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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 45 (time passes and things return to normal)

(Lucas's P.O.V)

it's said that time heals all wounds...things soon returned to normal, and when we first saw Elese's smiling face, I knew I could do this...for her...
over the next two weeks, we told the others about Elese, the truth about her mother, and that we needed her to believe that she truly was our daughter.
Tira and Julian understood immediately, and agreed to help us out if there were any problems, as Matt and Terese did, after we told Zoey, she left to find Gordon, to ask him and Garudan to come back to Snowpoint, if only for a while...
it was truly inspiring to see our friends coming to aid us in our time of need.
Seena may not have taken to the idea at first, but she soon grew to love Elese as our own, as I did. She slept in our bed with the two of us most nights, she seemed a little clingy, but given the history of overprotection in the Kangaskhan line, I expected this...Nurse joy gave us some information on parental habits of Kangaskhans...some of which was similar to even humans "another possible link?" I remember thinking to myself at the time.
Things were tough at first, given that Seena was quite disappointed that we didn't have a moment alone on our Anniversary, but I promised her that I would make it up to her when we got a day to ourselves...
Elese was noticeably growing over the first two weeks, too...she started off as a 0'08" infant, and a deep-purple in colour, growing to a 1'01" and getting a little lighter in colour...
she still wasn't speaking yet, but this was unsurprising to me...

one morning, while Seena and I were having breakfast with our adopted child, Uxie called to me mentally
"Lucas...I want to remind you not to go against team Galactic, even moreso, now that you have a child..." she said, telepathically
"I know Uxie, it's too important that I live..." I responded mentally, while spoon-feeding Elese
"I'm only saying this again, because they've captured Azelf...and they'll be coming after me next..." she said, with a sad tone in her voice
"oh...I'm sorry to hear that, Uxie" I thought, before hearing Azelf telepathically say
"that doesn't mean I'm out of this yet, I can still talk to you guys..."
" I HAVE to let them catch me? I could easily get away" I heard Mesprit say, directed at Uxie
"things will only get worse if you to just get it over and done with..." Uxie said back
"yeah...don't leave me all alone with them" Azelf said, directed at Mesprit
"guys, guys..." I started, in an annoyed tone "if you want to talk to each other, please don't do it in my head, I'm kinda busy here..."
"of apologies Lucas" Uxie said mentally, before I stopped hearing them altogether, looking over to Seena, I asked
"so...was there anything you wanted to do today?"
"I can think of a few things" she responded, giving me a seductive gaze
"Seena, I already told you, not while Elese is here" I responded
"I know, Lucas...Tira HAS offered to look after her today, though" Seena responded, turning her attention to Elese, before asking "would you like to see Tira and Julian today?"
she smiled and nodded in response
"well" I started, getting both Seena and Elese's attention "it seems little Elese knows what we're saying, at least"
"should we be worried about this?" Seena asked
"I doubt she understands what you were suggesting earlier, Seena" I responded, before looking to Elese and asking "isn't that right, Elese?"
she gave a look of confusion, before nodding again, I stood up, moving around the table, picking her up, bouncing her softly before saying "aren't you just adorable?"
she smiled, before attempting to hug me with her small arms, turning to Seena, I said "well, I guess it should be alright, if Elese doesn't cause too much of a fuss"
Seena stood up, making her way over to the two of us, before wrapping one arm around my back and placing the other on Elese's back, holding us both into a hug
"I told you that you were good with kids, didn't I?" she said, looking up at me,
"you did, Seena, you did..." I responded, as I found myself smiling again...

