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A Father's Love (contest version) by The Wandering Pikachu


Story Notes:

Okay, know this is way late, and sorry to those who actually entered on time, but I rushed my ass to get this done, so I hope it's at least half-decent, though probably not one of my better works.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Will probably redo this one at a later date. Hope you like it as-is though, and give me some feedback, good or bad! No flamers, though! I know I didn't do so well on this one, probably!

A Father's Love (contest entry)

Okay, this probably isn't as good as I'd like it to be, but I'm entering it anyways.

Note: Okay, this story has father/daughter incest, as well as some role playing. If any of this stuff offends you, gtfo and read something more to your tastes. If not, read ahead at your own risk!


A Father's Love

Humans and Pokémon have existed side-by-side for thousands, if not millions of years. Most of them are honest and good, treating Pokémon with respect while on their journeys to become some of the greatest trainers of all time, creating bonds and lifetime friendships. Though for some, it ran deeper than that.

It was eventually because of this bond that Arceus- the creator of all other Pokémon- willed those who had a deep enough romantic connection to carry children by their human partners. And after several hundred years, anthroized versions of Pokémon are almost as common as their feral versions. It is here that our story begins.

A school bell rings throughout a school in the peaceful town of Jubilife City. Several hundred teenage kids (both human and anthro Pokémon) can be seen running out the days and cheering, looking forward to the weekend ahead, as they rush to their own or their parents' cars, as well as the buses stationed outside. However, one seems to be lagging behind a bit.

A teenage Luxio girl, dressed in a red flannel shirt, blue overalls, and wearing pink shoes is trying to keep hidden, looking like she's trying to avoid something. Cautiously, she steps outside from the school, trying to keep an eye out for someone, possibly the same person she's trying to avoid.

"Where is he?" she said to herself in her high-pitched feminine voice, as she looks around for a certain car, but not quite seeing what she's looking for. Unknown to her, a trio of other Pokes approach from behind.

"Hey, Lily!"

Sweating as she realizes she was spotted, Lily the Luxio turns to face a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop, all anthro. They were classmates of hers in her Gymnastics class, as well as brothers who were triplets, and three of the most feared bullies in the entire school. "L-Leave me alone! I didn't do anything to you!"

"You see, that's where you're wrong, runt," the Hitmonlee spoke in his deep voice. "You mocked us today, by implying that not all Fighting-types are as athletic as you!"

Lily rolled her eyes at the obvious comeback. "Well, if you guys were so athletic, Jared; you wouldn't need to display it over people who do something that gets on your nerves. You would show it in class!"

"Shut up, Lily!" the Hitmonchan spoke next. "It's none of yours or anyone else's business what we do to show off our natural talents! That's our decision!"

"Pfft, yeah right, Zach. It's everyone's business when you go around bullying and beating up innocent victims that did nothing to you, other than say what's on their mind!"

"He told you to shut up, bitch!" the Hitmontop spoke. "You insulted us and all fighting-types today, and now, you're going to pay for it!"

"Oh yeah? What are you and your brothers going to do to me, Kent? I don't think you can just beat up a girl on school grounds!"

Jared the Hitmonlee glared at her, "Well, obviously you don't know us as well as you thought, because this isn't just about us, it's about our kind in general and we can't let you get away with it! Grab her, boys!" And with that, they all charged after her.

Lily leaped out of the way just in time, avoiding being grabbed by the trio of fighting-types. "I'm warning you, don't underestimate me! I may not like fighting, but that doesn't mean I'm no pushover!" the Luxio spat at the pile of boys.

The trio got up and dusted themselves off. "Yeah, but you're clearly outnumbered, and not in a position to be making threats!" Zach spat back. "Here I come!" The Hitmonchan lunged at her with his right hand glowing to use Mega Punch.

Lily sidestepped out of the way just in time, and then prepared to use Shock Wave back, but before she got a chance to do so, Kent snuck from behind using Agility and used a Triple Kick attack on the Luxio's back, causing her tremendous pain. Though before she had a chance to kneel on the ground, Zach the Hitmonchan and Jared the Hitmonlee grabbed her arms and held her bound. "L-Let me go!"

