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A rainy day's fun by noxxi


Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Warning: Contains footplay, transformations, toys (Specifically vines), crossdressing and (clean, in a way) tickling.This is probably the first truly "dirty" (And I use the term loosely) thing I make that I decide to post here. So read and review if you'd like.Note: This is an anthro story, for the most. There is one transformation into a "Feral" form at the end but it is indicated when it happens.

Soaking wet

The skies above the city were blackened and grey, even though it was barely noon. The grayish husks that were the clouds above gathered and poured their heavy rain down on the houses below them.

It was on one of the streets below that the young Shinx raced his way through the rain pressing his blue cap against his own head to try and protect himself at the expense of his hand getting wet.

"Run, Buster, run!" The Eevee girl called at him from the safety of her doorstep, holding the door open and waiting for him, "Come on!" She was wearing a white blouse and a green, plaid skirt; Her usual attire for school.

The Shinx ran as fast as he could, entering her lawn and making his way across towards the blue house's porch ahead. But that was when he made his only mistake on his run: He was so focused on the house he missed his step on the muddy ground and slipped, falling full into a deep puddle on his path. What was worse: He tried to regain balance and grab on to the first thing he could, which was, much unfortunately for him, a bucket full of water that had been left there.

"Oh, no!" The Eevee brought her hands to her mouth, seeing her friend fall and get soaked, "Oh, my gosh, Buster!" She raced down to where he had fallen and helped him up, walking him into her house.

"Are you okay?" She asked him, setting him down on one of the chairs in her kitchen. She didn't care if it got wet; she'd clean it latter.

"Y-yeah..." Buster muttered, shivering from the newly-felt cold of the water that he was covered in.

"My gosh, you're soaking wet!" The girl told him as she grabbed a towel and handed it to him. Buster quickly got to work drying up with it, quickly brushing it along his hair, making it ruffled and disheveled. He was drier, at least part of him was, but his clothes (A red Pokéball t-shirt and dark blue shorts along with a blue cap) were still dripping wet.

He looked at her with his yellow eyes, feeling his bones chill, "Thanks, Leanne," he was about to get up and ask where to put the towel when she took it from him and threw it into a hamper in the next room with perfect aim, "Nice."

"Come on," She told him, helping him into her living room while she went into her room, "You're still soaked! Let me see if I have anything for you to change into. If you keep your clothes on, you'll catch a cold!"

"You're going to borrow some of Teal's clothes?" Buster asked her as he saw her enter the room.

"What?" Leanne peeked out to look at him, "There's no way his clothes would fit you! His pants alone are enough for you to wear with no need of a shirt. Besides," She finished as she went back into her room, "He wouldn't let me take them. This is my room, I'll see what I can get you."

While he waited, Buster took a moment to look at her living room, feeling his nose start to dribble a little.
The Eevee's home was somewhat decently-sized, considering that only two others lived there with her. The living room was painted a simple cyan, with five doors and a set of stairs leading up. Two sofas and an armchair were set around a television in the back end of the room. It was the average city family home. Buster wasn't planning to arrive there, at least not today, but he was caught up in the rain and ran towards the first and nearest place he knew: Her house.
Leanne and Buster met since their first day at kindergarten, so they had a few years of knowing each other, and in that time, Buster had been her best friend from the start. He knew she lived alone with her older brother and sister after they lost their parents near the start of their first year at elementary, that she had a fondness for Rawst berries, and what currently worked his nerves the most: She loved wearing skirts. If she only had them, it would mean...

"Buster..." Leanne peeked out, slightly opening the door to her room as she looked at her friend, "I don't know how to put this, but if you don't want to catch a cold..."


"Buster!" Leanne called at him, sitting on one of the sofas in the living room while she watched The thrilling tales of Jason Goldwing on TV, "You're taking too long in there! You're not looking through my things, are you?" The TV's glow was the only light that came into the room as it was till to early to turn the lights on, but the sky was too grey to let the sun in through the large window behind the TV. They had already phoned Buster's mom to let her know he'd be getting home late because of what happened, so now the Shinx was free to spend some time with his friend.

"No..." Buster's voice came from Leanne's room, muffled by the closed door.


