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What Are The Odds? by Raw19


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What Are The Odds

In Max's opinion it was really a great day to be outside in the woods a few blocks from the Gym. Just not a very interesting one. His Dad, Norman, didn't have any matches scheduled today, so what were the odds of anything exciting happening? The sky was a pleasant mix of Teal and Aquamarine. The breeze was the blowing around with the gentle warmth of the early summer months. The Wild Eevee was about to get raped by the Umbreon.

That last thought didn't sound quite right so Max paused and looked again.

An Eevee was crouching down in the low grass, hungrily sniffing an Oran Berry Bush. Unlike Max, however, it failed to notice the form of a Wild Umbreon stalking through the grass; closer and closer towards its hapless prey.


The Umbreon could just barely make out the Eevee's cunt as she busied herself with the delectable looking berries. The Pup was happily wagging her fluffy trade-mark tail, teasingly covering and uncovering her mark of woman-hood, and the brief glimpses of that enticing snatch only spurned the lustful male onward. Oh, he could see it now.

He would burst out of the grass with a Quick Attack. The Eevee Cub would be alerted to his presence; at the very last moment and far too late to stop him. He'd see the surprise and fear in her bright-red eyes right before he pounced on her and pressed the female into the grass. He wouldn't so much as introduce himself before he mounted the stunned Eevee, kicked her legs apart, and thrust himself into her virgin cunt. She was untouched all right. He had a good sniff of her scent while he was stalking her and he hadn't so much as smelled the girl's Fathers scent on her, let alone that of a lover.

Her screams of anguish would be almost as delightful to him as her young, tight, unclaimed flesh wrapped around his length. He would moan aloud with perverse pleasure as he forcefully rutted his bitch and pounded her into the grass, being sure to let her know she was his bitch, and would tie her to be sure she wouldn't be escaping his cock anytime soon. She would scream in agony as he forced his knot into a cunt that was far too small and inexperienced to easily take it and it would all be music to his ears.

Then finally, hours later when he was thoroughly sated, her tight pussy was pounded raw, and her face was a river of tears, he'd release himself in her silky confines; painting her womb so white with his seed that her belly would swell from the pressure and there was a very high chance she'd end up carrying his pups despite her young age. And after pulling out of her he'd be sure to 'mark' the Eevee as his territory. Oh, the Umbreon could hardly wait. He was hard just thinking about it.


"Eevee! Look out! Behind you!"

The cute and innocent Eevee had just been about to take a deep bite of the sweet-smelling and succulent fruit, which would do wonders to quell the rumble in her tummy, when a human voice shouted out. Startled, she looked around for the source and finally caught the form of the lustful dark-type behind her. She screamed as it flew at her with a Quick Attack and she dodged to the right. Her Mother had always warned her that there was a chance she might be assaulted sometime in life, but what were the odds of it happening in such a public place? Her survival instincts kicked in and, remembering all the tricks her beloved Mother taught her, she quickly fled the scene with an Agility-induced Quick Attack followed by splitting her form into more then 24 identical copies with Double-Team and scattering them in different directions upwind.


Max of Petalburg silently cheered as the Umbreon came out of his dive and looked around, only to see that the object of his obsession had hopelessly vanished.

Or, at least, he cheered until the Umbreon turned it's attention to him with a growl. Then the young genius remembered that he'd yet to become a trainer with his own pokemon, had no pokeballs on him, and thus was very much defenseless against a wild and angry pokemon

"Um...on second-thought, maybe that wasn't such a good idea." He laughed, before quickly turning to flee. He ran through the woods about 20 feet then quickly jumped into a bush, climbed out of it on the other side, and hid behind a tree covered in long vines. Cautiously he peeked out from behind the tall plant and looked around. To Max's relief he didn't see the Umbreon or any other Pokemon anywhere.


Umbreon flew out from behind a neighboring tree and charged at his new, clueless prey; hitting the human youth in his side before he was even aware of his presence and knocking him down on his back with a pained cry and at the stump of another tree. The force of his impact had almost knocked the boys glasses off. The scared human tried to quickly get up and scramble away but the Dark-Type, being both bigger and stronger then the human, put a paw on his chest and easily held him down.

