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The New Mew Collar by drauthlovesglaceon


Story Notes:

This is about a boy who's life changes dramatically on his birthday

Mew Friends

Alyx wakes up hours later feeling heavier than normal. Alyx looks down at her stomach and is shocked to see it has expanded. Alyx looks around for her mate, but can't find him anywhere.
< Roran? Where are you? > asks Alyx flying around looking for him. As Alyx looks around, she sees a note on the loungeroom table.
'Dear Alyx. I have gone to the shop. I won't be long.' Alyx smiles knowing her mate is safe. Alyx sits on the couch, not knowing the remote is there and turns on the television. Alyx nearly falls off the couch as the tv lit up.
"This is going to be close. The Challanger is on his last pokemon. What's that Rob?" says one annoucer.
"It looks like a Lucario Sam" says Rob. As the beam of red energy disapates, the form of a Lucario shows.
"The champion is going to have a tough time with this Rob" says Sam.
"Your right Sam. Alakazam is weak against fighting types" replies Rob. Just as the battle begins, Roran walks in the door which startles Alyx who falls off the couch. Worried, Roran runs over and picks her up.
"Are you ok Alyx?" asks a worried Roran.
< I'm ok. You just startled me. Thats all > replies Alyx. Roran picks up the remote and turns the tv off and kisses Alyx on her lips. Roran doesn't notice Alyx's large belly.
< Roran. I have to tell you something > says Alyx breaking the kiss. Listening intently to what his mate has to say, Roran sits on the couch.
"What is it Alyx?" asks Roran.
< I'm pregenant > replies Alyx. Shocked, Roran himself falls off the couch. Alyx giggles as Roran stands up.

"Pregenant? But, pokemon can't be impregnanted from humans" says Roran, rubbing his head. Alyx wonders why pokemon can't get pregenant from humans, as she got pregenant from Roran. Roran explains to her about the pokemon biology. As Roran finishes telling Alyx about her biology, the phone rings. Roran goes to answer. Alyx flies to the kitchen to find something to eat. She opens the fridge and looks in the fruit box. Roran finishes on the phone and walks past the fridge. Not knowing Alyx is in the fruit box, he closes the fridge door locking Alyx in the fruit box.
< RORAN! I'M TRAPPED IN THE FRIDGE! > yells Alyx hoping Roran heard her. Suddenly, the fridge opened up.
"Sorry, I didn't know you were in there" says Roran blushing as he stares at the upside down mew with a squashed berry on her face.
says Alyx. Roran runs to Alyx and picks her up and kisses her.
"Are you ok Alyx?" asks Roran with worry in his heart. Alyx nods as she kisses Roran back. Roran watches Lucian as if waiiting for something to happen. Ember blushes enough for it to be visible while she turns her head away in embarrasment. Lucian feels Ember's belly slowly making his way down to her flesh.
"Uhh, Lucian. Maybe it's time we had dinner" proposed Roran. Lucian looked up, losing his sight of Ember. Ember quickly turns to her side and stands up smiling and feeling relieved. Lucian stood up as usual and nodded.
"Sure that sounds great" replied Lucian.

< Roran, I'm getting tired. Can I go to bed? Or do I have to stay here? > asks Alyx as she yawns. Roran tells her that she is relieved to go to bed. Alyx smiles and flies off to her bed unaware of the following Spyro. Lucian calls out for Spyro as dinner is on the way. Spyro hears his master and quietly barks from the top of the stairs.
"Spyro, get down here now" calls Lucian from the bottom of the stairs. Spyro barks ignoring his master as he walks into the bedroom where Alyx is sleeping.
"Such a stubborn pokemon. I thought growlithe's were supoosed to be loyal" grumbles Lucian as he makes his way up the stairs. Lucian reaches the top of the stairs and makes his way into the bedroom where Alyx lay there on the bed heavily sleeping. Spyro sat there next to the bed, his tail wagging watching Alyx as she slept. Lucian orders Spyro to come to his side. Spyro ignores his master's orders and climbs over Alyx. As soon as he is over her, he slams his slick growlithe shaft into Alyx's moist flesh. Lucian jumps back at Spyro's actions. He is surprised that Spyro disobeyed his master to rape the cute sleeping pregenant mew. Lucian stares in wonder at the speed of which Spyro humps Alyx. His thrusts are hard and deep. Yet Alyx doesn't wake. Lucian notices a small bulge growing on Spyro's shaft. Knowing that Spyro is a canine pokemon, he immediatly knows that Spyro is close to his orgasm. Spyro slams his knot against Alyx who stirs in her sleep. Quickly, Lucian grabs Spyro and pulls him out. Just as Spyro's member is free from Alyx's flesh, Spyro fires his steamy seed all over her waking her up.

