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Through the eyes of a madman. by PROKNIFER69


Story Notes:

This story is a spin-off to Blood and love, but if you have not read that, it is not important. You can read this as a stand alone story. Thank you to Hironada and Infinity Warrior for editing for me once again.


1 year later...

Silas had changed; he became more aggressive and more reckless. But he was still cold and calculating, he was no idiot.
The executions that his friend Ryan recorded himself preforming on the agents that attempted to infiltrate his ranks and kill him became more violent, he even went as far to untie an agent and let him engage in a knife fight with Silas himself, the fight ended with Silas getting punched and the agent getting disemboweled before being stabbed repeatedly in the chest.

Silas had also stopped hiding his face from the cameras, he knew they already knew what he looked like, and he enjoyed the kill being directly credited to him. Silas didn't know why, but letting the camera watch as he took away someone's life just seemed to make the kill feel better.

He always thought that if he got the chance to kill Richard, he would record it and show it off as an example of what happens to people who cross him and think they got away with it. Silas imagined Richard, on his knees, holding the new wound that Silas would carve into his chest. Silas imagined the cameras watching him as he would pull back Richard's hair, and slit his throat.

This entire year was spent more on gathering information rather than fighting, someone had started leaking information to Kanto, and Silas knew who that was. He hated that he couldn't kill him yet, he was still too valuable to dispose of.

2 years later...

"Sir." The viper said.

"Has Lee completed the mission?" Silas inquired.

"No sir, he died during the mission." The viper informed him.

Silas half expected this, after all, the mission he sent him on was possibly the riskiest mission he had sent anyone on. This wasn't totally bad news, Silas had planned on killing Lee when he came back from the mission, he couldn't let anyone live knowing all the mission's details.
"Oh, how unfortunate, how did he die?" Silas asked curiously.

"The leader of the mercenary team we sent with him, Dray, he killed Lee." The viper told him.

"What? And is this Dray still alive?" Silas questioned in a serious tone.

"He is, we have his current location. He is thought to have knowledge of our operations, and also the details of the mission he was sent on with Lee. He is hiding out with a clan of Lucarios in the mountains of Hoenn, it is suspected that Lee seriously injured Dray before he died." The viper said.

Silas smirked, a clan of Lucarios could be a very good challenge, and those Riolus' were worth more than ten humans on the slave trade market.
"Well then, put the word out that I'm looking for suicidal men that want to try joining me in killing a clan of Lucarios using no guns, just skill and blades. Tell them there is an instant promotion for killing Lucas too." Silas cheerfully said.

The viper looked at Silas with confusion and asked, "Are you serious?"

Silas glared at the viper before saying, "Deadly serious. The Lucarios don't use guns, so why should we when we have men with superior combat training and survival skills?"

"Well they kind of have the upper hand with those spheres that they can throw and their ability to see our auras, and predict our movement to an extent." The viper quietly argued.

"Well then, I'll just have to tell them to stay out of sight and don't give them a chance to even glimpse our auras then. If you're going to be this much of a fucking pussy, don't join up for this mission." Silas insulted the viper.

The viper thought Silas was totally insane, a clan of Lucarios versus a group of knife wielding humans did not sound like a sane thing to put into motion. But he would put the word out anyway, because there was always someone willing to take on the insane things.

1 day later...

Silas now led a team of ten men, all of them from the black vipers. He had told them to take out anything that spots them and if possible, to capture any Riolu they come across. It was midnight, although the darkness provided some cover for the men, it wasn't much. The Lucarios ability to see aura made staying hidden very difficult.

Silas and his team of ten stood behind trees and lay prone behind rocks and logs silently, if they weren't careful, then any of the Lucarios could easily alert the others. The vipers all had their knives drawn, all eager for that pay raise that Silas promised them.
Silas moved in first, moving quickly but quietly over to the closest hut. He heard the shouts of one of his men, it sounded like his team of ten had just became a team of nine. Silas could hear a male Lucario in the hut, and it sounded like he was going out of the hut to investigate the shouts.
Silas readied his blade and stood by the hut's doorway, as soon as he saw the Lucario step out; he slashed through its neck and punched it to the side of its face. The Lucario dropped down to the ground and lay there motionless in the short green grass as his blood gushed out of his neck and stained the dirt red.
Silas looked at the body of the Lucario, twitching and gasping for air. He had suddenly acquired the desire to drink that Lucario's blood as well.