~ Going somewhere? ~ The Umbreon snarled, mentally.

Max was surprised by the voice. There was no one else around so he figured it must have been the Umbreon speaking and, as he hadn't seen his mouth move at all, swiftly deduced that the pokemon was 'talking' to him using Psychic

"You know Psychic?" Max asked the feral pokemon.

~ A lot of Umbreon know Psychic. But, I detest Psychic Pokemon so it's not a move I happily utilize. ~

Umbreon stated, looking around to make sure there was no one else around. But what were the odds of there being even more human youths in the area that he'd failed to notice? Noticing the vines covering the nearby tree he smirked as an idea came to him. Using his mental powers, which were even with an Espeon any day of the week, he levitated one of the sturdier looking vines off of a branch and brought it over to them; swiftly binding the humans arms with it. Since he used his mind and not his paws to do it, the knots were just as tight and secure as he'd 'imagined' them to be. The male youth was not at all pleased with this predicament.

"Hey what are you doing?! Let me go! What do you want with me?" Max cried out, twisting and squirming around to try and break free.

~ What do you think I want boy? ~ Umbeon growled, standing over the boy and pressing him even deeper into the ground. He ground his still swollen length against the human's own member, causing Max to cry out. ~ You feel that? That was what I planned for that Eevee fem. But, since your interference caused her to escape I've little other choice but to....alter my evening plans. ~

"What?!" The still struggling Max protested, his above average IQ allowing him to instantly pick up the Umbreon's meaning. "I'm not even a Pokemon!"

The Umbreon smirked at the youth trough slitted eyes; giving an expression that clearly stated it was unimpressed with the boy's 'argument'.

~ Do you really think I care about that? The Eevee that has been my prey in the last few hours is long gone. Thanks to you. A human male was hardly my first choice for an evening mate, but as a replacement you will most certainly do. ~

The Dark Fox strode over Max's form, so that his rigid tool was staring him in the face. ~ Suck it. ~

Max gulped, staring at the dark and fleshy pole in front of him. "Suck it?" He repeated.

~ Correct, human. Suck on it until I tell you to stop. You seem intelligent so I don't think I need to tell you what will happen if you refuse or if you bite me. ~

Max had always made himself scarce when Pokemon had started mating each other; whether they were wild ones or those of people he knew. So, this was really the first time he'd seen the genitals of one, and certainly the first he'd seen this close up. He'd often had fantasies of being in such a situation as this before with some of the others of the Eon-Series; like, say, his Sister May's hot-looking Glaceon. But, this was an Umbreon, the least alluring of them in his opinion. Plus, it was a male! He had no interest in other guys! And he was expected to...

Well, it wasn't like he had a whole lot of options. The threat to his life was very real.

The Umbreon thrust his hips forward and Max reluctantly opened his mouth; taking the male's shaft in. He cringed as the salty taste of the flesh made itself known to his tongue and the lust-ridden musk of the fox assaulted his nose. But, he did his job and obediently started sucking on the hot length.

~ Oh yes, just like like, boy. ~ The Umbreon breathed, in pleasure. The human seemed to know just how he liked it and had brought his tongue into the game; licking his length all over in a way that showcased his inexperience but was still good. The Umbreon was saving his real strength for later, but couldn't resist thrusting into the cubs maw; arching his back so that the boys tongue could better reach the underside of his organ.

The pokemons pride seemed to be teasing Max with the possibility of entering his throat as it moved within his mouth. Not wanting that, he attacked the cock both as tentatively and energetically as he was able; hoping that he was doing something right and could thus satisfy this wild beast as quickly as possible. It was times like this he hated the law that non-trainers weren't allowed to carry Pokeballs!

~ Ever tasted seed before, human? Because here it comes. ~ The Umbreon stated, before releasing himself in Max's mouth. Max cried out as the pokemon exploded in him like a gushing fire-hose. It tasted like warm sea-water! With the Umbreon's length still jammed in his mouth it was too hard trying to spit the seed out, so Max was forced to swallow the spunk. It tasted horrible but it was better then the alternative's.

~ Not bad, human. Not bad at all. I think I'll deign to give you a little treat. ~ The Umbreon acknowledged; pulling out of his 'mate' and moving down the youth's body while he recovered, A few bites and snips and Max's lower half lay bare before him. He sniffed, unimpressed, by the boy's groin. Even Eevee youth's had bigger packages then that.

