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Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 1 Past Present and Future

The story begins on a nice fall afternoon in the forests east of Lacunosa town. Various wild pokemon where out searching for food or companionship and living out there lives. But in a flower filled clearing a couple miles into the forest a lone Riolu was sitting upon a rock waiting for someone or something to come along. He was an average looking Riolu accept for a belt he was wearing that had a canteen and various clips to hold other items he might need. He also seemed a bit scrawny for what a Riolu should look like.
As he sat on the rock his mind began to wander thinking about how he came to have such a great life. He was born around two and a half years ago into a clan of warriors known as the Nosa Clan. He was given the name Luke at birth and was predicted to become a legendary warrior by the clan soothsayers. They where wrong. Luke, since he was old enough to read the clans archives has been affiliated with gaining knowledge over learning the way of the warrior. The clan realized he would never become a warrior when he failed miserably at the trial to become a warrior when all you must do is hunt and kill anything able to defend itself. He successfully tracked down a Purrloin but when he engaged it he only was able to hit it once before it ripped at him with its claws leaving him un-conscious in the fields a mile away from his village. After recovering he made a request to join the few scholars the clan had. Luke got what he wished for and was given a position as one of the clan scholars tasked to try and research how various items may enhance a warriors abilities in battle.
It was during his research that he requested to be escorted to a near by mine to get samples of a mysterious ore known as eviolite. Another young Riolu was tasked with the relatively simple task of escorting Luke to the abandoned mine as part of her training. It was a young female by the name of Enyo. She was a prodigy among the clans apprentice warriors that showed great potential even though she wasn't exceptionally strong yet. While in the mine they did meet opposition but mostly being rock types they where defeated quickly. When they made it to the back of the cave where the eviolite was found they met a fierce Reuniclus. It was only thanks to Luke's knowledge of pokemon where they able to make it out alive with the ore. After that situation Enyo decided it was in her best interest to stick with Luke and learn a bit about potential enemies. After about six months they fell in love and decided to become mates. The ritual required to join them as mates for eternity can only be done during a full moon which would just be in a couple days from now.
By now Luke was lying on his back in grass smiling over how he will have a mate in just a couple days. Luke's mind began to drift back to reality as he thought of how long he had been waiting by the rock. Enyo had told him to come to the clearing alone so she could show him something. The sun was a bit past the noon marker so Luke thought it to be about 2:00 PM. While he was trying to determine how long it had been he heard someone calling out to him.
Luke stood up and turned around to see Enyo running towards him with a happy aura coming off her. She was a normal looking Riolu accept she had a belt similar to Luke's but covered in a metallic substance with a canteen on her right side and a sheathed dagger on her left.
"What kept you? I've been waiting for thirty minutes and I got here late." Luke asked a bit annoyed.
"Sorry. The clan called on me to ask if I could go on a mission and I couldn't just ignore them so I had to go to the alpha to tell them why I couldn't go."
"Okay. So what exactly do you want to show me so far away from the village?"
"Hehe, that's a secret until we get there, now come on!"
Enyo started running slowly towards the far end of the clearing towards the trees.
"Hey, wait for me!"
After catching up to Enyo and running for about ten minutes Luke started to think about where they where. He thought back to the maps he had read and remembered that this section of the forest was forbidden to enter by anyone accept some of the most elite warriors.
"Enyo isn't this place forbidden to enter by pokemon like us?" Luke asked is a cautious tone.
"Ya, but you got me with you. No way anything's going to hurt us."
"We almost too where ever we are going?"
"Two or three more minutes and we will be there. I'm sure you are going to love it."
Luke started to get a strange feeling like something bad is going to happen but dismissed it as being cowardly. After two more minutes Enyo started to slow down to a walk followed by Luke. She stopped in front of an overhanging tree and started to push away some of the branched revealing an extraordinary lake area. It had a small waterfall feeding into it along with vines from some of the trees hanging just above the surface of the water near the edges. Swimming in the lake where a multitude of pokemon that Luke had read about that are only supposed to live in far off regions such as Kanto and Johto. A few he had happened to remember where Poliwhirl, Horsea, Corsola and Totadile. With an awestruck face he stepped forward and looked closely at the water and noticed some pokemon he had never seen or heard about before at the bottom like one that was shaped like a star with a gem in its center and a turtle like pokemon that he identified as not a squirtle. The entire lake had a very dim mysterious glow to it that he had never seen before.
"So Luke how do you like it?" Enyo asked with a smile on her face.
"This entire place is just amazing. I didn't think anything this beautiful could exist so close to home." Luke commented. "Accept for you that is." He added.
Enyo started to blush but couldn't be seen because of her fur.
"But I do get this feeling from the area of a strange presence that all I can sense from is malice." Luke added.
"I sensed that too the first time I came here but I'm sure it's just a nearby dark type pokemon. What I really want to show you is the waters from this lake. I think it has been blessed by someone or something."
Luke started to think what it could be when Enyo drew her dagger out from the sheath. She held the blade in her right paw then drew a small wound on her left paw enough to draw blood.
"What are you doing?" Luke asked in a confused tone.
"Just watch."
Enyo then started to walk over to the lake and submerged her injured paw in the water. She took it out and the wound on her paw started to slowly vanish until you couldn't even tell she had been hurt in the first place. Luke just stood there baffled at what just happened.
"Pretty cool isn't it? I discovered this place yesterday after a mission and decided to dress some fresh wounds I got from a nasty bug pokemon and was shocked when I saw they where all gone shortly after."
"If anyone found out you came to a place like this it would be very bad."
"I have complete trust in you that you will not tell another soul." Enyo said cheerfully.
Luke paused for a moment as he began to gather his thoughts.
"I was hoping that we could talk about the future." Luke said.
"Sure, that's something I wanted to do while we where here anyway." Enyo said while putting her blade back in its sheath.
Over the next hour Luke and Enyo sat on the shore line and talked about seemingly random things like about where to live and if they should leave the clan and travel. Eventually they began talking about becoming mates soon.
"Our joining will be the happiest day in my life and I have no question it will be enough to make us evolve into Lucario finally." Enyo exclaimed
"The thought of evolution never went through my mind. I have only been thinking of spending the rest of my life with you."
At this their eyes met and gazed longingly at each other before they started to lean towards each other. Luke could hear his heart pounding from the moment but still had an eerie feeling that something bad was about to happen. Their lips met and they kissed passionately for several minutes. Their tongue mingled together in an intense feeling of love. All of the cares they felt a moment ago where washed away in uninterrupted bliss. After what felt like hours of joy they parted. When Luke opened his eyes he noticed something strange coming from far off in the forest. Since the distance was so great all he could make out was a large moving black line far away.
"That was lovely." Enyo said.
Enyo then noticed that Luke's sight was fixated on something behind her with a nervous look about him. She turned around to see what could be so important as to interrupt them from continuing. When she finally was able to see the line of black she instantly knew what it was.
"That's the emergency signal for all warriors to return immediately! Damn it." Enyo said with disdain.
"It must be a very dire situation if they where to call every warrior back home I think we should go. We can finish later." Luke commented.
"Empty your canteen and fill it with this weird water then let's go." Enyo said before filling her canteen and sprinting off.
Luke did as he was told and filled his canteen with the strange healing water then stopped to admire the scenery before leaving. He noticed on the other side of the lake a pair of glowing red eyes peering out at him from inside of a bush. Luke could sense that it was a very violent scornful being. The feeling terrified him so he quickly turned to where Enyo had run off to try and catch her. While he was running he could hear a whisper in the back of his mind.
"Run to meet your destiny."
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