"I don't want to come out..."

"You boys can be so ridiculous about some things! Come on, get out!"


The door to Leanne's room slowly opened and Buster walked out, at a very slow pace, both hands covering his front as the blue of his cheeks was flushed a bright red; and with fair reason: He was no longer wearing his clothes, but was instead dressed in a white blouse, no different from the one Leanne was wearing. That was not what embarrassed him, however: He was also wearing a marine blue skirt and long, white stockings. His tail was extremely stiff, as were all his limbs. He really didn't want to move.

"Well, Buster, I could swear you're a girl if I didn't know better!" Leanne giggled, looking at her friend.

Buster let out a complaining hum, looking at her and shuffling uncomfortably. He had changed his shirt and taken his shorts off, but he was still wearing another part of his outfit, which Leanne quickly noticed when she saw a few drops of water falling from beneath Buster's skirt.

"Buster...?" She asked in a bossy tone, "You're getting the floor wet again! Change out , because I just cleaned up and Lari will have me clean everything up again when she gets back!"

"What?!" The Shinx stared awkwardly at her, jumping back a little and causing his skirt to raise a little, showing his boxers underneath, "No way! I'm not going to put on your... Your..."

"My...?" Leanne giggled some more, staring at him with a devilish smile, "Come on, you know the name!"

"Your panties! I'm not putting them on!"

"It's either that or nothing at all, because you're not gonna keep getting the floor wet..." She smiled again, "What do you say? Wanna spend the rest of the afternoon with just a skirt and nothing underneath?"

Buster blushed some more as he stood there, thinking on her offer before finally turning around and getting in her room again as he grabbed the lime-green panties on Leanne's bed and looked at them. He couldn't believe what he was about to do. But then again, he had already gone as far as to wear the rest of her clothes. He pulled up his skirt and pulled down his boxers, then proceeded to put her panties on, tossing his boxers into a hamper near her closet. He shuffled a little, confused about this new, strange feeling that suddenly came to his nether regions: The fabric was soft; very soft. He could even swear he was starting to feel aroused at the sensation of his sheath rubbing against it.

'Wow... These are so soft!' He thought, trying to suppress his feelings, 'I wonder why they won't let boys wear these!'


"Coming right out!" He called back as he stepped out of her room and stood in the living room, looking at her.

"So, how do they feel?" She asked, giggling, "Comfortable, right?"

"I... Guess..." Buster shyly replied as he sat down next to her on the sofa, keeping his legs tightly shut. He just couldn't get used to the skirt. He could still try and get the feeling out of him, though, "What's on TV?"

" The thrilling tales of Jason Goldwing ," Leanne answered, "It's currently, like, the only thing worth watching."

"Wait, isn't Kyurem on the hood on right now?"

"Seriously?" Leanne quickly reached for the remote but failed to grip it properly and it fell. Leanne quickly bent forward to grab it, giving him a good peek of her rump and her light blue panties. She remained like that for a moment, apparently failing to pick the remote up. Was she doing it on purpose? Finally, she grabbed the remote and sat back down, changing the channel twice.

"Hey, Kyurem? Where were you?"
"Grocery shopping."
"Really? For five hours?"
"I had lunch with Hydreigon, too. Lacunosa Town was on the way back."

Leanne threw herself back on the sofa, laughing loudly, Buster doing the same. However, as the Shinx looked back at his friend, he saw that the position in which she was leaning back on the sofa on while laughing had her legs raised and spread a little, and, ashamed as he was, he couldn't help peeking at her panties again. And no matter how much he tried to get his eyes off her, he couldn't. Worst of all, as he tried to shift a little to the side on the couch he felt the soft fabric of his own panties brush his boyhood, which was beginning to slowly grow both at that and at the sight of his friend, becoming barely visible as a bulge on his skirt. He pressed his hands against it, hoping it would go away, but that just aroused him further. The best thing he could do right now was to cross his legs and hope she didn't notice. Perhaps the effect of seeing her wouldn't be so great on him if he hadn't recently begun seeing his friend as someone totally attractive to him over the past year to the point his very first erotic dreams had been starred by none other then her.