"Wha-....wha-what are you...doing?" Max gasped out, still recovering from his ordeal.

~ Don't make me repeat myself, boy. ~ The Umbreon huffed, engulfing the child's prick. Max groaned in pleasant surprise as his male-hood was surrounded by a wet heat for the first time. He instinctively tried to press even deeper into the Umbreon's Maw and, instead of withdrawing or snapping at the human, the Dark-type coolly allowed the youth further access. For the first time since this ordeal started Max was actually enjoying himself. He never imagined he would be held down and played with like this, especially by a pokemon male, but he was really getting off on the pleasure bequeathed to him. Max felt a tightness around his member and thought it might be the Eon's throat, but his captor had yet to object if it was. The Umbreon's mouth was insanely hot and it was clear that the Pokemon knew what he was doing. His tongue worked Max's pole like an expert; seeking out pressure points and triggering them to flood Max's body with warmth and thus trigger his own drive for passion.

~ Go on and enjoy yourself, human. ~ Umbreon thought to himself. ~ It'll just make the next part all the more sweeter for me. The look on your face when your world of pleasure abruptly turns into a world of pain....I can hardly wait. ~

The Umbreon admonished the fragility of human flesh as he continued to suckle on the boys length, showing him how it was done. He could only use the bare minimum of his actual strength lest he accidentally tear the sensitive flesh with his fangs. It was one of the few lines he wouldn't cross as, in his opinion, there were just a few things that males as a unit should never do. Besides, he didn't want the brat to suffer quite yet. That time was soon approaching, though. The Umbreon swirled his tongue around the boys length again, breathing hot air onto the prick and squeezed the head with his throat muscles, and Max reached his own peak; cumming with a groan. The Umbreon mentally sneered at the taste of the humans undeveloped semen, but deftly swallowed it, nonetheless. He wasn't a huge fan of overly messy sex.

Now was the time.

While Max was riding out the waves of pleasure he'd received, Umbreon turned him over onto his stomach and then moved him again so that he was on his knees with his rump facing up. As Max's arms were still bound to his sides by the vine it was a bit of a chore for him to stay balanced. But, that was hardly the pokemon's concern. Swiftly mounting the smaller human youth, he positioned his pride at the opening to the boy's rectum and thrust his hips forward as hard as he could.

Max's gasps of pleasure just as swiftly turned into screams of pain as the Umbreon hilted himself in his bum. The feel of a hot length pressing into his tight confines was something that was completely foreign to him and was not at all welcome. Not being able to use his arms made things even worse, as his upper torso was being pressed painfully against the ground.

The Umbreon moaned in perverse pleasure as he claimed the boy. That tight, youth-full flesh wrapped around his pole felt exquisitely good and he pounded into him at a feverish pace. He'd indeed waited too long for this. The boy was screaming, pleading, praying to Jirachi, and the lust-full Eon was drinking it all up as he unleashed his full power. Crouching low over the boy, he buried his length into his tight orifice over and over again as hard as he could; crushing the boys smaller and weaker form into the soft ground beneath them with the force of his thrusts to more and more anguished cries. He would nearly pull out of the human's ass and then would jackhammer his way back in; his groans and moans of pleasure getting more and more prominent.

For Max it was nothing short of hell. His ass felt like it was burning up from the pokemon's lustful assault on it. The Umbreon would force his length deep into his poor rear again and again, down to his knot, and Max would almost black out from pain. Sadly he was granted no such reprieve. His heart was thudding in his chest from it being forced into the ground and he feared he really would be crushed under the feral pokemon before long.

Umbreon's next thrust was too powerful and it sent him and Max flying forward, causing the the pokemon to actually fall out of Max's rear for a moment. The Dark-type shook the cobwebs loose from his mind and accessed the situation. The boy was lying with his rear in the air and his back against the base of the tree. His legs were dangling over his head and he was struggling to regain some of his strength so he could make a fresh attempt at escape. Well the Umbreon couldn't have that now. Sauntering back over he utilized his mental powers and forced the boys thighs against his stomach, taking the air out of him for a moment. Then climbing back over him and resting his forepaws on the stump he quickly forced his cock back into the human's cleft.