Knocking him back into reality; Silas heard a scream, he looked back into the hut to see a young Riolu, hiding behind its mother who was charged an aura sphere and threw it at the man who just killed her partner.
Silas quickly ducked and felt the heat pass over his back as the aura sphere flew behind him and collided with something outside. Silas dashed towards the Lucario as fast as he could.

"Run!" The Lucario mother shouted to her child right before she felt Silas' hand wrap around her neck and his blade pierce her heart. Silas enjoyed looking at the pain in her eyes before she breathed her last breath.
He pushed the blade in a little deeper before pulling it out and releasing his grip on her neck to watch her lifeless body fall to the ground. Silas' attention turned to the Riolu who was frozen in fear; he smiled as he twirled the bloody blade in his hand and walked over to it.

The Riolu burst out into tears, its mother and father had just been killed right in front of its eyes, and now it looked like it was next. The Riolu backed into a corner as it covered its eyes with one arm and covered it's head with the other.

Silas heard something behind him, and automatically spun around and slashed, but he hit nothing. But he did feel the powerful punch of a Lucario to his gut before he jumped back to avoid getting his skull cracked open by the spike on its wrist.
As he jumped back, he got the time to notice that the Lucario that struck him was covered in blood; its right spike in particular was bloody.

"Get away from him you bastard!" The female Lucario shouted out before jumping and launching a powerful kick aimed at Silas' head which missed when he jumped back and almost fell over. The female Lucario wasted no time, she quickly picked up the Riolu and ran for the door, as she did, and she felt the tip of Silas' blade scrape down her back.
She hissed in pain but that didn't stop her running at full speed away from the hut, and away from the men that attacked her people.
Silas ran out of the door way and shouted, "Don't let her get away! Kill them, now!" One of the vipers that was nearby heard the command, and ran after the female Lucario and Riolu.

As soon as Silas said those words, he looked over to his left only to be tackled and rammed down to the ground by a Lucario, male by the look of it. The Lucario raised both of its arms and quickly brought them down to try and impale the man underneath him, but Silas grabbed its forearms and stopped the strikes that would end his life if they were landed.
Now it was a power struggle, the Lucario tried to push its own forearms down with all his strength, intending to impale the man underneath him with both spikes on his wrists.

Silas easily stopped that from happening, twisting the Lucario's forearms to make it face the Lucario himself, he intended to kill the Lucario with its own wrist spikes. Silas pushed the Lucario's arms forward, its own spikes were getting closer and closer to its own chest, eventually, the was no longer on top of Silas, he fell back and now Silas was on top of the Lucario.
The Lucario struggled and tried to stop his own spikes from coming any closer to his chest, but it was hopeless, the human was stronger than he was. The Lucario looked to the dirty blond haired man on top of him, and said his last words.
"Fuck you!" The Lucario shouted right before he felt his own spikes ripping through his chest, breaking through his rib cage and piercing both lungs. Blood pooled out of the two gaping wounds on his chest as Silas pushed the Lucario's wrist spikes deeper into its chest.
A small pained whine escaped the Lucario's mouth before he closed his eyes, and died. Silas hadn't enjoyed a kill this much in a long time. As Silas looked down to the dead Lucario and the blood that stained its cream colored torso, he let a primal urge take over.
He pulled the Lucario's spikes out of its chest and reached into its wound's with both hands before pulling them out, covered in blood. He painted his face like war paint with the blood of the Lucario.

Silas stood up and his attention was drawn to a nearby hut, he heard a human scream out in pain, he knew it was one of his men, and that meant the Lucario was dangerous. He loved a challenge. Silas picked up his knife and ran for the hut, hoping this was the Lucario that killed his best.

