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Her beautiful broken mind. by PROKNIFER69


Story Notes:

I would like to thank hironada AGAIN! Thanks man, didn't know that I would end up with such an awesome editor ^^I would also like to thank pokeflare back over at FF for the conversation that let to me actually writing this story! Oh, and I do not own Pokemon, if I did then something like this would happen in the movies. ^^

Her beautiful broken mind.

Blake awoke, and saw Yasmin still sleeping in his arms. As he looked upon her pretty white and red furry face, he smiled. He couldn't believe this was actually happening. When he took Yasmin in, he expected a lot of stuff, to fall in love with her was not one of them. Blake noticed Yasmin slowly opening her eyes, and giving him a little smile. "Sleep well?" Blake asked her as he returned the smile.

"Yes." Yasmin responded with a nod. She liked being close to Blake, she liked having someone that she could trust, sort of. As she felt Blake's arms around her, it triggered something in her mind. 'Did... he plan this? Did he take me in because he wanted my body!?' she angrily thought to herself. But then she thought, 'No... He couldn't have known that I'd end up liking him... Fucking... Shit! I'm getting paranoid again.'

"Yasmin? Are you okay?" Blake asked as he looked at the confused expression on her face.

Yasmin looked up to Blake and began thinking to herself again. 'I've never liked anyone like this before... He couldn't have planned this, he's too nice... Maybe I'm just getting too fucking confused.' Yasmin thought to herself as she nodded in reply to Blake's question.

Blake smiled. "Good... I'll go cook something up for us. I'll be right back." he said as he got up out of bed and walked out of the room.

Yasmin was confused, she didn't know what suddenly triggered her distrust towards him, or at least she didn't think she knew. She guessed it might have had something to do with getting close to Blake, but she really wasn't sure. A few minutes later, Blake walked into the room with two plates of food, one of which he handed to Yasmin. She took the plate and nodded as she said, "Thank you."

Blake and Yasmin sat in bed until they had both eaten their food. After that, they both spent the day just talking and sitting on the couch together, watching the TV a little as they did so. A few minutes later and they were both still relaxing on the couch. Blake was now stroking Yasmin's soft fur on her back. She had noticed, but she didn't want to tell him to stop. Blake really liked Yasmin, but he wasn't sure if he should just act on his feelings and just tell her how he really felt, he had already told her he liked her, but that was only part of what he wanted to tell her. "Yasmin?" Blake said to her.

Yasmin turned her head to look at him as she said, "Yeah?"

Blake guessed that she had just said 'what' as he nervously said, "You... Have really pretty eyes."

Yasmin was more than a little surprised when Blake said that. She couldn't remember anyone complimenting her, she felt strange, but she felt good. She smiled as she picked up her pen and notepad and wrote something down, showing it to Blake when she had finished.

'No one else has told me anything like that before.'

Blake looked back up to her. "That's so hard to believe." he told Yasmin as he thought about telling her just how much he thought of her. There wasn't any laws stopping him, Pokemon and human relationships are perfectly normal in Johto, what was stopping him was thinking of how badly she might react.

Yasmin gave a confused look before she wrote a single word on the notepad, and then showed it to Blake.


Blake looked back up to Yasmin, and braced himself as he began to tell her. "Because... You're so different Yasmin... I like that about you." he told her as he looked into her eyes.

Yasmin sighed before looking down to her notepad and started to write something.

'I'm just another Zangoose, the only thing that's different about me is that I'm insane. I almost ripped you apart the first time I saw you.' were the words that Blake now read.

Blake looked back up to her. "I don't care if you are insane, because that's one of the things I love about you. You're so different from anyone else I know... You're unique. You're a beautiful person Yasmin." he said before he saw Yasmin turn her head away as if she didn't want to listen to any of it. "I... I'm sorry if you don't want to hear this."

Yasmin could see where this was heading. She didn't want this, she didn't want to be with Blake, but at the same time, she did. She didn't want to grow too fond of Blake just in case she lost him. Everyone she was close with died, and every time, she was devastated to the point of wanting to take her own life. She didn't want to like Blake, but now she found herself liking him more than she had expected. It seemed like every day that she spent with him, she slowly fell in love with him. Yasmin had thought over the time she had stayed with Blake if she should just leave without telling him, that way she would never really grow attached to him, but she stayed, and now she didn't want to leave him. She felt happy with him, something she hadn't felt in a long time. Yasmin looked back to Blake before she looked back to her pen and notepad, her only way of speaking to him. She couldn't help but think how she'd ever lead a normal life with Blake, she was paranoid, suicidal, and could only speak to him by writing on a notepad.

Blake could see her thinking about something as she stared down at her notepad. She hadn't said or wrote anything yet, and he was scared. He was scared that she'd just leave because he finally told Yasmin what he thought about her. He kept replaying his words over and over in his mind, wondering if he had somehow offended her. "Yasmin... Are you mad at me?" he cautiously asked her.

Yasmin looked back up to the worried look on Blake's face as she shook her head and picked up her pen. She had made up her mind, Blake's answer to her response would be the deciding factor in whether she stays, or leaves. She just hoped that she wouldn't regret it.

'Do you just like me, or love me?'

Blake looked back into Yasmin's eyes, and just said everything that he had been wanting to tell her. "I... I'm in love with you Yasmin. Every day I spend with you, I just love you more because of your personality. You've been through so much crap, but you're still here... You're nothing like any of the women I've met... You're strong. You might think you're insane, but that's just who you are. I love everything about you, your soft fur, your big shiny pink eyes, even your beautiful broken mind." Blake didn't break eye contact with her all the way through his little speech.

Yasmin was a little stunned, she didn't really know what to think anymore, but she knew one thing. She was staying. She loved Blake, but she didn't want to tell him that by writing it. She wanted to tell him in her own way. Blake and Yasmin both gazed at each other, both slowly getting closer. They both slowly leaned in, their face's getting closer to each other's. They both closed their eyes and a moment later, their lips touched.
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