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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 50 (the end of the journey)

(Ravan's P.O.V.)

I saw Lucas jump into the portal shortly after Seena's attention was drawn to me, I knew I would have to go in there too, if I wanted to confront Cyrus...
"Seena" I started, placing my hands on her shoulders, to keep her focused on me, "I need to know something, before I go..."
"what is it, Ravan?" Seena said, still sounding quite upset, it was understandable, even I knew how much Seena and Lucas had been through together, and Jonah told me they had a daughter now, too...
"Seena...I need to know if you can forgive me, for, for everything..." I said, shaking my head slowly
"Ravan...I can, you've gone out of your way for this, for forgiveness, it would be selfish of me not to forgive you now..." she responded, as a small smile appeared on her face
"thank you, Seena" I said, before bringing her into a hug, she seemed a little hesitant, but she soon returned my embrace
"Ravan?" she said in a questioning tone
"what is it, Seena?" I responded, before breaking the hug
"don't...just, don't get yourself killed, okay?" she said, while shaking her head
"I'll do my best, Seena" I responded, smiling, before continuing "besides...if I die, who's going to make sure Lucas makes it back?"
" mean that?" Seena asked, smiling
"I do, Seena...I know how much he means to you...and I won't let him die...he still owes me that re-match, afterall" I said, before looking back at the portal and saying "it looks like Lucas got impatient, but I'll do my best to keep him safe" I then turned back to Gordon and said "before you take Seena home, I've got something to say to you, too"
"wh-what is it, Ravan?" he responded, in an almost scared tone
"I knew about you and Garudan...I knew before you told Lucas, as well" I said, smiling
"what!? but I worked so hard to keep it a secret!" he responded, before asking "but how?"
"Gordon...even when you THOUGHT I was asleep, I can assure you, I wasn't" I responded, folding my arms, before asking "and why didn't you tell ME?"
"I...uh...I thought you were...homophobic" Gordon responded, blushing slightly
"I'm not homophobic Gordon...the only reason I acted differently around you and Garudan was because I KNEW you two were keeping a secret..."I responded, while shaking my head
"that's a relief" Gordon responded, sighing, before continuing "well, thanks for saying that, I'll be sure to pass it on to Garudan, too"
"well" I started, moving to the edge of the portal, "I guess this is goodbye for now"
"stay safe" Gordon said, waving lightly
"and stay alive" Seena said, before climbing onto Gordon's back, I then stepped into the portal...

...when I came out of the portal, the first thing I saw was the dark reddish-purple sky, looking down, I saw Lucas was waiting for me
"that was quick" he said, before waving me after him "let's get going, then" he continued, before starting to move...

