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Latiass The Gigolo by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

This was basically thought of while talking to Lati himself. He wanted me to write about him having sex with something sexy. And we decided this could be a series thing. Whenever I'm bored and want to write something sexy, I'll bring in Latiass The Gigolo. :D

Session 1: The Celebration

Session 1: The Celebration

Pokemon Fan Fic Lemon
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Before this series of lil stories idea was even decided, I had decided on pairing Lati with Salamence. So here it is. Sound good? Cool. I believe the line I used in chat was, "Salamence having its way with your insides." Don't ask.

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: Two male dragons in wet, hot, raunchy sex with a lot of spooge. If you don't like it, well too bad. Also, I KNOW THE LATIAS IS MALE. That's Latiass' character. I swear if I get one "LATIAS IZ FEMALE!!!11" comment, I'm gonna sodomize you with your own ribcage.

Austrat murrs, seating himself against the wall of his cave. Finally, it happened. From Bagon to Shellgon, and Shellgon to Salamence. His boyhood dream of being able to fly has come true. He felt the need for a celebration, but of course, he kind of ditched most of his friends in pursuit of his goal. So he felt the need for a personal celebration, and his one friend close by made a suggestion. "How about that Lati fellow? He could give you some fun." The words of the Nuzleaf rang out in his head.

"That Lati fellow" of course being Latiass, a bit of a well known. A male Latias, as weird as everyone finds that, but more importantly, a gigolo of sorts. Why a Nuzleaf recommended him is unknown to Austrat, but he took his advice and currently waits. I hope it's not bogus...

A ways outside, Latiass himself flies above some light forest trees, more towards the mountainous area. He's been called out for some fun, his first "client" in a long time. He remembers him saying something about a cave with a gong. And of course, he can see it. A cave, with a golden dish outside. He flies to it and lands, looking at the gong with a blink, before picking up a rock off the ground and hitting the gong. "Yeah! Come inside." Rings out a voice from in the cave.

Lati flicks his ears and walks down into the cave, taking one turn before seeing the Salamence in the torchlight. "Hi!" He says.

The Salamence chuckles. "So you're Latiass. They weren't lying, were they?"

Lati shakes head. "Nope! I'm here and I'm male."

He seats himself on his rump and points at the sheath he has, where the Salamence can clearly see it. The larger dragon nods. "Heh... Well. I'm Austrat, and I'll be in your ass today." He says with a grin.

Lati blinks, and giggles. "Aww, you're spoiling things for me."

Austrat chuckles and murrs loudly, his tail swishing from side to side. "Oh well, pretty boy. Let's not waste time."

Lati giggles again and stands up. "Alright."

Austrat sits himself down and opens his legs, showcasing his slit area, which is reddened heavily. "Come here, feathered one..."

Lati playfully sneers at him, and pads over, moving downward just a bit and running his paw over the slit area. Austrat shivers, the tip of his thick member showing almost immediately. Lati giggles, and moves his head down, running his tongue against what just showed itself. Austrat moans, placing his forepaws on the Latias and holding him down there, his member starting to grow rather fast. Lati giggles girlishly and rubs his cheek down against the shaft near the slit where it's coming out of. Austrat shivers, his hips twitching as if to hump, which he can't quite do sitting like he is. Lati moves his head back a bit and giggles. "Ooh..." He mutters.

Austrat looks down at him. "Yes?"

Lati blushes and gives him a soft coo. "You're huge..."

Austrat chuckles, his long member pulsing at full endowment in the air. "I know... Now get to work..." He says with a little nudge.

Lati smirks, and sticks his head against the base of the Salamence's cock, running his tongue completely up it to the tip. He moves down to repeat the lick up a separate side. Austrat growls into the air, his body quivering, and his member leaking, a nice bit of precum oozing from the tapered tip and running down the shaft. Lati grins, and moves back to his previous spot to lick back up the cock and get all the pre that just came out. Austrat moans, his member preing again when Lati licks back to the tip. Lati giggles softly and wraps his muzzle around the tip, suckling up the pre that wants to emerge.

