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The New Mew Collar by drauthlovesglaceon


Story Notes:

This is about a boy who's life changes dramatically on his birthday

A Mew You

The sun began to shine on Tyrone's 10th birthday. He woke to the sound of pidgey chirping. He looked out the window and saw the rattata playing, the slakoth's sleeping and the spearow fighting some weedles. He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. Upon looking in the mirror, Tyrone turned the tap of the sink on and put his head under the water. After wetting his head, he grabbed the nearby brush and brushed his hair.
"Tyrone, breakfast" called Tyrone's mother. Tyrone then headed downstairs to where his mother was placing his breakfast on the table.
"Thanks mum. Looks great" said Tyrone sighing at the disgusting usual breakfast.

After eating his breakfast, Tyrone went back upstairs and got changed into his daily clothes. He then went outside where his father waited for him.
"Ahhh there you are son. It's about time you woke up" said Tyrone's father slapping Tyrone on the back.
"Owww dad. That hurt" replied Tyrone rubbing his back as best as he could.
"Sorry son. I'm just excited that you are 10 now. The big 1 0" said his father with a smile on his face. Tyrone looked around and saw a pile of uncut wood and an axe.
"Don't tell me I have to cut wood on my birthday," sighed Tyrone.
"Not at all. In fact, I have a job for you to do. The shop in Easton has called me, saying that the product I ordered came in. Could you go get it for me?" says Tyrone's father picking up the axe.
"Sure dad" answers Tyrone as he gets his bike from the shed.

After getting his bike, Tyrone rides out of Carvahall and rides towards Easton. Along the way, he spots some pokemon. He rides past a family of zigzagoons, a flock of starly and even a lone growlithe. After a few minutes of riding, he sees the tall buildings of Easton. Tyrone peddles faster than he ever peddled before. Tyrone looks around at the wonderful pokemon. As he looks back, a rock capture's his attention. Tyrone puts the brakes on immediately and flies off his bike and lands on a pile of leaves.
"Phew. Good thing these leaves were here" says Tyrone standing up. He brushes the leaves off and gets back on his bike.

Soon Tyrone arrives at the shop in Easton. He locks his bike up outside and walks in. Immidiately he is welcomed.
"You must be Tyrone. Your father rang and told us to give you his order. He also wishes you a happy birthday" says the shop clerk.
"Thank you" says Tyrone taking the parcel from the clerk. Tyrone looks at the parcel which is wrapped in birthday paper. In the string holding the parcel closed, is a card. Tyrone begins reading the card.
'Happy birthday Tyrone. I know how much you love pokemon, so I got this for you. It is said to bring people closer to pokemon. I hope you enjoy your gift. Love Dad' Tyrone looks at the parcel and then shrugs.

After leaving the store, Tyrone decides he should open the present. Carefully he unties the knot and then unwraps the parcel inside.
"A box. How can a box bring people closer to pokemon" says Tyrone with a sad look on his face knowing noone heard his joke. He then opens the box and sighs. In the box was a collar.
"Very funny dad. I am not a pokemon. But it does look nice" remarks Tyrone with a disappointed look on his face. He sees a zigzagoon off in the distance and wonders if the collar does bring people closer to pokemon. He holds the collar in his hands. After holding the collar for a bit, Tyrone wraps it around his neck.
"It feels so soft" comments Tyrone. Not as soon as Tyrone clips the collar in place, does the collar melt onto his neck. Tyrone instantly fumbles for the clip which is not there for the collar become whole. Tyrone instantly falls to the ground, his vision blackens.

Tyrone wakes without any memory of what happened or who he was. He begins hovering around town. People stop and look at him adorinly. Tyrone feels his cheeks turn red. As Tyrone hovers past a shop, he looks in the glass and sees his reflection. The reflection he sees doesn't seem strange to him.
"Aww, what a cute mew" says the young florist who is setting up the flowers outside her shop.
Staring at the reflection that was shown, Tyrone talks to himself.
< I wonder what my name is. Surely I would have a name. I know, I'll give myself a name. > Tyrone whos name is about to be changed thinks. As he hovers, a quilava starts to sniff at his crotch.
< Wahh! What are you doing? > asks Tyrone.
< I was sniffing to see what gender you were. I have a bad habit of doing that. Sorry > replies the quilava who is blushing deeply.
< Thats ok > replies Tyrone as he hovers away. Tyrone moves one of his paws down to see what gender he was. He feels a soft, wet and smooth area of flesh. Tyrone then looks at the bit of flesh.
< Female. So I'm female > she thinks to herself.

~You see, the collar DID bring people closer to pokemon. It turns them into pokemon. There is a 50% chance that the gender gets changed during transformation~

As Tyrone thinks to herself about her name, she flies past a poster.
'Come One, Come All To The Festival Of The Year. The POKEMON Disco. Music Ripped By Alyx The Lucario'
< Alyx, I like that name. I shall call myself Alyx > she tells herself. As Alyx who was previously known as Tyrone, hovers around town when she sees a pokemon tied up to a lamp post. She flies down and unties the pokemon.
< Your free now > says Alyx as she drops the rope on the ground. The pokemon she just freed looks at her but doesnt move. Confused on why the pokemon is staying where it is, Alyx goes and finds something fun to do.

Alyx enters a dark alley way and begins to shake. Out of nowhere, a burst of string hits her and she falls to the ground.
< Unnnghhh, it's so sticky > cries Alyx as she tries to break free. She looks up at the glowly yellow eyes that make her feel uneasy. As the eyes move closer, the light reveals that her attacker is an Ariados. Alyx calls out for help with both her voice and her mind.
< Noone can hear you. So it looks like the only thing that can be done, is for me to eat you > laughs the Ariados as it makes it's way closer to Alyx. Just then, a stream of fire appears from the entrance of the alley and hits the Ariados and breaks the string that is binding Alyx. Alyx immediately hovers over to her saviour.
"Are you ok?" asks her saviour. Alyx nods in happiness as she hides behind the human who had just saved her.

After Ariados retreats back to the shaodws of the alley, the human holds Alyx in his hands.
"Your safe now. Go free" says the human letting Alyx go. The human calls back his pokemon and begins walking away. Alyx then feels something deep inside and begins to follow the human. Keeping her distance, Alyx begins feeling wet in her nether region. She feels herself and sighs as her paws return to her vision dripping wet. Just then, the human turned around and saw her.
"Why are you following me?" he asks. Alyx blushes as she hides her drenched paw. Being unable to reply, Alyx flies right into the humans arms and begins to lick his face.
"Woah. Calm down. There is no need to do that" says the trainer pulling Alyx away from his face. As he pulls Alyx away, he notices her legs are wet. Alyx blushes as she sees the human's eyes stare upon her wet region. The trainer thinks for a moment that holds out one of his empty pokeballs.
"How would you like to join my team mew?" asks the trainer holding the ball in his hand. Alyx uses her tail to push the button in the middle of the ball. Almost straight away, Alyx gets envoloped in a red beam of energy and gets sucked into the ball.
"I'll take that as a yes" says the trainer smiling. The pokeball rocks three times before making a ding indicating the capture of a pokemon.
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