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

after I jumped into the portal, I noticed the place I ended up was strange...very strange indeed...purpleish sky...the ground is alsmost like it's shattered...this place was unmistakeably messed up, there was a nearby wall, or was it the floor(?) that I leant on as I started waiting for Ravan, about a moment later, he appeared, looking up at the sky
"that was quick" I said, surprised slightly, not even a minute had passed...right? Nevertheless, I waved him over to me "let's get going, then" I said, before starting to move, first things first, I would have to find this Giratina
"Lucas" Ravan called out to me, I turned to face him before he continued, "I saw part of Giratina before it disappeared back into this place, it's a long grey, black and yellow thing, kind of snake-like, too"
"alright then, at least we know what we're looking for" I responded, before turning back to the road ahead
"also...Cynthia's in here" he added
"...Cynthia, huh? how'd she manage to drag herself into this?" I asked, as we continued on in this strange area
"she's been...well, she's been looking after someone, and this someone just so happens to be the boy who was fighting team Galactic...I followed HIM for a while, too..." Ravan said, before adding "I couldn't follow Cyrus at one point, but I noticed this boy was constantly having run-ins with Team Galactic, so I figured...if I followed him, he'd eventually lead me to Cyrus"
"why are you so intent on following him?" I asked
"I'm waiting for a moment when he's alone...he has my mother with him, in a pokeball on his waist..."
"did he ever...use her to battle?" I asked, nervously
"no...but he DID have a Sneasel with him, that eventually evolved...I don't know...but I think they may be my brother..." he responded, in an angry tone
"using a family member as some kind of tool? despicable" I said in response, before adding "I swear, if we get out of this, I would never do something like that..."
"I know you wouldn't Lucas...and that's one of the reasons why I respect you" he said, in a serious tone, before saying "but...if Cyrus forcibly took mom away from me...why would she allow herself to have another child with him?..."
"maybe it wasn't consensual..." I thought to myself, I didn't want to say it, though, as it would undoubtedly upset Ravan... "let's not dwell on that now, Ravan, let's just focus on finding them..." I said, before picking up my pace
"Lucas, I forgot to say, the boy...he has the same name as you" Ravan said, I looked back at him and asked
"so, it's another Lucas?"
"yeah...but he also has an Infernape with him, she seems really strong, too..." he added
"why are you telling me that?" I asked, while thinking to myself "so, Cheris is already an Infernape...and I've still not even met her..."
"well, you said your father's an Infernape, didn't you?" he asked in response, before adding "I just thought, maybe there was a relation..."
"from the sounds of it, that's my cousin Cheris" I responded, as my feet found a piece of unstable footing that started moving down
"so this Lucas kid is travelling with TWO of your cousins?" Ravan responded, as he jumped onto the platform
"I guess so" I said, as the platform touched down against a row of smaller platforms, we got off and started making our way across the platforms, they seemed to stretch on for quite a distance, but suddenly, two figures were moving towards us, when we got closer, I saw it was Cynthia and a boy who I'm assuming was this other Lucas...there was a portal behind them...
"what happened?" I asked, moving closer, Cynthia turned around to see me "oh, Lucas!?" the boy then turned to her, she turned to him and continued, "not you, sorry." she then made her way to me and said "Lucas, what are you doing here?"
"Uxie called me here, she said she would need my help...something to do with Giratina" I responded, before turning my attention to the other Lucas.
"Giratina? well, Lucas just beat seemed to disappear after that, this portal appeared where it was, though...and Lucas and I were going to go through it" Cynthia said, before looking back to the other Lucas "speaking of which, you're ready, right?"
he nodded, before moving forward, towards us, Cynthia then turned back to him and said "I didn't get a chance to introduce you, this is my cousin, his name is Lucas West"
"seems pretty strange" the other Lucas said, while looking me over and continuing "doesn't that get confusing?"
"sometimes...I mean...that IS why I first ran into you..." Cynthia said, while looking back at the other Lucas
"where's Cyrus?" I asked, much to the approval of Ravan, breaking up the smaller conversation
"he said some stuff about a world without spirit, then he stormed off in that direction" Cynthia said, before pointing behind us
"alright, well, even if Giratina has been defeated, I think I should find Cyrus" I said, before turning to Ravan and saying "let's keep going, then" I then turned to face the path behind us, before saying "it was good seeing you again, Cynthia" and walking off, Ravan following after me.
On the way, Ravan asked "why didn't you ask to meet your cousin?"
"it's the wrong time, and wrong place...I'll meet her after we're done here" I responded, as we kept going
"Lucas" I heard Uxie say
"what is it?" I asked, in thought
"Giratina was beaten in the battle against that other Lucas...but that only stopped the destruction of the worlds, Giratina still intends on 'getting rid' of Cyrus" Uxie then said, through a somewhat worried tone
"what do you mean?" I asked, mentally
"Giratina will erase him from existence...but that also means it will be as though he never existed in the first place" she said, I understood completely
"so...that means Ravan will cease to exist, too..." I responded, looking back at Ravan with a worried expression
"yes...but, all memory of him will disappear, too..." Uxie said
"I don't care...if it means Ravan will disappear, I won't have it" I responded, before turning back to Ravan and saying "let's pick up the pace, we need to reach Cyrus" I then started running, Ravan had no problem keeping up with me, though...
" don't have to do can leave now and nothing will happen to you" Uxie said, in a concerned tone
"I don't care...RAVAN IS MY FRIEND!" I shouted out loud, much to his surprise
"what the-why did you just shout that out?" Ravan asked, as we reached another flat area, it was large...really large...
"Uxie told me something distressing" I responded, stepping onto the large platform
"what was it?" Ravan asked, following my actions.
"don't worry about it..." I responded, before getting a grim feeling... as we continued into the large area, I saw the figure of a man, blue hair, silver uniform...
"there he is!" Ravan said, almost shouting, before running ahead of me, I followed suit, as I didn't want to be left behind in this...
Ravan soon reached Cyrus, stopping just in front of him, just before I reached them both, I heard a low, booming voice say
" the son returns to his father...well, you'll both soon disappear anyway..."
"what!? Disappear!?" Ravan asked, suddenly in shock
"Giratina!" I shouted, calling it's attention to me, a large snake-like creature floated down from on high, landing in front of the three of us, it looked at me and responded
"you aren't involved here..." before making a waving motion with one of it's wing-like appendages and continuing "leave, before you are forced to share the fate of these two..."
"no" I said, sternly, while shaking my head "I won't allow you to erase Cyrus, and therefore Ravan from existence..."
"are you a fool? he tried to destroy the world, just so he could have a world only for himself...he deserves this..." Giratina responded, growling, Cyrus looked shocked, he had no idea what was going on, a Weavile and some strange man had appeared and were communicating with Giratina...
"I don't care what he deserves to be erased...even though I don't agree with him...I can't deny him his RIGHT to exist..." I said, in a serious tone
"if I did wouldn't even remember that this fool existed" Giratina said, pointing at Cyrus with its wing-like appendage, before continuing, "normally...I would feel guilty about descendants being erased...but this weavile has done some foul things in his life-time, too..."
"I've been doing my best to change..." Ravan said quietly
"Ravan is my friend, and I won't allow you to do this, I don't care if he IS Cyrus's son..." I said, almost shouting now
"my son?" I heard Cyrus say, before looking towards Ravan "Ravan...I thought you would have died by now..."
"you bastard!" Ravan shouted back
"Ravan, calm down...he can't understand a word you're it for AFTER we're done here" I said, looking to Ravan, he calmed down slightly
"very well, Lucas..." he said, looking back to me, I then turned to Cyrus and said
"if you want to live...get back"
"you seriously mean to fight me? ME!?" Giratina said, growling
"if it prevents you from erasing Cyrus...then, yes..." I said, before igniting one of my arms, and coating the other in an icy aura, "Ravan! get ready!" I shouted, before jumping back
"right!" he shouted back, before taking a fighting stance...

