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Through the eyes of a madman. by PROKNIFER69


Story Notes:

This story is a spin-off to Blood and love, but if you have not read that, it is not important. You can read this as a stand alone story. Thank you to Hironada and Infinity Warrior for editing for me once again.

Humanity, it's just a word.

1 day later...

Silas sat behind his desk, and was now talking to that one man that stood out from the rest.

The man was wearing a balaclava to hide his identity and he was still in the new viper's uniform. "What is your name?" Silas asked the man standing in front of the desk with his hands behind his back.

"Lee, sir!" The man responded.

"Well Lee, I called you here for a reason." Silas began as he stood up and walked over to the viper. He looked into his eyes as he did, to see if he could find any signs of fear in them, but he found none. Ever since Silas mutilated that rapist's genitals, everybody who was called into his office feared for their lives.

"I called you here because you showed more promise than the rest." Silas added in a low menacing tone as he walked behind and around Lee.

"I have need for a person like you." Silas said as he walked over back towards his desk and grabbed some papers and documents. "This is your first mission; you're doing this one alone." Silas told him as he handed over the papers and documents over to Lee who then promptly took them. "Don't fail me." Silas said as he walked back behind the desk and watched Lee walk out of the office.

Silas sat down and thought about that man. 'He's a cold professional killer; I can see it in his eyes. But he's in it for the power, that I can see too.' Silas thought to himself as he began planning how he should use him.

This Lee person had potential to him, quite a lot, and to Silas, this was good.

1 year later...

Silas was in his office once again, but everything was different. He had tacticians and leaders of various different branches of his army. There was a reason for this, Kanto's army was putting pressure on Silas' army, and Silas would not have that.

In that room, they organized bombings and assaults. Silas wanted to order bombings in highly populated areas to show just how strong his army now is, but James talked him out of it, instead convincing him to hit industrial areas that could weaken Kanto's ability to defend itself.

Silas wasn't stupid; he could see that James still had a human side to him, a weak side. James had advised Silas in many situations, and James' advice always led to victory, whilst avoiding any unneeded casualties.

Silas kept a close eye on him. When everybody left the room, James stayed behind. Silas wanted to question him, although he was a friend, he was beginning to question his loyalty. "James, what do you feel when you see my men taking over a region?" Silas asked.

"I feel nothing." James lied. He thought that he was cold, but the more he saw Silas and his men slowly destroying the world, he begun to have doubts about Silas and his plans. Sometimes it seemed all that Silas wanted was to destroy lives and create the biggest shit storm possible.

"Don't lie." Silas stated in a threatening tone, he could see that James had something on his mind that he was hiding from him.

James chose his words carefully. "Fine... I feel like I'm losing my humanity." James said as he looked Silas right in the eyes.

"That's just you losing your weaknesses. What do you think humanity is exactly?" Silas asked as he got up out of his chair and walked over to James who could not find the words to answer his question.

"I'll tell you what I think humanity is. I think it's just a word; we are nothing more than animals, no more sophisticated than a dog or a Pokémon. We like to think we are better, but we are not. I have seen both Pokémon and humans ripping each other apart for survival. Humanity is just a word, and we are just animals. Enjoy being an animal while you still can." Silas told him in an almost growling tone.

"Get out." Silas ordered James; he could feel himself beginning to give in to his animal side, wanting to rip him apart for a challenge. That's why he ordered James out of the room, so he didn't kill his best tactician.

James did as he said and walked out of his office, he knew he was lucky to still be even alive.

1 year later...

Silas now had an AK-47 in his hands and mud covering his face as he lay prone on the ground and fired off one round that soon shredded through a soldier's chest and through his heart. Silas watched the soldier drop his gun and clutch his chest before dying.

This place that he was now in was Ashford Island; this is where Silas and his army battled with Kanto's army for power. The island was mostly marsh and woodland, but there were some buildings on the north side of the island which was now under Silas' control.

Silas came here because he hated his office, he hated letting people do his work for him and letting all of the challenge go to waste. He fought along side his men; it boosted their moral knowing that their leader was not afraid to face death. Silas stood up and grabbed a radio off one of his dead soldiers.

"Fire, now!" Silas shouted down into the radio as Silas ducked down and threw himself to the side, next to his dead men when he heard soldiers firing in his direction. Silas smiled as he heard the mortars he called in striking the band of soldiers as they screamed and shouted.