The Lucario ran as fast as she could with the scared Riolu, she felt out of breath, scared, furious and weak all at the same time. She hoped the rest of her people were okay, but right now she had to think about getting the distraught Riolu to safety.
She ran until she collapsed, gently placing the Riolu on the ground. The Riolu was sobbing uncontrollably, and so was the Lucario. They had both seen their families killed right in front of their eyes, their hearts felt they were being ripped right out of their chests, they both had to move, but they were paralyzed by shock and severe emotional pain.
The Riolu tried to speak up, but its voice trembled a lot, it could barely be heard. "T-Tera, t-t-they killed them..." The Riolu barely managed to speak before it broke down into tears again.

Tera, the Lucario who was protecting the younger Riolu knew she had to pull herself together, she had barely survived two encounters with those men, she didn't know if she could survive another. She had to get that Riolu to safety.
Tera pushed herself off the ground and stood up, she looked behind her over to the Riolu, and what she saw next made her sick.

The Riolu screamed out in pain and fell to the ground after it felt something hit its back.

Tera screamed out as she saw the Riolu on the floor and a knife stuck in its back, she instantly ran over to the Riolu that writhed around in agony on the short green grass. When she reached the Riolu, she saw the man that threw the knife step out from behind a tree, he had a smile that made her sick, what he said next made her want to puke.

"Another one to mount on my wall, and one to become my slave." The viper smugly spat as he walked towards the Lucario and Riolu.

Tera said nothing; she just jumped over the Riolu and charged at the human dressed in black and red combat gear.

The viper jumped back to avoid her swiping attack when she threw her right paw his way, but he quickly responded by launching a high kick that slammed his combat boot into the left side of her face. She tumbled backwards, moving into a backwards roll before quickly standing up again, determined to protect the Riolu with her life.

The man laughed at the Lucario and dying Riolu. "Impressive, I wonder if you're this versatile in bed." He stated, licking his lips and making a forward thrust with his hips, detailing what he was planning on doing.

Tera felt rage shoot through her, she felt like she must kill this man even if it's the last thing she does.
She charged forward, and as she did, she saw the man going to launch another high kick, that's when she ducked and narrowly missed getting kicked in the face again, she then launched her counter attack, slamming the spike on the back of her wrist into the man's thigh and using her other paw to punch him in the genitals.

The man hit the ground hard on his back as he grabbed the gaping wound on his left thigh with one hand and held his testicles with the other while he let out pained shouts. He tried to stand again despite the fact that the bone in his thigh was most likely broken or shattered, but as soon as he tried, Tera brought down her spike onto the top of his head, cracking through his skull and lodging it deep into his brain.

Tera pulled out her spike from the man's head and he fell like a ton of bricks, face first onto the ground. She felt the rage leave her body and instantly became overwhelmed by the feeling worry as she looked back over to the Riolu that had now stopped screaming and lay silently on the grass in a puddle of its own blood.
She rushed over to the young Riolu; she could feel herself ready to breakdown when she saw it slowly closing its eyes. "No... NO! Wake up!" Tera said as she shook the Riolu's lifeless body. Tears flooded from her eyes as she desperately tried to wake the little Riolu, but it was hopeless, deep down she knew that there was no way to bring him back.

She kneeled by the dead Riolu, and shed her tears for him. She knew that he was young and Tera knew his parents well, because this Riolu was her brother, his parents were her parents. Now that they and he were dead, only the emotion of sadness came from her.
She continued to cry until there were no more tears to cry. When there were no more tears, she felt the sadness inside her replaced by hatred, she got up and sprinted back towards where her clan once called home.
After some time, she had arrived, she thought that she had finished crying, but she hadn't. She walked past the huts of her clan and searched in them to find any of her clan, but all she could find was dead bodies of her friends and family, the emotional pain that she felt ripping through her was unimaginable to most people.
She broke down three more times during her search for her clan. Her home, her family and her friends had been taken away from her, she was completely broken. She didn't know what to do, all that she knew was that this was the last place in the world she wants to be right now.
She ran away, and she didn't know where she was running to, but she didn't care.

