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Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 2 Dark Warrior

He had fallen quite far behind from Enyo and would take a few minutes to catch up if she slowed down which was likely. It gave Luke a minute to ponder over all the things that had happened. He finally had something new to research after his completion of how eviolite works and was glad he could study something that would help save lives and not end them. Though he did feel uncertain as to disclose the information he had found since it was strictly forbidden to come to this section of the forest. He also started to think of the strange pokemon he had seen while there and decided to at least catalog them next time he's there. But the one thing he could not stop thinking about was the strange presence he felt there. Its mystery was scratching at the back of his mind making him quiver at the thought of meeting it face to face. Eventually after a few minutes Luke caught up to Enyo who slowed down considerably to let Luke catch up.
"Your pretty slow for a Riolu you know that." Enyo kidded.
"Hey! I'm fast enough." Luke commented while starting to sprint as fast as he could.
Enyo sighed at his childish response and easily caught up to him. Luke was already panting hard and looked as if he was about to keel over.
"Slow down it isn't a race. You do realize we are likely walking into a battle you know?
After she mentioned battle Luke started to get an uneasy look about him and started to slow down. He didn't think it would be that serious. Luke never thought he would see a battle let alone participate in one.
"You really think it's a battle?" Luke nervously asked.
"That's the only reason they would every light off an emergency signal." Enyo said while starting to get a little nervous herself.
The rest off the way back to the clearing was filled with the silent readying of battle for the two. Luke looked up at the sky to see if was getting late and the sun had started to diminish over the horizon coloring the sky an ominous red. He gradually became more and more scared at the situation to the point where the only thing keeping him from running off in the opposite direction was Enyo. He tried to remember some of the training he received to become a warrior but only remembered how to do force palm which he was never that good at doing to begin with.
Enyo didn't show it but she was almost as scared as Luke was. She was a few days away from having a family of her own and it could all be destroyed in the blink of an eye. She also realized that the warriors of the clan where trained to act solo or in units of two or three for surprise attacks and would be almost useless in a battle field conflict. The more she thought about it the worse her fears became.
Luke then noticed that Enyo had stopped right outside the clearing hiding behind the bushes watching something. When he made it over he silently looked into the clearing to see three figures covered completely in hooded brown cloaks walking away from the village. Each of them where carrying over there shoulders a large burlap sack each completely filled. The cloaks they where wearing made it impossible to see any part of their body including their faces. Following them where what Luke remembered as Pawniards. There where five of them and each covered in large amounts of blood mostly on the blades they had for hands.
"Those are Pawniards, they are dark steel types which will give us a massive advantage if we stick with fighting type moves." Luke said in a quivering voice.
Enyo then removed her dagger from its sheath and handed it to Luke.
"You will need this a lot more then me"
Luke took the dagger while now visibly trembling.
"How are we going to attack this group?" Luke asked trying to sound calm.
"If you know force palm get two ready and at my signal try to as silently as possible run up and take out as many as possible before they know it then use that dagger to execute the fallen enemies while I take out the cloaked figures." Enyo instructed.
When Luke heard Enyo's plan he dropped the dagger in fear. One of the main reasons he failed at the trial to become a warrior was that he didn't have it in himself to harm his prey. But he knew he would have to if they where to survive this.
"Are you okay?" Enyo asked
Luke paused for a moment as he thought of what was about to happen. "Why don't we just run away? If they managed to attack the village and still have survivors they must be really strong..." Luke said weakly as he picked up the dagger still trembling.
"They must have had a small army with them. These must be all that's left and I'm sure they will be too weak to put up a good fight. If you want to stay behind I can kill them on my own easily."
"No... I'll go."
"Ok then get ready and stay silent until the fight begins."
Both of them got two force palms ready and patiently waited for their enemies to pass by so they could attack from behind. When they where only ten feet away Luke felt as though his heart had skipped a beat. Twenty seconds after they had walked by Enyo left the bushed and sprinted towards them without making a sound followed by Luke. Luke could tell she was acting very hesitant with her movements. Enyo jumped to get extra damage at two Pawniards on the right of their group. Right before impact, time felt as though it had stopped for Luke as he looked on in terror at the battle that was about to happen that could kill one or both of them, he silently prayed that it would be him if one where to die. A loud bang filled the air as Enyo made contact with two of the Pawniards instantly knocking them out but the rest of them reacted to the situation so quickly that Luke was only three inches away from hitting his two targets when he felt a brutal kick hit him right in the stomach sending him back five feet. He quickly recovered and held the dagger in a defensive position in front of him before noticing the enemy was not there anymore and felt another strong kick on the side of his head. He fell down and was stunned from the force of the hit to his head and could only watch as his lover became surrounded by the three Pawniards and the cloaked figures just watched.