Max screamed in renewed pain as the pokemon swiftly picked up where he left off. The angle was different for the Umbreon, but he thought it added whole new levels of perverseness to the fun and happily indulged; thrusting into the human's warmth as brutally as he could. The male youth felt a lot better then he'd ever expected he would and the Umbreon had to admit he'd probably be willing to try this again in the future. He still imagined how things could have been with that Eevee that got away, but this interloper would certainly do in her place. Looking down he noticed that the boy's face was now covered in a river of tears.

Right there.

The fox thrust into his 'mate' with bestial force, burying even his turgid knot into the underage human, and earning himself another sweet, earth-shattering scream. Then he painted the cubs rectum white with his oft potent seed, his fleshy knot insuring that not a drop would escape it. Being tied and then feeling a rush of sperm for the second time that day was finally enough for poor Max of Petalburg to black out. Before losing consciousness he could have sworn he'd heard a voice calling out for him in the distance.

But no one even knew he was out here, so what were the odds of that?


When Max awoke he didn't know where he was and the smell of something familiar hung heavy in his nose. He could sense that he was naked, that he was no longer bound and that his glasses had been removed, but that was it. He imagined that he must have been out for hours. Max was about to rise when he sensed the Umbreon prodding at his anus again. He whimpered and lay back down, anticipating another painful intrusion and forced coupling and hoping that it would at least be briefer this time.

"Max. Max! It's okay. No one's going to hurt you anymore." A kind female voice was saying.

"....M-mom? Is" Max murmured, part of him starting to relax.

The voice giggled. "Close. Actually, both Mom and Dad went out for dinner and a movie a while back."


Max shifted so that he was lying on his side and the brown-haired visage of his 3-year older sister, May, appeared. So that was the familiar scent. Having traveled around with his sister for so long he'd come to easily recognize these little details.

Usually anyway.

He could now see that he was in May's bedroom. The pink, satin sheets. The frilly pillows. The immense collection of alphabetized pokemon porn that lined the far wall. Okay, he was kidding about that last one. What exactly lined her wall was her impressive collection of contest ribbons. The entire family was really proud of her achievements. Though Max still found her oft arrogant nature to be highly annoying.

May's Glaceon was over by her closet; eating some of his sister's improved Poke-blocks and was swishing her tail from side to side in contentment. Even without his glasses, Max thought that he could see the barest glimpse of the pokemon's pink slit and he couldn't help but let out a grunt.

"Glace?" The Ice-type inquired, looking over in confusion at the noise. Max hurriedly grabbed his glasses off the night-stand next to the bed and turned his attention back to his sister. Ignoring her giggling, he instead noted that instead of her usual attire of her red top, blue biker-shorts, and red bandana with the white poke-ball symbol, she was wearing a nurse's outfit that he hadn't seen her don in years. She gently dabbed at his unguarded rectum with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab and he recognized that as the pressure he'd felt earlier. He couldn't help but blush a bit though, at being in this predicament.

"I'm not the best at this kind of stuff Max, but I didn't notice any cuts or tears I here. I'm pretty sure you're going to be just fine, but you'll probably have a hard time sitting down for awhile." May admitted.

"May....How'd I get here? What happened to that Umbreon?"

"That jerk? I certainly taught him a thing or two!" May huffed.


Umbreon moaned in deep contentment as he pulled his knot out of the youth's rectum with a wet plop. That had been so much better then he'd ever imagined and he simply had to do this again. He would mark this boy here and now, as the majestic wolves would thus mark their territory. Then he could track him down later for some fun in the future. Maybe when the boy was old enough to be a trainer the Umbreon would petition to be one of his Pokemon. He'd help the human win fights and in return he'd get to tap that ass whenever he wanted. Definitely a win-win. He stood over the boy and aimed his dick at his face.

"Glaceon, Ice Beam!"

A brilliant beam of pure, white ice shot out of the woods at the Umbreon's head. He yelped and quickly dodged the attack; jumping up onto the stump.

"What did you do to my Brother?!" A brown-haired female youth was shouting.

