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Story Notes:

This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chronicles of Time 1

Blistering cold snow and harsh gale winds blew across Lukes face as he slowly made his way through the snow filled forest alone. He was garbed in his grey cloak with his paw on his dagger ready to defend himself if needed. He couldn't remember where he was or how far he had traveled but he could remember clearly why he was there. Luke was sent to capture both Te'Kot and Lusum alive.
As he walked Luke could only hear the sound of the trees rustling and the snow under his feet crunch with each step. It was too quiet and even though he sensed no Aura around him he knew that he was being watched by someone or something. Being as subtle as possible Luke scanned the area in front of him to try and find anything at all but still found nothing.
Hours seemed to drag on as Luke slowly froze from the icy weather with no luck at finding even the most miniscule signs of life.
'Is this even the right forest?' Luke thought to himself as he started to lose hope.
'I knew I shouldn't have taken that witches job...'
Night fell but Luke continued to walk forward determined to find the two pokemon in the vast forest of death and snow. It wasn't until midnight that Luke found anything. From the distance he saw what seemed to be smoke slowly making its way up the trees and quickly blend into the clouds. Luke cautiously made his way to where the smoke was coming from to find a small snow covered hut. It seemed like it could only hold about two pokemon but Luke wasn't sure if his targets where in there or not. Luke quickly scanned the small hut and noticed that instead of a door there was a thick piece of fabric covering the entrance. He watched closely and when he felt a strong breeze pick up he could see the silhouettes of the two pokemon inside as the fabric moved.
'A humanoid like pokemon and a quadruped... ya, that's them."
Luke found his targets but knew he would have to wait until the morning if he wanted a good opportunity to ambush them so he quickly made a cover of leaves behind a small raise of dirt to hide himself and fell asleep. Morning seemed to come almost instantly as Luke sat up seeing the sun peek over the horizon. He checked the hut and saw a fire had been reignited showing the two pokemon had already woken up. Luke sat there for a moment waiting for a breeze to once again reveal if they were still there. Almost as if on cue a breeze swept across the forest blowing away the fabric to once again show the two silhouettes sitting in what seemed to be the exact same place.
Luke sat there for hours waiting for the two pokemon to leave the shelter and hopefully split up so he could easily ambush them. He continued to sit there as freezing wind constantly chewed away at his skin even with his fur and cloak on. He ignored the pain as he suffered with the far worse feeling of complete boredom. To try and combat this boredom he began to think of battle strategies to use. After a few minutes he had a strategy and was ready to move out at any time.
'Okay... I will use my dagger to parry Te'Kots left hand and use the metal plate on my left to block his right... I will keep an eye out for Lusum, or better yet I can use my ability to sense...' Luke froze as he realized the terrible error he made. He quickly threw his cloak to the ground and made a break for the hut running as fast as he could.
'Damn, damn, damn, damn, DAMN! How could I not notice?!'
Luke quickly pushed away the fabric to realize what he feared.
"No aura..." Luke whispered to himself as he saw a couple of stuffed dummies sitting on the ground where Te'Kot and Lusum where last night.
Luke began to hear a pair of laughing voices behind him and quickly turned to see his foes laughing at his stupidity. On the left he saw Lusum, the Leafeon and on the right was Te'Kot the Weavile. Te'Kot caught Lukes eye as he saw the Weavile covered in battle scars but the one that stood out the most was a deep scar that started from the upper left of his head and ended above his right foot. Luke could only feel sheer terror as he looked at the two pokemon.
"So that bitch Era sent another mercenary to get me? The least she could do is send someone worthy to fight me and not cowardly pups..." Te'Kot insulted.
Lukes paw was trembling but he quickly drew his dagger and held it out ready to defend.
Te'Kot smirked as he sensed Lukes fear. "Maybe I should fight with one hand behind my back! Or maybe with my eyes closed to, but then it would be a fair fight!" He chuckled seeing Lukes expression not change.
"Remember... Era didn't seem much but look what she did to you..." Lusum said quietly as his eyes ran over the massive scar on Te'Kots body.
Te'Kot glared at Lusum for a moment. "Fine... only one hand behind my back."
For Luke it didn't matter. If those massive claws hit him it could rip him inside out.
Te'Kot put one hand behind his back like he said. "HERE I COME!" He cried before running towards Luke with his left claw ready to attack.
Luke held up his dagger ready to defend but quickly noticed how slowly Te'Kot was running.
'Is this all the great Te'Kot has?' Luke thought to himself.
Luke readied himself to attack but as soon as he took one step forward Te'Kot vanished. He had but a moment to think before he felt an excruciating pain in his stomach that quickly moved up to his torso. Luke slowly looked down and was horrified at what he saw. Protruding from his chest was Te'Kots blood covered claws and under them was what remained of his mutilated torso.
"See I could have killed him with my eyes closed and with NO hands!" Te'Kot called over to Lusum as he threw Luke to the ground and started to walk towards the Leafeon.
"Well... it's better to be safe then die..."Lusum responded surprised at how easy that seemed.
"Whatever!" Te'Kot exclaimed before walking into the hut with Lusum.
Luke was curled up on the ground in the fetal position as what remained of his blood continued to pour out leaving a few yards of snow around him a deep crimson.
'Damn that witch... damn this job... DAMN YOU TE'KOT!' Luke thought to himself as the cold around him started to fade and his vision began to turn to black.
'If I live through this I swear I will kill you, Lusum, your mate and ANYONE THAT TRIES TO STOP ME!'
Luke closed his eyes as he felt his life begin to fade. For a moment there was nothing. Suddenly Luke heard a loud metallic bang. Followed by another and another. Luke opened his eyes to find himself in his container back in Opelucid City.
"Luke are you okay!?" Koha called into the container.
Luke quickly sat up with his nerves still on edge. He felt his chest and felt no wound but could still feel a dull faint pain.
"...Oh, ya I'm fine... thanks..."
"Eifi wants to leave soon so be quick; she is not in a good mood."
Luke could hear Koha walk away but continued to sit there. 'Was that a dream?'
Chapter End Notes:Just because it isent a chapter dosent make it unimportant
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