Silas now sat in the back of an armored black van, it was only him and the driver in there, none of his men survived the attack on the Lucario clan, but he was glad. That just meant that he was still the best and smartest fighter.
Those men didn't have what it takes to become his best, that's when he soon realized that his best is himself. Although he had slaughtered a clan of Lucarios with only ten men and only using knives, cunning and hand-to-hand combat, this mission was not a success.
The Lucario described to him was not among the clan, either he had left before they got there or he had killed one of his men and fled the area. The Lucario he was looking for had half of his left ear cut off, Silas saw no Lucario like that in the clan.
2 months later...

Silas sat at his desk, as he listened eagerly to what one viper had to report to him.

"We know that Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Hoenn are working together and have been putting together a plan for some time, but we have just received information on a team one of their agents is building and well... You should take a look." The viper described to Silas as he handed over some documents to Silas.

Silas looked through the documents; he couldn't believe what he saw. "Richard... He's a part of that team?" Silas asked.

"Yes, that's not all though. You may notice that he has a Lucario partner... She is a survivor from the attack you launched two months ago." The viper informed him.

Silas glared at the viper. "A survivor... Why was I not informed that there was a survivor?" Silas questioned.

"It's easy to find information on humans, our personal history could be found in records, but the only way to find out the personal history of a Pokémon is to either watch them constantly, listen to what others say about them or ask them. We gathered this information through listening to other reports, all the information fits." The viper told Silas.

Silas went back to reading the document before asking another question a few seconds later. "You said that this Lucario is Richard's partner. How do you mean that? Professionally? Romantically?" Silas questioned.

"We have reason to believe both; they worked together as deputies while romantically involved with each other, and now they are both on a mission to take us all out." The viper stated.

Silas looked back down to the documents, and saw yet another name he recognized. "Bruce Harrison, this can't be a coincidence." Silas muttered to himself.

"It isn't a coincidence, they intentionally picked those who have escaped us before in hope that they can not only escape us again, but take us out too." The viper stated.

Silas couldn't stop reading the documents, everything in them seemed important. It wasn't long before he asked yet another question. "A Glaceon? What do we know about the Glaceon that is traveling with them?"

The viper let out a sigh and said, "That is currently unknown sir. But, there is something else that you should know about Richard too, his father worked for us."

Silas had a look of surprise on his face. "What became of his father then?" Silas inquired as he eagerly awaited the answer.

"Richard knocked him out and waited for the police to arrive, Richard's father is now currently serving a lifetime sentence. The two other men stationed there were killed." The viper informed him.

Silas looked through the documents to find information on the agent, but found none. "What do we know about the agent then?" Silas asked.

"Nearly nothing, they hid his history well. All we know is what he looks like and that he is one of their best." The viper answered.

Silas looked through the documents once more before putting them down and saying, "Is that all they are sending? Three men and two Pokémon?" Silas asked as he began to feel insulted.

"No, we have reason to believe that the agent has dossiers on people he wants to recruit. That team will grow, unless we do something about it. Our scouts say that they Vermillion City right now, we have a force of over fifty men ready to strike at the city, all you have to do is give the word." The viper told Silas.

Silas glared at the viper, he wanted to kill Richard himself, he wanted to kill them all himself. He wished the viper had told him sooner so he could hunt them down himself, nobody else to help him.
He knew something had to be done about them soon though, he felt like those people were much more dangerous to his army than Kanto's entire army ever was, maybe that was because a force of thousands of humans and Pokémon was easy to predict, a small group like that however, was unpredictable.
Especially with survivors like that in the group.

"Kill them all, and bring me their bodies." Silas ordered the viper. "I will send out the order immediately." The viper said before walking out of the room.

Silas felt like bursting out into a rage, just flipping out, overturning the desk and punching the walls, but he contained it within himself. 'I should be there! I should be the one to end their lives! If they want me, they can try to take me!' Silas' voice shouted inside his head.

Zev, Silas' Seviper, slithered besides him. Silas' hands stroked its scaly head as he contemplated what he should do next.

2 days later...

Silas sat at his desk, he had sent over fifty men and some of his special forces to take down the small group that should have died a long time ago, but his men weren't enough to take them out. All he accomplished by attacking Vermillion City was taking out a few soldiers, and wasting valuable time. All of his immediate attention was soon drawn to the same viper he had talked to two days ago as he entered the room.