"Buster?" He stiffened and felt a chill in his spine as he heard the Eevee's voice and noticed she was looking at him, "What's the matter? Why did you stop laughing? You're looking real serious."

"Eh? Nothing, Leanne. Just thinking about things."

"What things? I don't like to see a wumpy Wuster," She mocked affectionately as she placed her hands on his face and forced a smile on him.

"Nah, just-"
"-I know how to put a smile on you!" She grinned as she suddenly leapt at him and began running her hands up and down him, "Tickle attack!"

"WHAT?! No, Leanne, I-!" Buster tried to object as he was pinned to the sofa by Leanne and couldn't stop himself from bursting in laughter as his friend tickled her, "No... No, Leanne!" He continued trying to stop her as all the motion of her body against his caused his problem to not only not disappear, but even grow further, "Leanne... Okay, fine!" He answered between laughs, "Here comes my counter!" He finally decided as he rolled her over so that this time he was over her. Soon, both friends were tickling each other nonstop, barely able to breathe but not letting go either.

"He-Hey!" Leanne giggled, feeling Buster's hands run over her, "You're feeling better!"

"It's not so funny now, is it?" Buster laughed, talking between pants as he could manage, "Give up!"

"Never!" Leanne kept giggling as she didn't stop for one second, "You give up!"

"We'll see!"

The kids' attempts at submitting the other continued, and soon, their simple game had grown into an all-out tickling war.
Buster was beginning to feel exhausted, his breathing sore between laughs as he had Leanne below him, her constant motions and wiggling under him making him feel an awkward discomfort; he only hoped he still was nowhere hard enough for Leanne to actually take notice. Perhaps thinking about it was the worst thing he could have done, as Leanne suddenly stopped, looking at him with a confused expression.

"Buster?" She asked the Shinx, still panting and trying to catch her breath, "What are you poking at me with?"

"Leanne, I..." Buster didn't even know how in the world he was going to get out of this. Mostly because he was afraid he'd end up losing her as a friend, but he was also embarrassed about it; There he was, on a sofa, wearing his friend's clothes, tickling her, and on top of it all, he had to have a hard-on. If her brother or sister arrived at that moment he was guaranteed one hell of a dose of trouble, "I'm sorry..."

She slowly wiggled out from underneath him and both went back to sitting. It was then Leanne noticed the firm bulge forming between the Shinx's legs.

"Your... Um..." She raised a finger, pointing at Buster's erection, "Is that your... "

"Yes..." Buster blushed, looking down. Right now he didn't even dare look his best friend in the eye. He kept himself locked on his own mind; he didn't want to listen to what Leanne could tell him, because he was sure it wouldn't be anything good. He could have sworn he heard her say his name, but he didn't pay much attention. It was only after a long time's silence the Shinx perked his ears in surprise at the words that came:

"Buster, do you like me?" Leanne asked him,

"Yes..." He whispered, looking at her for a moment before sadly directing his stare back down, "I'll help myself out." He was about to get up when Leanne began giggling, blushing lightly as she held his arm to stop him from getting up, "What?" He spoke lowly as he stared at her.

"Why would you?" Leanne replied, holding Buster until he sat back down, feeling his boyhood jerk lightly as it rubbed against the fabric again. The Eevee leant closer and closer before murmuring right on his ear and making him pant nervously from how close she was, "In case you hadn't noticed..." She leant back a little so she was face-to-face with him, "I really like you too."

With this she pressed her lips against his, locking them in a kiss Buster was not expecting in the least. The Shinx's eyes shot open in surprise as his body turned to stone and his cheeks went red again, not sure of what to do. Simply letting the flow of things guide him, he chose to do what seemed like the right thing at the moment: He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back. He felt the warmth of her body come as a much-welcome counter to the cold that still invaded him in spite of being dry. His lips pressed against hers on a completely foreign feeling he had only even come close to experiencing in his dreams. He took in the chance to feel every last bit of it he was able to: Her warmth, her closeness... The feeling of her lips... And... The feeling of her hand going up his thigh?!

"Leanne?!" He pulled away from her, staring at her in awe.

