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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 46 (plans for the future, new insight)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

we spent a good while in the shower, as we were busy...'cleaning'...each other.
after we had dried and clothed ourselves (Seena still only wears a scarf), I put our bedsheets in the washing machine, erasing the evidence of mine and Seena's previous dealings, after putting the sheets in, I turned to Seena and asked
"so...was there anything else you wanted to do without Elese knowing?" walking up to me, she responded
"well, there's just one more thing" she then brought my hands down to her rump, before bringing her own hands to my shoulders, I caught on immediately, lifting her while bringing her into a kiss, she wrapped her legs around my waist, so I was completely suspending her in the air, I leaned back on the wall, so I could keep this up for longer, and Seena brought one of her hands to the side of my face.
We held this position for about five minutes, just enjoying the moment, before Seena broke the kiss, leaning back slightly, she said "I love you...just, so much, Lucas" I smiled before responding
"and I love you, too, Seena" Seena then rested her head on my right shoulder, while moving her hands to my back, I moved us back to the bed, sitting down while still holding her, I continued to hold her for another three minutes, before she unwrapped her legs from my back, and releasing me from her embrace, she sat beside me on the bed, before saying
"thank you, Lucas...for everything" I brought my arm around her shoulders, before facing her and responding
"Seena, I've already told you, it's alright" I then brought her into a short kiss, before asking "do you want to have a lie down? I can go and get Elese"
moving to the still-sheeted bed, Seena responded "I'd like that" before removing her scarf and moving herself under the covers
"I think I'll go see Gordon and Garudan, too" I said, before grabbing my keys and wallet
"well, alright, but don't take too long, okay?" Seena said in response
"I'll be back soon" I said in response, before leaving the room...

... I then made my way over to the room Gordon and Garudan were staying in, knocking on the door, Garudan soon answered
"Lucas, it's good to see you" he said, with a smile, I smiled in response, thinking back to the first time I spoke to him
"hi, I was just wanting to speak to you and Gordon for a moment, is it alright if I come in?" I asked, looking inside the room
"sure thing" he said, before stepping back and waving me in, I moved in quickly, as Garudan closed the door behind me.
"hey there, Lucas" Gordon said, sitting on one of the beds
"oh" I started in surprise "is this a bad time? because I can come back later..."
"no, no, I'm just sitting on the bed" Gordon responded, before asking "so, what brings you here today?"
"well, I just wanted to say, that Seena and I are really getting used to this whole parenting thing, I thank you for your help, and I just wanted to tell you, you don't need to stay here anymore." I said, before sheepishly adding "...I'm not asking you to leave, though, I'm just saying that, maybe you had something you needed to do back at home..."
Garudan gave a small smile before saying "well, there's nothing we NEED to do back at the cave, but, we have been thinking about something"
"oh? and what might that be?" I asked in response
"there are a lot of kids in the cave without parents..." Gordon said, bringing my attention to him "and we've been thinking of, well, adopting a couple of them"
"ah, I see..." I said, bringing a hand to my chin before asking "so, you're both ready to make the leap to parenting?"
"we've been thinking about it for quite a while, Lucas" Garudan said, before putting his arm on my shoulder and continuing "and seeing how well you and Seena have been doing, we decided that this was a sign that maybe, maybe we're ready, too" turning to face Garudan, I responded
"well, I'm really happy for you guys, and it's always nice to hear that a child won't have to grow up without parents"
"thanks for saying that, Lucas..." Gordon said, smiling, before continuing "you've really been a great friend, to both of us, and...I'm glad you were the first person, well, apart from Garudan, of course, that I told about myself"
"well, I'm glad you trusted me so much" I responded, before asking "so, how much longer do you guys think you'll be here?"
"well..." Garudan started, while scratching the back of his head "that was the one part we hadn't decided on yet"
"in that case" I started, while looking back at the door "just tell us a day or so before you leave, so we can say good-bye"
"I was thinking we'd swing by Eterna forest and say hi to Eliza, as well" Gordon added
"can you tell her that I said hi in that case?" I asked in response
"I'm pretty sure she'd be more interested in hearing that you have a daughter" Gordon responded
"well, if you tell her, be sure you tell her beforehand that she isn't one that we...'conceived'?" I asked in response
"I'll be sure to let her know" Gordon said, nodding slightly
"ah, that seems to be everything" I started, turning back to Garudan "I guess I'll be going, I'm sure little Elese is waiting for me right now, she's just having a little visit with Tira and Julian..."
"okay, well, tell her WE said hello then, will you?" Garudan responded, smiling
"sure thing" I said, before opening the door, turning back to them, I said "I'll see you guys later, then"
"alright, Lucas" Gordon said, before I slowly closed the door...