Ravan then started his move...Agility, he started moving much faster, I then charged towards Giratina, who had just taken flight, I brought my flaming arm to the ground, nearly dragging it as I ran forward, Giratina started firing shadow balls at us, Ravan dodged them easily with his newfound speed, as I ducked left and right, narrowly avoiding the harmful energy.
I soon reached the spot below Giratina, I threw my flaming arm up into an uppercut, as it soon flung me into the air (the volcanic uppercut) striking Giratina's underside, it seemed to do little to the creature, as I soon fell back onto the platform, landing on my feet, I turned my attention to Ravan, who jumped and struck at Giratina's left side with a night slash, it seemed to do more than my attack, as Giratina seemed actually phased by this...
"weak to doesn't look like a psychic type..." I thought too myself, before jumping back and preparing my second attack, an ice punch "but what should I combine it with?" I thought to myself, before seeing Giratina disappear, Ravan came to a stop and shouted "what just happened!?"
"stay on guard, I'm pretty sure this is another attack!" I shouted back, before standing in a guarding position, looking over, I saw Ravan getting ready to dodge an incoming attack...
looking around, I then saw a shadow take the shape of Giratina, before charging right at me! there wasn't any time to avoid the move, so I just hoped I could stop most of the incoming damage, but then...the shadow phased right through me...nothing seemed to happen
"Lucas! are you alright!?" Ravan shouted
"yeah...I'm fine, and that's the weird thing" I said back, looking myself over, seeing no signs of damage, Giratina slowly reappeared in front of me, saying "why didn't it work!? next time maybe..." before flying back away from us, Ravan made his way over to me and quietly said "Lucas...I have an idea"
"what?" I asked, while keeping my eyes focused on Giratina
"Giratina disappears, much like I can with faint attack, and night slash seems to work well on it, so, next time it disappears, so do I, you use your ability to see us both, and guide me to Giratina so I can strike it with a night slash..." I thought it over in my head and responded
"okay, that sounds good" before leaping to the left, dodging another shadow ball, Ravan then ran towards Giratina, before disappearing, I made my way towards Giratina myself, readying an ice punch-cross chop combo by coating both of my arms in an icy aura...
after Ravan reappeared, Giratina turned it's attention to him, as he dodged around behind it, causing Giratina to turn, so it was no longer paying attention to me, I then jumped, and before I landed on Giratina's back, Ravan disappeared again, as he did this, I hit Giratina with a cross strike of both of my arms, coated with ice energy, this seemed to work incredibly well, as the spot I hit started bleeding, but only for a moment before the blood froze...
Giratina yelled out in agony as I jumped off it's back, it then spun back to focus on me, and Ravan hit its side with another night slash before disappearing again.
Giratina then flew back and disappeared itself, "this is our chance, Lucas!" I heard Ravan yell, as I focused on finding Giratinas silhouette, I saw Ravan's standing in front of me, and further away, to the left, was a large hulking figure, with a large flame in it's chest
"that MUST be it" I thought, before shouting "Left, Ravan!" and jumping back, so I could avoid any attacks from Giratina...
I continued Guiding Ravan to Giratina, while it kept trying to hit me with shadows, becoming increasingly frustrated, I heard it yell "why won't you stay still!?" before I saw Ravan strike at what looked like nothing, but he hit Giratina, in a weak spot, no less, he was guided at the last moment by Giratina's voice, a terrible mistake on it's part...
"no...I won't give up that easily!" Giratina said, before flying back and up, out of reach
"I won't be able to hit it, now..." Ravan said, as I started thinking,
"maybe not on your least" I then made my way over to Ravan, saying "I have an idea, but I need your complete trust and co-operation" I was then cut off by Giratina suddenly appearing in front of me and impaling me on a strange tendril
"such a should've kept up your guard..." Giratina said, almost mockingly
"just like that, you think you've won?" I responded, as blood started trailing from my wound, Giratina then started lifting us off the ground, I knew what it was trying, so I grabbed the tendril that had been stuck through me with both arms coated in an icy aura, I then turned my head to Ravan, who looked mortified
"Ravan, use slash on this tendril!" I then focused my enegy into freezing it solid, Ravan shook himself back to his senses, before jumping at the tendril, as it froze over, he slashed at it, cutting it clean off, I fell back to the ground, landing on my back, I felt an excruciating pain run through me, as I grabbed the tendril, pulling it out of myself...
Ravan ran to my side, propping me up, he said "Lucas...this looks bad...I'll take care of should get out of here..."
"no, Ravan" I said, before slowly getting back to my feet "you can't do this alone..." I then threw the tendril to the ground before saying "Ravan, I'm going to throw you at Giratina..."
"...throw me?" he asked, in an uneasy tone
"I've done it before, I need you to trust me, okay?" I responded, before clutching at the wound in my chest in pain.
Giratina sat up in the sky, watching us, "why didn't it work?" Giratina asked itself, in what sounded like a pained growl, before quietly continuing, "maybe I should just give up...Lucas doesn't look like the kind of person that would take a life..."
"alright, I'll do it Lucas" Ravan responded, before moving closer, I grabbed his arms and began spinning around, while I was picking up speed, I said "Ravan, I need you to use an ice punch on Giratina, Ice seems to work well..."
"alright" he said, before starting an ice punch
"use the spin to your advantage" I said, while continuing to spin faster
"what do you mean?" Ravan responded
"you'll find out" I said, before speeding up again, Giratina saw what we were doing and started firing shadow balls at us again, only two of them hit, and they hit me, but they phased through me...
I then released my grip on Ravan, sending him spinning through the air like a frisbee...

