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This is my first story for agnph. I hope to make it fairly long and I also hope to finish it. I am not sure how well I do so if anyone actually reads this please comment on anything I should change. The story takes place in Unova and has a fair amount of 5th gen Pokemon so I suggest you keep a website open about those kinds of things if you arent familiar.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 14 The Sadist

After a few minutes Luke had nearly fell asleep when he began to hear light footsteps going by his door. He ignored them to try and get some sleep but the footsteps suddenly stopped right outside the room. Luke began to feel a little curious about why they had stopped there but decided it was none of his business but then he began to hear the door slowly open. He looked over and saw no one was there so he got up and headed towards the door to see if whoever had opened it walked away but after a few steps an arm reached around him sealing his mouth as he felt a blade touch his throat. Luke froze up feeling the sharp blade draw a small amount of blood even though it was barely touching him.
"If you don't do exactly as I say without question I will kill you and your little girlfriend. Now I'm going to let you go but be warned that I am much stronger then I appear and trying to take me down would be a grave miscalculation even with your darkness." The assailant whispered into Luke's ear before slowly removing its hand and blade. Luke quickly took a few steps forward and turned around to see a Kirlia standing before him. It appeared female but Luke wasn't sure since they all looked feminine to him. Oddly, this one didn't have the two horns on her head like all Kirlia do. After a quick look Luke noticed the Kirlia wasn't holding any weapon at all.
"What do you want!?" Luke asked feeling nervous about what she had said before.
"You are coming with me! If you try to resist I will destroy what little you have left in your life!" The Kirlia coldly said.
Luke could see the coldness in her eyes and knew she wasn't kidding.
"What do you want with me?"
"Against my own wishes I was told to come here and rescue you when it would have been so much easier to just cut out your heart and bring that back."
Luke cringed when he heard how casually the Kirlia was talking about mutilating him. "W-what do I need rescuing from?" Luke stuttered.
"You foolish child. You actually believed what Zalybs told you, didn't you?"
"You... are one of the ones he spoke of aren't you?"
"Yes I am, now stop with the questions it's time to go!"
Luke feel the anger begin to well up inside him as he slowly reached for the dagger at his side. "What your group does is unforgivable!"
"You damn emotional fool!" The Kirlia growled before her eyes began to glow and she extended her arm towards Koha clenching her fist making Koha wake up immediately, crying out in pain. Koha slowly started to hover towards the Kirlia squirming and gasping for air.
"Wait! Please stop! I'll go with you just please don't hurt her." Luke begged.
The Kirlia slowly walked towards Luke with Koha following her still gasping for air. She released her fist making Koha fall to ground barely conscious before the three of them disappeared in a flash of light. They quickly reappeared in a field near a road, though they were not exactly sure where. Luke felt disoriented and a little queasy never being teleported before but it quickly wore off and he ran to where Koha was lying to see how she was doing.
When Koha saw Luke looking down at her she slowly looked around before talking. "What... just happened? Where am I and where was I?" Koha asked before slowly sitting up.
Luke helped Koha sit up before answering. "We were kidnapped twice and I am not sure where we have been."
"My head is pounding." Koha said before beginning to stand up weakly. "Oh great, and my backpack is gone too."
"Be careful, you still have one and a half hours of sleeping agent inside you and I'm sure Iya will bring you your backpack."
"I'll be fine, I have built an immunity to stuff like that." Koha said before spotting the Kirlia. "And who are you?"
"I am Ken, now hurry up! We have a long trip ahead of us!" Ken said before turning around and walking away.
"Luke, is that scrawny looking pokemon the one that kidnapped us?" Koha asked as they both got up and began to follow Ken from a distance.
"Ya, but even though she looks weak I don't think she is to be messed with."
They continued walking for a few moments before they noticed that Ken had stopped moving. Both of her hands where clenched up shaking in rage as she just stood there. Luke took a few steps forward to see what was wrong. "Is something the-" Ken quickly turned around and punched Luke hard enough in the face so that he was sent flying back knocking down Koha. "I'M A GUY YOU FUCKING MORON!" Ken yelled at Luke.
"You didn't have to overreact like that!" Koha exclaimed before pushing Luke off her.
"...I think my nose is broken." Luke moaned before getting up.
"I'm going to say this one time so you better listen carefully. If you mention that I look like a girl one more time I will gut you." Ken said in a much more relaxed tone before turning around and continuing to walk.
"Let me see your nose." Koha asked but just started to examine it before Luke could say anything. "It's bleeding horribly but it's not broken somehow."
"Amnis and Eifi better save us soon before we get killed..."
Ken led Luke and Koha south from where ever they were in agonizing silence for two hours before he showed any signs of slowing down. The entire time he was walking very fast making even Luke and Koha start to tire out.
"Looks like you're would be rescuers have finally showed up." Ken mocked as he stopped walking. Ten yards in front of Ken there was a quick flash of light where Amnis, Eifi and Iya suddenly appeared. Iya had Koha's backpack and set it down after they had appeared. Eifi looked fatigued and was panting heavily most likely from having teleport two others.