~ Feh! What didn't I do? ~ Umbreon responded, keeping a close eye on the powerful looking Ice-type. The Eon's long-distance attacks would certainly be a problem. ~ What are you going to do about it, little girl? ~

"Munchlax, Body Slam!" the girl cried out.

Umbreon noticed the second presence too late and was crushed into the tree stump by the immense weight of the pokemon that fell from the sky.

~ Urrgggh. ~ The Dark-Eon groaned under the pokemon's bulk; his body now riddled with pain. He thought one of his leg bones might have snapped and was not at all pleased. ~ Get off me, Fat Ass! ~ Umbreon yelled, hurling the Munchlax at the girl with Psychic. May caught her pokemon in her arms, but his weight caused her to fall over with her legs in the air. Both she and Munchlax jumped back up seconds later, though.

"Munchlax, Metronome!"

The pudgy Normal-type got a gleam in his eyes. His two index fingers glew with a white light and he started wagging them back and forth.

~ Please. I'm supposed to be intimidated by a kiddie move that does nothing useful 90% of the time? ~ The Umbreon scoffed, trying not to let on how poor a shape he was now in.

Munchlax smirked and pointed his fingers at the Umbreon. There was a flash of purple light and a dozen of the vines lifted off of the nearby tree and flew over at the Umbreon. He tried to escape, but wasn't able to maneuver too well on only 3 legs and was wrapped up.

~ Think you're pretty clever, human? ~ The Umbreon snarled, struggling to free himself. ~ As soon as I get loose I'm going to make you, your Munchlax, that Glaceon, and any other pokemon servants you have with you p- ~

His threats were forcibly cut off as one of the vines, which were still under the control of Munchlax, pushed past his lips and into his throat. While the dark-Eon was gagging on the intrusive plant, May gave her partner another request.

"Munchlax, please show this scum the meaning of the word pay."

Munchlax, being close friends with Max and being appalled at what had happened here, was only too happy to oblige. The Umbreon continued to struggle in vain as the leafy appendage moved deftly back and forth across his lips, choking him every other second. The vine was long and rough and painful when it entered his throat. He knew he'd be tasting plants in his mouth for days after this.

But, that was nothing compared to the thick and leafy vine that was now forcing its way up his tail-hole. The bound pokemon screamed as best he could around the vine in his maw as the intense pain spread from his rump to the rest of his body. The vine easily pressed past his sphincter and continued to creep deep into his crevice, before brutally savaging the Umbreon's rear for all it was worth. Arceus, what were the odds that he'd come across a human youth that was a s sick and sadistic as he was? He tried to escape the situation with his mental prowess, but the pain kept him from concentrating on anything but it. The plant in his throat was making it hard for the Eon to breathe and the rough one in his ass was rubbing it raw; his blood steadily flowing free from the harsh treatment. The suffering was immense and he could feel the darkness of unconsciousness starting to claim him.

He was brought back to Earth however when another vine wrapped itself around his injured leg and yanked it hard. Spots exploded in front of the fox's eyes and he yowled. He found himself spread-eagle and upside down in mid-air; a sturdy vine wrapped around each of his limbs. The vines in his tail-hole and maw pressed even deeper inside of him until he feared he might explode from the pressure and, in addition to the vine squeezing his broken leg, another leafy plant had wrapped around his prick and was slowly crushing it within its confines. The dark fox howled in pure agony, until his voice cracked from the strain. The last thing he saw before darkness consumed him was the silver-coated tail of the ice-Eon swinging down on his head.


While the Umbreon was being soundly punished, May busied herself with untying her brother; who looked so small and forlorn lying there.

"Max, I'm so sorry I wasn't here for you. I knew I should have gone with you or at least had Munchlax tag along, I have no excuse. I hope you can forgive me, I'm a terrible sister! Munchlax! Glaceon! Give me a hand, we need to get Max back to the house right away!"

(End Flash)

"So that's what happened? Wow. I kinda wish I had been conscious so I could see it." Max admitted, lying carefully on his back so he could face May. Thanks, Sis. For....well, everything I guess,"

May had been holding it back, but at Max's words the dam broke and she fell against him; hugging him into her chest and bawling into his hair.