"Oh, relax, silly!" She replied, placing the tip of her right hand's index on his nose, making him a little cross-eyed as her left hand went up his skirt, feeling his hard cubhood under the panties and softly rubbing it, "You wouldn't be like this if you didn't want it!"

Buster leant back and simply accepted what she was doing. It was a very awkward thing, having a girl do that to him while he was dressed like one, but he could stop minding it. The Shinx's breath began to slowly become heavier as he felt the girl's hands rub him.
Slowly, she rubbed up and down what she could manage to while he still had her panties covering his member, and she would lie if she said she wasn't enjoying a bit of it; there was a certain warmth to his boy parts she really hadn't felt anywhere else. Finally tired of simply rubbing, she lifted Buster's skirt and leant further down, beginning to gently lick over the crotch area of the boy's panties, her silky-soft tongue caressing his length under the equally-soft lime-green fabric and smearing it with a bit of her saliva.

Buster began panting at this new action and jerked lightly when he felt his penis give a slight throb and felt something wet but different from Leanne's spit come out of him. His member began to dribble out a few more beads of pre-cum as the Eevee's taste muscle caressed him from the outside, which were later smeared along the inside of his panties by Leanne's licking. His entire body felt tingly and his boyhood felt sticky from being smeared with his pre. Though he didn't really know what this new substance that had come out of him was, it somehow felt right to him; comfortable.

"Aaand now these get out of the way!" Leanne hummed, tugging down lightly on the waist of Buster's panties enough for his boyhood to spring out while his small, furry pouch was still concealed under them. She took a moment to look at her friend's meat; it was pink, and not quite as sizeable as Teal's but she could understand that. After all, the Shinx was much younger. Now that the panties were out of the way, she began licking along the exposed shaft, moving her tongue up and down his length and lapping up the pre she had smeared earlier while licking off what came out of the tip. It tasted a little salty, but she expected that.

"Whoa, Leanne..." Buster huffed, a pleasured look growing on his face as he looked, eyes half-lidded, down at his friend, who was making sure he felt on top of the world, "You're so... Good... How... How'd you learn this?"

"I've been playing like this with Teal and Lari for a long time now," Leanne let go of his dick and answered, taking it in her right hand and beginning to stroke him faster than before, her hand going up and down his length and causing him to begin bucking lightly against her as she began licking the tip, massaging it in a circular motion and taking in the pre that kept coming out. She released his shaft from her right hand and began cupping his sac with it, feeling it through the fabric as she began to suck gently on the tip of Buster's cock, tasting more of his boy juices as they came out and slowly taking more and more in her mouth, wrapping her tongue around his meat while still sucking strongly on it.

Buster loved the feeling like nothing on the world; her soft, warm, damp mouth on his hard meat, while her tongue went all over it and covered it on her saliva, making it throb and twitch lightly, begging for the release he was ever so close to getting, He began humping against her, panting heavily as more and more of his pre came out, and that's when he felt the first orgasm of his life approaching. Yes, he was so close...

He couldn't help but let out a disappointed moan as Leanne suddenly let go of his member and sat up, her mouth dribbling slightly as she stared at him with a satisfied look.


"Because..." Leanne answered as she raised her legs and took her shoes off, taking her chance to give Buster a good look at her undies again as she proceeded to pull down her white stockings and toss them away, leaving her bare feet exposed at him. Wiggling her toes a little, she brought them close to Buster's meat until it was leaning against them and nodded, looking at him, "I know you'll like this."

Buster groaned as he saw her close her feet a little around his boyhood and begin stroking it up and down with them, her feet becoming smeared in their combined fluids. He grit his teeth as he felt the soft soles and brown fur stroke along his member as he bucked and humped against them, his climax drawing closer from what he had already stacked up while she sucked him off. And in a few moments, he mewled loudly, his body brimming with sensation, bucking his hips like crazy against her feet as a few ropes of Shinx spunk shot out and splashed along her toes, dribbling down slightly until the made a mess out of her soles as well. Leanne giggled, feeling her friend's seed tickle her feet.

"Wow, Leanne..." Buster panted, wiping some sweat off his brow as he stuffed his softening boyhood back into his panties and pulled his skirt back down , caught in the afterglow of his just-finished orgasm, his body no longer cold in the least, "That was awesome..."