(Ravan's P.O.V.)
I couldn't believe I actually agreed to this, I felt so silly...but I must admit, this speed was incredibly impressive, I could see I was spinning towards Giratina, so I readied my arm, from the looks of it, the spin would increase the impact force of my attack, all of a sudden, things seemed like they were moving in slow-motion, as I aimed my fist to contact the front of Giratina's face, each spin, it seemed slower and slower, and I could just see the expression of horror on Giratina's face, when I was within striking distance, I reached my arm out, landing it on Giratina's face, I heard a sickening cracking noise...and assumed the worst...time seemed to speed back up after the impact, as I fell down to the platform...

(Lucas's P.O.V.)
I knew what I had to do, I ran as fast as I could to get under Giratina, I knew Ravan would fall after this, and, goven the amount of damage that could come to him, I wasn't going to let him hit the ground...
after the impact took place, I heard a sickening crack "that would be Ravan's arm" I thought to myself, as I dove, sliding on my back to catch him, he fell onto my legs, causing some pain...but it was nothing compared to the fact that I stopped him from sustaining any more injuries...
I then saw that Giratina was falling now, too, so I held onto Ravan and rolled out of the way, I was too late, it seems, as one of the spikes on Giratina's side cut my leg, it wasn't anything I couldn't take, though, but the wound in my chest was bleeding quite heavily...
Giratina weezed lightly, before saying "I give up...I shouldn't have even tried to fight you..." I slowly climbed to my feet, while still holding Ravan, before responding
"what makes you say that?"
"huh...beaten by two different Lucas's in one embarassing" Giratina continued, before getting back upright and continuing "I won't erase Cyrus from have proven to me that you're powerful enough to keep him in check..."
"Giratina..." I started, before putting Ravan on his feet, "I only did this because I didn't want Ravan disappearing...what happens to Cyrus and Cyrus alone is of no concern to me"
"he is your responsibility now..." Giratina responded, before backing off slightly, turning to Ravan, I asked him
"what do we do now?"
"I think we should go to the portal that Cynthia was at..." he responded, before grabbing his right arm and asking "my arm's broken, isn't it?"
" is" I responded, before smiling and adding, "we should probably get out of here before I bleed to death..." I then turned back to Giratina and asked
"do you need some medical assistance? we did some real damage to you..."
"no...I'll be fine, I can heal quite quickly..." Giratina responded, before landing and curling up on the platform, and adding "but now, I must rest..."
I then looked around, soon spotting Cyrus, making his way over to us "so...are we going to leave, then?" he asked, in a flat tone
"Cyrus, do you have ANY idea what just happened?" I asked in response
"not really, but from what I've gathered, you stopped Giratina from destroying me..." he responded, before adding "and the Weavile standing next to you is my first son, Ravan..."
I nodded slowly, before turning to Ravan and asking "can you please save your anger until after we're out of this place?"
"I can manage" he responded, before taking my right hand and bringing it around his shoulder and continuing "come on, let's just get out of here" before starting to move, Cyrus stood there for a moment, until I looked back at him and said
"we're leaving now..."
"...yes..." he responded, before following after us, occasionally looking back at Giratina
on the way, I asked "why did you take Ravan's mother away from him?..." before coughing up some blood
"Lucas, you're hurt, don't waste your enegy talking to this man..." Ravan responded, in a concerned tone
"I'm sorry Ravan" I started, before looking back to Cyrus and continuing "but I need to know..."
"there's no real reason as to WHY I did this to Ravan, he was merely a failure, I would have disposed of him myself, but he was strong...but not strong enough, so I merely made his mother think he had died, and we left, after I abandoned Ravan further out in the woods" he said, without emotion
"I can't believe you'd do something like your own son, no less..." I responded, with disgust to my voice
"I merely demanded perfection, which is somethin my second son came closer to, and as such, he has become my strongest weapon..." Cyrus continued
"..." I didn't respond to this...I could barely believe that someone could do anything like this...
"but now you have come along...and you have shown through your actions that what I desire ISN'T impossible for humans to achieve..." he continued
"I thought you wanted to create a world solely for yourself?" I asked in response
"I was sick of the failures...I wanted to start over, a world without failure, without emotions holding us back, a world without the hinderance known as spirit..." he responded, before adding "but goals have changed...I want people to know your power for themselves..."
"I didn't choose to have these powers, Cyrus" I responded, before once again clutching at my chest in pain,
"even so..." he responded, before going silent, as we soon reached the portal
"Well, here we are" Ravan said, stopping just before it and continuing "I'm glad you were there to help, Lucas...even if it did end up breaking my right arm"
"we'll get ourselves fixed up at a pokemon centre" I responded, before looking at the portal and adding "wherever we end up" I then turned back to Cyrus and said "you're staying with us until we sort something out"
"fine..." he responded, before Ravan brought us through the portal, with Cyrus right behind us...