"Oh Max, thank you! I was so afraid you would hate me for not being there when you needed me most. I know we have our differences at times, but I promise it will never happen again. I don't know what I would do if I lost you and-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, May, calm down!" Max cried out, protesting at being smothered by his sister's bounteous breasts. Pulling his head out from between her boobs, he took a deep breath and then gently unclasped her arms from around him.

"I'm not going anywhere. And I'd never hate you, no matter how annoying or arrogant you get at times. You're my Sister and I love you." Max confirmed.

May smiled and sat back on her heels, brushing the tears out of her eyes. "Thanks Max. You always know what to say and I love you too. Though, really, I'm supposed to be the one comforting you." May replied.

"Well, I always was better at this kind of stuff then you." Max laughed. "But, I'm fine. It's enough knowing that my cranky Sister had my back out there."

"Really?" May questioned.

"Really." Max assured her. "If truth be told, I had always been curious about what an attack from an Umbreon would feel like. I just never expected to find out like that."

They both had a small laugh over that. It reminded May of how excited Max had felt when he was shocked by Ash's Pikachu. Glaceon shook her head at the pair of then, deciding that she would never understand humans. Max then recalled that he was still bare, in his sisters bedroom, with only other females present.

"Um...May, why are you in that outfit again? And why am I naked?" Max asked, moving to cover his front.

"Huh?" May blinked. "Well, Mom and Dad weren't home so I needed to take care of you myself. I took off all your clothes so I could see if there were any other injuries in...less...obvious areas. And since I was playing the part of 'Nurse' I figured I might as well look the part!" May gushed, with a smile. "It's not a problem is it? We used to do this all the time."

Well that was true enough. Before May and Max had even met Ash and his friends they had both heard about a game called 'Doctor' being played pretty heavily around town. It sounded fun so they'd given it a try, even taking off all of their clothes as others suggested. It was certainly interesting, taking turns pretending to be a sick patient while the 'nurse' did everything to make their condition more enjoyable. But, it hadn't quite lived up to all the hype and they hadn't been able to stop blushing around each other. They'd both deduced that it was a game probably meant to be played with non-family members.

Thanks to hanging around Brock all the time, both of them were more experienced and versed In such things. They now knew exactly what kind of 'game' Doctor was and how it was meant to be 'played' and had pretty much agreed to never play it with each other again. Which is why it was so surprising to see May again in her old Nurse attire; complete with a full-length Nurse Gown, Nurse Cap with the red cross on the front, and stethoscope.

"It's..... not a problem, per se. It's just...surprising." Max said fidgeting. He blushed again, as something he'd bee thinking about lately rose to the front of his thoughts.

"Well anyway, since everything seems to be in order now, I should really let you get some rest. Is there anything I can do for you, Max?" May asked her brother.

"There is one thing." Max said.

"Name it, Brother of mine." May implored.

"Could my first?"

May blinked again. "Um....Max, the Umbreon was your first."

He wanted to anime fall. Did she really have to be so blunt?

"He was my first male and first Pokemon! I want you to be my first female!" He cried. "Well, I mean..., the first time is supposed to be special and with someone you trust right? Someone you love? I certainly didn't feel that way about the Umbreon, but you're different May. I can't really imagine anyone else I'd want my 'real' first time with." Max explained.

May blushed at the sentiments and looked away. "Well, yeah, but I'm your sister Max! Siblings aren't supposed to do stuff like that, it's against the law or something." May argued.

"Like the law that says non-trainers can't carry pokeballs on them?" Max countered. "Because that one got me into real trouble today. How is a person supposed to go walking through the woods safely without even that bit of protection? What would the league say if I told them of today's incident?"

"They'd probably just say, well what are the odds-"

"And I'd say pretty darn high for me and anyone else who can't or won't train Pokemon. Sure they have repels in the store but did you see what they charge for them? $500 or more dollars for a can that only lasts for 50 steps and doesn't even work all the time? Having something to do with Pokemon is the best way to quickly earn money in the world, but if you're not a Trainer, Coordinator, Professor, Researcher, Watcher, Breeder or something then how are you supposed to even afford those things? I'm not old enough to get a job, what am I supposed to do? Just stay in the house for 2 years like a good little boy? That's bull! Pokeballs are cheaper the Repel, are more effective, and everybody buys them. Screw the law!" Max ranted.