Austrat groans, his paws gripping Lati's featherscales once, before he loosens them up. Lati smiles, and murrs over the dragon's large member, sliding his maw down a few more inches before it's simply too thick for him to handle. He murrs again, loudly, causing a rumble to go over the member and cause it to leak again. He promptly laps up the pre with his tongue, his eyes closing as a constant smell of Austrat's musk is flowing into his nose. The Salamence raises his hips up just a bit, causing his tip to bump Lati's throat. Lati quickly slides his maw back up to the tip, and then back down, beginning a smooth bobbing motion, suckling and lapping with his tongue. Austrat nearly falls backward, his back leaning against the cave wall, pressing his head against it. "Ooohh man..." He sounds out after a blissful moan.

Lati just murrrrs to himself, a bit lost in his work, his paws grabbing onto the thick base of Austrat's cock and squeezing it tight. Austrat lets out a cry when that happens, his face turning back to watch the psydragon, his cock leaking liberal amounts of pre. Of course, none of it is getting anywhere except down Lati's throat, his firm sucking and lapping tongue getting every drop. Lati increases the pace of his head bobs just a bit, his paws holding tight and stroking up and down the rest of the member. Austrat presses his head backwards again, moaning loudly, this motion proving to be too much for his raging mood. "Ohhh god, I'm gonna cum..."

Lati snaps out of his 'swoon' just a bit to smile, his suckling immediately getting firmer and his bobbing getting really fast, before he throats down as much as he can and keeps sucking. Austrat's member pulses harder, harder, his eyes twitching and clenching, before he essentially roars, thick, hot ropes of his cum shooting down Lati's throat. Lati murrs loudly and tries to take it all down, some of it hitting the top of his maw and splattering, showing past his lips and running down the Salamence's shaft. This happens liberally, as Austrat has a long, draconic orgasm, almost too long thanks to how long he's been wanting this. Lati finds it too hard after a moment, lifting his maw off and coughing up some, the remaining ropes of the dragon's cum shooting all over his face, and then his neck as it's slowing to a halt. Austrat turns to look at Lati when the maw is no longer on him, smirking idly to the sigh of Lati getting sprayed. Lati just smiles with his eyes closed, opening them when the orgasm comes to a halt. "Hehe..." He giggles out softly.

Austrat's body goes slack, the dragon panting hard as he just stares at the Latias. Lati takes his paws off the cock, seeing how they're a bit messed with the cum that slide out of his mouth. He licks his paws clean, and giggles, not seeming to care about what sprayed over his frontside. Austrat just chuckles, and murrrs, scooting his body up. "You're good..." He says semi-weakly amidst panting.

Lati smiles. "You're tasty. And you cum a lot..."

Austrat laughs. "Been too long."

Lati nods. "Well... I'm glad you enjoyed it, then."

Austrat nods, but grins. "I did... But don't think it's over yet."

Lati blinks, blushing a little and murring quietly. "... Oh?"

The Salamence just stays grinning, using one of his forepaws to rub against his wet cock. Lati can now notice it's still pulsing, even just a bit. He really is a horny one. Lati giggles, not even needing to use his psychic power to know what's up. He takes a few steps back, before turning himself around, raising his rump a bit for the dragon and looking back at him with a raised blush. Austrat grins, noticing the Latias' ribbed cock hanging underneath him. The Salamence shifts down to all fours, and steps over, hopping his forepaws onto the Latias' back and walking forward with his hinds, getting his messy cock tip pressed up against the psydragon. Lati moans softly, moving his head to look in front of him. "Be gentle..." He says in a soft voice.

Austrat grins. "We'll see." He says, teasingly.

Rather wantingly, the Salamence pushes the tip and first inch of his member into the Latias, causing both to cry out, before he slides another inch in with help from the saliva and seed coating it. Lati grabs a hold of the semi-rocky cave floor with his paws, closing his eyes and relaxing himself. Austrat just moans and keeps sliding forth, a few inches going in quick, before his cock starts to really thicken up and give him trouble. Lati cries out into the air as his ring is stretched further for the Salamence's thickness. "Ahh... bigg...." He mumbles out.

