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The New Mew Collar by drauthlovesglaceon


Story Notes:

This is about a boy who's life changes dramatically on his birthday

Mews Cumming

Alyx wakes up in a small bed. She hovers over to the nearby window and smiles as she listens to the pidgey chirp, and watches the rattata playing, the slakoth's sleeping and the spearow fighting weedles.
< What a pretty view > Alyx says to herself. Alyx then hears a sound coming from the bathroom. Curious, she hovers over to the door which is slightly ajar and peeks in.
"Make a wish, it's up to you. Find the strength inside, and watch your dreams come true. You don't need a shooting star, the magic's right there in your heart. So close your eyes, belive, and make a wish" the human sings. Finding his voice very sweet, Alyx hovers into the bathroom and sits on the floor listening to him sing. As Alyx listens, she closes her eyes and imagine's a world where the impossible was possible. Alyx doesn't notice the shower had stopped. The human steps out of the shower and kneels down.
"Good morning mew. Did you have a nice sleep?" asks the human gently patting Alyx's head. Startled by the sudden touch, Alyx falls over. Worried for his new pokemon, the human instantly picks her up and pets her head. Alyx, being unknown to the sensation of being petted, purrs with delite. Smiling, the trainer gives Alyx a small kiss on her forehead.
"There we go. All better now" says the trainer as he puts Alyx back on the ground.

After getting over the feeling of getting petted, Alyx hovers back into the bedroom and looks around. She spots a poster which looked just like the one back in town. The human spots Alyx staring at the poster.
"So you like music do you?" asks the human with a smile.
< Yes. I do. Well at least I think I do > replies Alyx with a nod. The human walks over and hugs Alyx.
"What do you mean you think you do?" he asks her petting her head again. Shocked that he understood her, Alyx slid out of his hug and stared at him.
< You understood me. Humans can't understand pokemon. Well I think that is the case > Alyx replies slightly confused. The human explains to Alyx the reason why he can understand her.
"Oh. While I think about it, My name is Roran" says Roran.
< My name is Alyx > replies Alyx slightly scared. Roran walks over to Alyx and begins to pet her head again, which calms her down. Alyx then licks Roran on the face as her body gets the same feeling the day she met Roran. Her cheeks become red like roses.
"Why are you blushing Alyx?" asks Roran still petting Alyx on the head. Alyx breaks free of Roran's hold and hovers into her small bed which he had made for her and faces her back to Roran. Thinking he had done something wrong, Roran walks over and kneels down beside her. Almost straight away, a sweet scent filled Roran's nose. Roran looks down to see Alyx rubbing her moist flesh. Blushing, Roran leans in for a better smell, but gets caught as Alyx sees his shadow on the ground. Shivering, Alyx turns around and shows Roran her dripping cleft.
< Please, help me Roran > beckons Alyx as her cheeks become red. Roran, aroused by Alyx's scent, nods and places one of his fingers on the sensitive flesh. Upon feeling the contact, Alyx moans. The pleasure of her saviour's touch which she desired ever so much, shot through her like a jolt of electricity. Roran, sensing that Alyx was ready, pushed his finger inside of her tender flesh. Alyx moaned even more as the finger slides in. Alyx couldn't but help Roran get his finger in deeper, so she pushed against his finger which allowed more of her body to be filled with the touch of Roran's finger. Roran could tell by the way Alyx reatced to his actions that she was nearly ready.

Roran pulled his finger out of Alyx's slit, along with her juices and a moan.
"Alyx, if you want me to help you more, you have to help me" says Roran as he pulls his pants and boxers down, revealing his semi-hard erection. Alyx's eyes opened wide as she saw Roran's manhood. Without thinking, Alyx began licking the semi-hard meat. Roran lets out a soft moan as Alyx's soft, warm and moist tounge slid over his manhood.
"Thats good Alyx. Keep going" moans Roran as he begins to finger Alyx's moist flesh again. Alyx moans into Roran's member as the finger penetrates her again. As Roran fills Alyx's flesh with his finger, he moans louder as Alyx begins to suck on the tip of his now rock hard spire.
"Your doing a good job Alyx. Soon I will be ready to help you" smiles Roran as he feels Alyx tighten around his finger. Alyx, happy to hear this news, sucks even faster which makes Roran moan more. She hears Roran begin to pant. She also begins to feel his thick member begin to throb. Alyx, smiling, tries to put more of the throbbing meat inside her mouth. Before Alyx could get more of Roran's throbbing meat into her mouth, she was on her back with her glistening flesh facing Roran.
< Be gentle. It's my first time. I think > says Alyx quietly. Roran nods and positions his mighty spire at the entrance to Alyx's nether region.
"Are you ready?" asks Roran, making sure he does not hurt Alyx. Alyx nods and grips the bedding with her paws and waits for the pleasure she expects. Roran slowly pushes his manhood into Alyx. Alyx cringes in pain slightly as the size of Roran's spire overwhelms her. She never thought she would feel such pleasure in her life. Roran immediately felt the tightness of Alyx's walls and moaned. Alyx moaned along side Roran as she felt her walls stretch to fit the rod of her lover.
"Your so tight Alyx" says Roran as he pulls out nearly all the way. Alyx stares at him with her silvery blue eyes. Roran stares deep into her eyes and suddenly leans in and kisses Alyx on her lips. Alyx, captured in arousel, kisses back. Alyx breaks the kiss and smiles.
< Break me in Roran. I'm ready > says Alyx as she rubs the side of Roran's marvel with her paw. Roran moans at the sudden touch and nods. Alyx grips the bedding harder knowing what to come will hurt.

~Everything Alyx knows is instinct. So don't complain that Alyx wouldn't know anything about being female.~

Roran picks Alyx up and holds her around the waist as he sits on the ground. Alyx wonders why Roran is sitting down but then screams with pleasure and pain as a sharp pain flows through her body. Roran moans as Alyx's virgin blood trickles down his shaft and onto the carpet.
"Are you ok Alyx?" asks Roran as he regains his focus.
< I'm fine. It just hurt a little. But it felt really good. Don't stop > replies Alyx as she feels the thickness of the spire deep within her. Smiling, Roran begins to pull Alyx off his member and then pushes her back on it. The firmness of Roran's grasp of his hands on her waist and the thickness of his member inside of her quickly fill Alyx with pleasure. Both Alyx and Roran moan with each thrust that is made. The floor soon becomes slick with Alyx's juices. Inside Alyx's flesh, Roran's member throbs, releasing pre with every thrust mixing with Alyx's own juices. Roran cringes as Alyx's body slams down upon his member, making it hard to thrust.
"I'm getting close Alyx" moans Roran. Alyx didn't need to hear that as she felt him throb. Alyx knew she was getting close to. Roran felt Alyx's body tug at his shaft. He couldn't cope. Alyx screamed in pure pleasure as Roran let loose his life giving seed into Alyx. Alyx herself reached her limit and orgasmed making a cocktail of love inside of her body. Alyx then rested her head on Roran's stomach.
< That was pure bliss > says Alyx yawning.
"It was. I hope you feel better" replies Roran gently lifting Alyx off his softened member.
Chapter End Notes:Read more in the next chapte
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