Enyo stood there noticing Luke had gone down but noticed he was still breathing. She then looked at the two enemies to her front and sensed the one behind her. They all stood there motionless just watching her with dead eyes.
"Attack!" One of the cloaked figures commanded.
Without hesitation one of the enemies from in front and behind her sprinted towards her with their blades raised. Enyo raised her hands and charged two more force palms and sprinted towards the front enemy dodging the blade and trying to hit it in the heart but it blocked it with his forearm. The force pushed the enemy back a couple feet then Enyo sensed the enemy from behind about to stab her so she did a back flip over the enemy and tried to hit it with her other force palm but it dodged then turned around quickly with blades extended cutting a deep gash across her torso making her stagger back a bit. Both enemies where now in front of her ready to
charge again when she tried to sense to find the third one when she realized to late it was doing faint attack and tried to dodge making the attack hit off target cutting her left arm. She quickly turned around with another force palm and was able to hit it directly in the enemies chest but her injuries maybe her lose focus and it didn't do as much damage as it should but it helped in allowing her to distance herself from the enemy to get a better view of the situation. After she had run about 10 yards she looked back to see the three enemies standing there without even trying to catch her. She looked down at her body and noticed she was bleeding badly and without first aid wouldn't be able to fight much longer. For the first time in the fight the three cloaked figures moved. They turned to face Enyo and each simultaneously said.
"End it."
The blades on the three enemies all started to turn dark and overflow with dark energy as they each used night slash. At that very instant each of them used faint attack disappearing into thin air. Enyo then started to try and sense their aura but was shocked to find she couldn't sense them anymore. In a panic she started to run away but soon after she started to feel the blades of the enemy repeatedly cut into her and she tried to fend of the invisible foes by flailing about in a panic. They cut deeper and deeper until Enyo couldn't take it anymore and her body fell to the ground bleeding badly.
"What a fool." One of the cloaked figures said harshly.
Luke looked on in horror as his lover fell to the ground covered in her own blood. The Pawniards soon reappeared in a circle around Enyo's bleeding body and each one raised one blade above their head. They each glanced towards their masters for instruction. The three figures paused for a moment before silently nodding. Luke could only watch in despair and horror as each of them in a synchronized movement plunged their blades into Enyo's body.
"Gah!" She cried out.
The absolute shock of seeing the warrior he loved and thought to be invincible defeated brought feeling back to his limbs as he listened to his instincts and ran as fast as possible away. One of the cloaked figures pointed towards two of the Pawniards instructing them to follow and kill Luke. Without hesitation the two started sprinting towards Luke with a fierce look in their eyes.
As Luke ran he thought of what just happened trying to make sense of it all. His love was just beat nearly to death and then mortally wounded right in front of his eyes while he could do nothing to stop them. He started to feel a stream of tears run past his face as the wind from his run pushed them off. He was certain there was no escaping death at this point. He could feel two of the Pawniards running after him gaining on him slowly. He started to try and think of where he was going since he had run off in a random direction and quickly recognized this as the way to the strange lake. It then crossed his mind that maybe he could use the healing properties of the water to his advantage and maybe make it back in time to Enyo to heal her as well.
After eight minutes the enemies where only ten yards behind and where still getting closer. Luke started to doubt he would be able to reach the lake before they reached him but before he could finish the thought he could see some of the strange plants that surrounded the lake. When he got through them and started to analyze his surrounding he quickly found he was on top of the water fall. Luke cursed his luck when he remembered that the water didn't come from the top of the waterfall but fell from a small opening a few feet below. The waterfall also stuck out from the rest of the short cliff side making it so he could not go around and get down. Luke stopped in his tracks five yards away from the edge when he realized he was trapped and turned around to what was likely his finale stand.
Luke noticed that the two Pawniards had also stopped twenty yards in front of him and he noticed both of them had malicious smiles on them.
"He's so weak. You can kill him. You need the experience more then I do." One of the Pawniards said.
"With pleasure." The other responded.
With this the Pawniard stepped forward and took an offensive stance ready to attack. With a sheer look of terror Luke took his blade and held it in a defensive position. He knew he was about to die but hoped he could at least hurt it a little before that. Without warning the Pawniard charged forward and deflected away Luke's dagger before cutting him lightly across the arm and then jumping back. The enemy charged again this time having his blade parried before trying to go for a kidney but being deflected again but this time by the small metal plate all Riolu have on the back of their paws.