"Yeah, and you made a mess of me~" She hummed as she kept her cum-coated feet up at his face's level, showing them off shamelessly at him and speaking out her next idea, "And you know what that means? You'll have to clean them up... With your tongue..."

"What?!" Buster snapped out of his peace and stared at her feet with a mixture of awe and shyness, "But... That's my, like... That's boy cream!" He finished, not really thinking of a term for his cum, "I'm a boy! I can't just lick-"

"It's boy cream, yeah..." Leanne smiled, confidently, looking at him, "But in your current outfit, you might as well forget being a boy."


"-Come on..." Leanne purred whimsically, looking at him, "Please? It's just my feet, covered in tasty cream! You'll like it!"

Buster sat there, staring at her feet, blushing far more than before as he looked at his cum on them. Finally, albeit a little uneasy, he leaned forth, approaching her feet, and let his tongue out a little, taking a lap at one of her toes and tasting his cum on them; Now that he pondered on the flavor he discovered Leanne was right. It didn't taste bad, and he actually found it quite enjoyable. It was a little sticky, but he didn't mind it that much. And now that he realized he actually liked the taste of cum, he became even more embarrassed. His cheeks flared a bright red as he licked out again and took another, longer lick at her feet, this time lapping up much more of his seed than before and making Leanne laugh softly. One of the few things Buster didn't know about her was that her feet were far, far more ticklish than the rest of her body.

"That's it..." She sighed, suppressing another giggle as she felt Buster's tongue run over her left sole, "Clean the space between my toes, too..."

Buster obliged as he was catching on quite well to the taste of his own cum, licking more over her soles and swallowing his own seed, then taking one of Leanne's toes on his mouth and beginning to suckle on it, using his tongue to clean it full of all his cum, stirring it in his mouth so it smeared further on Leanne's toes before finally swallowing. This got Leanne on the mixed sensation of both the ticklish feel and a certain pleasure from the way in which he was cleaning her. He sucked quietly on her toes, one by one, making sure not one drop of his cum was left on them as he worked his mouth. After he let go, Leanne pushed her feet lightly against his face, staining his fur with a bit of his fluids as he began licking at her soles again, stopping once she was completely clean and his mouth was filled with the taste of his own seed. This only lasted a moment, however; as he gulped his own fluids down, he began licking at her feet again. Despite them being clean, he had decided he rather liked the taste.

Leanne simply began to giggle a little louder as her feet's coating was gone and allowed her to get a much more ticklish feeling as he felt the feline's tongue run over her soles again and again. Buster laughed shortly under his breath as he took her right foot in his hands and began licking it over and over causing the Eevee to flail around a little as she was helpless to her friend's tickling.
This went on for quite a while before Leanne finally brought a hand to Buster's head and gently pushed him away, the girl finding herself near breathless because of all the tickling.

"I think that's enough..." She panted, leaning closer to him and licking off his cheek the bits of cum she had smeared on him earlier, "There."

She slowly leant back until she was lying against the edge of the sofa, then lightly pulled her skirt up as she spread her legs and began gently running a single finger along the crotch area of her panties, "So... Do you want to have some more fun? Be-"

"-Leanne, we're home!" The call came, followed by the sound of the house's door being opened and closed again, making the Eevee sit up and pull her skirt back down. She had done naughty things with her brother and sister, but she'd still feel embarrassed about being caught getting her nether regions licked by her friend; moreso given his clothes.

Shortly after, a Vaporeon and Leafeon walked in the room, setting her bags down near the entrance as they saw the two on the sofa.

"Hey, Leanne!" Teal greeted his little sister, looking quite cheerful. A normal thing; Water-types loved the rain. Then he noticed the Shinx in the skirt and proceeded to add, "Hey! I didn't know you had made a new friend!" Buster blushed embarrassingly with those words, looking down and not wanting to even move at the moment.

"Teal..." Lari, the Leafeon, told her brother, "I don't think that's um..."

"Wait..." Teal looked at the Shinx up and down before yelping lightly in surprise and saying in an awkwardly amused tone, "Is that Buster?!"

