pokemon, I mean, look at me, we're actually married" after Seena said that, she smiled to herself and continued "sorry, just thinking about that does things to me..."
"that sounds...strange, I've never heard of a human caring so much for pokemon" the Kangaskhan said, turning to me
"well, I guess I was conditioned that way, and besides, I'm part pokemon, father's an Infernape, you see" I responded, standing up before the mother Kangaskhan
"oh? that certainly sounds interesting" she responded, before turning to her still sleeping child and saying "I, I guess I can trust you, I just didn't know what to think, seeing you two with my newborn..."
"I can understand that, but you must understand, we were just making sure that no-one else came along and tried to catch her" I responded, before putting out my hand and saying "I think we got off on the wrong foot, my name's Lucas, pleased to meet you."
she looked at my hand, then up to me, before smiling briefly and pulling me into a hug, "thank you" she said, happily, while holding me,
I turned my head to Seena and said "well, looks like she's come around" while chuckling softly...

...a few minutes later, we were all sitting down, telling each other about ourselves,
"well, I was a child in a family of 4, I had two sisters, each to different fathers, our Mother grew up here, albeit in a further off area, but I haven't heard from her, or my sisters lately, I think they may have been caught, themselves..." the Kangaskhan said, bringing a hand to her chin
"on the subject of parents..." Seena started, while looking at the child "who's the father of this little one?" she asked, turning back to face the mother
"a, a Rhydon, I think" she responded
"you think?" I asked in response to this, slightly flustered, she responded
"look, I can't really remember what happened, okay? I was in such a state that I no longer cared who I got 'it' from..."
"sounds pretty painful..." Seena said in response, looking down
"it was...can you imagine how that feels, being completely dominated by your urges?" the kangaskhan asked, through a pained expression
"I almost felt like that at one stage, but I had my sights fixed on a certain someone" Seena responded, before bringing one of her arms around my shoulders, I blushed slightly at her statement
" two have been together for quite a while now, I guess." The kangaskhan asked, looking at the ring Seena was wearing
"we met about a year ago" I responded, smiling...

...meanwhile, unknown to us, a single Galactic grunt was setting up something, a terrible something...
Chapter End Notes:if you've played the games, I'm sure you should know what's coming..
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