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What can i say?

I'm a Black Male who like Pokemon. I.E. The Video Game, The TCG, The Manga, and The Anime.

I also like fanfiction, albeit it's not just limited to Pokemon. I enjoy reading and reviewing it just as much as I enjoy writing such; although I wish i wasn't so slow in finishing projects.

I also like reading and, moreso, writing Poetry; though i haven't written a new poem in years now. Most of it can be quite depressing at times really.

As for me, personally, i'm 27. I'm often random and funny but can easily be serious when need be. I like making friends and try hard to be a good one in turn. So long as i am your friend, you are never alone.

"Truth be Told, the life we live, what we receive is what we give."

One last thing. Review. Pretty, pretty please with a sugar-lipped Absol on top, review. You've no idea how much the tiniest reviews mean to most of the authors that reside here. Especially me. They make my day. ~_^

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