we stepped out, to find a lake near us.
"Where are we?" I asked, feeling faint
"I have no idea..." Ravan responded, looking around, after a few moments, he looked back at the portal "wasn't Cyrus right behind us?" he asked
"yeah...I was wondering about that" I responded, before adding "how long do you think you were talking to Seena?"
"I'd say about five minutes, why?" he asked in response
"you came through the portal in what felt like thirty seconds after me..." I responded
"so you're saying..." Ravan started
"I think time is messed up in there" I responded, a few moments later, Cyrus emerged from the portal, I turned to him and asked "Cyrus, you came throught RIGHT after us, right?"
"yes...why?" he asked in response
"I knew it..." I said to Ravan
"why are we here?" Cyrus asked, I looked back to him and responded
"you know where we are?"
"yes, this area is south-east of Veilstone..." he responded, before looking at the sky and adding "it's morning...that's strange..." he then turned back to us and said "come on, I'll lead you there..."

on the way there, I said "I really need to get back to Snowpoint, I bet Seena will be worried sick..."
Cyrus looked back at us and said "maybe...maybe it's time for Team Galactic to disappear..."
"that won't make up for what you've done" I responded
"I know..." he responded, before taking two of the pokeballs off his waist and continuing "I think I owe this to you...I mean, you saved my than that, you saved my very existence..." he said, before releasing two Weaviles from the balls, he then turned back to us and said "your family, Ravan..." he then added "I'll be waiting for you two at the pokemon Centre..." before going on ahead, I watched him as he left, I then turned to Ravan and asked
"are you just going to let him go like that?"
"I guess so, for now at least" he responded, before looking at the two Weaviles "mom?" he asked, letting go of me, I moved myself so I was sitting on the ground, I got a good view of the gash in my leg now, too... "Mom?" Ravan repeated, getting her attention
"who...who are you?" she responded, confused, while the other moved to protecet her
"mom, it's me, Ravan" he said, sadly, before continuing "don't you remember me?" the other Weavile's eyes went wide at this statement
"Cyrus told me you were dead..." she responded, suddenly becoming teary, I couldn't help but smile at this reunion...
"Mom!" Ravan shouted, throwing his left arm around her before continuing "I missed you so much..."
"I missed you too, Ravan" she responded, before returning his embrace, they silently stood there for a few minutes, I started losing conciousness
"Ravan..." I called out faintly, before passing out...