"Y-yeah..." Buster nodded sheepishly, "I got soaked and all my clothes were a mess, so Leanne gave me what she had..."

"Oh... Wait, Leanne!" Teal told her sister, his words carrying a scolding tone, "Why didn't you just give him those sweatpants and that t-shirt you don't even like to wear?"

"What?!" Buster's fur stood on end as he looked at his friend, blushing brighter than ever, "You had other clothes for me and you didn't let me wear them?!"

"Um... Well..." Leanne rubbed the back of her head, thinking, "This is awkward... Eh... Yeah, I had other clothes for you, but... Well, I..." She stopped trying to explain herself and simply stared at Teal, angry, "Thank you!"

"Besides, if he gets really wet, then the solution isn't just to change out of his clothes; he should take a hot shower, too," He helped Buster up and walked him to the bathroom, then closed the door before whispering at him, "Don't worry. Lari did the same to me back when we were kids... Complete with the feet-licking," He added, making Buster jump lightly at the realization he knew what he and Leanne had been doing, "It's okay, really. Now, there's towels in that little rack there, and, well, you know where the shower is."

"Yeah, okay." Buster quietly answered as Teal closed the door and he found himself standing in Leanne's bathroom: Violet tiles covered the walls and floor while the shower screen was a lighter shade of the same. To his right was a rack that had, like Teal told him, four towels folded and tucked in it, and to his left were the sink and toilet. He let the hot water run on the shower as he unbuttoned his blouse and pulled his skirt down, followed by his shoes and stockings, and finally his panties. He took a moment to look at them; he'd be lying if he said he hadn't enjoyed wearing girl's clothes, if only for a moment. With everything off he stepped into the shower and let the hot water run over his body, sighing in relaxation at the feeling as he began cleaning himself. He quickly realized what the dirtiest part of himself was as he reached down and began washing his boyhood, feeling small sparks of pleasure flow through him as the soap and his hand rubbed at his shaft, causing it to grow a little in response to his touch, becoming bigger and bigger as he washed himself until he looked down at that pleasurable tingle to realize he was fully erect again, his member covered in bubbles from the soap. He let it rinse off, but the patter of the water felt far too good. Now he was sure it wouldn't go away. He wasn't about to masturbate in Leanne's shower, however. Maybe if he focused on actually showering it would go away. But just as he reached to grab a bottle of shampoo, he had to yelp in surprise as he felt an-already familiar, soft hand grip his boyhood and give it a squeeze.

"Need help getting clean?" He heard Leanne say from behind him.

"No, Leanne." He coldly answered, grabbing the bottle and putting some of it on his hair, not paying her any more attention and trying to ignore the soft strokes she was giving him.

"Listen," She told him as she went around him until he was facing her, "I'm really sorry about what I did; I know it was uncomfortable, but I knew if I did it you'd get shy... And when you're shy you're just so much cuter..." She stared at him with those brown, regretful, slightly lovesick puppy eyes... He hated it when she made the puppy eyes. Anything he could be upset at her about would quickly get off his mind.

"It's alright..." He replied, looking over her naked body for the first time: That soft, brown fur he loved to feel... Those still-growing, barely formed small breasts, and just as he looked down, that small slit between her legs he was just dying to feel. He felt his boyhood throb lightly at her sight, but refrained from commenting as he simply added, "I actually enjoyed wearing them a little."

"So, you're not mad?" She asked, all-on-purpose. She knew, from the moment she looked at him like that and noticed him scanning her body she already had him won over.

"'Course not!"

"Oh, great!" She exclaimed as she hugged him tightly, pressing her body against his as much as she could and bringing out a dreamy gasp from the Shinx, feeling his dick press against her tummy and letting back a little, smiling "So, let's take a shower!" She finished, turning around so her back was facing Buster, "You already got clean enough... Why don't you help me?" She asked innocently.

