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Vulpix Nightmare by lolpop


Story Notes:

i wrote this myself when i get bored.Not planning for this to be a massive story.Rewriting chapter 2 changing it around a bit blablabla

Chapter 3 The Inevitable

Chapter 3
It was a cold morning the stone was ice like, the cave was lit up by the suns rays that were beaming in through tattered gaps in the thin water eroded rock. Lifting my head to realise that my crotch is saturated, I thought for a moment then it suddenly clicked.

"oh god no, it couldn't be, not at a time like this" I said to myself, my mother had told me about the time females go on heat she especially told me to stay away from males at this time of my life. I decided to ignore it as much as I can, I started to groom myself, trying to push the fact that my first heat cycle could come at as bad a time as this out of my mind. Washing the 3 large cuts along the side of my face from infection and inspecting the two tails that had been broken; they were bent off to side on an awkward angle. Looking around at the opened up cavern, I looked at the ledge I got pushed over from it was about seven foot high, no way to get up. I started to groom my brothers ruffled fur and to my relief he was breathing properly, I heard sniffling behind me I looked over at the young zorua.

"Uh....... hello" I said politely.

"Hi" he moaned. He sounded like he didn't want to talk. There was silence; I wanted to know why he was captive here, I had to say something.

"May I know your name" I tried to sound as welcoming as possible to him.

"My mum used to call me Kali" He replied in a flat voice.

"My names Sera and my brother Eden. How long have you been here" I ventured, he flinched at my words.

"I... I was born here" he stuttered, I was shocked.

"Have you ever been out of this cave?"

"Once... a long time ago"

"Where's your mum" I inconsiderably blurted out, staring into his eyes I knew I shouldn't have said that as a single teardrop ran down his cheek. Looking down to the ground suppressing the pain of his loss.

"My dad took her away" he murmured under his breath, I decided not to say anymore I had done enough damage. Could the umbreon is his dad I thought, leaning my head down and licked Kali's cheek.

"Me and my brother are going to get you out of here, I promise" He nodded I lifted my head and went over to inspect Eden cuts and wounds again, most of them had healed up but a particularly deep one on the side of his head was still slowly dribbling blood onto the cold stone floor. Sitting there bored staring at the inconsistent rise and fall of Eden's breathing, He suddenly moved his head, letting out a long moan of pain. I sprang to my paws and started to furiously lick his cheek to get him conscious, his bloodshot eyes slowly awoken.

"Where am I" he moaned. I kept licking his cheek again cleaning the dried blood out of his matted fur.

"Stop it" he drowsily yapped. I stopped licking and nuzzled under his head to try and to get him up. Eden eventually sat up with his head drooped moaning ouw every now and then.

"Eden... are you all right"

"No" he replied lazily.

"Where are we?" he mumbled

"I have no idea" There was a long silence, Eden lie down again raising his paws over his head. The sky was grew dark until the moon lit up the sky, the zorua was sleeping and my brother had passed out on the ground, I had nothing better to do than to force myself to sleep.

I tried to lift my paw to rub the sleep out of my eyes but I couldn't. My vision was blurry but it was another shackle not on a chain but connected directly to the rock. The rock was elevated off the ground like a bench in middle of the room, my back legs dangling off the side of the rock paws barely touching the ground. I looked around frantically, the sunlight radiating through the small cracks in the roof, I couldn't get a hold of reality did the events two days ago really happen? Was I hallucinating? Over the past week and a half I started to accept my fait, but this was just too much for me to handle.

"Show your face you DEMONIC FUCK" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"What's the problem love" came a menacing voice from the shadows, as he walked from the darkness to my left; He walked up to me and licked my cheek. I tried to back my head away, but he still managed to lick me. My anger turned to sadness as I heard his growly breathing, tears gathering on the flat stone I dropped my head on to my forelegs weeping to myself, the umbreon still standing over me.

"Aaaaaaww what's wrong beautiful" he whispered in my ear, I whined a couple of times wanting him to go away. He eventually decided to go away after a while but before he left he said.