"Sir, we have a big problem." The viper stated straight away.

"Tell me." Silas responded.

The viper let out a sigh and prepared himself to get punched. "They have recruited two more people, a man called Louis and a Scyther he calls Reaper. They are both survivors from the first attack you launched on Kanto, in Viridian City. They are going to try killing Ryan." The viper informed him.

Silas sat back in his chair and thought about the situation. Ryan had become more unstable and less useful; he didn't even like him anymore. He had tortured a prisoner for a little over 10 years, the only reason Ryan didn't kill the prisoner is because that he was now a valuable fighter in 'The Yard.'
That man didn't contribute as much as he used to; in fact, he took away more than he contributed now. Silas had enough of Ryan taking advantage of their friendship; he had enough of Ryan hiding behind his power.
The viper could see Silas thinking, but he needed a decision on what to do before that team got to him. "Sir, what are your orders?" The viper asked.

Silas remained silent for a few seconds before answering. "...Fuck him." Silas answered as he went back to looking at some more documents.

"Sir?" The viper responded, that wasn't the answer he was expecting.

"He's become more trouble than he's worth, do you really want to put your men in danger?" Silas asked.

"No sir! I'll tell them to stand down." The viper responded before running out of the room.

Silas felt good, he felt like one problem was taking care of another. Part of Silas didn't want that small group to die, not by the hands of his men anyway. He wanted to kill them all himself, he wanted to kill Richard in particular.
Every time he looked down to his arm and saw those scars left by the bullets shot by Richard, he was reminded that he may not be as strong as he thought, and he felt like he wanted to slit someone's neck.

1 month later...

Silas was in his office, he was in his black viper's uniform and his men outside were shouting orders at each other as they prepared themselves. His knife was jammed into his desk.
Silas wasn't the only one in the office, Zev was curled up in the corner of the office as James walked up to Silas and asked, "Why have you called me here? There is much to plan and..." James stopped talking when Silas took out a document and placed it on the desk.

"I've known it all along." Silas told him.

"What?" James said before taking a look at the document. James' heart raced, pumping violently as he read through the document. On the document was a list of meeting places, times and dates, meetings that James had went to when he given in information on Silas and his army.

Silas got out of his chair and said, "I really should thank you. Without you, certain information would be unobtainable." Silas began as he stood up out of his chair. "I'm still surprised you had the balls to betray me, you have been a valuable asset, but now I have no need for you." Silas looked down to his knife that was lodged into the desk as he finished his sentence.

James didn't know what to do, he was unarmed and in a room with the most dangerous man in the world. He wasn't about to let himself go easily though. James quickly reached out for the knife, but as soon as he did, Zev sprung to life and used its tail to quickly slash at the back of his right leg, leaving a deep bleeding wound and poisoning him in the process.
James dropped to the ground and held his wound which now burned unlike anything he had ever felt before, the poison was already doing its job. Before James could even try to get up, Zev opened its jaws and closed them onto James' head, causing one fang to break through his skull and the other to go through his neck. His death was not instant, but it was quick.

Silas watched as Zev wrapped himself around James' corpse and began squeezing it, breaking its bones as it applied more pressure. Silas didn't have time to just enjoy the sight though, the end was drawing closer. Soon, somebody would come out on top, but whom?

Although the odds seemed stacked against him with four region's armies coming to destroy him and his army, he was still confident that he could win the battle, and strike back at those regions while he does. Silas didn't really want the power, he wanted the challenge, and he wanted to be the best.

The fate of the world would be decided soon, but the question on Silas' mind was not who would decide its face, but how one would decide its fate. Silas smirked as he began planning how he wanted the world to fall under his control, and how he would keep that control.
Silas never wanted to rule the world, he just wanted the biggest challenge, and now it seems that the biggest challenge would soon hit them all. He was ready for anything, but more than anything else, he was ready to destroy that small group that had caused him so much trouble, he was ready to destroy what seemed to be his one weakness, Richard.
Chapter End Notes:The story ends here. What Silas does next will be revealed in my story, 'Blood and love
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