"Not until we've put you in your place!" the punching and kicking Pokémon replied. They continued to hold onto Lily tightly with their hands, while Kent came up to the front of her and sucker punched her with a jab to the gut! Then, he used his balled foot and kicked her right in the groin!

Lily yowled in pain at the hit to her family jewels, unable to do so much as fall to the ground in pain and clutching herself like any normal person- or in this case, Pokémon- would do. "B-Bastards..."

"Hmm? What was that, Lily? You say you want more? Okay, we'll give you more, you mangy feline!" Jared shouted. Then, he and Zach kneed her hard in the stomach! Things continued like this for a minute, until they heard a loud roar behind them!

"What do you punks think you're doing to my baby girl?!"

They sweated as they caught sight of a rather pissed-off Luxray male who went by the name Xavier, who looked none too happy at them, though he was also showing genuine concern for the Luxio they had in their grip. "D-Daddy..." she weakly coughed.

"You punks are going to pay!" In the blink of an eye, Xavier was upon Jared and quickly used a devastating Thunderpunch! Then, he turned to Zach and before he could do or say anything, Xavier delivered a powerful Iron Tail right to the Hitmonchan's face!

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Kent shouted, before he ran off screaming his head off. Though Xavier wasn't about to let him off that easily and instead jumped after him, landing on the Hitmontop's back, making him get his front completely in the ground, then delivering a powerful Mega Kick to the Hitmontop's side. Then, he picked Kent up and threw him over to where the other two Hitmon lay.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be, you brats!" Xavier growled and let out a deep roar, before firing a big discharge of electricity at the three Fighting-type brothers, as the name of the attack Discharge implies. They all yelled in pain as they felt the surge of electricity coursing through their bodies, singing their fur and preventing them from so much as moving. After a few seconds, the Luxray ceased his attack, leaving the boys sparkling with bits of electricity jumping on their bodies on the outside.

"What the heck is going on out here?!" A male Ninetales emerged from the school, though not just any Ninetales, it was the principal of the school. He looked at the pile of boys and then Xavier and Lily.

"Well, these punks here were whaling on my daughter, so I put a stop to it!"

"Really?" He let loose a Flamethrower and then looked over at Lily. "I'm so sorry Lily, I'll see to it that these three are dealt with properly. Do you need a nurse or something?"

Lily groaned and was about to fall, when her father reached out quickly and held her upright. "N-Nah, I think I'm alright, aside from some soreness caused by these losers. I probably just need some rest..."

"Well alright, if you say so, sweetie. Let's go home then," Xavier replied as he helped his daughter to his car, then opened the door for her and gently eased her into the seat. Then, he got in and started the car, and proceeded to drive back home, while being careful not to do anything to irritate Lily's injuries from her recent fight.


No more than fifteen minutes or so later, Xavier and Lily arrived at their home, a modest-sized house in the suburbs. They walked into the house, with the Luxray supporting his daughter over his shoulders like before, at the school. Xavier turned the lights on and helped his daughter over to the couch, where she sat and finally had a chance to relax, after what just recently happened.

"Whew... I'm sorry about that, dad. I-" The Luxray put a finger over his Luxio daughter's lips.

"It's okay, sweetie; I know you didn't deserve that, no matter what you might've said to those boys. You didn't deserve that, but as I've said multiple times to you before, you really are the spitting image of your mother..." Xavier let out a sigh, as he thought back on his dearly departed Luxray wife, who died giving birth to their first and only child together.

"Yeah, I miss her, even though I never really knew her..." Lily sighed and hugged her father tightly against her, though winced when she realized the pain of her injuries. "Dad, maybe I should go lie down..."

"Hmm, maybe... then after a good meal later, I'll take a look at you and we'll examine what those boys did to you." Lily's father nodded and then helped his teenage daughter to her room, where she slipped off her shoes, then got under the covers and smiled at her father. "Pleasant dreams, my precious Lily," he smiled back and closed the door for her, letting her off to sleep, which didn't happen right away for obvious reasons.