soon after, Seena and I were taking Elese to stay with Tira and Julian
"now, you play nice with Terry, okay?" I said, gripping Elese tightly.
Terry was the only one of Tira and Julian's children that was constantly with them, as Jackie was always moving back and forth between the pokemon centre, and the pokemart, Jacob usually now spent some of his time patrolling the area, sometimes the lake, itself, I would have to remind him, and Garth to lay low when Tema Galactic arrived, I wouldn't want them getting unnecesarily hurt.
"we'll be back to pick you up in a few hours" Seena said, bringing her hand to Elese's head,
Elese nodded happily as we soon arrived at Sati's grave, now overgrown with plants
"well, we'll just get Tira amd Julian now, then" I said, setting Elese down on the ground, before walking forward and saying
"Tira? Julian? we're here with Elese" there was a short silence, before Terry came out to greet us
"hello Seena, Lucas" she said, nodding to us, before looking down to Elese, smiling and continuing "hi there, Elese, how have you been?"
Elese smiled and walked up to Terry, giving her a hug "yes, yes, it's good to see you too, Elese" she responded, moving one of her front legs to Elese's back,
"so, Tira and Julian ARE there, right?" Seena asked, scratching the back of her head
"yeah, yeah...don't you worry, she's in good hands" Terry said, before letting go of the small Kangaskhan and saying "come on, Elese, we'll go see my parents, now"
"before you go..." I started, getting Terry's attention "can you tell Jacob to stay away from lake Acuity for a while?" she nodded and responded
"I'll be sure to tell him at the first opportunity I get"
"alright, well, have fun you two" I said, smiling, Elese turned back, giving a small wave before disappearing into the bushes with Terry
"well" Seena started, wrapping her arm around my waist "I guess it's just the two of us for a while, then..."
"I know, Seena" I started in response "but I'm going to need a minute, first" I then pulled my set of keys out of my wallet, before handing them to Seena and continuing "you can go back to our room and...'get ready' if you'd like.."
Seena accepted the keys, looking up to me and responding "well, alright then, but you ARE coming back, right?"
"Seena" I started, putting my hands on her shoulders "I promise, I'll be back in a few minutes, I just need to tell Garth something quickly"
"okay, I'll be waiting" she said, smiling softly, before heading back to the City.
Turning to the lake, I headed through, soon reaching the water's edge, I hadn't even called out to Garth, before he surfaced in front of me
"well, this is surprising!" I said, jumping back slightly
"Uxie told me you were coming..." he said, looking back at the cave in the middle of the lake
"yes...I came to ask you not to intervene with Team Galactic when they come for Uxie..." I responded, in a strained tone
"what!? why would you ask this of me?" Garth asked in response
"I...I don't want you getting hurt, or worse..." I responded, his expression shifted to one of sadness, before he responded
"I know...Uxie has already told me about this, it, it just makes me feel so worthless..."
"Garth, I'll tell you this now, by no means are you weak, I know this firsthand" I said, before bringing an arm to my back, he shook his head slowly, before responding
"I know, Lucas, and I'm sorry about that"
"you've already apologized for that, don't worry about it" I said, before looking back towards Snowpoint and continuing "well, that's all I had to say, and Seena's waiting for me, so I'll talk to you later, yeah?"
"yeah" he responded, somewhat disheartedly, turning back to him, I said
"and I'm serious, don't fight them" before leaving,
"very well..." I heard him say as I left...

