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Her beautiful broken mind. by PROKNIFER69


Story Notes:

I would like to thank hironada AGAIN! Thanks man, didn't know that I would end up with such an awesome editor ^^I would also like to thank pokeflare back over at FF for the conversation that let to me actually writing this story! Oh, and I do not own Pokemon, if I did then something like this would happen in the movies. ^^

Blake's place.

10 minutes later...

Blake opened the door to his cottage and said, "Well, this is my place. Isn't a dream home but it's better than sleeping outside."

The Zangoose walked past the man and looked around. There were pictures on the walls, some of landscapes and some family photo looking ones. The living room was quite large, it had two couches in it, a TV, a few decorative drawers and a computer over in the corner of the room.

Blake took off his jacket and hung it up on the coat rack near the door. "The kitchen is through there, the door near the computer. The door next to the kitchen is the bathroom; this other door to the left is to my bedroom." Blake informed her as he walked over to the couch and sat on it. "My name is Blake by the way." He said whilst switching on the TV.

After a while of looking around the room, she sat on the other couch. So far, the place looked nice and it was a lot warmer than outside, she liked it here.

"Are you hungry?" Blake asked her.

The Zangoose still didn't trust him enough to take his food, she was paranoid and suspected that he may slip something into the food. The Zangoose shook her head in response.

"Okay then. Oh, and if you want, you could take my bed for the night or you could sleep on the couch. Where do you want to sleep?" Blake asked.

The Zangoose responded by tapping twice with her claws on the couch she was sitting on.

"Alright then. Do you have a name?" Blake inquired.

The Zangoose nodded in response.

Blake thought about asking her, but he soon realized that she wouldn't actually be able to tell him. That's when he got an idea. "Hang on a sec." Blake said as he got up and walked over to his computer.

The Zangoose watched as he grabbed a pen and what looked like a notepad from the desk his computer rested on.

Blake then walked back over to her and asked, "Do you know how to spell your name?" It might have seemed like a silly question, but some Pokemon had no knowledge of how to write.

The Zangoose then nodded.

"Can you write down your name? You know, just so I know what to call you." Blake explained.

The Zangoose took the pen and notepad, although she couldn't really get a good grip on the pen. 'I hope this human doesn't expect me to talk to him by writing to him.' She thought to herself as she slowly started to write her name. The Zangoose then held out the notepad to Blake when she had finished writing her name.

Blake looked at the messy letters that spelled out her name. "Yasmin?" Blake said just to confirm that he was seeing her name right.

The Zangoose nodded.

"Well then Yasmin, if you need anything, just write it down and I'll see what I can do." Blake told her as he set down the notepad besides her and walked back over and sat down on his couch. Blake could tell that Yasmin found it hard to be friendly, but he was just glad she was even trying to be friendly.

5 hours later...

"I'm heading off to bed, do you need anything before I do?" Blake asked the Zangoose as he stood up.

Yasmin shook her head, although she was now feeling hungry.

"Alright then, good night." Blake said to her whilst walking over to his bedroom.

Yasmin watched Blake enter his bedroom and close the door behind him before she lay down on the couch, although she wasn't planning on sleeping. She now had new things on her mind, she was thinking about Blake, the human that had taken her in. She still knew very little about him, he said that he had a brother that committed suicide, she believed him, but that didn't mean she believed that he cared about her. Yasmin didn't know what Blake had to gain by taking her in, but she believed that he had taken her in for a reason that she may not like. She always expected the worst from people. Yasmin looked to her claws once more, and thought to herself, 'I'm fucking useless... I can't even kill myself.'

Blake now lay on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. He knew what he was doing was a huge risk, taking in the Zangoose that had slashed open his chest, but he felt like he couldn't just leave her to kill herself. Blake felt like he should help her, after he had failed the first time around. He just hoped that she would let him help her. Blake wondered what would drive Yasmin to suicide, he wondered just what she had experienced in her life that was so bad that she just wanted to die. He knew that whatever she had experienced, it must have been horrible. Blake tried to get some sleep, but he just couldn't stop thinking about everything.

The next morning...

Blake walked out of his bedroom and looked over to Yasmin who suddenly went from lying down to sitting upright on the couch. "Hey, did you sleep well?" Blake asked as he started to walk over to the kitchen door.

Yasmin hadn't slept all night, she had expected something to happen during the night, but nothing did. "Yeah." She lied as she nodded.

"Good, I'm going to cook something up. You want anything to eat?" Blake asked her.

Yasmin shook her head. Even though she was now hungry, she still didn't trust him enough to take his food.

"Alright then." Blake responded as he then walked into the kitchen.

Yasmin stretched her arms out and let out a yawn before getting off the couch. She felt really tired, so she decided to look around the living room. She hoped that she would find something interesting, or at least entertaining to wake her up a little.

Yasmin walked over to the computer; although she had no idea as to how it works. She sat on the wheeled chair in front of it which swiveled around slightly. She then looked to the keyboard, she knew all the letters, although she didn't recognize some of the symbols. There was something on the computer desk, they looked like a notes or letters. She took a look at the first one she saw.

'I wish you would stop blaming me for all the shit in your life, it has been hard on me too but...'

That's where the first note had ended. It was clear to Yasmin that Blake had planned on sending that to someone, but whom, she didn't know. Yasmin then took a look at the second note underneath it.

'I did everything I could, where the fuck were you? Maybe if you had supported him and acted like family then maybe he...'

The note ended there. 'Looks like someone has family problems.' Yasmin thought to herself as she sorted the notes back into the order she had found them. She didn't feel good about looking at those notes, but she wasn't sorry that she did either.

Yasmin got out of the computer chair and walked back over to the couch. She looked at the remote control that Blake had used to switch on the TV, which she then picked up. "Great, now which is the on button?" She thought out loud as she confusedly looked at the remote control and tried to remember which button Blake had pressed.

A few minutes later and Blake had came out of the kitchen with a plate of toast and bacon. He the sat down on the other couch, as he did, he noticed Yasmin sniffing the air. "Are you sure you don't want something to eat?" Blake asked her.

Yasmin looked over to his plate, as soon as she looked at the bacon, she felt like she was starving.

Blake could hear her stomach growling ever so slightly. "Here, take mine." Blake said as he handed his plate over to Yasmin.

Yasmin didn't want to take his food, but right now, she was listening more to her stomach than her paranoid mind. She happily took the plate and began eating everything on it.

"Wow, you really were hungry. Guess I'm going to have to make some more now." Blake said with a smile as he got up and walked back into the kitchen. Blake was happy to see that she now felt comfortable enough to take his food, it was a small step forward to gaining her trust, but at least he now knew he was getting somewhere.
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