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Her beautiful broken mind. by PROKNIFER69


Story Notes:

I would like to thank hironada AGAIN! Thanks man, didn't know that I would end up with such an awesome editor ^^I would also like to thank pokeflare back over at FF for the conversation that let to me actually writing this story! Oh, and I do not own Pokemon, if I did then something like this would happen in the movies. ^^

Quick learners.

After a few more hours, Blake was now at the front door to his house. He grabbed his keys from his jacket pocket and opened the front door. He walked into his house and closed the door behind him after hanging his jacket up on the coat rack. Blake then looked over to the couch and saw Yasmin giving him a little nod, he guessed that was her way of saying hi.

Blake walked over to the other couch and sat down, letting out a sigh as he did. "Hi Yasmin." Blake said to her as she then held up the notepad in her paws, which he then looked at.

'Why did you take me in?' Was the question written on the notepad.

Blake looked back to Yasmin and said, "Well... I just felt like I couldn't just leave you out there, you were going to kill yourself. I wouldn't have been able to sleep at night if I did nothing and found you dead days later." Blake told her.

Yasmin then quickly wrote down another question on the notepad. 'Are you still angry about when I cut your chest?'

Blake looked back to her and answered, "I was never angry to begin with. My chest still hurts, but it will heal."

Yasmin was surprised at how calm he was, she knew that she wouldn't have been so calm in his position.

"Can I ask you a question Yasmin?" Blake asked, remembering how it didn't go down so well last time he asked her a question.

Yasmin reluctantly nodded, she knew that she knew a lot more about him than he did about her.

"Okay then, how did you get that scar on your wrist?... You don't have to answer if you don't want to." Blake reminded her.

Yasmin looked down to the line going across her wrist where fur no longer grew before picking up a pen and writing her response. 'I tried to kill myself before, I tried to slash through my wrists... I didn't manage to cut the other one open...'

Blake didn't know what to say, it took him a while to think up of a reply. "Was your life really that bad?" Blake replied.

Yasmin just looked to him and nodded as she said, "Yes, it was..."

Blake took her little whines, her nod and the pained look on her face as a definite yes. "Whatever your life was like before, whatever bad happened, that will never happen again. Not with me around." Blake told her as he looked at her shiny pink eyes.

"I don't need protecting human, I can look out for myself." Yasmin thought out loud as she written something down on the notepad. 'I can defend myself.'

Blake read those words and said as he tapped his chest, "Yeah, I know."

Yasmin felt that guilty feeling again when he did that, if she had known this human wasn't like the rest, she wouldn't have attacked him. But she wasn't thinking at the time, she felt someone grab her, so she attacked without even thinking about it.

That night...

Blake was in his bed, he couldn't stop thinking about Yasmin, he couldn't stop imagining that poor Zangoose trying to cut open her wrist. Blake wanted to know so badly as to why she would even try something like that, but he knew that Yasmin would probably never tell him. Even after he took her in, he could see that she still didn't really trust him, he wondered why she didn't trust him, what would cause her to have these trust issues and why she didn't want to talk about it. Blake tried not to think about it, he wanted to go to sleep, but he just couldn't stop thinking.

Yasmin was laying down on the couch with her eyes closed, yet still awake. She had different things on her mind, like leaving. She knew that Blake meant well, but she just didn't feel right staying around the man, she felt like she didn't need anyone else, she felt like she shouldn't need anyone else. Yasmin felt like leaving, but something inside told her to stay, at least for a little while longer.

5 days later...

Time passed, and trust grew between Blake and Yasmin, although there were things that they never asked each other. Blake never asked about what had driven Yasmin to her suicide attempts, he had a feeling that if he asked her, he would regret it. Yasmin never asked about Blake's family, she had a feeling that they were part of the reason he lived out in this forest. Although they both knew that there was something they were hiding from each other, they both believed that the other wasn't dangerous, not intentionally and not towards each other anyway. A lot had happened in those five days that had passed, although most of the time that Blake spent at home was time spent showing and teaching Yasmin how to use things around the house. One thing stuck in Blake's mind, the time when he was teaching Yasmin how the shower and bath worked. He showed her how the bath worked, turned on the taps, no problem, but then he turned on the shower, and Yasmin shot back with a look of fear and anger on her face, he had never seen anything like it. She calmed down when he immediately turned it off, he asked her why she reacted like that, but the response she wrote down on her notepad just told him that she didn't know why. Blake knew there had to be a reason, but if she didn't want to talk about it, then he wouldn't press her on the matter. Blake had taught her all the important things, including how to use his spare house key. Right now, Blake and Yasmin were outside in the woods doing something different for a change. Yasmin was teaching Blake how live outside in the woods.

Blake walked over to Yasmin who was now waving over to him, standing besides some kind of plant with berries on it. Blake walked over to her and crouched down besides the plant and asked, "Poisonous or nonpoisonous?... To me I mean."

Yasmin knew that humans were nowhere as resistant to poison as she was, but she had good knowledge as to what was and wasn't poisonous. She plucked a yellow berry off the plant and ate it, its skin was very firm and it was very sour and bitter, a Sitrus berry. She plucked another and held it out in her paw for Blake to take.

Blake guessed that if she was giving the berry to him, then it wasn't poisonous. "Thanks." Blake said as he took the berry.

"You won't be saying that once you taste it." Yasmin said with a smirk as she watched the human bite into the berry and make a funny face, causing her to giggle a little at the sight.

Blake ate it all, although he really didn't feel like doing so. He looked over to the giggling Zangoose and said, "Well, at least some good came out of eating that bitter thing. So, where to next?" Blake asked.

Yasmin looked around, she remembered coming to this part of the forest before, she remembered taking shelter in a cave somewhere nearby. "Follow me." Yasmin said as she waved once in the direction she was heading in.

Blake stood up and walked with Yasmin, wondering where she was leading him next.

5 hours later...

It was now dark, but Blake and Yasmin had managed to get a fire going just near the entrance of the cave. Blake sat and looked over to Yasmin who was now getting warm and lying down near the fire. Blake couldn't remember being this relaxed before, he had forgotten about work, about his family, about everything, and it was because of Yasmin. He looked over to her, she was illuminated by the moonlight and the yellowish glow of the fire. He knew there was something more to her, he knew, he felt something more for her. Blake just hoped that something was more than hormones, to him, she seemed like such a nice person with a very troubled past. Every time Blake looked at her, he felt like asking her why she was so depressed, he felt like fixing every bad thing that happened to her in her life, somehow. Blake closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep himself, but all he could do was think about Yasmin. He wondered if she felt something more for him, something more than friendship, but he pushed it out of his mind. Blake knew that Yasmin had quite big trust issues, he found it hard to imagine ever getting close to her. After a while of shifting sleeping positions, he finally managed to fall asleep.
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