As he closed the door, Xavier felt a twinge of guilt in his heart. It pained him that he wasn't able to protect his daughter from ever knowing the pain his deceased wife knew, when she got into situations like that. For he didn't just love his daughter as a child of his, he loved her in the same romantic manner he loved his former wife. Cause she was exactly like her mother, down to the last detail. Though he knew it was wrong, by society's standards, but damned if he cared. He loved her and wanted her to know it, but was trying to find the right time to claim her as his new mate, since she was curious as to why he never remarried, after losing his mom, which he explained was because "when the time is right, I'll let you know."

"Tonight... yes, I'll tell her tonight," he said to himself, while he waited for nighttime to roll around, so he could get started on dinner and wake up his daughter.


Several hours later, Lily woke up by the smell of something cooking from the kitchen. She yawned, then got up and checked the alarm clock, seeing that it was half past eight o'clock. Getting up slowly, she found that her body was less sore, though there was still just a bit of pain after what had happened earlier that day. Though it didn't stop her from walking a bit faster, as she was quite hungry after what happened earlier and her nap, as demonstrated by her rumbling tummy.

She opened the door and walked downstairs to the kitchen, where she found her dad at the stove, cooking the food for the two of them. Xavier's ears perked up as he heard Lily yawn again, and he smiled at her. "Well, hey there sleepyhead, about time you woke up. Dinner's just about ready, sweetie."

He pulled the pot of bubbling water off the stove and dumped it out, while Lily took a seat at the table nearby. "Sounds good, daddy. I am starving!" the teenage Luxio exclaimed.

"Oh, by the way, your principal called about those three hooligans. They've been expelled, so you probably won't have to deal with them again. Hopefully, but after the beating I gave them, they'd be idiots to come after you again," he commented as he dumped the contents of the pot onto a couple plates, one for each of them. In a couple minutes time, two plates of spaghetti with meatballs were ready to go for both of them.

"Yeah, sounds good. But enough talking, let's eat!" She dug voraciously into her plate of spaghetti, eating it eagerly. While her father took her time with his, focusing more on staring at his daughter, while a visible blush was apparent on his face. After Lily was done, she noticed him staring at her weirdly. "Um, dad? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Realizing that he was caught, he shook his head and smiled nervously. "Uh, no reason! I'm just... so glad you're alright, after what happened today, sweetie. After what happened to your mom, I don't know what I would do if I lost you, as you're all I have left..."

"Oh, don't worry, dad! I promise you'll never lose me!" She got up from the table and put her plate in the sink, for her dad to take care of later. "I'm going to go watch some television now, okay dad?"

Xavier nodded, "Alright, I'll come get you when I'm done, if we're going to see the damage of your injuries, Lily." Lily nodded back and left her father to go eat, while she sat on the couch and relaxed with a bit of television. Though try as he might, he wasn't as much hungry as he was nervous about telling his daughter about how he felt. Especially after what nearly happened, if he was going to act on impulse.

Then, all of a sudden he had an idea, about how to do it. With this in mind, he resumed eating, as he would need all his strength and resolve to do it. Though while he ate, he kept an eye on his daughter that was named after her mother; eagerly awaiting the moment when he would tell Lily his feelings for her.

Some time later, he picked up his empty plate and cleaned it in the sink, along with Lily's, while continuing to watch over her. Once he was done with that, he took a look at the clock, seeing that an hour had passed. *Damn, I lost track of that much time, just staring at my daughter?* A blush spread across his cheeks, as he shook his head and then walked over to her. "Alright, sweetie, daddy's all done now... sorry I took so long, just lost track of time. So let's go ahead and give you a look, if that'd be alright with you of your daddy to look at you, since I don't know where those boys hit you before I showed up."

"Sure daddy, I don't mind letting you take a look at me... since I know you only have my best interests in heart, cause I'm your daughter," Lily replied as she turned off the TV and went upstairs to her bedroom. "Well, let's go, daddy!"

"Uh, just wait in your minute a room, dear! Daddy's got something else to do first." He waited until she was in her room, then went to his own bedroom and rummaged through the closet, looking for something in particular. "Nope, no, uh-uh, oh now, I haven't seen this in ages... bingo, just what I was looking for," as he pulled out an outfit that hadn't seen the light of day in years.


