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Through the eyes of a madman. by PROKNIFER69


Story Notes:

This story is a spin-off to Blood and love, but if you have not read that, it is not important. You can read this as a stand alone story. Thank you to Hironada and Infinity Warrior for editing for me once again.

The rise to power.

Silas, the most dangerous man in the world, aged 37.

His height is 5 foot 12 inches; he has dark blond hair that is slicked back, brown eyes and a muscular physique. He wears the uniform of the black vipers, his own special task force.

The uniform was an all black Kevlar vest with a black T-shirt underneath it that had two red stripes on the shoulders, bearing the emblem of Silas' army; he also wore dark colored urban gray and black camouflaged trousers and combat boots.

He now sits inside his office, behind his desk. There is a knife jammed into the desk, its edge is golden, the rest of the blade is reflective stainless steel, and its handle is some kind of black metal.

Engraved on the center of the blade is a image of a Seviper wrapped around that same knife. That engraving was now a symbol of Silas' private army. Silas sat back in his chair as he waited, waiting for the upcoming battle that would test him more than anything that he had ever been through, despite the sheer numbers that were coming after him, and he smirked.

He didn't fear death, and many said he had no heart. Silas was glad that the world was after him, to him, the battle was just another challenge that only the strongest will survive.

11 years earlier...

Silas, aged 26 was in a hallway in his father's mercenary HQ, just outside of his father's office. Silas held hate in his soul. 'He's become weak, only the strong survive; only the strong lead the strong.' Silas thought to himself as he walked past the armed bodyguards that guarded his father's office and opened its door.

In the room he entered, he found his father, who had a look of surprise on his face. "Silas, I didn't call for you." His tired looking father stated.

Silas closed the door behind him and asked, "Father, how long do you think you can keep this mercenary group running?" Silas walked towards his father's desk and continued, "Our new recruits are nothing but kids with guns, our guns are barely holding together and we are getting next to no requests for our services... Can you explain yourself?"

His father got up out of his chair and yelled, "You think this is easy you little shit? Do you think you could do a better job than I?"

A smirk crept to Silas' face as he answered, "Yes, I do. That's why I'm here... I'm taking over."

His father couldn't contain his anger. "You little fucker, I'd like to see you.." His words were cut off as Silas slashed through his neck with his stainless steel knife. Silas watched as his father fell back, clutching his neck with both hands.

Silas slowly walked behind the desk, towards his father as he slid the knife back into it's sheathe behind his lower back.

He crouched down besides his father who's hands, neck and face was now covered in blood and said, "If your going to do something, do it, don't talk. You've grown weak; you cannot hold me back any longer."

Silas looked into his father's eyes as the life slowly drained away from them. "These men need a strong leader, I am that leader." He informed as his father made strange gurgling noises.

"Don't fight it, it'll be quicker." He stated as his insane self pulled his father's hands away from his neck which gushed out blood. Silas felt a strange sense of satisfaction as he watched his father die right in front of his eyes.

"You were stronger than me once, not any longer." He spat as he stood up.

He stared at his father's lifeless body for a while before he looked over to his father's chair. Silas remembered seeing his father behind that desk when he was younger, when he was called over here by his father, he was afraid.

But that was when he was a child, his childish side died before he even got a chance to even really reached childhood. Although he never really had a childhood, he was glad. He was glad because that all the things that his father forced him to do, kill small Pokemon, fight them in hand to hand combat till one of them is unable to fight, fire guns that were almost as big as he was, all those things made him stronger.

Now, Silas sat in his father's chair, his eyes went to the bloody pieces of paper on the desk. The papers contained information on weapons dealers, and he recognized their names. "You were buying weapons from these people? No wonder our weapons are crap, you dumb bastard." He laughed as he threw the papers on his father's corpse.

Silas sat in his father's chair which was now his, he didn't even have to think about his next move, he had been thinking about it for years, and now he was putting his plans into play. "Guards!" Silas shouted.

The guards rushed into the room with their AK-47s in their hands, Silas enjoyed the look of shock in their faces as their eyes locked onto his dead father. "Get James and Ryan here, we need to talk about a change of leadership." Silas chuckled with a sinister smirk.

1 week later...