"Can someone fill me in on what has been happening today?" Eifi asked in a strained tone.
"I have no idea." Luke answered.
Eifi quickly noticed that Luke's face was covered in blood. "What happened to you?"
Luke simply pointed towards Ken who seemed to be getting irritated. "Espeon, Vaporeon and Simipour, leave now!" Ken commanded.
"Who is the Kirlia?" Eifi asked amused that it would try to command her.
"He is the one who kidnapped Koha and I. Don't underestimate him!" Luke responded.
"I have had enough of these interruptions!" Ken growled before his eyes began to glow and he extended his arm forward and clenching his fist shut.
Eifi looked at him for a moment before chuckling. "You are so weak I can't even feel a thing."
"Who said I was aiming for you."
Eifi quickly looked beside her and noticed Amnis standing completely still with a pained expression on his face. Eifi quickly looked back at Ken with her eyes glowing to try and stop his attack. Amnis could feel the crushing force around his body dissipate and gasped for breath.
"I'll stop his attacks so the rest of you take him down!" Eifi yelled to everyone as she put all she could into stopping him.
"Make sure to keep him still." Amnis said before running off with Iya while Luke and Koha ran at Ken from behind.
Ken let out a sigh as he got down on one knee planting one hand on the ground and the other off to his side away from his foes. His eyes began to glow a glorious blue color as he quickly lifted his hand from the ground and retracted the one from his side and quickly spun around pushing his hand forward and stopping. In the blink of an eye a small column of earth came out of the ground striking Luke in the chest hard as several blades of grass came flying towards Amnis cutting him badly while a wave of psychic energy sent Koha back unconscious. Ken then quickly turned around again just before Iya was going to strike him with ice punch and stared into her eyes making her stop frozen for a moment before falling to the ground asleep.
Eifi watched dumbfounded by the spectacular display of power.
"That's impossible..." Eifi stuttered.
"And all that remains is you. Since you are a psychic type I hope you are smart enough to realize the situation you are in." Ken said as he walked towards Eifi with a demonic smile. Eifi started to back up slowly showing fear on her face. Ken disappeared in a flash of light reappearing behind Eifi making her turn around quickly. "Without your friends to protect you I could torture you, I could rape you or I could even kill you..." Ken said calmly as he began to slowly walk around Eifi in a circle with her body following his every movement. Ken took a quickly smell of the air before a smile from hell crept on his face. "And you are going into heat. I may not be able to make you pregnant but I have an army of pokemon that could..." Ken stopped walking around Eifi and just stared at her relishing in the pain she was feeling seeing the horror on her face.
"But... since I'm such a good pokemon I wouldn't do that... unless you attack me again."
"...You're a monster." Eifi weakly said seeing the joy he was getting out of this.
Ken chuckled at the comment "Get everyone on their feet so we can get moving again." He said before walking to a nearby tree and sitting down against it.
Eifi stood there in shock at just how cruel this pokemon was when she suddenly remembered Amnis and the others were hurt. She took a quick look around and saw everyone accept Iya was slowly standing up obviously in pain. Luke and Koha didn't seem too badly injured but Amnis was covered in small cuts most of which had stopped bleeding though. She quickly ran over to Amnis and gently nuzzled him to ease her mind.
After the surprise of Eifi acting so affectionate passed he began to feel a slight dampness on Eifi's face. "Are you okay?" Amnis asked while trying to comfort her.
"...That Kirlia is the most demonic pokemon I have ever met..."
"Did he do something to you?!" Amnis asked feeling a growing resentment inside him.
"No... please just stay close for now..."
Around ten yards away Koha and Luke had started to get up feeling battered and sore. As Luke got up he could feel a sharp pain in his chest where Ken's attack hit him but tried to ignore it knowing Koha would not leave it alone even though it would literally heal overnight. Even with his best effort to hide his pain Koha still managed to spot something wrong.
"That attack hit you pretty hard, are you okay?"
"I'm fine, thank you." Luke said before looking over to where Ken was not sure if Eifi beat him or if he was asleep. While he was looking he felt a sharp pain in his chest that made him gasp and looked back to see Koha poking his chest.
"You have a broken rib..."
"I can barely feel it."
Koha sighed before walking over to where Iya put her backpack and rummaged through it before taking out a potion of some kind and walking back to Luke. "This will help heal you." Koha said before spraying the potion over where Luke's broken rib was.
"Thanks for the help but what about Iya? She still hasn't got up."
"Go join up with Eifi while I go help Iya."
Koha walked over to her bag once more and took out a blue potion with a different design then the one she used on Luke while he went over to Amnis who was still trying to comfort Eifi. Koha quickly walked over to Iya and sprayed the potion on her face making her wake up instantly.
"Oh my God! What is that horrifying smell?!" Iya barely managed to say as she violently coughed.
"It's just some awakening I bought..."
"That is the most vile, awful thing I have ever smelled in my life!" Iya said as she weakly got up.
"You will get used to it and it's better than lying on the ground unconscious for who knows how long..."