Silas picked off some of the other soldiers with his AK-47 and watched the rest get turned into red mist by the mortars. Soon, there was nobody left alive except for Silas on the battlefield.

Silas looked at the bodies around him with a smug satisfaction, knowing that none of these men were stronger than him. Silas headed back to what was called lookout point, from there; he would get the next boat out of the island. As much as he loved the killing, he knew he still had to run an entire army and that was a hard thing to do whilst lodging bullets into soldiers.

1 day later...

Silas was back in his office once again, Zev, his Seviper was lying on the desk as Silas looked through random papers. Silas' and Zev's attention was soon drawn to the black viper member who walked into the room as he shuffled papers around in his hands before quickly telling them why he was there.

"Sir, we have a problem." The viper stated.

"And this problem is?" Silas asked.

"This man." Silas said as he passed the papers he held in his hands over to Silas and continued speaking. "Bruce Harrison, a private in Kanto's army. He took lookout point on Ashford Island, on his own." The viper finished.

Silas looked at the viper with rage before taking his knife out and slamming it down into the desk, narrowly missing Zev. "How the fuck did a single private take out all our men stationed there!" Silas shouted at the viper.

"We don't know, but we do know that this man made us look like fools, and the vipers would like to correct that." The viper complied with his hands behind his back.

Silas looked at the picture of the soldier, he was angry that he couldn't kill him personally. He sounded like a worthy challenge to Silas, but also an inconvenience. "Kill him." Silas ordered before he watched the viper walk off, leaving the office.

1 week later...

"Sir, there has been a problem in dealing with the soldier." A viper reported to Silas.

"And what is this problem?" Silas angrily growled as he stood in front of the viper.

"He has killed the operative sent to take him down; the operative did however manage to sho-"

The viper's words were cut off when Silas slammed his hand into the viper's neck and pinned him to the wall behind him as he choked the viper. "Its not enough that a single GRUNT took over one of our most valuable positions on Ashford? Now you're telling me he's killed one of our Special Forces operatives?" Silas yelled as he choked the man in front of him.

"Do you know how weak that makes us look!" Silas shouted before he released his grip on the viper's neck.

The viper coughed violently before he regained his composure. "We know that! We are taking measures to ensure this will not happen again." The viper told him as he rubbed his sore throat.

"If it does, I won't stop at just choking you... Get the fuck out of here." Silas angrily threatened as he sat back down in his chair and watched the viper hurry out of the room.

He was not worried about the private turned war hero, but he hated the thought of people thinking that his forces were weak, and by extension, himself. Silas was beginning to lose his temper, but he tried to contain himself. He knew that people make mistakes when they are angry, and people who make mistakes are weak.

2 hours later...

Silas was now sat in the place called The Yard; it was set up just outside of Silas' prison complex, in the prisons outdoor court. There were hundreds of benches and chairs around the place with Silas' men sitting in all of them as they watched humans and Pokémon battle for survival in a large poorly made steel cage.

The sound of shouts and roars of bloodlust filled the air as countless soldiers in Silas' army, both human and Pokémon, chanted and shouted orders to the two slaves in the cage, calling out for the other to end the other's life.

Silas watched from a large watchtower, he looked upon both his men and the slaves with a sick satisfaction. He felt powerful in the knowledge that he had turned both his men and the slaves into mindless animals that he could control and manipulate.

After years of seeing Pokémon and humans fighting each other for survival, he had realized that Pokémon were really no different from humans. They could plot, communicate, fight and even be broken just like humans.

Silas watched as a man with a large steel pipe that he held with both hands took a swing at the Gallade in the cage with him. The Gallade, whose elbow blades were extended, jumped back just enough to avoid getting hit across the head; he felt the air behind the man's swing pass over his face.

The man took another swing for the Gallade's head with the steel pipe, but the Gallade raised his arm and the pipe impacted on the Gallade's elbow blade. It took the opportunity to strike back; he slammed his fist into the left side of the human's head and quickly followed it up with another punch to the right side of the human's face.

The human stumbled back but when by the time he regained his composure, the Gallade had already used it's blades to slash across his stomach, spilling his blood and guts on the broken concrete floor. The man dropped his weapon as he writhed and screamed in pain on the floor while the slavers and soldiers all shouted and cheered.

The Gallade quickly pierced the human's skull with its elbow blade, although the man tried to kill him, he never wanted him to suffer. The human was forced to fight just like he was. The Gallade glared at Silas who looked down on him from up in his watchtower, the thought of the man getting some kind of satisfaction from watching him end that man's life made him sick.