(Cyrus's P.O.V.)
after I led the two just south of Veilstone, I broke off from them, as I needed to do one final thing first, pulling a walkie-talkie out of my pocket, I turned it on
"Mars, come in, Mars" I said, hoping for a response, after a few moments of silence, Mars responded
"Cyrus? where have you been? it's been about three weeks since you disappeared on us"
"three WEEKS!?" I responded, in a surprised tone
"yeah...Charon took it on himself to lead us for a while, he tried something involving Heatran..." she said, before I cut in
"Mars...we're done...I'm disbanding Team Galactic..."
"...Sir? are you sure?" she asked in response
"I've never been more sure of something in my life, Mars...I'm telling you, so you can get out while you still can...I'll take the fall for this...for all of this..." I responded, before looking back at the two who saved my existence...
"excuse my asking, sir...but why the change of heart?" she asked
"someone gave me a second chance at life...and I'm not going to waste it..." I responded, before seeing that the man had collapsed, I then went back to the walkie-talkie and continued "I have something that I want you to do for me"
"oh? and what would that be?" I heard Mars ask in response

(Ravan's P.O.V.)
"I missed you so much..." I said, embracing my mother
"I missed you too, Ravan" she responded, as I felt her arms wrap around me, I stood there, happily, I almost forgot that Lucas was right behind us, until I heard him call out to me
"Ravan..." I then looked back, to see that he wasn't moving, I broke the embrace and ran to his side
"no! you can't be dead, not after all of this!" I shouted, in a panic
"calm down" my younger brother started "he's not dead, at least, not yet, he's only passed out..." before moving to his side and asking "I know Veilstone is just north of here, do you want me to help you bring him there?" calming down, I brought his right arm around my shoulder and responded
"yeah...that would be best" he then took the other side, as we lifted Lucas up and started dragging him to the Veilstone pokemon centre, looking over to my mother, I said "come on, let's go"...
on the way, I asked "how old are you, anyway?"
"me?" my younger brother asked in response
"yeah" I responded
"not that it matters...but I'm about two..." he said, in a flat tone
"why isn't mom saying anything?" I asked quietly
"I think she's dealing with the shock right now..." he responded
"what...what's your name?" I asked
"dad didn't want me having a name, but mom called me Khara..." he responded, looking down
"well, mom's name is Kai..." I thought to myself, trying to make some kind of connection... (hint: look up Ravana on Wikipedia)
we soon reached the pokemon Centre, where Cyrus was waiting for us, he pointed to me and Lucas, saying "these are the two I told you about, get them to the surgery wing"
"oh...that looks terrible" the nurse said, looking at Lucas before continuing "it's some kind of miracle that he's even alive at this point" she then got a stretcher out, getting the assistance of some Chansey's, she got Lucas on the stretcher, before beckoning me to follow her, I went with her, but my brother brought mom with him as he followed me into the surgery floor, I got up on the operating table not in use by Lucas, and looked back at my family, asking "why are you in here, too?"
"I couldn't just leave mom out there with Cyrus..." Khara responded, looking out at him through the glass
"very well, but the surgery won't be pretty..." I responded, as Maylene burst through into the surgery floor, followed by a Lucario,
"someone told me that they saw Lucas being brought here, so I came as soon as I could" she then turned to me and said "Ravan? you're here too?"
"'s kinda relieving that you're here, too" I responded, smiling slightly
"why's that?" she asked in response
"I need a translator" I responded, while smiling sheepishly
"oh, I got ya" she said, before turning to the nurse and saying "I'm gonna translate for this Weavile" while pointing at me, before looking back at me and asking "so, what did you want to say?"
"only one thing...don't let him die..." I responded, before looking down
"don't let him die, that's all he said to tell you" Maylene responded, looking at the nurse
"I can't promise anything" she started, turning to me, "but we'll certainly do our best..."

(Cyrus's P.O.V.)
"so...just to confirm it, you want this done tonight?" Mars asked over the walkie-talkie
"that's right, after this man's surgery is done, you transport him to Snowpoint...if you do this right, he'll wake up in his bed..." I responded, smiling slightly
"this sounds awfully kind of you" Mars responded
"I pay my debts, Mars...but even so...I owe him so much more..." I said, looking into the surgery room...

(Ravan's P.O.V.)
"he's looking at us..." Khara said, grimacing slightly
"who is?" Maylene's Lucario asked
"Cyrus..." Khara responded, turning to him
"oh...well, I don't know what to say about that" the Lucario said, before turning to me and asking "how did all of this happen?"
"it's a long story..." I said, leaning back on my left arm
"well, we're going to be here for a while" the Lucario responded, before leaning back on the wall
"I guess it all started when I began tracking Cyrus" I started, trying my best to focus on the others, so I didn't see what was happening with Lucas...