< W-whats this? > asks Alyx still shocked to see Lucian and Spyro in the room.
"That would be Spyro's cum Alyx. He raped you while you slept. I couldn't stop him" replies Lucian.
Alyx begins to cry which gets Roran's attention. He thumps up the stairs and barges into the room and sees the cum over her.
"LUCIAN. WHAT DID YOU DO?" yells Roran as he picks her up.
"Me? I didn't do anything. It was all Spyro" replies Lucian. Roran tells Lucian to go downstairs and take Spyro with him. Lucian shrugs and walks downstairs carrying Spyro in his arms.
"That was a bad thing you did Spyro" says Lucian as he puts Spyro back in his ball. Upstairs, Roran begins to clean the cum off Alyx. Alyx explains to Roran that it wasn't Lucian that raped her. Meanwhile downstairs, Ember senses something wrong with Lucian and jumps on his lap while he sits on the couch.

"Oh hi Ember" sighs Lucian as he begins to pat Ember. Ember begins to murr and falls asleep. Smiling, Lucian carefully picks her up and puts her down on the couch. Lucian walks into the kitchen and nearly stumbles over Ember as she ran ahead of him.
"Ember, I thought you were asleep" says Lucian. Ember grabs hold of Lucian's trouser leg and pulls him back to the lounge room where she accidently pulls them down. Lucian blushes as he pulls them back up. Ember quickly grabs the pants and pulls them off making Lucian blush even more.
"Ember. What are you doing?" asks Lucian struggling to free his pants from Ember's mouth. Ember growls hard which makes Lucian release the pants. Smiling with herself, Ember turns around, lowers her head and raises her rear towards Lucian. Lucian blushes as he spots her moist flesh.
"You were really shy about this before Ember. So why are you like this now?" asks Lucian with a smile as he slowly rubs the flesh with his finger. Ember blushes and moans, pushing against Lucian's finger which makes it enter her moist tunnel. Lucian smiles at the sudden tightness of her flesh.
"You really want it don't you Ember?" asks Lucian as he pulls his finger out to pull his boxers down.

Ember nods immediatly and braces herself for penetration. Taking the bracing as a sign of becoming ready, Lucian rises over Ember and positions himself at her entrance. Ember blushes deeply and nods to Lucian showing she is ready for her first session of passion. Lucian pushes in slowly at first but then enters the rest of the way faster.
"Wow Ember. You're so tight" says Lucian as he slowly thursts the still virgin vulpix. Ember moans loud and pushes against Lucian, making his meaty spire go deep into her, breaking her hymen. Surprised at the sudden movement of Ember, Lucian grabs hold of her around the chest and lifts her up, making his thrusts go up into her as he virgin blood trickles down mixing with the love juices. Ember screams in pleasure as her body gets pounded by Lucian.
"Ember, I don't think I can last much longer" Moans Lucian as his pre leaks into her. Ember moans in delite as the pre begins to slowly fill her. Lucian begins to thrust fast and deep which makes Ember moan and squeel in pure pleasure. Ember screams as her body reachs it's peak and orgams.
"Ember. You did very well. Now it's my turn" smirks Lucian as he trusts in as deep as possible which hurts Ember making her cry and fires his hot seed into her. Ember's stomach expands as the cum enters. Ember soon falls asleep with Lucian still inside of her.
"Very good Ember. You are a good girl" yawns Lucian as he too falls asleep.
Chapter End Notes:Chapter 4 will be awhile so hang in ther
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