May just shook her head at Max and got up to return the medical supplies to the bathroom. "You have some real issues, Max, and you talk too much."

Max watched her leave with a sigh. Well that had been a bust. All he'd succeeded in doing was making things awkward. Glaceon mewled low, out of sympathy, before returning to her snack. He lay back and closed his eyes. Maybe he should just take a nap and pretend the whole day had been a dream when he next woke.

He felt, rather then saw, May return and sit back down on the bed; locking the door behind her. The next sensation that made itself known to him was that of something warm and wet pressing against his lips. Max's eyes flew open in surprise and saw that May was indeed kissing him. He sank into her embrace and enjoyed it for the full two minutes it lasted, but tried to speak up when she pulled away.

"Hush." May said, putting a finger to his lips. "You really do talk to much sometimes, Max, but at least you make sense. Unlike Drew and Harleys' cryptic selves. I love you like a brother, but mind that if we do this then we can't tell anybody. Not our parents, not Brock, not even any other pokemon besides Glaceon. Law or no Law if too many people knew it would make life far too awkward. Tell and I'll kill you! Understand?" She stated, with an evil looking smile.

Max gulped and nodded, a look of mingled surprise and fear on his face.

"Good! Now then, let's check your temperature!" Before Max had proper time to question her sanity, May pressed their fore-heads together.

"My, my, Mr. Max, I can't believe how hot you are! Have you been getting enough fluids?" She asked her 'patient'.

", Nurse May.....I may have been skimping out on that lately." Max shyly admitted.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Max! Don't you know how important it is to keep hydrated?" She admonished him.

May stepped off the bed and smoothly unbuttoned her Nurse's Gown, revealing a matching set of Ivory Lingerie. Max felt himself getting hard as he drank in the supple form of his gorgeous sister. She gave him a few lewd poses to think about, before she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her thong and gracefully stepped out of it. Climbing back onto the bed she squatted down over her brothers face, so that her neatly trimmed bush was hovering over his mouth.

"Go ahead, Mr. Max, drink up!" May said, with a wink.

Not needing to be told twice, Max swiftly sat up and began drinking his sister. May moaned as her Brothers smooth tongue lapped at her wet snatch like her skitty lapped at milk. Her parents weren't home, but she still felt it was a good idea to keep her voice down. Who knew who might be wandering around outside or what they might think if they heard her.

"Ooooh. Oh yes, yes, Mr. Max! Right there!"

Max had little to compare it to, but he thought his Sisters pussy tasted awesome. With all the different foods she ate he couldn't decide if it was sweet or spicy, but he liked it nonetheless and continued to savagely eat her out; drawing her honey into his mouth again and again. Her fluids were sticky on his face, but it didn't trouble him and he dug even deeper into her folds.

May had been with 'Mr. Rose' like this once or twice, so it was hardly knew to her. But, she thought that he could take a few lessons from 'Book-Smarts' Max. She had no idea where Max had picked it up but he seemed to be finding and stimulating pressure points inside her cleft and it was driving her wild.

"Max! Max! I'm going to...." She warned him, dropping the act for a moment. She broke off and came into his mouth with a cry. It was only the second time that day that something similar had happened to the boy, but he found it far more enjoyable this time around. He greedily and happily swallowed everything that was flowing from his wonderful Older Sister's orifice. When it was over he fell back on the bed with a sigh.

".........Flawless." Was the only word that Max had enough strength left to say. His body was still a bit out of it from his earlier ordeal, but it was mainly mental exhaustion that plagued him now. The smells, the tastes, the excitement; painful or otherwise. It was all so much in so little time.

"Why thank you, Dr. Fellatio." May replied, dropping back down onto the bed; her knees too wobbly from the pleasure rush to support her anymore. Yes, her Younger Brother had definitely been holding out on her. She found the strength to crawl back over Max and position herself on his erection, but paused.

"Mom and Dad will probably be back before long, so I'll be going pretty fast. You're still injured from before and this will aggravate it more. Are you sure you want me to continue?" The mahogany-haired female asked.

Max hesitated, but nodded.

"Please. I want this May. Even if it is a bit painful, as long as it's with you it's special."