(a few hours later)
"and after that, the next thing I knew, Lucas had passed out..." I then sighed and said "sorry, I bet that was a lot to take in..."
"that was very interesting, Ravan" Maylene said, sitting against the opposite wall
"thanks" I said in response, before looking at the nurse and asking "well, how is he?"
Maylene echoed what I asked to the nurse, I blushed slightly, because it seems I had temporarily forgotten that the nurse couldn't understand me...
"he's alive, but he shouldn't be walking for the next few days" the nurse responded, before moving closer and saying "I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to take care of your arm, yet"
"oh, that's alright, as long as Lucas is fine" I said, as Maylene echoed it
"well, anyway, I'll just need to put this in a cast" she said, feeling along my arm, just then, some people dressed in Galactic outfits came in
"we're here to transport the patient" a woman with red hair said
"transport? what are you talking about?" the nurse asked
"don't worry about it, we're taking him to the Snowpoint pokemon centre" she responded, before saying "let's get him outside"
three grunts then took a stretcher and placed Lucas on it, taking him outside, led by the red-haired woman, Cyrus then came in and said "I've organized for the utmost care to be taken, he's in safe hands"
"o-okay?" the nurse responded, in a confused tone, Cyrus then turned to mom and Khara and continued
"I'm going to turn myself in...hopefully the day will come when you can bear to look at me again" he then turned to me and said "I don't know how to apologize for what I've done to you...and I don't know how to make it better, but it doesn't change the fact that I was wrong...and after everything I did, you still saved me..." he then turned and left
"are you just going to let him leave?" Khara asked
"if Lucas has taught me's that violence isn't the answer...that man could've killed me for what I did, but he didn't, and do you know why?" I asked
"...why?" mom asked
"because he believed I could change...and I guess, seeing everything that Cyrus has just done...I guess he can change, too..." I said, before smiling
"I guess so..." Khara responded, Maylene then got up and said
"I'm gonna follow them, just to be sure" before beckoning to the Lucario to follow her, she then continued "I was gonna see Candice soon, anyway..."

(Mars's P.O.V.)
"alright, you heard Cyrus, we keep this guy safe" I said, before attatching one of four hooks to the stretcher, the three grunts followed suit, attatching a hook to each corner of the stretcher,
"okay, the job's done" one of the grunts said, before asking "so, why Snowpoint?"
"Cyrus said this man has someone waiting for him there...and from the looks of this ring, I'm assuming it's a spouse" I then looked closely at this mans face "wait a minute, I know this guy...back from when I was a grunt...he beat me without using pokemon..."
"sounds like he's pretty strong, do you still want to do this, though?" the grunt asked
"...yeah...the past has nothing to do with this, anymore, this is strictly business" I responded, before tugging on the rope attatched to the hook, the stretcher was soon brought up into a helicopter-like vehicle, after that was done, one of the grunts asked
"what do we do now?"
"Cyrus said that Team Galactic was disbanded, so...I guess we should get our stuff from the HQ and leave?" I said, before making my way over to the headquarters...

(Ravan's P.O.V.)
after Maylene had left, and the cast had been applied, I got off the operating table
"well, what should we do now?" I asked
"look" Khara said, pointing out throught the glass, there was a man in a trenchcoat arresting Cyrus "looks like he wasn't lying" Khara added
"mom, Khara" I started, getting their attention, "I have an idea on where we can go..."

(Pilot's P.O.V.)
"alright, we're coming over Snowpoint now, remember, just hand the stretcher over to the nurse and her assistants there and come right back, no need to cause unnessecary panic" I said, before bringing the vehicle in for a landing
"we know...Mars told us about fifty times" one of the grunts said
"yeah, well just be quick about it, alright?" I responded
"she said THAT, too..." he responded, in a cocky tone...
I soon landed the vehicle, as the two grunts picked up the stretcher, and brought it inside the pokemon centre, before soon coming back out and getting back in
"alright, it's done" one of the grunts said
"heh, if only you were that fast before, then Team Galactic could have ruled the world by now" I responded, before laughing lightly
"yeah, if only..." the grunt responded, as I brought the vehicle back into the air...