"Okay," Buster nodded, panting deeply as he soaped his hands up and began by massaging her shoulders, gently rubbing them and bringing a relaxed sigh from Leanne before moving his hands down a little, rubbing above her chest area and finally reaching her small breasts, feeling their soft, warm form as he moved his hands in circles around them, lightly caressing them and making Leanne moan lightly and push back against him. As he continued his gentle movement he slowly rubbed his hands up and down her nipples, sending jolts of pleasure through her as he gently pushed closer at her and licked her neck, making her let out a short and surprised, though pleasured, gasp.

His hands continued their travel down her body until he reached that opening he so wanted to explore in her. He really didn't know how to proceed here, so he rinsed off all of the soap from his hands and began by simply sliding his fingers up and down her pussy lips, not yet bringing anything in. Leanne reacted to this with another short moan and reached her own hand down to guide his, making light brushes against her labia before guiding just one of his fingers inside of her, already dripping a little.

Buster did as he was instructed and began using that one finger in her, bringing more of her juices out while he moved even closer so that his hard boyhood was pressed against her rump and used his other hand to start rubbing along her clit while he slowly put a second finger inside of her, getting the hang of what he had to do. He felt her walls adjust to his presence as he continued to rub along that little nub on her pussy, making Leanne moan louder and lean back against him even more, becoming almost unable to keep her little body standing, the Shinx licking her neck all the while. He changed the position his fingers were on as he started sliding them in and out of her much faster and rubbing her clit at a much faster pace than before, his fingers going much deeper than he had dared put them at first. Leanne was panting, lost in the feeling and trying to rub against his member from behind, and couldn't hold for long, letting out a louder moan than the others as her pussy juices flowed out and coated his fingers, some more squirting out and disappearing in the drain as her walls refused to let go of the two digits she had inside.

Buster slowly pulled out once her walls relaxed and licked up her juices from his hand; they were an odd case. The second flavor in the day he couldn't quite indentify but still found absolutely delicious.

"Did you like it?" He asked Leanne, licking her neck again and awaiting her approval.

"Y-yes..." Leanne shivered, feeling a sudden urge as she turned around, wrapped her arms around Buster and locked him into another, far more passionate kiss. The Shinx quickly did the same to her, both feeling the other's loving warmth; their tongues dancing together as the two slowly slumped down until they were holding each other tightly on the shower floor.


"Thanks, Leanne!" Buster told his friend as he put his now-dry shirt back on and placed his cap back on as well, getting fully dressed again. His clothes felt somewhat cold, but they weren't wet anymore, that was for sure. They walked together , holding hands , towards the door, where Buster gave her farewell for the day, though both knew he'd be back again soon.

"It's nothing, you!" Leanne giggled lightly, pecking him on the nose as he began to leave, "Hey, Buster!" She called at him before he was gone.

"What is it?" Buster turned around just in time to catch something Leanne had thrown at him. He unbundled whatever it was to realize was holding both the lime-green and light blue panties he and Leanne had worn for the day.

"Just a little keepsake," She winked at him as she closed her door and let the Shinx walk his way back home. The rain had stopped, giving the cub an apparent truce while he walked back, and he wasn't going to waste it.

Once sure he was gone, she went over to Teal's room and opened the door to find the Vaporeon and Leafeon sitting on his bed, reading.

"Thanks," She winked at them too as she closed the door, leaving the two back to their business.

"So, she did get lucky, then?" Lari asked her brother, closing the book he was holding and placing in on a nightstand.

"You know, I wasn't done with that," Teal answered, looking at his sister, "But yeah, I think she did. Didn't you hear them? I can't believe she did the girl's clothes thing. You told her, didn't you?"

"Well, I thought it'd be a fun episode of our lives to see repeat itself," The Leafeon leant on her brother's lap, running her finger in circles around his thigh, "And, speaking of fun episodes..."

"What," Teal looked down at his sister, "You want us to play a little ourselves?"

"I don't want to play with you," Lari sounded serious in her answer as she stood and undressed, standing completely naked in front of her brother as she reached into one of his drawers and pulled out a Water Stone, "But... Him ,I could play with." She smiled devilishly as she lobbed the stone at Teal, who caught it and undressed himself, picking the stone up again once the two of them were nude.

