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The Primal Spark by turningpoint


Story Notes:

The story has been finished, the follow-up will be written soon, and it will the be called: The Primal Spark: Another Time, Another Place.

Chapter 49 (grim news, an uncertain future)

(Lucas's P.O.V.)

over the next couple of days, I really started wondering about what that grunt meant, and what the leader of team Galactic, Cyrus, I think his name was, was up to.
everything was kind of dull, even, but in a good way...
that is...until I got a mental call from Uxie...she sounded distressed
"Lucas, I need your help!" she said, almost shouting
it was the middle of the afternoon, and I was sitting with Seena at the time
"what is it, Uxie?" I asked, mentally
"it's Cyrus...he's done something unexpected!" she said in a panicked tone
"Calm down, shouldn't be a problem, right?" I asked in response
"Lucas...I need you to come to spear pillar immediately..." she said
"well, I guess I could do that, but should I bring Seena and Elese with me?" I asked
"...yes...this...this may be the last time you see them..." Uxie said, in a now-saddened tone
"Uxie...why are you telling me this?" I asked
"...Cyrus tried summoning both Palkia and Dialga at the same time...if it was just one of them. my siblings and I would have been able to contain the energy...and stop it so Giratina didn't have to intervene..." Uxie said,
"Giratina?" I asked, confused
"an entity existing on an alternate was created at the same time as Dialga and Palkia, but this isn't the time for that, I need your help NOW!" Uxie said, once again reverting to a panicked tone
"alright, alright" I responded, before getting up and saying "Seena, I need to take you and Elese somewhere with me..."
"well, alright, but where?" she asked, getting up
"there's no time to explain" I responded, before grabbing Seena's and Elese's pokeballs, I then returned Seena to her ball, before making my way to the bed, where Elese was sleeping
"sorry about this, Elese" I said, before dispersing her form into a red light, drawing it into the pokeball, I then clipped both balls to my waist, before grabbing my room key and quickly making my way out of the room, locking the door behind me, I went over to Gordon and Garudan's room, knocking on the door, Garudan soon answered.
"Oh, hey there, Lucas" he said, I soon cut him off
"no time to explain, need Gordon's help"
"uh...okay, then" he said, before turning back and saying "Gordon, it's Lucas...he says he needs your help, badly" Gordon soon made his way to the door
"what's wrong, Lucas?" he asked, through a concerned expression
"Gordon...I need you to fly me to Spear Pillar..." I said, through a now panicked tone
"whatever it is, I'll be happy to help" he said, before turning to Garudan and saying "hopefully, I'll be back soon"
"alright, let's go then" I said, leading Gordon outside, after we were outside the pokemon centre, Gordon said
"well, alright, then...hop on" and turning his back to me, I quickly climbed onto his back and said
"I may not be responsive on the way there...Uxie's talking to me"
"well, alright then" he said, before lifting us off the ground and heading south-west, towards mount Coronet
"the only thing I can't something that has anything to do with the alternate world...I'm sorry I dragged you into this, Lucas" Uxie said, sadly
"it's okay, Uxie...but there's something I don't quite understand...if Giratina intervened...doesn't that mean Cyrus is no longer a threat?" I responded in thought
"yes...but it's not Cyrus I'm worried's Giratina...if things continue the way they are...both worlds may be destroyed..." Uxie responded
"'s no longer Team Galactic I'll be fighting?" I responded
"I really want to avoid fighting...but yes" Uxie responded
"so my death is no longer certain?" I asked, with hope in my mind
"it's not certain...but it is still very likely...Giratina is unbelievably powerful..." Uxie said, in a serious tone
"but...what if fighting it won't achieve anything?" I asked
"I don't know...I'm asking for your help because I'm out of options...others are already in there, I need you to go and help them..." Uxie responded
"others? and who would these others be?" I asked
" of them, you know" Uxie responded
"and the other is the boy I'VE been looking after" I heard another female voice say
"Mesprit, is that you?" I asked
"yeah, Azelf is here, too...we're about to go in and help out" Mesprit said
"there's someone else here, too...he's here for a different reason, though...but he can still help you" I heard Azelf say
and who would that be?" I asked
"you'll see in a moment" Azelf responded, before being cut off by Mesprit, saying
