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Her beautiful broken mind. by PROKNIFER69


Story Notes:

I would like to thank hironada AGAIN! Thanks man, didn't know that I would end up with such an awesome editor ^^I would also like to thank pokeflare back over at FF for the conversation that let to me actually writing this story! Oh, and I do not own Pokemon, if I did then something like this would happen in the movies. ^^

Romance begins.

Just over two weeks had passed, it was now Friday night. Blake and Yasmin were both sitting on the same couch, watching an action movie while eating junk food. Blake noticed a little smirk appear on Yasmin's face every time someone died in a particularly nasty way. He guessed that she just had a dark sense of humor, but he liked that about her.

Yasmin watched with a smile as she saw people getting shot and blown up, it was exciting for her and she had to admit, she was starting to like the TV. It was a long movie, when it ended, she let out a yawn and looked to her side to see Blake asleep. She smiled as she looked at him, she knew she could trust him, and she knew he definitely trusted her, even when she wouldn't have trusted herself if she were him. The more she looked at Blake, the more she wondered if she should get any closer to him. That's when she surprised herself, she carefully lay her head on Blake's chest, careful not to wake him. Yasmin didn't know why she did this, but she wasn't sorry that she did. She stayed there, listening to Blake softly breathing in and out until she slowly fell asleep.

Yasmin awoke the next morning to find Blake's arms wrapped around her. She smiled slightly, but that smile soon disappeared as she began to remind herself about how hopeless she felt when her sister died. She didn't want to fall for Blake and have him taken away from her like her sister, that, and she wouldn't even know how to tell Blake how she felt. She tried to put it all out of her mind, she slowly moved away from Blake, carefully getting Blake's arms off her, and then shifting to the other side of the couch when she saw him moving a little, waking up.

Blake slowly opened his eyes as he outstretched his arms and looked over to Yasmin. "Good morning Yasmin." he said to her as he yawned.

Yasmin nodded as her own way of saying good morning while she quickly found her notepad and pen, but didn't write anything, not for a while at least. Some time had passed, enough time for morning to turn into night. Blake and Yasmin had both had something to eat, and were now sitting down on the couch with each other. Yasmin couldn't concentrate on what they were watching, she couldn't stop thinking about Blake, she couldn't decide if she wanted him or not. It annoyed her, she was never usually this indecisive. That's when she thought to herself, 'Fuck it, I want to know if he likes me.' Yasmin then picked up her pen and notepad once more, and began writing. Halfway through the sentence she had wrote, she began to have second thoughts, but she was determined not to listen to them. She then finished writing, she thought that what she had just wrote sounded stupid, but she tapped Blake's arm and shown it to him anyway.

'What do you think of Pokemon and human relationships?' The notepad had written on it.

Blake was surprised by the question on the notepad to say the very least. Pokemon and human relationships were legal in Johto, but he didn't expect Yasmin to ask him what he thought of it. "Err, do you mean in a romantic way?" he cautiously asked her. Blake watched Yasmin give a small nod before he said, "Well, I think it's a good thing. After all, we're not really that different... Why do you ask?"

Yasmin looked at him, she thought about telling him right then, but she didn't know if she should, again, all the doubts began to fill her head. But again, she pushed them all out. She began writing, and then stopped to show Blake what she had written.

'Because I think I'm starting to like you in that way.'

Blake looked back up to the nervous smile on Yasmin's face before saying, "I... I'm starting to like you in that way too."

Yasmin was surprised to hear him say that, he didn't act like he wanted her, he just acted like a friend. But maybe that's what she liked about him. Yasmin didn't bother writing anymore, she didn't feel like there was anything left to say. She just looked back to the TV and watched with a big smile on her face. She wondered what it would be like, having Blake as a mate, now they both knew they like each other, she guessed she would soon find out.

Blake noticed her big smile, he hadn't seen her so happy before. He was happy too, he knew that she liked him, and she trusted him. He was happy to think that he could actually be with someone who cared about him, someone who had almost killed him.

Hours passed, it was already midnight. Blake and Yasmin were sitting very closely to each other ever since they found out how they felt about each other. They both wanted to get a little closer, but didn't know how the other would react. Blake had one arm wrapped around her waist, and one of Yasmin's paws now rested on Blake's thigh, but both didn't really pay any attention to that though. For them, it just seemed like a normal night, until they planned on going to sleep. Yasmin let out a yawn as the show they were watching ended.

Blake switched off the TV and got up, he was about to say goodnight like he always did, but this time, things were different. "Err, Yasmin... Would you like to sleep in my bed tonight?" he cautiously asked her.

Yasmin looked up to him, she trusted him, she knew that he wouldn't try anything with her, so she nodded with a little smile on her face. She followed Blake into his bedroom, she hadn't been in this room since one of the first days she came here. She watched Blake get into bed, keeping most of his clothes on because of his company. Yasmin climbed into bed next to him, pulling the sheets over herself. She had slept on the couch since she had came here, the warm comfy bed was a pleasant change for her.

Blake looked into Yasmin's big pink eyes before saying, "Goodnight Yasmin."

Yasmin smiled. "Goodnight." she replied as she closed her eyes, still facing him. She had never slept in a bed before, so she had never shared one, but so far, she liked it. While they were still awake, Yasmin and Blake moved closer and closer to each other, eyes still closed, eventually pulling each other into a hug. Neither of them said anything, they just quietly held each other. Blake couldn't remember touching Yasmin's fur before this, it felt warm and soft as silk. They began to fall into a deep sleep as they listened to each other's quiet breathing.
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