"Okay, then." The Vaporeon squeezed the stone, becoming enveloped in a flash and bathing the whole room in light. Once the light cleared out Teal was no longer there, or he was, but no longer in his body's regular shape. In his stead stood a full-feral looking Vaporeon, the quadruped looking at Lari and speaking up again, "So, you want to play now?"

"Oh..." Lari replied as she formed a vine between her hands and made it stiffen as she slowly turned around and bent over, rubbing her pussy with the vine as she raised her rear at him, "I'm game..."

Teal reached forward and began to lick along her sister's rump, playing with her and licking her creamy fur while she continued to rub the rigid green vine against herself. Since the vine didn't allow him to play properly with her pussy however, he planned something else. He leant forward and stuck his muzzle in between her buttocks, nuzzling at the ring of muscle he found there and making Lari yelp at the feeling of his cool, scaly skin pressing against her tailhole.

Teal nuzzled her orifice for a moment before beginning to lap at it with his cool tongue, licking in circles around her anal ring as she made that vine wet with her juices. Teal couldn't see it at that moment from where he was, but Lari was beginning to blush lightly as she began pushing that vine in and out of herself at a much faster pace. As she had made it, the vine actually stimulated her erogenous zones with just the exact length every time she pushed it in, and soon both she and the vine were so wet she could make it enter and exit her at a feverish pace without any problems while Teal stopped massaging around her anus with his tongue and decided to push it inside instead , his tongue swirling in circles inside of her and making her moan loudly. Upon hearing this Teal stopped, pulling his tongue out of her and giving her tailhole one last lick before mounting her and preparing himself for what he believed was the best part of it all as his long, slender member was fully erect and ready to pleasure his sister.

"Ready now?" He asked her as he saw her let the vine go. The rigid plant shard fell to the floor, coated in pussy juice and Lari shifted herself and placed both her hands firmly on the ground so the feral Pokémon behind her could mate her as wildly as he pleased without her falling over.

"Yeah... Go ahead."

And with that Teal leant forward further and bit down softly on her neck as he pushed his member into her pussy's depths, making Lari moan and shiver from the cold again. Without even giving her a moment to adjust, he began pumping and humping savagely against her , causing her to close her eyes and try to get a good grip on the ground; a single tear from both the pleasure and the pain she was feeling running down her cheek, even though her expression was one of pure bliss.
Teal didn't need to go slowly in the least and he knew he wasn't anything close to severely harming his sister when he went like that. Though his feral form had a much longer member than his anthro one, he knew Lari was more than well-lubed and loosened from her playing with the vine.
What he didn't notice about the vine, however, was that it was no longer rigid,and it was no longer on the floor beneath his sister: It was long and slender once more, and it was right behind him.

"Surprise!" Lari yelled suddenly as Teal yipped and stopped, almost letting go of her neck as he felt the vine enter his own tailhole and disappear into his depths, easily sliding in due to so much of Lari's juices preparing it for him. And so, with the vine pushing in and out of his tailhole and his cock pleasuring his sister, Teal felt like he was in absolute heaven at that moment. The vine's movements massaged his prostate with every thrust, and feeling his sister's sex juice being spread and smeared all over his insides just made him derive an odd pleaure out of it all. He bucked and humped against Lari, making her moan in pleasure as he, like the vine, kept touching her body's most sensitive spots. He began to hump her faster and faster, feeling his orgasm build along his knot, which kept seeking passage into the Leafeon as he bit down harder on her neck.

At last, unable to hold any longer, he pushed in even harder than before, making Lari howl from pleasure and pain as she was spread even wider by his knot that had finally managed to enter her. It was with that last thrust both Teal and Lari came, brother and sister howling together as the floor beneath them turned into a messy puddle of sex juices. At the same time, the vine became much thicker, slowly exiting Teal's rump with a plopping noise and falling, softened, to the floor, where it snaked up towards Lari's mouth and began being sucked and licked clean by the Leafeon, still tied to her brother.

Teal purred as he let go of her neck and gently nipped one of her leaf-like ears.

"I love my little sisters..." He murmured.

"And we love you..." Lari replied as both, still tied together, drifted off into sleep.
Chapter End Notes:There it is...
So, you know. Wish me luck and all. I hope I manage to place in the contest
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