May blushed, but smiled down at the bespectacled youth.

"Well what kind of Sister would I be to deny my Brother something he wants?" May asked, before dropping down on his length.

Max groaned as his sister engulfed his cock with her hot cunt. He had the briefest of moments to get used to the warm, pulsating flesh around his member, only the second time he'd felt something of the sort that day, before she began to swiftly work him over. He steadily impaled her again and again and the pleasure rocked his senses. He also felt some pain, as his sore rump was repeatedly pressed into the mattress, but the Hell below was nothing compared to the Heaven above.

May found Max to be a bit smaller then Drew had been, but he was a lot better equipped then she'd expect for one of his age and no one could tell her differently. She continued to thrust herself on his length to both his and her pleasure; her senses noting that he had reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She moaned in surprise as his mouth found her breast and started feverishly sucking on it's nipple. She had so many mixed emotions about the whole thing that she was unable to focus on just one, but if this was really what her brother desired then she was going to give it to him. He'd more then earned it.

Max was entranced by May's large, swinging breasts that jiggled like a bowl full of jelly with every move she made. He drew her soft, firm nipple into his mouth and used his tongue to play with it; grunting when he felt his Sister's pussy tighten around him as if trying to milk his cock. There was something important about that fact but, despite his usual intelligence, it escaped him as the hot, sweaty body working his smaller form was currently taking precedence in his mind. He reached around and grabbed May's bouncing buttocks with his hands; squeezing them tightly and pressing her even harder onto him.

May moaned low when she felt her brother's hands on her ass-cheeks; fondling them. She held Max's head to her breast as she fucked him increasingly harder. After this she might be convinced to play 'Doctor' a bit more often with him and she would certainly enjoy a longer length of time with him, without her parents being due home soon. She felt one of the hands on her rear move over to her anal entrance and a finger poked into her opening. The surprise gesture proved to be too much and she came with a loud cry; her pussy squeezing her brother's pole like a vice,

It was when he felt her climax around his pole, squeezing the life out of it, that he remembered what was important. He wasn't wearing a condom! He tried to stop himself, but his testicles were screaming for him to release and he exploded into his sister's tight confines with a cry of his own. She leaned down and kissed him again as they rode out the pleasure wave together; her loving the feel of his warm seed filling her womb and him loving the hot essence what was cooling on his groin. When she broke the kiss off he started yammering.

"May, I wasn't wearing a condom! You might get pregnant now or something! What was I thinking, God Mom's going to kill me if Dad doesn't beat her to it, and they'll disown us and we'll be scorned and-"

"Max!" May yelled, forcing him to look her in the eyes. "You talk too much! Relax, I've been on the pill for a year now and I already took mine for today." She assured him.

"You are? You were? You did? Why the hell didn't you tell me?!" Max screamed, causing Glaceon to jump and glare over at him. May just sighed and shook her head.

"Max, you're supposed to be the smart one here. What are the odds that we'd end up like this?" She inquired, smirking when he had absolutely nothing to say. She kissed him once more and then slid off of him.

"I hope you had fun tonight, Max, as I certainly did. This was a great idea, we should totally play 'Doctor' again sometime." She said with a wink. He blushed as she stood up and bent over; picking up her discarded Nurse's Outfit and giving him a great view of her ass in the process. "I need to put this back up and then I'm going to take a shower. Get some rest, Max."

Max watched her go and then fell back against the bed with a sigh, pulling the covers over him as he did so. He looked over at Glaceon, who was watching him with an amused look.

"Did this day really just happen, Glaceon? Or is this all some crazy dream that I'll wake up from later and never remember for as long as I live?" He asked of the ice-type. The Glaceon raised an eyebrow in response. Then she jumped up onto the bed and pressed Max against it with a single paw.

"Ahh! Glaceon, wha-?!" Max started, finding himself cut off as the Pokemon kissed him; deeply. She pulled away a moment later, giggling at the look of dazed confusion on his face. She gave him a wink and then turned to follow May, flashing him her goodies on her way out the door.

".............Did that Pokemon just come on.....? Nah!" He decided, laying down and closing his eyes.

After all, what were the odds of that?
Chapter End Notes:If it was read, then I hope it was enjoyed
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