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Vulpix Nightmare by lolpop


Story Notes:

i wrote this myself when i get bored.Not planning for this to be a massive story.Rewriting chapter 2 changing it around a bit blablabla

Chapter 2: 2 more torchured souls

Chapter 2

I refused to open my eyes I didn't want to be here, why would someone be so mean. I was tired of crying, had given up on hope on life. I have been here for at least a week stuck in my own waste, what possible reason would that evil fuck keep me here. At least he stopped trying to feed me my own kind, the thought of eating Vulpix made me gag. My gut is still upset I was forced to make watery stewl in the pool. And forced to drink it by the umbreon. I still hadn't opened my eyes until I heard his voice.

"WAKE UP" I looked up at him with dull expressionless eyes. He walked around to the back of the pool and walked his front paws into the water and did something to the shackle it loosened up and slipped off my leg. It was a perfect chance to make a run for it but I hadn't stood up for days. I stumbled to my feet and tried to leap towards the tunnel but there was a griping pain in one of my tails. I looked back, the umbreon had gripped my tail in-between his maw, he bit down harder I closed my eyes and silently whimpered.

"Think you can get away from me huh-BITCH" I didn't reply.

"HUH" as he bit down harder, I yelped in pain when I felt a large crack. I looked back there was blood dripping from the umbreon's mouth. He dragged me out of the filthy water by my tail; I didn't bother struggling as he dragged me through the tunnel. We stopped and there was another cave system the left he dropped my tail, I tried moving it but it must of been dislocated. I got to my paws the umbreon was staring at me with a rope in his mouth it was a loop which he preceded to put over my neck then pull on it, the loop tightened almost choking me. Then picked up the other end of the rope and lead me out of the cave. The sunlight hit my face burning my eyes, it had been the first time I had seen sunlight in a week, the familiar scents whiffed over my face. This made me happy even though I was prisoner to a maniacal bastard. He led me away from the Cliffside where the entrance tunnel was, the trees were tall in the sky scattered across the forest floor along with the brambles and bushes.

It was about midday before we got to a lake I didn't recognise anything around this area not even scents of anybody I know. We got to the bank of the lake.

I dipped my head and lapped up some water as he tied my leash to a tree. I stepped into the water to wash the dried spew and filth out my fur. Once I was done I got out the water and shook off.

"Sera" I heard across the lake. I looked up to find Eden my brother running towards me, the umbreon had gripped another on of my tails in his jaws. Eden still running towards me I stare at him with wide warning eyes, he slowed his pace when he noticed the umbreon twice my size biting my tail. Padding up beside me.

"Sera where have you been everybody's looking for y" he broke off as the umbreon started to growl.

"Getaway he's a murderer" I whispered in my kin's ear. He stared at me in disbelief

"Im not leaving without you" he whispered back. The umbreon bit harder on my tail as I felt the crack again I yelped in pain.

"Hey stop hurting her you freak!"

"Who's gonna stop me" replied the umbreon in a dark voice. Eden looked at me I shook my head as he started to gather fire in his mouth.

"No Eden don't" I cried out but before Eden could hurl the ball of flames at the dark pokemon he got hit by a shadow ball. I stared in horror as Eden got knocked over into the water followed by the Umbreon. The evil creature held my brother's head under the surface of the lake with his paw, there was a lot of thrashing. Not thinking I gathered fire in my mouth and spat it at the murderer, the flames hit his head; he directed his attention to me looking at me in fury. Letting my brothers head go he jumped out the water and stomped towards me, cowering in fear I heard coughing I looked over to my brother dragging himself out of the lake.

I looked back at the umbreon towering over me snarling, he raised his unsheathed paw and striked me across the face. I hit the ground with a thud, my vision was blurry and a paw was pressing down on my neck, I couldn't breathe. I felt blood trickle down the side of my face, trying to scream he pressed on my neck harder.

"You little BITCH!" he growled.

"Leave her alone you sick fuck" said the weak voice in the background, the umbreon turned around and waltzed towards the weak Vulpix still lying on the ground gasping for breath. Sobbing to myself quietly I saw the sadistic thing raise his paw and strike it down the same he did to me. Absolute fear pulsing through my body I didn't dare make a sound wishing that he will just end my life quickly and painlessly. He walked with what was my brother hanging from his jaws, the blood dribbling from my head making a puddle around my face.

"Get up bitch" he mumbled through the mouthful of fur, scared of what he might do if I disobeyed his orders. He dropped the Vulpix, untied the leash from the tree, and led me back to the torturous cave. Walking, going over the events that just happened in my head.

We got to the cave entrance. The sun was setting, he led me into the cave but instead of leading me to the filthy pool he led me in to a cave system on the left. Leading me through the darkness around an array of corners we came to a cavern with stalagmites growing from the ground sort of like a gate to keep people out..... Or in..... there was a high ledge to the left which he dropped the unconscious Vulpix, grabbed my scruff and hauled me up on to the high ledge, where he dragged me to the far side edge of the elevated stone, I struggled and tried to stop him pushing me over the ledge. Fear griped me; I couldn't see the ground below me and with another nudge I plunged over the ledge. I fell to the unseeable stone floor with a thump I landed on my side, crippling pain pulsing through my side. I lay there the wind knocked out of me; I looked back up to the ledge where I fell from. It was pretty high, higher than I can jump then I saw something get pushed over the ledge, quickly to realise it was Eden plummeting towards me, the heavy lump landed on me, I yelped aloud as the Vulpix crushed my body.

"Shut up" I heard the umbreon call out behind him as he walked off. I rolled my blacked out brother and leaned over him grooming the cuts and wounds on his face trying to wake him up, tears streaming down I started to sob to myself. I heard a sigh and something shift in the corner, I curiously looked over, it was another living creature, and I grabbed my brother by the scruff and dragged him over to the small lump of fur. It turned its head and to my surprise it was a Zorua pup

"Hello" I whispered in a quivering voice. There was no reply, I looked into his dull eyes he looked as he were brainwashed. I knew that horrible thing had done something bad to the pup.

"What did he do to you" I blurted out. He turned his head back to the wall, I decided to go to sleep as well, I curled myself up next to the young Zorua cuddling up agonised my kin trying to keep him warm and drifted off to a better place.
Chapter End Notes:3rd chapter coming in the next two days or so
Hooray i fixed chapter 2 for rothu
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