"we've wasted enough time here, guys, let's go!"
"Lucas...don't do anything crazy...please, I want you to stay alive" I heard Uxie say, before her voice faded
"remember, you don't have to be alone" Mesprit said, before her voice faded, too
"your friends will always stand by you" Azelf said, as his voice faded
"they're gone..." I said to myself
"who's gone?" Gordon asked
"" I responded, before seeing that we had almost reached spear pillar
"well, it looks like your destiny awaits" Gordon said, as we soon came in for a landing, there were pillars shooting up from the ground, leading to a plateau, where the pillars were...warping?
"this doesn't look good" I said, as I made my way towards the warping pillars, when I reached them, I saw a portal in the ground "I guess this is where Giratina is..." I said, before hearing a familiar voice say
" that you?" I turned around to see Ravan...
"Ravan!? what are you doing here?" I asked
"I've been tracking Cyrus..." he responded, moving closer
"oh...wait, why have you been tracking Cyrus?" I asked in response
"because...he is my father..." Ravan responded, with some aggresion in his tone, I was stunned
"Cyrus...the leader of Team Galactic, he's your father?" I asked, through a shocked expression
"yeah...after Giratina grabbed him and pulled him into that portal...I was about to go after him, but Azelf tod me to wait...he said you were coming" Ravan said, before looking at my waist and continuing "he also said you would be bringing Seena..."
"yeah..." I said, before pulling her ball off my waist "I guess you have some things to say to her, too..." I continued, looking down at the ball
"I haven't had a chance to see her for so long, Lucas...I need to ask for her forgiveness" he said, looking down slightly
"I know..." I responded, before releasing Seena from her ball, she shook off the dizziness this time, soon asking
"where are we?"
"Seena...we're at spear pillar" I said, before turning to the portal and continuing "this is really hard for me to say, Seena...but I may not be coming back from this"
"what are you talking about, Lucas?" she asked, in a scared tone
"the portal...I have to go in there...and I don't know what's going to happen..." I said, looking into the menacing wormhole
"what!? why do you have to go in there?" Seena asked, before holding onto me and saying "I don't want to lose you, Lucas..."
"I know, Seena" I responded, before prying her arms off me and turning back to her and continuing "but I may be the only thing stopping the destruction of this world..." I then looked over Seena's shoulder and said "I'm pretty sure I'll need your help, too, Ravan."
At this point, Seena had broken into tears, as she once again wrapped her arms around me and shouted "what's the point of the world going on if I'm not with you, Lucas!?"
"Seena..." I started, becoming teary now, myself, "I don't want to see you like this...please, stop crying"
"I can't..." she responded, "the thought of losing you is just too much to bear..." I pryed her arms off of me again, before kneeling down in front of her,
" matter what happens, I promise..." I started, before bringing my head level with hers "I will always love you...nothing will change that" I then brought her into a kiss, it was I could taste Seena's tears, this saddened me even further...
after I broke the kiss, Seena said "and I'll always love you, Lucas..." before embracing me and continuing "but what am I meant to do if you do die?"
"you LIVE,'ll be hard at first...but we have friends that'll support you" I then broke away from her hug and said "but Seena" getting her attention, I continued, "I'm not just going to let this thing kill me...if there is a way, I WILL FIND IT, if there's any hope at all, believe in it, Seena..." I then dried Seena's tears and continued "believe in ME, Seena..."
"...yes, I believe in you, Lucas..." she said, before forcing a smile
"I matter what happens, I'll come back to you...somehow" I then stood up and said "Ravan wants to speak with you, too"
she then looked at my waist and asked "what about Elese?..."
"I can't face her...I can't bear to tell her that I might not be coming home...please...just tell her, tell her daddy's gone to see Grandma" I said, looking at the ball, sadly, before handing it to her
she took the ball from my hands, saying "I will, Lucas..."
Gordon then flew up to us and asked "should I take you home, Seena?" in a grim tone
"...yes..." she said, moving closer to Gordon
"before you go, I need to speak with you" Ravan said, stopping her, seeing that they were distracted, I jumped into the portal...
Chapter End Notes:...soon, soon the story will be over..
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