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Her beautiful broken mind. by PROKNIFER69


Story Notes:

I would like to thank hironada AGAIN! Thanks man, didn't know that I would end up with such an awesome editor ^^I would also like to thank pokeflare back over at FF for the conversation that let to me actually writing this story! Oh, and I do not own Pokemon, if I did then something like this would happen in the movies. ^^


More time had passed and it was still dark, Blake was now lying on his side, sleeping, but then he was awoken by something. Blake felt something moving against his back, he slowly opened his eyes to see that Yasmin was no longer by the fire they had made, he wondered if it was Yasmin that was behind him, but after a few seconds had passed, it became clear that the thing behind him was not Yasmin. He felt it crawling or sliding up his upper back, up his shoulder blades, and to his shoulder. Blake looked over to get a glimpse of what it was exactly that was with him, that's when he saw it, a grayish colored snake. Blake wasn't scared of the snake, but that changed when it quickly lunged at his face. Almost in a flash, Blake shot back as he saw Yasmin's paws close around the snake, he looked up to her to see her quickly and violently twist it, pulling it in opposite directions, tearing it half before throwing it out of the cave.

Blood had sprayed on Yasmin's face, but she didn't mind it. She looked over to her side to see Blake sitting upright against the cave wall with a stunned look on his face. She walked up to him and immediately began looking for any bite marks on his face, but she saw none, her reflexes were fast enough to stop the snake before it actually reached him. "I just saved your life." Yasmin said with a smirk on her face.

Blake didn't understand what she was saying, he guessed she was asking if he was alright but he wasn't sure at all. "That snake almost killed me... I thought I was done for when I saw it opening it's mouth." Blake told her.

"I thought you were done for when I saw it climbing up your back." Yasmin replied as she wiped some blood away from her white and red furred face.

Blake wished that he had brought the notepad so she could understand what she was saying to him. "Thanks for saving me." Blake thanked her.

"Anytime human, I hate snakes anyway." She said with a smile as she sat down besides him.

Blake was surprised by how casual she was about it, like she does this kind of thing all the time, but he guessed she probably did when she was living out in the forest. "Are you alright Yasmin?" He asked as he began to wonder if she had somehow got bitten herself.

She nodded as a smirk crossed her face before saying, "Yes, but I don't think the snake is feeling too good."

"Good... Should we still stay here for the night or just head back home?" Blake asked her as he looked around himself a little, he thought that if there was one snake then others may be around.

"Stay, we might as well stay now that it's dark." Yasmin said as she tapped the ground she was sitting on twice with her claws.

When Blake saw her tapping on the ground, he guessed that she wanted to stay in the cave. "Alright then, we'll stay." He said with a smile.

Almost instantly, Yasmin lay down on the ground and closed her eyes. Blake was surprised at how fast she could just go back to sleeping after something like a snake attack. She was tough, very tough.

Blake tried to do the same and lay on his side again, although he had a feeling that he wasn't going to get much sleep. He couldn't stop opening his eyes just to make sure nothing was creeping towards him. After about half an hour, he finally fell asleep.

The next morning...

Yasmin slowly opened her eyes to see Blake still sleeping, and that the fire had burned out. She rubbed her eyes slightly as she let out a yawn which woke Blake up. Blake sat upright and then got up just as Yasmin did. "Come on, let's head back home." Blake said as he stretched his arms, one of which was now numb from sleeping on it.

Yasmin nodded as she made walked out of the cave, her eyes almost instantly went over to half of the snake's body, the part with the head, although she couldn't see where the other half was. It brought a smile to her face knowing that she saved the life of the human who had took her in to save her from herself. She dragged herself out of her own thoughts as she followed Blake back to his place.

1 week later...

More time passed, it was mostly uneventful for the both of them, although Yasmin had decided to stay at Blake's place, at least a bit longer anyway. Yasmin now lay on the couch, it was the weekend so Blake was still in the house. Yasmin wouldn't admit it, but she was growing quite fond of Blake, she felt like he was her friend. She had only had one other friend in her life, and that was her sister. Yasmin looked over to Blake who just walked out of his bedroom, fully dressed.

"Ready to go?" Blake asked her. Yasmin had told him about some kind of special spot in the forest that she would like to show him, he was a little hesitant after the snake incident, but he was curious as to what she wanted to show him.

Yasmin nodded in response to his question and got up off the couch and walked over to the front door with Blake, smiling as she did. It wasn't often that Blake saw her smiling, apart from that time she ripped that snake in half. He wondered what she was smiling about.

30 minutes later...

"Are we almost there?" Blake asked as he jumped over a log and followed Yasmin.

Yasmin looked back at him with a smile, and nodded. "Almost there now." She said as she walked past some more trees.

Blake followed her, and kept on following her until she came to a stop. He looked around, and saw a waterfall about ten foot high that poured down very clear water into quite a large plunge pool. Blake had been living in this area for sometime now, but he had never seen this place before.

Yasmin looked to the surprised expression on Blake's face, which brought a smile to her own. "I guess you like it then." Yasmin said before walking over to the waterfall.

Blake walked over to the spring and touched the water with his fingertips, it was surprisingly warm, part of Blake just wanted to dive in, but he didn't have any other clothes apart from what he was already wearing. Blake looked over to Yasmin who was now washing herself under the waterfall, he found it difficult to keep his eyes off her. The warm water that she was washing herself made the white parts her fur shine in the sunlight. Blake couldn't hide it from himself, he found her very attractive, but he didn't think that she felt the same way about him. Blake sat down next to the plunge pool, this really was a nice spot. The water was very clean and warm, there were trees surrounding them and the sun was now high in the sky, the only sound around them came from the waterfall.

Yasmin stepped away from the waterfall and walked over to Blake, her white and red fur was now completely drenched.

Blake looked over to her, she looked even prettier up close. "This is a really nice spot Yasmin." Blake said to her.

"Yeah." Yasmin said as she sat down next to Blake. "My sister thought so too." She added as her mind wondered back to better times.

Blake noticed that she quickly lost her smile, he wondered why. "Are you okay Yasmin?" He asked her.

Yasmin nodded as she looked to the plunge pool, she didn't want Blake to see one hint of sadness in her face, only her sister saw her show that emotion.

Blake could tell that something was on Yasmin's mind, but he knew better than to pry and try and find out what she was thinking, Yasmin liked to keep her thoughts and her feelings to herself most of the time.


"Goodnight Yasmin." Blake said to her as he walked over to his bedroom door.

"Goodnight." Yasmin replied as she lay on her side, on the couch. She heard Blake close his door, and she closed her eyes. The trip to the waterfall had made her think about things, mostly about Blake, and staying at his place. Yasmin trusted her sister, she was the only person that knew what she went through, the only one that cared anyway. Yasmin had begun to trust Blake a little more with everyday that past, but she didn't want to trust him, she wanted to hate him, but she couldn't, she thought he was a nice guy. She only hoped that she was trusting the right person.
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