Silas was sitting in that same room again with his Seviper. James and Ryan were also in that room. Silas called James in because he was an excellent tactician, although he didn't consider him as a friend. James, 24 at the time, he had short brown hair that was curly, but he kept it short so nobody would know. Silas also called in Ryan because he knew people, where to get weapons and extra men; he basically knew where everything was to get a job done.

Ryan was 26 at the time and he had a sinister look to him, he had jet black hair that had strands dangling down in front of his forehead. Ryan was also Silas' best friend, he was just as cold as Silas, but he liked killing even more than he did. Silas sat as he listened to Ryan explaining what options they could have for getting better quality weapons.

"I have already given both you, and James a list of our options... But it appears another option has appeared." Ryan begun rubbing his hands together. "I have been recently contacted by a group, who they are, I don't really know, but the weapons they have... They'd blow your fucking mind!" Ryan claimed as he took out some documents from his pocket and handed them over to Silas.

Silas read through the pages. "These... These weapons are excellent! But, can we really trust this group? Is it really worth risking?" Silas asked with no real emotion.

"It's a heavy risk, but right now, what we need to take are risks." Ryan replied with a smirk.

Silas was glad he said that, the strong aren't afraid to take risks. "Agreed. James, have you decided which mercenary group we should target first?"

James stepped forward and started, "Yes, they won't know what hit 'em. This attack should basically serve as a show of power, which is what we need for drawing in new recruits." James informed Silas as he handed him a few more documents on whom and when they shall be attacking.

1 year later.

The shipment of weapons had come through a month after ordering it, the men were trained and the attack on the mercenary group had been a success.

Although the fight was a disappointment to Silas. Since then, Silas had managed to gather a almost army like force by buying mercenary groups or taking them over by force. Silas had made fortune by selling older weapons to underground criminal organizations, but his main source of income was slavery.

Occasionally, Silas' men would bring in members of rival mercenary groups that could be sold as slaves, or used to gain money by forcing them to fight others, human or Pokemon in a place called 'The Yard.'

Silas sat at his chair, but he was no longer in Unova.

He was sitting in his new HQ at an unnamed island that Silas and his army acquired by wiping out a rival mercenary company. Things had changed, but Silas was still cold and his knife still saw more blood than a old battle hardened soldier.

Silas was ready to launch his first major attack.

Silas stood up and walked out of the room to join his men in the ships that they were going to use to launch the attack, as well as using them to bring back slaves.

8 hours later...

Silas was walking in the streets of Viridian City with an AK-47 in his hands, a belt with three grenades attached to it, full woodland camouflage gear and his knife still in it's sheath on his lower back.

His men ravaged the city, screams and gunshots filled the air as his men clashed with the local law enforcement and people frantically tried to get away, only to be captured by his men waiting at all exits of the City.

Silas looked on as his men dragged people out of their homes and knocked them out to make them easier to stuff into the back of the vans that the ships brought with them.

Silas looked at the watch on his wrist; it was time to pull out of the City before the army arrived. Silas spun around when he heard somebody screaming out, and something roaring out. He saw one of his own men being coked by a Machamp with one hand; his feet weren't even touching the floor.

Silas raised his gun to shoot, but he didn't, instead he watched as the Machamp grabbed and twisted the man's forearm, eventually twisting it right off at the elbow. The Machamp dropped the man and as soon as he did, the man let out screams of agony. His arm was torn off at the elbow, it seemed like that wasn't enough for the Machamp though.

It grabbed the man by his legs and lifted him overhead before slamming the man back down onto the concrete. The man's skull cracked, his ribs broke, his spine shattered and his life ended.

That's when Silas fired his weapon on the Machamp. The first few bullets hit the Machamp in the head, killing it instantly, although Silas still chose to fire the entire magazine into the muscular creature.

Silas looked at the powerful creature, he felt superior knowing that the creature's life was ended by him. But he didn't have time to enjoy the satisfaction he got from the kill; he ordered the retreat through the radio as he headed back to the boats.

He left that City burning, he knew that because of him, lives were ended and torn apart. But he didn't care, he enjoyed the death and destruction, and now people will know just how strong he has become.

He also knew Kanto will be looking for revenge for this attack, but he was ready for the challenge.

1 day later...

Silas watched news reports on the TV from behind his desk. Kanto had declared that they would 'Eradicate Silas and his men'.