Austrat doesn't seem to mind too much what he's doing to Lati, pushing himself in and meeting resistance. He slides around an inch back out and thrusts back in, trying to dig more into the psydragon, and succeeding for the most part. Lati cries out again on that thrust, clenching his eyes, his member letting loose a pre squirt onto the cave floor. Austrat lets out kind of a growl as he grinds up against the psydragon, giving several little pop thrusts to try and dig deeper. Lati continues his high cries as the thick member plows more into him, before Austrat pulls out a few inches and thrusts back in, getting every last thick inch in and pressing hips with the Latias. "... G-Gods...." Austrat sounds out.

Lati rests his chin down on the ground, panting and lightly cooing to the feeling of the massive cock spreading him open like this. His own member has pre'd liberally, the tip rubbing against the ground just a bit and oozing. Austrat pants too, grinning, grinding just a bit, his member oozing out its own liquid inside. Lati turns his head to the side, cheek on the ground, his blue eye looking back at Austrat, gleaming with lust and need.

Austrat stares into the eye for a moment, before he pulls his member backward several inches, past halfway, and then thrusts it back in swiftly. Lati cries out when the cock hilts again, his head raising and his cock squirting from the abrupt prostate shot. Austrat groans and chuckles, sliding back and beginning to thrust himself in and out, only in smoother thrusts compared to the abrupt slam he just did. Lati moans freely, holding the cave floor hard, the smooth movements of the large cock through his body driving him wild with pleasure.

Austrat grins to the pleasured cries of the Latias, adding a little bit of an upward motion to each thrust that goes inside him. Lati coos to this, staring back at the Salamence, and gripping him inwardly. Austrat groans and growls, pressing Lati against the ground with his forepaws some and kicking up the force of his motions. Lati moans high-pitched, his member continuing to pre liberally below him, almost a puddle having formed on the ground. He holds the ground tight and squeezes around the Salamence's member again, urging him to press on with more.

The Salamence groans so loudly, clenching his eyes shut and giving in to some of his draconic instinct as the already tight-to-him Latias just squeezes tighter. He uses all the pre he's let off to speed up his thrusts almost twice as fast, slamming himself repeatedly into the Latias. Lati raises his head and cries loudly into the air, clenching his eyes tight and trying to press himself back against each thrust, but Austrat is going just a bit too fast. "Ahh...!!" Lati screams out lightly.

His insides squeeze and grip randomly as he drops his nose to the ground, panting and groaning, his body getting overloaded from the pleasure of the mating. Austrat just moans freely and constantly, letting the random grips spike his pleasure senses as he keeps up his relentless assault to the psydragon, if anything getting slightly faster over time. Lati can't hold himself back much longer, his paws holding the ground tight and propping his upper body up a bit. "Eeee....!!" He sounds out loudly into the air.

His tailhole squeezes rather hard, tears instantly shooting out of his eyes as his cock erupts, spraying volleys of his cum all over his stomach and the rocky cave floor beneath him. Austrat lets out a soft roar when the Latias grips him, pausing his movements for just a moment, before trying for a few more thrusts into the new super-tightness. He can manage a few slow ones, before he digs in hard and roars again, unloading his second climax hard into the psydragon. Latias idly coos amongst his moaning, feeling the Salamence cum blast into his insides, his own orgasm spraying long and hard, keeping Austrat's cock held tight. Austrat's orgasm flows with Lati's, Lati's coming to a stop shortly before his. Austrat pants hard, his face and neck sweating, and he moves his cock back and forth a few inches slowly, trying to milk out everything he can from himself. Satisfied, his forepaws slacken, and he comes to a soft rest on the featherscales below him. "Oh dear...." He mumbles.

Lati is just slack and loose below him, panting up a storm, laying flat on the ground. His turquoise eyes are glazed heavily, the afterglow of that much pleasure setting in. Austrat's thick member loses its pulse, but remains firmly hilted inside the Lati. Austrat looks down at him, and chuckles softly, already able to tell he's ready to pass out. He leans his head down and plants a lick over Lati's head. Lati murrs gently, smiling, and giggling weakly, his eyelids closing. Austrat licks again, and smirks, resting his head down nearby. "Thank you..." He whispers quietly.

Lati doesn't respond, breaths flowing out of his nose as he slips off into a well-needed unconsciousness.


Pokemon and Cities/Locations all Copyright © Nintendo & Game Freak
Characters/Locations used without permission
Latiass © his player, used with permission

~ Scy
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