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Vulpix Nightmare by lolpop


Story Notes:

i wrote this myself when i get bored.Not planning for this to be a massive story.Rewriting chapter 2 changing it around a bit blablabla

Chapter 1 The Nightmare Begins

Vulpix Nightmare

I woke up; I took a deep breath in, only to inhale water. My eyes shot open as I lifted my aching neck uncontrollably coughing. Still lightly coughing I just noticed I was lying in a shallow pool of water. The water was freezing, my aching limbs not allowing my head to hold itself up I curled my three tales around to elevate my head above the puddle. The cave was pitch black, the lower part of my body numb from the icy water, I tried to scent around me but scent doesn't linger above or in water. All I could hear is the drops of water from the damp cave dropping from the ceiling. Then I heard faint silent footsteps in the distance in front of me.

I woke up again. The water reminding me that event that happened wasn't a dream, I raised my sore neck and saw a little bit of light in the distance in front of me. I could faintly see my surroundings. I rose to my numb legs arching my back and stretched my front legs out and then proceeded to walk forwards only to have something tug at my left back leg. I stumbled then turned around to see a chain running to my back leg with something round like a ring wrapped around my leg jus above my paw. I panicked and shook my leg frantically trying to shake off the shackle, Pain hit my back paw as the steel shackle scraped and scratched at the top of my paw. I sat back down and started to whine loudly out of frustration, which led to anger as I started to spit embers of flame around the place. Lighting up the cavern for me to see the entrance of this torture room. That anger turned to sadness tears dripped down my face into the puddle of clear water as I silently cried, Realising how cold the water was I started to spit flames into the freezing water until it was a hot steamy bath. The feeling in my legs had returned as I sat there thinking how I'm going to get out of here.

My belly rumbled loudly as I was thinking how I got in this mess but all that came to mind was, me walking through the forest at night, heading home from a search of prey. Help I called out loudly multiple times, but there was no reply. I could see the sun was setting, the light in the distance was slowly growing dark, staring at the light I saw a dark figure pass the it, I called help frantically. The dark figure backed up and started to walk towards me and stopped halfway towards me.

"What is it luv"

The voice was devilishly misleading as a low and loving voice.

"Please let me go!" I pleaded.

"Why would you want to go from this wonderful place?"

"Why am I chained up?"

"Are you hungry?" he replied, he had obviously heard my belly rumbling during this conversation

I nodded, he than turned and walked away down the now pitch black tunnel. The darkness was unbearable a opened my mouth to let the flames dribble up out of my mouth. Lighting up the cavern, the dark figure returned with something swinging in his jaws, he walked in to the light emanating from my mouth, I discovered it was an umbreon but he wasn't normal, the rings on his limbs were dark red. I closed my mouth and the room fell to darkness again He jumped in to the water and splashed up to me dropping the meat into the water and growled

"EAT" as he stepped backwards from me

I smelled the food then cringed, I heard a deep growl. The food smelled like it was a week old, I lowered my head then hesitated to bite the disgusting meat.

"If you don't eat that you don't get food for the rest of the week"

I didn't think he was bluffing; I closed my eyes and took a bite of the stringy old meat, It made me gag; choking it down it had been the first time in two days I have eaten. The umbreon sat there waiting for me to finish, one mouthful after another I finished the disgusting meal.

"Finished yet" he asked snickering, which turned to a demonic laugh.

"What did you do you sick bastard"

"I didn't do anything" he laughed

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO" I yelled in rage, flames spitting out my mouth

Still laughing "So how did your Vulpix Taste"

I froze up for a minute with the evil umbreon still laughing uncontrollably. My throat convulsed and regurgitated the rancid meat and my stomach acids several times into the water turning it a pale yellowish colour. The laughing started to die down as I was standing in my own bodily fluids.

"Good one your gonna have to sleep in that" still snickering he walked blindly down the dark passage leaving me there in my own vomit......

Tears welled up in my eyes I stared at nothing for what felt like hours, Getting drowsy I collapsed on my side into the yellowish sludge, inhaling the spew made me wake, and sit up. Coughing again more than before caused me to throw up again, I lay down and curled my tails around to act as a cushion. I fell asleep to the horrible acidic taste in my mouth.

I woke up to a splash of water on my face. There was more of the disgusting meat in front of me i started to whine but the evil voice in ahead of me.

"SHUT UP BITCH" he growled.

I looked up at him, tears shrouding in my eyes.


"Id rather die" I sobbed back quietly.

"FINE if that means you want to die" the diabolical creature backed down the tunnel entrance. I looked at the food again the thought of eating it crossed my mind; I shook the thought away from my head.

My gut rumbled not in hunger but sickness, I still had an acid taste in my mouth. It was about midday hunger and fatigue setting into my body, unable to stand I suddenly started to get cramps in my lower part of my body. I knew I had an upset stomach. I decided to ignore the cramps and go to sleep, I curled my tails under my head noticing one of the tails was splitting into another two. this somewhat made me happy for a split second, laying my head down on my spew soaked tails and closed my eyes forcing myself to sleep.
Chapter End Notes:yay first chapter done im working on two now.
i rewrote this chapter two times dont know why.
any feedback appreciated
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