"Where is daddy? I probably should've gone to a real hospital, but instead, I'm letting my own father examine me?" Lily questioned herself, as she started to get antsy from waiting for her father to show up. No sooner had she said that, that there was a knock on the door, and then, she replied, "Come in, daddy!"

Once he received acknowledgement, Xavier walked in, though not wearing normal clothes. It was a doctor's outfit that he had bought many years ago, when he was into playing fantasies with his wife. Only his daughter Lily did not know that, but she would learn soon enough.

"D-Daddy? Why are you dressed like a... d-doctor?"

"Oh well, since I thought I'd be examining you, I thought I'd look the part, huh? Probably silly of me, but... I take my job of taking care of you very serious, sweetie. You're my precious little girl and you always will be."

"No, it's not silly, daddy! I love how devoted you are to me, and how much you say I remind you of my mother, your last wife."

"Thank you, sweetie... that means a lot to me." Xavier cleared his throat and looked at his daughter. "Now, if you wouldn't mind, I need to take off your clothes."

Lily blushed deeply at her father's bluntness. "W-What, daddy?!"

"Well, I can't get a good look at your injuries, if I don't know where they are, and it's easier if there's nothing in the way... it's not fun for me either," he said. *That you know of,* he added, "but I want to do a thorough job and make sure you're alright, baby."

"A-Alright, i-if you say so, daddy..." she nervously replied, "I'm trusting you." She slowly took off her clothes, being a bit nervous in front of the man who sired her and raised her all the years of her life by himself. When she removed the last piece of clothing, she stood stark naked in front of her father, a deep blush on her face.

This was the first time he had seen his daughter naked in all his years with her, and he had to admit, she looked good like her mother, which would've figured, given how much he said she looked like her. "My god, you're beautiful, sweetie... just like your mother was," he commented.

"Um, thanks daddy... though try not to forget what we're doing here, okay?"

*For now,* he thought sinisterly. "Y-Yes, sweetie, of course. Now, lie down and tell me where those mean boys hit you, okay?"

"Okay, daddy..." She slowly and nervously sat down on the bed, feeling like she should some modesty in front of her father, but knowing this was what he wanted, she decided against it. "Well, they hit me here in my stomach, and in the lower back region, as well as my chest and upper legs, and that guy Kent- the Hitmontop- once he sort of kicked me in my," she gulped, "crotch."

"Well, let me take a closer look." He leaned down and noted some bruises from the areas she mentioned that weren't quite so private, then rolled her over and looked at her back, touching her gently on a few of her bruises. "Does that hurt, sweetie?"

Lily winced and nodded, "Y-Yeah, daddy..."

"Don't worry, they should go away in a few days time. You'll be just fine." Rolling her back over onto her front, Xavier nervously touched her left breast- one of the more private places on her body, that she got hit on.

Lily blushed intensely and instantly, her modesty made her cover up a bit from the man she always knew as her father. "D-Daddy! Why are you touching me there?!"

"Well, I was just trying to be thorough, seeing if that place hurt any, since it's where your heart is, sweetie. And those hooligans could've done something to seriously injure you, if they punched you with enough force there. Does it hurt at all?"

"Oh... a-a little, I guess. Though I'm fine now daddy, just not sure why you would be touching me there..."

"Again, to be thorough, sweetie. Though now, I need to check out your privates, since you said they kicked you there as well." Xavier leaned down and noted a bit of bruising from the impact, but it looked no worse. Gathering his courage though, to see if there was any internal damage, he hesitantly but boldly gave his daughter's vagina a long lick.

Lily yowled and backed away in nervousness, against the bedpost. "DADDY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING NOW?!"

"Well, I was just trying to... oh, I can't hide it anymore! I love you, Lily, like I loved your mother! I know it's wrong, but I can't help it, you are exactly like her, and I never want to lose you and have you as my new wife, even if legally we can't be, cause of us being parent and child! That's why I never married anyone else, because I love you and no one else!" Xavier sobbed and held his daughter in a tight embrace, holding her close as he let out his deepest, darkest secret.