(Seena's P.O.V.)
when I first got back to our room, I wasn't sure what to expect...Lucas made it seem like he should be able to make it through this, so I promised myself that I would wait for him, but my hopes started to drop after the first few hours had passed...
things were tough without Lucas around, but as he said, we had friends that would help us, Gordon and Garudan helped in any way they could, but it was tough to break the news to everyone else that Lucas probably wasn't coming back...espesially Matt and Terese...
at one stage I thought to myself things would've been easier for Lucas if he DID just end up with Terese...he probably wouldn't have met me...and then he wouldn't have met Ravan, or anyone else...I didn't care what happened to any of us, as long as it meant Lucas could live...
I spent a large amount of time over the next week blaming myself for this, I also gave the copy of the key back to the nurse, as I only needed one now...
then, the next week, things started getting a little easier, Elese was becoming more independant, and I was trying my best to stop thinking about Lucas...but each night, I couldn't stop seeing his face...he had done so much for me, I couldn't just forget him...
the next week, I was out visiting mother's grave, "mom...I need your did you get over Jonah? please...I can't stand it anymore..." I broke down in tears, curling up at the foot of the grave "I'm sorry, Lucas..." I repeated, through sobs, I stayed there until about the middle of the day, as Elese was being looked after by Gordon and Garudan at the time...I really envied her, blissfully unaware of the truth...I continued sitting there until I heard what sounded like a helicopter in the distance, looking up, I saw a helcopter-like vehicle emblazoned with the Galactic symbol flying overhead...
at the time, I thought nothing of it, as I had almost given up hope on being happy again, so I stayed at the grave...
"Seena" I heard a female voice say, it didn't sound like Tira
"who...who's there?" I asked, looking around
"that doesn't matter right now,'ve been here too long, you should go home" I heard the voice say, it sounded like it was trying to conceal a hint of happiness
"why?...what's the point?" I asked, while continuing to cry
"Seena...just go home, you'll feel better in the morning" the voice said, I got up and responded
"fine...I'll go home, if only it stops you nagging me" I responded, as I slowly made my way back home, on the way, I saw the helicopter-thing flying in the other direction, once again, I thought nothing of it as I continued home...

I soon reached the pokemon centre, the nurse seemed happy, I just ignored her and made my way to my room, unlocking the door, I went inside, locking it behind me, I hung my head as I made my way to one of the beds sitting on it, I met some strange resistance, looking up, it was...
"Lucas!" I shouted, before wrapping my arms around him "I thought I lost you" I said, before noticing he was unconcious, I checked his vital sign, and made sure he was really there, before running back outside and speaking with the nurse
"Lucas...he's in there..." I said, as I suddenly smiled
"I know, Seena...he was brought her just a few minutes ago, we checked him while moving him to his bed, he's alive Seena, he's alive..." the nurse said, before tears started forming in her eyes.
Looking around, I thought to myself "the sheer amount of people who would want to see him is too much right now...I want him to myself for now..." before asking the nurse "have you told anyone else, yet?"
"no, I wanted your approval first, so I haven't told a soul..." she responded,
"good, good..." I said, before looking towards the room "let's keep it that way for a while, okay?" I said, looking back at the nurse
"and why would that be?" she asked, smiling
"I need him for myself, first...I'm not even telling Elese, yet" I responded, before heading back to my-OUR room
"well, good luck" Joy said, as I re-entered the room...

(Lucas's P.O.V)
when I regained conciousness, I was greeted by a familiar sight
"Seena?" I asked
"Lucas!" she shouted happily as she jumped onto the bed, embracing me
"where am I? where is everyone?" I asked, moving back slightly
"you're in Snowpoint, our room, and what do you mean 'everyone'?"
"no...this is too perfect" I said, looking around "I'm dead, aren't I?"
Seena shook her head and responded "'re not dead...and I'm thankful, truly thankful for that..."
"but...I was outside Veilstone when I lost conciousness, how did I end up here?" I asked, still not fully believing that I was still alive...
"nurse joy said you were brought here by air, and I saw a helicopter-thing that had the Galactic symbol on it" Seena responded
", Cyrus did this, then" I said, before returning Seena's embrace and continuing "then I AM alive..."
we held the hug for a while, before I broke it and asked "how long was I gone?"
"you don't know?" Seena asked in response, before saying "about three weeks, Lucas..."
"THREE WEEKS!?" I shouted in response, either I was under the knife for QUITE a while...or my theory about the alternate world was true "it felt like I was only gone for a few hours" I said, before looking Seena in the eyes and continuing "I am so sorry, must've assumed the worst..."
"I did, Lucas..." she said, as tears started rolling down her cheeks as she continued "I missed you so much..." she then brought me into a kiss, passionately mingling her tongue with my own...
after we broke the kiss, Seena said, "I love you so much, Lucas...please don't leave me again" as the tears continued rolling down her cheeks, I wiped away her tears and responded
"I promise, Seena" before she brought herself in for another kiss, after we broke that one, Seena said
"this is so much like our first moment together, Lucas..."
"I know, Seena" I responded, smiling, before looking around and asking "where's Elese, though?"
Seena brought a finger to my lips, shushing me "she's being looked after by Gordon and Garudan, so it's just you, and me for a while..." she said, while blushing
"Seena...are you suggesting that we...I mean...right now?" I asked, nervously
"it's been three weeks, Lucas...I need you now...and all to myself..." she responded, before bringing me into another kiss, after she broke the kiss, she added "only if you're up to it, though"
"I can do it for you now...I feel like I owe it to you" I said, before asking "don't you want to 'get ready' first?"
she shook her head, before saying "not this time, Lucas...I'm ready" she then smiled and brought me into another kiss...

Chapter End Notes:I've decided that the epilogue story will be shown as it's own story, it'll be called 'The Primal Spark, another time, another place
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