Silas just smiled and stated, "Bring it on." to the image of the general on the TV screen.

Suddenly, Ryan, who now had a long scratch along his face as well as a bruise, entered the room though the double doors and exclaimed, "We fucked them up good but now there coming to fuck us!"

Silas just gave a disappointed look; he was disappointed that Ryan showed concern.

"Relax, they won't throw everything they've got at us, they can't afford it. You see, they want us gone, but the government also wants to remain powerful and they can't do that by talking nicely and playing the yes man. They need their military strength to remain powerful, even if they were capable of killing us all, they wouldn't risk it." Silas calmly stated.

Ryan just smirked and asked, "You really have everything planned out don't you?"

"Yes, and what is this I hear about you torturing one of the prisoners in our complex?" Silas questioned.

"You see this?" Ryan said as he placed two fingers on his cheek, where his bruise was. "That cunt did that, and you see this?" He said as he ran his finger along the scratch on his face. "A fucking Scyther did that! I was lucky the fucker didn't take my head off!" Ryan yelled.

"I see, now, was there something else you wanted to talk about or are you just wasting my time?" Silas asked as he imagined the Scyther he mentioned taking Ryan's head off.

"No, nothing more." Ryan responded as he left the room.

2 Years later...

Silas had now been involved in battles against Kanto's army for 2 years, but his army was growing. While smaller mercenary groups died, more joined his army.

Silas' army stopped being called a mercenary group when he attacked Viridian City. Silas' army also gained its own flag that day too, the flag was the image of a Seviper wrapped around Silas' now customized knife.

Silas had his knife customized because it now felt like a part of him; all the good kills were with that knife.

Silas didn't get this far all on his own though, the secretive group that supplied him with weapons also supplied him with information. Silas wasn't stupid, he knew the group must want something from him, but what, he didn't know. Silas looked through reports on his desk, and then he found one that caught his eye.

30 minutes later...

Silas now looked at the man in front of the desk; he was a slaver in his army. Silas leaned forward and asked, "Is it true you raped one of our female slaves?"

"Yeah, I needed to blow off some steam if ya know what I mean." The slaver replied.

'Who the fuck does he think he's talking to?' Silas thought to himself as he got up and walked over to the slaver. Silas now stood in front of the slaver who was expecting words, but got a punch to the face instead.

The slaver fell backwards, holding his bleeding nose. Before he could try to get up, he felt Silas' boot on his neck. "You don't fuck with the merchandise." Silas threatened as he pressed his boot down harder onto the Slaver's neck.

The slaver's hands wrapped around Silas' boot, trying to get it off his neck before he chokes.

Silas watched as the man under his boot squirmed, he didn't really care that this man is a rapist, but he did want to make an example of him, he couldn't have his men disobeying orders.

Silas lifted his boot off the slaver's throat and watched him take a deep breath before giving him a powerful kick to the side of his head. The slaver cursed in pain as he held the side of his head.

Silas swiftly kicked him in the stomach and asked, "Do you want to live?"

The slaver didn't get enough time to answer; he knelt as he looked up to Silas and got kicked again, this time he got kicked in the mouth. The slaver held his mouth; he could feel his two upper front teeth coming loose, and bleeding.

"I said, do you want to live?" Silas repeated as his voice rose, he reached behind him and pulled his knife out of the sheath on his lower back.

Before the slaver saw Silas on top of him and his knife on his neck, he managed so say, "I want to live! Please, just doesn't fucking kill me!"

A smile crept to Silas' face when he said that, he got up off the slaver and slid his knife back into its sheath. "I'm going to make you regret saying that." Silas stated with a cold devious tone to his voice.

The slaver scrambled back up to his feet and wiped away the blood from his lips before running towards Silas to try punching him.

Silas could hear his footsteps grow louder as he spun around and took out his knife once more. Silas ducked when the slaver threw a fist towards him, whilst ducking, he quickly stabbed the man in the genitals once, half severing his dick and piercing his right testicle.

The slaver dropped to the ground and screamed out in pain as Silas walked over to him. He was now in a sort of fetal position with both hands clutching his heavily bleeding private parts. Silas wiped the blood off his knife on the slaver's back and whispered, "I told I was going to make you regret saying that."

