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Crimson Rose by sanguine


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The facility Avon called home was located somewhere on the western face of Mt. Coronet. Assimilating a large portion of mountainside between Eterna city and Celestic town in Sinnoh, careful structural layout allowed the main complex to be built beneath the natural tunnel systems leading north to Snowpoint. The only structures above the ground were a large landing platform and a geothermal plant that provided power for the entire complex.

The elevator connecting the surface to the subterranean complex was long and open, a large tube wide enough to fit a leer-jet. The lift itself was a large platform that spanned the entire opening. Avon waited as the lift slowly crept up the shaft, a satchel full of a few days rations the only possessions he had with him. Once he was out it would easy enough to secure money, the same went for spare clothing.

It had been an entire twenty-four hours since he planned his departure, his recent job decidedly being his last. In spite of being situated on the northern face of Mt. Coronet, being full clothed the frost laden air didn't bother him at all. Already he could see the bright flooded lights of the platform, the lights were so bright it was impossible to see the sky beyond.

A pair of shadows diffused the light, two of the guard on duty, unlike the cheap mercenaries Avon killed the day before these men were true professionals. Stark black jumpsuits, flak jackets, FNP90 submachine guns being their main weapon and strapped to their hip was a holstered pistol and combat knife sheathed behind the holster. Cylindrical grenades could be seen on their belts along with small satchels for spare magazines and other essentials. They wore a dark grey domed helmet and goggles while the bottom half of their faces were covered in a matching black scarf. Overall their uniform gave them a rather insect like appearance showing no skin whatsoever.

The guards had seen Avon on countless previous occasions so they paid him no mind until an alarm blared into the night. Both Avon and the guards looked back down the shaft. "Wonder what's going on down there?" Avon said coyly.

He was about to take another step out onto the platform when something gripped his ankle and caused him to stumble. When Avon straightened up he saw the imposing shape of a Dusknoir materializing through the concrete. "Where do you think your going." It asked accusingly.

"Nowhere." Avon answered simply. He recognized the voice as Carson. Avon could understand him because he was part Pokemon himself, to any of the guards however it would have come out as plain pokespeak.

Carson didn't say anything until his body started to quake, his form slimming down and reverting to a human shape. When the transformation was done his bare human form was left standing on the platform before Avon and the guards. "You, restrain him. He's trying to leave." Carson said to the nearest guard.

Looking between the two he leveled his weapon at Avon and stepped forward, it wasn't his place to ask questions about whatever happened in the underground complex. Long story short their authority was higher than his.

"You really think that will stop me?" Avon asked making the guard stop mere inches away.

"What do you think your doing Avon?" Carson interjected.

"Have you ever done anything just for the thrill of it Carson?" Avon asked hoping to lull them into a false sense of security.

"No, I haven't. Why are you trying to leave?"

"I'm tired of all of this." Avon answered spreading his arms wide, gesturing at the landscape around him. "I'm tired of being the Tribes tool. I'm tired of the blood, I'm tired of the screams, I'm tired of the pleas for mercy. I'm tired of being an instrument of death. I've ended so many people's lives but this is the only life I know. I want to live Carson, and I can't do that here." As he spoke a frosted breeze caused his hair to whip around his face.

"You want to live? Out there?" Carson asked, incredulously. "You've seen the world just as much as I have and you want to be a part of it?" As he asked the question the lift started to recede back into the tunnel, no doubt more security were coming up to prevent Avon from leaving. He cast a quick glance around, several guards had their weapons trained on him. Thankfully he was too valuable which was a fact he intended to exploit. They could hurt him, sure, but they wouldnt have the okay to kill him. "I'm not letting you leave." Carson continued, noticing what Avon was doing, what he would do in this situation; he was weighing the odds.

"You can't stop me Carson."

"If you leave you'll have all of Tribe on your heels, how long do you think you'll last?" Carson asked now trying to buy some time.

"Carson, we've been trained to be the most efficient weapons on earth from the time we could stand up straight. You really think I can't handle myself." Avon said now taking a step forward. Carson responded with a step back. "how'd you know I was leaving anyway?"

"Mercy." Carson replied simply.

Avon rolled his eyes, the psychic had probably been snooping through the thoughts of anyone who came close enough and Avon had to pass everyone else's quarters to get to the lift. Mercy meditated several hours a day which was when her abilities were at their strongest which made them acute enough to tap through his barriers. Avon and Carson were only two of several groups of shapeshifters, genetically engineered human-Pokemon hybrids. Mercy was part of another group while Avon and Carson were a separate team all together. Avon and Carson had earned the designation 'The Angels of Death' which was how they were referred to in the field and there were three groups other than theirs.

Avon heard voices in the shaft now, no doubt they were at least halfway back to the surface. "It doesn't matter, and your right; I can't take all of Tribe on my own. But I can handle you and I can handle them." Avon finished gesturing at the guards. He was running out of time, if any of the other hybrids were on the lift then leaving would be the chore of a lifetime. If he was going to go now was the time to do it. He was certain he could handle Carson, being a dark type Avon had an advantage of Carson ghost type abilities. The guards he was doubly sure of, they couldn't shoot him and they were just humans.

"Maybe I'll see you around sometime Carson." Avon said said as he turned to the far side of the platform. Between him and the edge was easily ten meters at least. Once he had his back to Carson he heard him curse under his breath.

"I said no." Carson barked reaching out for Avon's shoulder. Avon was prepared for this however and grabbed Carson by the wrist and tried to turn and deliver a kick to his side. Carson put an arm up and blocked the move. Avon didn't give him much more time to react though as he jerked Carsons arm forward knocking him off balance. Before he could recover Avon dropped to his hands and swung his legs in a wide arc sweeping Carsons legs out from under him.

Just as Caraon bit the ground one of the guards came up to try and restrain Avon but to no avail. As soon as the guard was close enough made a downward sweep with the heel of his boot along the guards shin down to his foot which made him drop to his knee. In a flash the guard was on the ground as Avon hit him across the side of the head with the palm of his hand knocking out. Two more guards tried to do the same as the first, taking a quick look back at the shaft Avon saw shadows moving in the lights coming from below. Taking a fraction of a second to subdue the next to guards Avon shifted into a Zoroark. He couldn't make out an exact number of people but there were at least thirty counting the guards already on the platform. Thinking fast Avon conjured up the illusion of a thick blanket of snow on every surface in sight and a furious blizzard was billowing over everything and limiting his range of sight to only a few feet in from of him.

Once that was done Avon pulled his clothes, which now hanging onto him loosely in his Pokemon form, off and tucked them into the satchel. Making sure nothing would fly out Avon broke into full sprint to the edge of the platform. Just before he went over shifted into a Honchcrow and flew off into the night.
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