Lily, meanwhile, was sitting there dumbfound. *My own dad... loves me like THAT? Why didn't he say something before or why didn't I notice it sooner? Granted, I love him like a daughter should, but... do I really want to be with him like that? True, I've had problems finding a good boyfriend at school, but is that enough for me to be with him like that?*

Before she could ask him anything, she was pulled out of the embrace and forced into a deep, passionate kiss with her father, Xavier putting everything into it, to show his daughter how he felt about her. His heart started to beat faster as he moaned and licked along her mouth.

She couldn't help feeling that the kiss was nice and it did make her heart beat faster. After a minute, she slowly started to return the kiss, while she closed her eyes and let her father do most of the kissing. They sat there kissing for several seconds, before the need to breathe overtook them, and they broke it, a string of saliva connecting their mouths before it broke.

"Even if you don't love me like that, sweetie, I will ALWAYS love you and protect you, while I am here. You have my word," Xavier replied in response to the kiss, as he stroked her cheek gently.

She blushed and couldn't help but admit that was quite a romantic thing her father said. Suddenly, it clicked in her head. "That's sweet of you daddy, but... you don't have to worry about that. Cause I think I love you, too... in the way that mommy loved you. Since you've always been here for me, since she passed, and we've always had a real good relationship. So... I think I would be willing to try it."

Xavier thought he misheard what the Luxio said. "D-Did you seriously say what I think you just said?"

Lily giggled and put her head on her father's shoulder. "Yes daddy, I said I think I am willing to try to be your partner, and see if it definitely blossoms into something more."

"Oh sweetie, you have no idea how happy that makes me to hear that!" He threw his arms around her again and held her tightly, as he felt a stirring in his loins start to build, from their recent moments together. "Well sweetie, if we're going to try being mates, maybe that means we could try... mating?"

"You mean... now, daddy?"

"No, next week, Lily. Of course now!" Xavier laughed and licked his daughter on her nose. "As I do feel a bit of stirring inside my pants... how much do you know about sex, actually?"

"Well, I know that when a male and female get together, the male gets the female in the mood or vice-versa, and then he puts his... cock inside the female's opening, and thrusts back and forth in order to get his stuff inside her womb to get her pregnant. Something like that..."

"Yep, you pretty much got the basics of it down, though it's not always about pregnancy... sometimes, a man and woman will just do it because it feels good. But why don't I show you, rather than try to explain it?"

"A-Alright, daddy... I trust you."

Xavier nodded to his teenage daughter and unbuckled his pants, pulling them down to reveal his boxers and half-hardened member. Then, he pulled his pants down, revealing his eight-inch length member, covered in barbs like the typical felines have.

Lily blushed as she got her first look at her father's cock, which was the first she had ever seen in real life. She just had to ask her father one thing... "D-Daddy, may I... suck your lollipop?"

He smirked as he heard call his member a lollipop, due to him being dressed up like a doctor, which they both knew gave lollipops at the end of visits, if you were good. "Sure, go ahead... Lily. It's all yours!"

The Luxio nodded and gripped it in her paw tightly, before slowly inching forward and taking it into her maw, murring as she felt the barbs scrape against the inside of her mouth a bit, which turned her on. She started to feel a bit of dampness down her lower thigh, revealing that their sex talk and other stuff had turned her on as well.

Xavier moaned as he felt his daughter suck on his feline member for the first time, slowly bobbing her head back and forth. Her inexperience on the matter showed, but he knew he'd show her his past experience with her mother in the future, so he just decided to enjoy it as best he could.

Lily moaned and wagged her tail behind her, as she got a drop of something unfamiliar to her. It was her father's pre- only she didn't know it at the time- but it tasted good to her, so she kept sucking eagerly on it for more.

As she kept sucking, Xavier's member started to get longer in her maw. He moaned louder and wagged his tail as well, as he felt her suck harder. He closed his eyes and pushed down gently on her face, not wanting to choke her smaller mouth with his full length just yet. "Ohhhhhh, damn Lily... k-keep sucking your daddy's lollipop..."

Lily continued to feel herself get more wet, the more she sucked her father off. And the scent of her pheromones spread throughout the room, though she wasn't aware of it yet.

Xavier continued to relish in the feeling, as he felt some pleasure from her inconsistent sucking motions, until a powerful scent passed by his nose. He opened his eyes and realized it was the scent of his teenage daughter, getting turned on by what she was doing.