Silas slid his knife back into its sheath and called for the guards, the slaver was then taken to 'The Yard' where he was shown to all his teammates and soon became a living warning as to 'what happens when you play with things Silas doesn't want you to play with.'

The slaver survived the ordeal, but he was never allowed to leave. He became a prisoner in the prison he was once the warden of. He was later killed by the slaves and prisoners.

1 year later...

Silas had amassed an army the size of Kanto's, Hoenn's and Johto's put together, and he was feared widely. His face rarely made the TV screens though because nobody had got close enough to take a clear picture of him without getting shot, stabbed and killed.

Silas was aware that some agents from different governments had infiltrated his ranks, but they seemed to be easily sniffed out. Silas executed any agents himself; he was usually recorded performing the executions.

He usually killed them by a single bullet to the head, or by slicing open their necks. His face was always out of shot when he preformed the executions.

Silas was now performing one of these executions. The agent's hands were tied behind his back and he was kneeling on both knees, they had also tied both of his feet together too. Silas' knife was on the agent's neck and he pulled his black hair back with the other hand.

Silas looked into the agent's brown eyes before he slit his neck.

Ryan laughed at the agent as he recorded him bleeding to death. Silas looked behind Ryan, over to his Seviper, Zev.

Zev was a male, and about the same age as Silas himself. Silas' father had bought him for protection, but instead became Silas only true friend that he could trust. The Seviper on the flag of Silas' army was Zev; the knife on the flag was Silas' knife.

Silas walked over to Zev, as Ryan moved in for a close up of the agent's face as he died. Silas stroked Zev's scaly skin as it let out a hissing noise.

Silas liked having something so dangerous, yet calm around him, in a way, Zev reminded Silas of himself. Over the years, Silas had begun to see humans and Pokemon as equals.

Silas' thoughts soon turned to the agents that keep infiltrating his HQ. 'They have their special forces... So I shall build mine.' Silas thought to himself as he left the room with his Seviper, and begun plans on building what would become 'The Black Vipers'.

1 year later...

Silas was now in Kanto with 10 candidates for the black vipers, this was the selection process.

Silas and his men were positioned high up in the mountains of Kanto where they watched through their binoculars Kanto's Special Forces training in an exercise. They all had live firing weapons, assault rifles, sniper rifles and shotguns.

"Move up, snipers, stay behind." Silas ordered his men who then advanced on the Special Forces' position down the mountain and through the trees.

The group of 8 Special Forces members walked through the forest, chatting to each other as they did.

"I hear they are building a new strip joint in Lily city." One of the armed Special Forces members said.

"Yeah, and I hear you got Chlamydia from the last strip joint you visited." Another man snappily replied.

"I did not! That was just a misunderstanding." The other man responded.

"That must have been one hell of a 'misunderstanding'." One of the other men said, making air quotations with his fingers when he said the last part.

"Oh fuck you guys... Hey, you hear that?" The man asked as he looked at the trees around him.

"Hear what?" One of the other men said, just before a bullet struck the back of his head.

The man that was once talking about strip clubs now shot wildly into the forest with his M16 as his teammates got gunned down around him, he didn't even hear their cries of agony until the gun shot its last bullet.

A bullet struck his thigh just as he was about to move into the cover of the thick tree behind him. He fell to the ground and let out a shout as he stood back up and moved quickly behind the tree.

'Ignore the pain, fight back!' He thought to himself as he reached into his tactical vest and pulled out a new magazine to slot into his assault rifle. He could still hear the shouts of his teammates, it sounded like they were getting slaughtered by the bullets that rained down on them. He counted down in his mind, he told himself that as soon as he reaches 'one' then he would get out of cover and fire back.

His count down begun. 'Three... two...' before he could reach 'one', he felt a metal blade slam into his throat, piercing the skin at the back of his neck, even partly sticking into the bark of the tree he was taking cover behind.

The metal blade was soon pulled out of the man's throat, and Silas watched as the armed man fell to the floor, dead.

Silas quickly slotted his bloody blade back into its sheath as he reached down and took the M16 from the dead man.

Silas raised his gun, and began the hunt for the rest of the Special Forces members.

5 minutes later...

Silas looked at the three bloody men that had survived the mission; these were the first members of the black vipers.

There was one member who had caught his eye out of the three though, and that man would later become a very important tool for him to use.
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