after leaving the pokemon centre, I headed straight to Sati's grave, seeing that no-one was around, I knelt down in front of the grave and said "...well, it's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry I haven't visited as often as I should, but a lot of things have been happening lately, well, actually, I'm sure you knew that already..." I then brought a hand to my chin, before continuing "something big is happening, and it tears me apart to know that I can't do anyhing about it...I just, I just want to prevent anyone else from passing, the way you did..." my expression turned to one of sadness as I continued to sit there silently for the next few minutes.
I then stood up and said "well, I guess I'll talk to you later, then." just then, I heard Mesprit's voice
"don't be so down on yourself, Lucas..."
"but what can I do?" I thought, responding to her
"Lucas...THERE ARE EVEN THINGS MY SISTER CANNOT PREDICT..." she responded, in an odd tone
"what do you mean?" I asked in thought
"she isn't always right, Lucas..." Mesprit response responded
"do you know what she has predicted, though?" I asked
"she told me that the leader of Team Galactic would try and bring forward EITHER Dialga or Palkia...but something eludes me..." she responded
"and what would that be?" I asked
"what's going to stop him from summoning them BOTH at once?" Mesprit asked, as her voice started to fade
"what are you talking about?" I asked in response
"you'll see, Lucas, you'll see..." she said, before her voice faded completely.
I stood there and pondered what she could've meant by that, before I soon saw Jacob walking past
"oh, hey Lucas" he said, as he came closer to greet me, kneeling down, I reached a hand out to him, before responding
"hey there, Jacob"
"so, why are you here?" he asked, looking slightly confused
"well, I'm here to pick up Elese" I responded, while moving a hand behind my head
"oh, Elese is here, is she?" Jacob responded, before asking "do you want me to go get her?"
"that would be best, but first, I have something to ask of you" I said, looking behind Jacob, then back to him.
"what is it?" he asked in response
"I want you to avoid lake Acuity for a while...Team Galactic will be coming through..." I said, looking towards the lake
"...I guess I can do that" he said, looking slightly dejected
"Jacob...I'm only trying to keep you safe" I said, lifting his head, I then asked "could you go and get Elese for me?"
"sure thing, Lucas" he responded, still in a somewhat upset tone, before disappearing into the bushes, a couple of minutes later, he re-emerged, with Elese and Terry with him, seeing me, Elese ran over and with her arms outstretched, I picked her up, before standing up myself, she smiled and hugged me as I held her, looking down, Jacob said "Terry insisted on coming, as well" he said, looking back at her.
"I just wanted to say goodbye, that's all" she responded, before looking up at me and continuing "anyway, thanks for bringing Elese over, Tira said she'd look after her whenever you needed her too...then she said it was the least she could do to repay you, I didn't quite understand what she meant by that, though..."
"oh, it was something that happened before you were born" I said, before thinking to myself "not to mention WHY you were born..."
"oh, alright then" she said, looking down slightly for a moment, before looking up at me again and continuing, "well, we'll see you later, then"
"I'm sure you will" I responded, smiling, Elese looked back down at the two cats, waving at them.
"Bye-bye Elese" Terry said, smiling, Elese then turned back to me, still smiling, before hugging my neck
"I'll see you guys later, and tell Tira and Julian I said Thanks, okay?" I said, before leaving...

...on the way home, I turned my attention to Elese, before saying "mom might be sleeping when we get home, so try to be quiet, okay?"
she nodded in response, before turning to face the path ahead of us.
"things look like they're getting a little easier" I thought to myself, before stepping into the pokemon centre...
Chapter End Notes:if it wasn't clear, this is Platinum version, not Diamond or I'm pretty sure you may know to what Mesprit is referring
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