Without warning Ken began to call out to the entire group. "Now that everyone is awake it's time to go!" Ken got up and began to walk south again.
Eifi quickly began to follow Ken at a great distance as Amnis tried to stay close to her with Luke lagging a bit behind them.
"Well I guess it's time to go..." Koha said sounding a bit down.
"Why is he doing this to us?" Iya asked quietly.
"I wish I knew but let's try to stay on his good side." Koha said before walking towards Luke with Iya following her.
After Eifi had begun to settle down Amnis began to wonder how Ken had become so monstrously powerful. He had moved the very earth itself with what seemed to be just a whim when Eifi, as powerful as she is, couldn't do anything remotely like that.
Amnis began to look him over and couldn't find anything strange accept the two red horns on his head were missing.
"You are all thinking and wondering the same thing and the repetition is getting on my nerves! There is no special secret to how I got my strength. Eight years, it took eight years of constant training where I nearly died an uncountable amount of times to get to this level." Ken said sounding irritated.
"What a terrible life..." Iya mumbled.
"Terrible? I have the power to do whatever I please and better yet, I can control it!"
"You don't control your power, it controls you..."
"What does it matter? When you have power like this nothing can stop you!"
"There will always be someone stronger..."
"You're starting to piss me off! The last one who talked like this to me I beat half to death!"
Iya remained silent.
Another two hours of silent walking passed as Eifi finally calmed down from Ken's threats. Iya remained silent from fear as Luke and Koha occasionally chatted while Koha checked on Luke's injury. It was about 2:00 PM when Ken raised his hand while stopping. "Wait a moment..." Ken said before looking into the sky with his eyes glowing faintly. After a moment of waiting Ken began to mumble but was too quite to hear.
"What is he doing?" Luke asked not sure if Ken was completely crazy or doing something.
"I think he's using telepathy." Eifi answered quickly.
"What is telepathy?" Luke asked never hearing about this before.
"It is an incredibly difficult to use power that allows the user to talk to another psychic type from any distance away."
Before Luke could ask another question Ken turned around with his eyes back to their normal shade of red. "I have matters I must tend to so I will be leaving you." Everyone radiated relief when they heard that. "But, to make sure you continue to your destination I'm going to track you." Ken thought for a moment before pointing towards Koha. "You! Come here!"
Koha froze up not sure what Ken wanted with her.
"It won't hurt, just come here."
Koha slowly moved forward fearing that Ken might use her as leverage for something. Koha stopped in front of Ken trying to show no fear but failing miserably.
"Stand still." Ken commanded before his eyes began to glow and he placed a hand of Koha's forehead making her freeze up in fear. He took his hand off and quickly began giving instructions. "There, now listen up all of you. Head south through Opelucid city then continue south through the Entralink to Nimbasa city. From there head through the desert to make your way to relic castle. If you don't make it there within two weeks I will find you using this Mienfoo and will take you there by force, dead if I must." And with that Ken disappeared in a flash of light.
"We have to go through the Entralink?" Amnis moaned.
"I guess it can't be helped..." Eifi replied.
"What's so bad about the Entralink? It's the forest of dreams so it can't be too bad." Koha asked.
"Dreams aren't always good." Eifi replied before continuing to walk south followed by everyone else.
"It doesn't mean the forest of dreams literally... right?"
"For most pokemon the forest makes you dream of wonderful things or great times in your life but for pokemon with misery in their life... they re-live that misery over and over until you wake up... And with lives such as Amnis and mine we go through a living hell every time we pass through."
Koha began to tense up a little hearing this but calmed down quickly. "Is there no way around the forest?"
"There is a river and a mountain on each side making it so if we go around it would take more than two weeks."
Koha paused for a moment "Can we just go through in one day so we don't have to sleep?"
"The distance from one side to another is about the same as Lacunosa to Opelucid city and there is no road to help us get there faster. If we are fast we will only have to sleep there twice."
Eifi and Koha became silent.
"Don't worry about it Koha. We all have had horrible things happen to us but not to you." Iya said.
They continued to walk down the path south for four more hours before finally reaching Opelucid city. The sun was setting making the sky a pinkish red color and signaling for the city to start turning on the lights.
"Well I guess it's our last night here." Luke said starting to feel a bit attached to the simple place.
"If this is our last night here, there is something I must do. Koha do you still have that crystal I bought at the bazaar?" Iya asked.
"Of course, just give me a minute to find it." Koha searched through her backpack for a minute before taking out a life sized, red crystal rose with an emerald green stem. "Why do you need this now?" Koha asked as she handed Iya the rose.
"I want to pay my respects one more time to Vires before we leave."
Iya took the rose in her two hands, took in a deep breath and blew an icy cold air over the rose incasing it in a perfectly clear ice shard. "If I did that right this ice will never melt... When I'm done I'll come back to the warehouse." Iya said before turning back and walking towards the forest Vires was buried in.
"Well I guess it's time to get some rest and say goodbye to everyone." Eifi said as the group finally entered the city.
Chapter End Notes:I will try to update once a week but living arrangements have made it hard to write
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