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Story Notes:

I would like to thank hironada AGAIN! Thanks man, didn't know that I would end up with such an awesome editor ^^I would also like to thank pokeflare back over at FF for the conversation that let to me actually writing this story! Oh, and I do not own Pokemon, if I did then something like this would happen in the movies. ^^

Suicide watch.

One day later...

Blake was now in a hospital bed, his two claw shape wounds going diagonally across his chest had now been treated and stitched up. The police had questioned him, they asked him who did it, but for some reason, he lied and said, "I don't remember." He thought he said it to protect the Zangoose, but why he would want to protect her after what she did was a mystery to him. The doctor had also told him that his wounds looked worse than they actually were, he also told him that those wounds would certainly leave scars, but Blake could live with that. After yet another day in the hospital, and after booking a week off work, he had left the hospital.

Blake walked slowly to his car, it now hurt every time his clothes rubbed against his stitched up wounds. He opened the car door and climbed in, the doctors recommended that the stay at least an extra day, but Blake didn't want to stay. He wanted to find that Zangoose before she slits her own throat, only this time, he would be careful. He really didn't know why he cared for something that just sent him to the hospital, maybe it was because he wanted to prove to himself that he wasn't another one of these heartless people in this city who don't care about anyone else but themselves. Or maybe it was just because he couldn't stand the thought of doing nothing. Either way, he was going to look for her.

He started his car and began to drive away from the hospital and back to his house, as he did, he wondered what the scars on his chest would look like. He also wondered what people would say when he would tell them a suicidal Zangoose gave them to him.

5 hours later...

Blake was now home, he got undressed out of his hospital clothes and got dressed in jeans, a navy blue shirt and a black leather jacket. Every time the shirt rubbed against his wounds he quietly cussed to himself. Blake wanted to just crash on the bed, but he didn't. Instead, he walked right out again, to find that Zangoose.

The Zangoose was sitting against a tree as she stared down to her left paw, to her wrist. There was a line there where there was no fur, that was a scar from one of her last suicide attempts, she remembered slashing her wrist, and then trying to slash open the other, until her sister found her and begged her to stop. Her sister was the only one who ever cared for her, when she died, so did everything that made her life worth living. So did the last bit of good she saw in the world.

As she thought more about her sister, tears began to fill her eyes, and she soon couldn't stop those tears from flowing down her face. She didn't want to live here any longer, she wanted to be with her sister. She was going to try one more time to end her life, she just needed time to muster the courage to do it.

Blake watched from a distance from behind a tree, looking on as the Zangoose cried her heart out. Watching her cry made him think about what she could have possibly gone through that would drive her to kill herself. Part of Blake just wanted to stay hidden behind the tree to avoid possibly getting ripped apart, but another part of Blake just wanted to comfort the Zangoose. Blake watched, until he saw her bring her claws up to her own neck once again. He quickly stepped out into the open and shouted, "Don't do it!"

The Zangoose immediately stood up and growled at the human, her growls quietened when she realized that she had seen the human before.

Blake backed away slightly when she growled at him. "Hey, all I wanted to do was help... Thanks for giving me two new scars by the way." Blake said to her as he pointed to his chest.

The Zangoose immediately started growling loudly again. 'What? Does he want me to repay him or something? I wanted to die!' Her voice angrily shouted in her head. "What the fuck do you want!?" The Zangoose shouted at him.

Seeing her growl shout loudly with such an angry expression on her face made him think that this wasn't the smartest thing he had done. He wish he could understand what she was shouting at him. "Listen, I pulled away your claws from your neck because I didn't want you to kill yourself, and I'm here now because I still don't want you to kill yourself, even though you did send me to the hospital." Blake told her.

The Zangoose wasn't buying his story, it sounded too kind, she thought that he must have had other motives. 'I bet he wants sex as a reward, they're all fucking same.' The Zangoose angrily thought to herself.

Blake could see he was getting nowhere here, but he wasn't going to give up. "I'm not going to let you kill yourself, not while I'm around." Blake said as he sat down on the ground.

The Zangoose was now confused. 'Why the fuck is he sitting down? Does he really care this much even after I shredded his chest?' The Zangoose's confused voice asked in her mind as she then sat down.

3 hours later...

Blake was still sitting down in the same spot, as was the Zangoose. They both watched each other. Blake watched her to see if she tries to harm herself again, and the Zangoose watched Blake to see if he tries anything.

As Blake watched her, he noticed some things about her appearance. He noticed the cut on her neck that looked fresh, and he also noticed the scar mark on her wrist meaning either someone attacked her, or she tried to kill herself before. Watching the Zangoose brought back very bad memories for Blake, that's when he thought that maybe it was because of his past that he cared about this suicidal Zangoose so much. He remembered watching over his brother like this, he watched him nearly every night. Blake couldn't trust him to be alone on his own.

He tried to put those thoughts out of his head as he continued to watch the Zangoose's every move. He didn't blame her if she hated him, his brother felt the same way.

The Zangoose wondered why the man she had wounded was so adamant to stay here with her, even if he did plan on getting some kind of revenge, she would have thought she would have thought that he would want to stay away from her after what she did to him. She wondered if he did just care about saving her life, but she didn't want to let her guard down. Her life taught her a lot of lessons, one of them was that you could trust just about no one in this world.

Blake wondered what he would do after tonight, how would he look after a suicidal Zangoose? He really didn't know, but he wasn't going to let her throw her life away. Blake wanted to gain her trust, and he knew that the best way to do that was to talk to her. "What's your name?" He asked the Zangoose who just stared at him in response.

The Zangoose saw that question as pointless. "It doesn't matter, you can't hear me anyway. Besides, I doubt you really give a shit." The Zangoose told him.

Blake didn't understand what she was saying, but judging from the way she was looking at him and her tone, he guessed it wasn't anything good. Blake knew that he would have to do a lot more to gain her trust, that's why he decided to tell her why he thought he cared about her safety so much. "... I had a brother. But he's gone now. He killed himself... He did it because his wife had died, along with their unborn baby girl... I caught him trying to hang himself, but I managed to stop it... Every night after that, I sat down with him like I'm doing with you right now. I watched him for... well, it must have been half a year. After that, he seemed like he could handle himself... I went on holiday, and when I came back... Anyway, I'm not going to let that happen again. You probably hate me, I don't know why but, I just really don't want to see you harm yourself." Blake finished as he tried to hold back some tears.

The Zangoose looked at the human, she hated nearly every human she came across, but she had to admit, this one seemed different. She could see that he was telling the truth. "Well, you can't watch me forever." The Zangoose flatly said.

Blake really wanted to know what the Zangoose was saying, it was hard to gain someone's trust when you don't understand what they are saying. "I don't understand you, but... if you want, you could stay at my place." Blake said to yourself. 'Ah, yes. Like this isn't going to come back and bite me in the ass.' Blake pessimistically thought to himself.

The Zangoose had a confused expression on her face. 'Why the hell would he... Is he really trying to stop me from killing myself?' The Zangoose asked herself as she looked at the human.

Blake looked at her and said, "Err, just nod if you want to come, shake your head left and right if you don't."

The Zangoose thought about it. 'I might as well, if he tries anything, I'll just rip his head off.' The Zangoose stood up and then nodded.

Blake was happy that was her response, this way, he could now keep an eye on her without freezing to death outside, in the dark.
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