"I'll bring dinner tonight" He faded into the darkness, it was still morning and with nothing to do I waited until I had fallen asleep. I awoke with a gasp as I felt something poke at my crotch area, two paws swiftly landed on the rock on either side of me; I looked up at the smirking face towering above me. The reality of the situation setting in my eyes were wide with shock, I felt another poke at my backside shuddering with pleasure I hated myself for enjoying it so much.

"Please stop" I whimpered as he sent shivers up my spine.

"Your gonna enjoy this" he grunted back, rubbing his erect cock against my virgin slit. I felt warm wetness run down my hind legs to the floor, the umbreon shifted his stance while I was crying and shaking uncontrollably. He stopped rubbing for a second and thrusted his rump slowly forwards, I felt his cock spread my way too small entrance. The pleasure quickly turned to pain the harder he pushed, I gritted my teeth as he gave one after another thump forwards attempting to get inside me, the umbreon backed off the thumping to my relief I thought he was going to stop.

"Your so fucking tight" I heard him mumble to himself, the dark pokemon shuffled his front paws forwards causing his knob the touch my crotch again. I was absolutely horrified I kept on thinking I was going to die by the end of tonight. The evil creature gave a single violent thrust, excruciating pain shot through my body as I screamed; my muscles went into a spasm from the intense stretching, it felt like I had been ripped in two. There was an uncomfortable bulge in my stomach and more fluids were pouring down my leg onto the ground, He started to slowly pull his enormous cock out halfway the shove it back in, with each thrust sending a wave of torturous pain through my body.

"HELP" I screamed aloud, He paused with his throbbing member inside me.

"Shut the fuck up" I heard the growly voice behind me; I felt teeth clamp against the back of neck. He resumed raping me, I was wailing in pain, tears forming in puddles on the rock below. My lower stomach gurgled and I started to feel a bit nauseas, I tried to keep quite but every time I made a noise he would growl and bite on my neck harder. After a while my legs started to feel numb and before long my whole body was numb, the pain started to fade away, I could feel nothing but an eerie sense of pleasure I had never felt before. I couldn't help but moan from the unexplainable feeling, my breathing turned to panting, squeezing my eyes shut from the over stimulation. I felt an odd build up in my loins, the pleasure getting more and more intense with each pump. I gritted my teeth trying to keep composure from losing all control, but I just couldn't keep it up a wave of pure ecstasy pulsed through my body, I screamed at the top of my lungs as the once pent up pressure released itself.

It was somewhat relieving that was done and over with, but it wasn't, he kept going for what felt like hours mercilessly pounding into my cunt, I was sort of glad that I couldn't feel that much. Tears dried on my face I just couldn't cry anymore, Suddenly the umbreon pulled my head back by my scruff his humping became more violent, there was a loud slapping sound as I got nudged forwards again and again. I finally opened my eyes to see the orange like colour splash down into the cave from the gaps in the roof then something caught my eye, what looked like to be blood was trickling its way past the side of the rock I was pinned against. Usually the sight of blood makes me feel sick but I didn't, I heard a groan from the dark pokemon behind me. He gave a final thrust pushing his still swelling knot into my nether lips, I gasped when I felt something warm squirt at my insides it felt like I was being filled up, and once it stopped I got tugged backwards. The umbreon let go of my scruff and I immediately turned my head to see what he was doing but I saw something worse than expected, the umbreon was covered in blood from the waist down and the alarming amount of blood on the floor. I felt another large tug backwards followed by a large popping noise, he had pulled out his fully swollen knot, and a shudder ran down my spine as he withdrew his member from my depths.

"Did you enjoy that love" came the enigmatic voice as he walked around to my side I peeked to my side catching his cock insight which was dripping blood; he was very well hung considering he's almost twice my size, I kept a straight face avoiding any eye contact with him.

"Aaawww what's wrong" as he came up and licked my cheek gingerly, i clenched my eyes closed and shied my head away in disgust.

"I can't believe you're still awake after all the blood you lost" the same nauseas head spins that I had before appeared again my vision faded.

"Were not done yet" is all I heard before I blacked out.
Chapter End Notes:BONG"BONG"BONG"BON
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