"Stop messing around I know you can easily kill this brat without trying!" The other Pawniard Scowled.
"I was just having a bit of fun! But fine I guess I can hurry it up."
If what the Pawniard said was true then even with the healing waters Luke wouldn't have stood a chance in the first place. The Pawniard then twice as fast as before ran at Luke unleashing a barrage of fierce cutting and stabbing attacks. Because of his lack of skill Luke was only able to parry the stabbing attacks and some of the cutting attacks the Pawniard did while taking having damage from multiple deep cuts and gouges. After each cut Luke staggered back a bit closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. When he was only about a foot away from the edge the Pawniards attacks ceased. The enemy then quickly kicked at Luke's feet making him attempt to dodge then swung at him in a cutting motion which Luke clumsily parried but quickly after the Pawniard saw an opening in his defense and went for a stab piercing him in the abdomen. In that instance everything started to get cold for Luke as he started to back away but then felt a savage kick sending him sailing over the edge making him hit the water with a strong crash.
"I guess the master was wrong, it wasn't here after all." The stronger Pawniard remarked before running back to the clearing.
Luke was slowly sinking as his blood tainted the water around him. He thought for a second that since the impact was not enough to kill him and the Pawniards likely thought he was dead that the water would be able to heal him and he would be able to make a escape soon after. This thought was soon pushed out of his head as he noticed his multiple wounds where not being healed but accept burned with horrible pain from the contact with the water. Luke tried to swim to the surface but his limbs refused to move no matter how hard he tried. Luke realized he was out of options and continued to slowly sink to the bottom of the lake. He felt his heart start to slow down and felt the cold embrace of death when he suddenly felt a pulse go out through the water followed by the same mysterious voice and presence call out to him again in the back of his mind.
"Are you just going to role over and die here?"
"...There is nothing I can do now..."
"Are you just going to let those dark beings get away? The ones who killed your love and destroyed all you hold dear?"
"...I don't stand a chance against their weakest..."
"Would you be willing to surrender your body to me for the power to fight back?"
'What does he mean by that?' Luke thought to himself.
"You will be in control. I will only... assist."
"...Lend me your strength..."
"Good. Now prepare yourself!"
Luke was barely conscious at this point but could feel the dark presence start to shift and move toward him. When the presence got to him the larger wounds on his body began to sear with incomprehensible pain as the dark presence made its way inside Luke's body healing all the wounds it entered from including the mortal ones. Luke then started to feel the dark presence inside course through out him warping his feeling and emotions. The presence started to break away each emotion and feeling from his body excluding hatred, anger, evil, cruelty and fury. Luke started to feel his power return to him ten fold as he overflowed with energy greater then he had ever seen before. With newfound strength and the determination to completely destroy the Pawniards Luke swam back to the surface of the water. He surfaced and quickly made his way to shore then began to sense where those Pawniards went. After locating them running back to the clearing he retrieved Enyo's dagger then sprinted after them at a speed far exceeding their own. When Luke got close enough to his targets they realized it and turned around in anticipation. When Luke got close enough the Pawniards noticed that he had some strange noticeable physical changes along with a massive boost in power obvious from the speed he was running at. They noticed that Luke's fur had become a slightly darker shade and his iris's had changed from a rich crimson to a deep shade of purple. He had the look of someone willing to do anything to destroy whatever got in his way making the weaker of the Pawniards cringe.
"Looks like you failed to finish the job. Kill him or I kill you!" The stronger Pawniard threatened.
"Yes, sir!"
When Luke got within twenty feet of his target he vanished without a trace.
"That's extreme speed!" The stronger Pawniard yelled but was too late for Luke almost instantly appeared in from of the enemy hitting him with a devastating kick to the chest sending him flying back fifty feet before smashing into a tree. Luke disappeared again then reappeared in front of the stunned and scared Pawniard as soon as his feet touched the ground unleashing a barrage of lightning fast destructive punches pinning the Pawniard to the tree. With each punch a sickening crack filled the air that Luke couldn't tell which ones where ribs shattering and which where small breaks in the tree behind his target. After about twenty punches in the time frame of five seconds Luke launched another kick to the center of the Pawniard having enough force to break the tree behind it causing it to fall down on the already dead Pawniard with a large crash. The other Pawniard with a look of disbelief on his face quietly used faint attack to get away to report what had happened to the cloaked figures. Without thinking Luke immediately started to sprint towards Enyo to try and save her. As he ran he felt the presence go dormant in his body making him feel heavily fatigued and the pain of battle start to come back.
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