Lily continued to suck her father's member the best she could, happy that she was making him happy, as it sounded from his moans. Then, all of a sudden, her father pulled her hair backward gently, and guided her off of his cock, looking a bit disappointed. "Aw, why'd you stop, daddy? Didn't I do a good job?"

"No, you did okay, sweetie... it's just, I can smell you're in need, and I'd like to maybe try... licking you again? Giving you a thorough check-up, so I can make sure there's some sensitivity down there still?"

Lily wondered what her father meant, until she caught wind of her own feminine scent. She blushed and started to feel a bit weird about her father's request, but upon remembering what she had said recently, she nodded and lied back down on the bed. "Go ahead, daddy doc... check me for any problems to your heart's content!" Lily giggled and waited to see how he would go about it.

Xavier blushed and nodded, then leaned down over his daughter and prodded her entrance again with his tongue; though instead of a yowl like last time, Lily gave off a moan of pleasure. And he got his first taste of her juices, which tasted pretty much like his former wife's.

"Ohhhhh, doc! Don't tease me!" Lily moaned, as she waited to see what her father could really do, while more of her juices leaked from her feline slit. Then, she gripped the bedsheets tightly, and moaned louder, when she felt her father's rough tongue probe her insides finally and start licking along her walls.

Xavier grinned at having retained his skills from his days with Lily's mother, though was more focused on eating out his daughter and pleasing her in the right way. He continued licking along her vaginal walls, gathering more of her juices on his tongue and gulping them down eagerly, wanting more of her sweet nectar.

Lily yowled as she felt her father go even deeper in her, licking along her sensitive g-spot now, while his nose pressed against her nub of a clit, teasing it from his movements and adding to the sensation. It was a three-pronged attack, and it wasn't by chance either, Xavier knew what he was doing. "D-Daddddddddddy! A-Aaaaaaaaah!" She screamed out loud, not caring what the neighbors thought.

Xavier wanted to tell his daughter to pipe down, lest they get caught doing this, and one or both of them got in trouble, as it was frowned upon by society, like he said to Lily earlier. But he didn't care about that right now, he just wanted to get his daughter off, even though he hadn't gotten off himself; though he knew that it'd be easier for her to get off more than once, one right after the other. And with that goal in mind, he licked her harder and more eagerly.

With all this pleasure going on, it didn't take long for Lily to have her first climax. She growled a bit ferally, as she pushed her hands on her father's head, then gripped his tongue tightly, as a fresh torrent of her juices came gushing out of her womanhood and drenched the Luxray's tongue and face, a majority of it being gulped down eagerly.

A minute later, Lily let go of her father's tongue and he pulled back, wiping his face clean of her juices he didn't gulp down with his paw. "Mmm, that was delicious, Lily. But now, I think it's time we move on to the physical examination, don't you?" He pointed down towards his crotch and grinned at his daughter.

Lily blushed at her father's remark, not sure what to do. The lustful part of her mind was saying to do it and the rational half was saying not to do it, cause they were related. In the end, lust won over reason. "Uhhhhh... I-I guess so, daddy... just be gentle, it's my first time and I'm maybe still a little sore from what those guys did to me earlier today..."

"Of course, sweetie. I wouldn't dream of ever not being gentle with you, at least until you grow into what your mother liked me to do, once she was older!" He giggled and positioned himself at her entrance, then leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, as he started to push forward.

Lily felt a fullness she had never felt before, once her father entered her. To her, it felt right, like it was the other half of who she is. So she gripped her father's cock tightly, while he continued to push in deeper on her.

Xavier continued pushing in, before he felt a barrier and stopped for a second, before giving a quick jab and tearing his daughter's hymen, marking her as a virgin no more. She yowled in pain when he did that, but he kissed her harder, to try to take her mind off of the immense pain she must have been feeling.

Though she knew that it would hurt on a female's first time, Lily's knowledge of that fact didn't prepare her for how damn much it hurt (to her, anyways). A bit of blood leaked from her cunt, and around his member. Though her father continued to push on, trying to get to the good part.