...I soon arrived back at the pokemon centre, heading through to our room, knocking on the door, I asked "Seena? are you in there?"
I soon heard the response of "the door's unlocked, just let yourself in, Lucas" opening the door, I saw Seena, sitting in the bed, "you kept me waiting" she said, smiling
locking the door behind myself, I sat at the foot of the bed, removing my shoes while saying "good things are worth waiting for, aren't they?"
crawling up to me, Seena responded "it always makes it so much more satisfying when you finally get it, doesn't it?" she then pulled me into a kiss, sparing no passion in her embrace, I moved my hands to her back, caressing her gently...
after she broke the kiss, she continued "and I've been waiting for quite some time"
"I'm sorry we couldn't do this on our anniversary" I said, bringing her into a hug
"you don't need to apologize for knew THAT would happen" Seena responded, bringing her arms around the back of my neck, I moved my arms down to her legs, softly rubbing her thighs
" know all the right spots, don't you?" she asked, through soft moans
"well, we have been together for a year now, so I'd say I have a pretty good idea" I responded, before chuckling softly.
I then lifted her right leg, moving my hand to the back of her leg, she moved her head to my right shoulder, letting her leg rest on my left, "you've always been quite flexible" I said, while rubbing the back of her right leg
"and YOU'VE always been quite accomodating" she responded, nuzzling my shoulder with the side of her head, I then felt her hands go south, shortly before removing my pants and underpants in one fell swoop, she then brought her head back slightly, before bringing me into another kiss, moaning softly as I continued my treatment, soon switching with leg I was focusing on...
after a couple of minutes of this, Seena broke our kiss, before saying "I don't want to wait anymore...I need you now, Lucas" hearing this, I moved my hands so that I was gripping her waist, before laying her on her back,
"I know, Seena...I know" I whispered to her, before spreading her legs while sitting on my knees in front of them, placing a hand beside her waist, I leaned in closer to her soft veginal lips, spreading them, I heard a short gasp from Seena, before she asked "do you like what you see?"
"I always have, Seena" I responded, before moving a finger up to her clitoris, flicking it softly before saying "I really wish you told me about this sooner, I could have done so much more for you..."
"I guess I just never found the right time to bring it up" she said, before bringing a hand to the side of my face, I then moved my hand, inserting my fingers in such a way that my thumb rested on her clitoris,
"Lucas, it feels great knowing that you're the one doing this for me, as opposed to me doing this, myself" Seena said, between short moans and gasps as I worked up a steady rhythm, prodding at her inner walls and rubbing at the soft nub of flesh laying just above, I then turned my hand clockwise, so my thumb was no longer touching her, before leaning in closer, and using my tongue to stimulate her clitoris, instead, her moaning grew louder at this, as she breathlessly said
"Lucas, I'm close" hearing this, I doubled my pace, much to her pleasure, as I soon found my hand soaked in her fluids, but instead of stopping there, I removed my fingers just enough so that they were still contacting her skin, looking at her expression, I slowly trailed my fingers down lower, until I was circling her tail-hole, (Author's note: I can't really think of a better, less crude term than this...some suggestions through PM's may help for future reference)
looking at me, she said, "go ahead Lucas, that's one of the things I did to get ready" while smiling softly, looking down, I could see some lubricant dripping out of it, I then slowly pushed two fingers inside her, before bringing my mouth to her vaginal opening, while continuing to spay special attention to her clitoris,
I could feel her pulse sending short contractions through her tail-hole as I slowly started pumping my fingers inside her, it seemed pretty clear to me now that Seena was indeed in heat, goven her earlier behaviour...but I couldn't help but wonder why I couldn't smell it...nevertheless, I continued working on both orifices, as Seena's moaning once again grew in volume, then, I suddenly stopped, removing my fingers and leaning back, I caught Seena by suprise by quickly moving my hands to her waist and flipping her onto her stomach, through a slightly worried tone, seena asked "what are you up to?"
"on your hands and knees, please" I responded, helping her up, before lining myself up with her vaginal opening, "are you ready, Seena?" I asked, while moving my hands to her rump.
"this is what I've been waiting for, Lucas, of course I'm ready" she responded, smiling softly, no longer hesitating, I pushed my now-erect member inside, getting a loud moan in response, I then slowly started working up my pace, holding onto her backside with my left hand, while moving my right to continue working on her tail-hole, working my fingers inside for the second time, her pulse was now racing, as her breathing was already becoming rapid once more, I worked on alternating between thrusts, between her two orifices, and it worked to great effect, as she soon orgasmed for the second time, while I had barely started, soon after her second release had passed. I changed tactics, this time wriggling my fingers around inside her, alternating between the two of them, Seena's arms soon gave out, as she was pressing her chest and face against the mattress, her left hand came up to assist me, by working on her clitoris, looking down, she was groping at her breasts with her right hand,
this may have been the most stimulation she had ever felt at once, as her moaning had now stopped, but her face showed an expression of bliss, as her breathing became more rapid again, but this time, this time I was close myself, so I re-doubled my efforts again, thrusting myself inside her at what could possibly be my fastest speed yet, soon loosing my seed within her, as her third climax hit, she buried her face in the mattress, muffling her screams of ecstasy, I then removed my fingers from her, along with my member, the sheets below us were soaked, and Seena soon fell to her side, barely moving
"Lucas...that was...that was" she started, while panting, I soon shushed her, before responding
"Seena, just focus on regaining your composure, we'll talk afterwards" I then brought myself up beside her, softly planting a kiss on her forehead...

...ten minutes later, after Seena had finished regaining her breath, she sat up and said
"Lucas, that was wonderful"
"I just wanted to make up for lost time" I responded, bringing her into a kiss, after we broke the kiss, Seena said
"we...we really need to do that again, sometime"
"I'll be sure to keep in mind that you enjoyed it" I responded, smiling
"enjoyed is putting it softly, Lucas...I nearly passed out." Seena said before pulling me into a hug and continuing "really, thank you"
"well, I'll be happy to do that whenever you want Seena..." I said, rubbing her back softly, we stayed in the embrace, not saying a word for a good ten minutes, before Seena said
"I think we should go have a shower, clean ourselves up..." she then got up and continued "and I think I owe you something for earlier..." before walking off to the bathroom, beckoning me to follow her, I complied, quickly following her into the bathroom, glad that I had found something that she enjoyed to that extent...
Chapter End Notes:alright, there you next chapter should be up within the next two days, it's almost finished, itself..
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