Silas watched the Gallade get escorted out of the cage by six armed men, he was going to be taken back to his cell where he would have to wait again to fight for what remained of his life.

1 Year later...

Silas now sat in a sort of cottage small cottage; he had come here to talk about a weapons shipment. But that wasn't the only reason he had came here, the Vipers informed him that mercenaries were going to try to kill him.

The vipers had advised him not to go out to this meeting, but when he heard they were sending their best to kill him, he just couldn't resist the challenge. Slaughtering soldiers and executing slavers who disobey orders had gotten boring for him. The mercenaries were coming for two things, to kill Silas, and to get the data stored on the computers in the cottages at the meeting point.

Silas planned on giving those mercenaries nothing, the computers drives had already been wiped and infected with a number of viruses. Silas was sat down behind a desk in one of the cottages, when he heard several loud explosions and a clatter of gunfire.

Silas didn't even get out of his chair as he heard his men screaming out in agony as they were burned, blown up and shot. He only got up when he heard the gunfire halt, he knew that his men were dead, but that wasn't a bad thing.

Silas had picked every man outside that had died to be part of this mission because they were all suspected traitors, or they were just incompetent. He decided to kill two birds with one stone. But now, he still had to deal with the remaining mercenaries.

Silas looked up to the roof of the cottage, up to the rafters, he could easily jump off the desk and drag himself up there and wait for the mercenaries to come to him, and that's what he did.

Silas waited on the rafters for a good few minutes, with a powerful revolver in his right hand and his custom knife in his left hand. After sometime waiting, someone finally came through the door of the cottage.

The first man that came through was carrying a shotgun and wearing woodland camouflage gear but there was nothing else noticeable about him, he instantly went over to the computer on the desk.

The second man that came in caught his attention more, the man had red hair that was styled into a faux hawk; his hair was also a light shade of blond on the ends. The man also carried an MP5 submachine gun; Silas could see a 9mm handgun on the man's leg holster.

He thought there was something different about this man, something other than appearance and weapons, but Silas didn't have time to think about it because that same man looked straight up at him.

Silas instantly jumped down from the rafters before the man could say anything. The man jumped back just enough to avoid getting Silas' blade jammed into his heart, but it still ripped through his jacket and left a deep vertical wound on his chest.

The man with the faux hawk dropped his submachine gun and stumbled to the ground as he clutched the large wound on his chest. As the man did this, Silas unloaded two bullets into the other man's chest, and one in the head.

Silas quickly looked back to the man on the floor, who had now pulled out his pistol and rapidly shot two rounds into Silas' right forearm which made him drop his gun instantly. Silas' survival instincts kicked in, it was fight or flight, and for the first and only time in his life, he chose flight.

Silas ignored the pain in his arm and sprinted towards the window and jumped towards in, raising his arms to his face to protect from any glass that might get in his eyes. He crashed through the window and as soon as he hit the ground, he picked himself up and ran through the surrounding woods.

Half way through his sprint past countless trees, he stopped dead in his tracks. 'What the fuck just happened?' His voice shouted at himself in his head before he looked down to his heavily bleeding forearm. "He fucking got me." He stated, shocked with disbelief.

After all these years, no one had managed to shoot or stab him, but now a man who he slashed down the chest managed to shoot off two rounds into his arm. "How the fuck is this possible?" He angrily growled to himself, but not loud enough to give away his position.

1 week later...

Silas sat behind his desk, thinking. He kept thinking about that wounded man that managed to shoot his arm, twice. After all these years of feeling invincible and naturally superior, he now felt weak, unworthy to be alive.

The vipers had offered to track the man down and kill him, but he refused. He thought that it would just make him look weaker; getting someone else to finish a job that he started, and intended to end him. He sat there and thought more and more about it, he thought more about that man.

He intended to kill him at some point, but when, he didn't know. It seemed like the chances of finding that man and getting the opportunity to kill him personally were very low. The work that he had to deal with was almost unbearable; he found it easier to kill a Houndoom with his bare hands than to listen to another word about how Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Hoenn planned on stopping any of his activities.

Finding ways to deal with those regions was beginning to get harder, and trying to find solutions made Silas just wish there was a Machamp nearby that he could vent out his frustrations on.

Silas took out his knife and looked into his own eyes through its reflective surface, he felt like he could see his sanity slipping away.

He thought that there was only one way to redeem him and save what remained of his sanity, which was to kill that man, that man called Richard.
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