Eventually, Xavier hilted inside his daughter's womanhood with his boyhood, resting there a minute as he fondled her chest a bit gently, squeezing her nipples gently. "Alright, just hang on a minute sweetie, and then we'll start again."

Lily nodded back, "A-Alright, dad." She just waited and squeezed his cock tighter, waiting for some of the pain to go away from having her virginity torn asunder.

Xavier murred as he felt his "patient" squeeze his member harder with her cunt, but after receiving confirmation from her, he started to pull out slowly, until he was almost out and thrusting at a slow and gentle pace, for the time being.

Lily moaned again, as she felt some pain still from feeling like she was being stabbed inside her, but also a bit of pleasure. While she continued squeezing her father's cock tighter, in hopes of getting some of the cum that created her, inside of her.

Xavier moaned again, as he felt immense pleasure, from his first mating in years. He continued pounding his daughter's cunt, knowing that he was making her feel as good, as she was making him feel.

Lily moaned as she felt the last of the pain fade away and nothing but pleasure now. She started to feel immense pleasure from the barbs scraping along her walls. And she continued to squeeze around her father's cock tightly, knowing that it wanted what she wanted: her father's seed planted deep inside her womb.

Xavier slowly picked up the pace on his daughter's cunt. He knew he wouldn't last much longer, especially with a virgin pussy like his daughter's, and his inexperience from having not had any tail in years. "L-Lily, I'm almost there!"

Lily likewise, was approaching her climax rapidly as well, from feeling the pleasure of her first real mating. She moaned as well, knowing her father was close. "M-Me too, dad!"

And a few seconds later, they both reached their climaxes simultaneously, almost like they were in sync. Lily soaked her father's member and crotch with her juices, while Xavier shot his seed deep inside her womanhood.

They panted as they finally came down from their collective highs about a minute later, and just lie there in Lily's bed, embracing one another. She kissed her father on the head, "T-Thank you, daddy... I love you, I can say that with certainty now..."

Xavier blushed and kissed his daughter back, though on the cheek. "You're welcome, sweetie, and I love you too... now and forever."

Feeling too tired to do much else, they pulled the covers over themselves and went to bed happier than they've ever been, knowing that they've created a bond that runs that deeper than most families have. And that night was the first of many in their lives, changing their lives as long as they roamed the Earth. Though with everything good in lives, there also are unexpected consequences.

The End?

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<p>Update 1/4/2023: Okay, did move end notes part into a chapter notes section after a decade since the site came back up and fixed an overlooked quotation on one paragraph before the roleplay section started, and I planned to fix several paragraphs with a bit more detail and clarity instead of he/she, but due to the fact that I was editing this on a phone instead of a computer (due to a lack of working one) and I had a load of issues with cursor repeatedly moving while typing, plus current state where I haven't ultimately slept much lately and this was a spur-of-the moment thing, kind of leaving it as-is for now. And I kind of don't want to edit this from the quality it was at when I wrote/submitted this, despite not looking at this for years until today and even knowing it was one of my better efforts maybe, but it still pales in comparison to what it COULD have been. And also for clarity at the end, not sure what I meant after 12 years since I wrote this, but probably meant them getting cau</p>

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Sep 21 2013 Chapter:A Father's Love (contest entry)
    This was nice and cute--after the painful opening anyways...
    Author's Response:
    Well, not sure if you mean the fight that took place or the lack of details behind what happened before the story began (that led up to the fight or how anthros came to be), but I had written this in a rush job to meet the deadline for the contest this took place. So I didn't exactly have time to come up with something better (even if I didn't need to, at least for the anthros' existence), since I don't generally plan my stories ahead of time; even if I SHOULD, so it's not half-assed sometimes even if those kinds that are written on a whim are sometimes the best ones, as they feel natural and not forced somewhat. My original vision of this idea was with ferals and would've had a lot more depth (and length) but I figured with the contest, I might use it to enter, even if it wasn't likely I would win. And I did maybe get talked into it by someone I was with at the time, when I expressed interest in entering. Ah well, hope you'll read more when I possibly submit more to this site again someday. Not now though, as I'm on hiatus as of responding to this (1/12/2014). Thanks for reading and reviewing!