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Latiass The Gigolo by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

This was basically thought of while talking to Lati himself. He wanted me to write about him having sex with something sexy. And we decided this could be a series thing. Whenever I'm bored and want to write something sexy, I'll bring in Latiass The Gigolo. :D

Session 2: Sibling Games

Session 2: Sibling Games

Pokemon Fan Fic Lemon
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: So everyone hearted the first one. o.o So here's the second one, finally! Eat it.

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: Hot juicy Pokemon sex between two males and a female. Eat it.

"So where did you hear about him, brother?" Says a Vaporeon, from the water just a few moments after raising her head out of it.

A Jolteon nearby clicks his eyes over to look at her as he's lapping from the waters of the lake, lifting his head up and smiling. "Just general word of mouth, Neiri. A few people who have had times with him."

She giggles softly and comes to the bank of the lake, her front legs out of the water a bit as she lays on them. "So he just travels around giving free sex?"

He nods a bit as he lies on the shore in front of her. "Essentially. You may be surprised how many Pokes want a session of fun from a stranger."

She snickers and leans forward a bit, licking his nose. "Like us, Iliu?" She states.

The Jolteon blushes a bit, but snickers. "I guess so, huh?"

She giggles, as Iliu stands up again, stretching and looking around the area for signs of their guest. It's a typical forest hot spot, a lake in a semi-clearing, the trees around the spot having groan farther apart from each other compared to the trees in the deeper forest. Green grass is all over the ground around the lake, fed by the waters of it. It's dusk, the orange color in the sky prominent and getting ever darker. The Pokemon of the wild are heading off to their nests and/or dens for the night to make room for the nocturnal types that will emerge eventually. Iliu felt it was the perfect time for some outside fun. "So... When is he going to show up?" Neiri asks from the water.

Iliu looks down at her, and shrugs a shoulder. "Could be any minute now."

"How does he know where to find us?"

"I told him the general location of the spot... Told him to look for a Jolteon and a Vaporeon. Besides, he's psychic."

Neiri giggles. "Yeah, that's true."

Not too far away in the sky, flies the infamous male Latias who calls himself Latiass. His wings cut through the night air as he soars above the trees, looking down at them, trying to spot a lake with the two Eons that wanted his presence. He idly smiles to himself as well. He happens to like Jolts and Vapors a lot. Hasn't had a sexual encounter with either of them though, let alone two at once. And of course, during his moment in thought, he realizes he just passed straight over the lake. He eeps, looking back, and quickly halting in midair and turning. Iliu blinks as he hears the whoosh above him. Neiri was watching. "Hey... I think that was him." She says.

Iliu hrms. "Did he completely miss us?"

Only a moment later, the two Eons see the dragon coming down to them after the turn, heading straight for the shore side where the Jolteon is standing. He makes a gentle wingover that billows the Jolteon's chest fur before landing on the ground softly, turning to the Eons and smiling. "Hello!"

The two Eons grin softly. "Hiya!" Neiri says.

"Well your voice sounds male enough." Iliu states a bit unexpected.

Lati blinks, and giggles. "You could say I'm mostly male, yes."

Iliu chuckles and grins, padding up to the Latias and rubbing his face against him. "That just makes it better, trust me."

Lati smiles and pets the Jolt, hearing some water swish as Neiri steps out of the water, her smooth body wet and the water dripping down it as she approaches. Lati blushes bright. The sight of the wet Vapor strolling close is quite sexy to him. Iliu continues to rub his cheek against the Lati's pleasant featherscales as he sees his sister approach, grinning, Neiri seating down and pawing at the scales herself. "Ooh... Neat." She says.

Lati giggles again. "Everyone likes it."

Iliu snickers and mmms, nosing at their partner for the night. "So go ahead and lay down, cutie, we want our fun..." He says.

Lati's face deepens in blush again after a small bit of recovery time, as he nods, turning around and rolling onto his back. The two Eons look at him, and get a bit of a surprise as the Lati has a clear sheath and sack between his legs. Neiri giggles. "Definitely male."

The two of them approach, smirking, Lati's neck bent a bit as he's watching them. Neiri reaches a forepaw up and rubs it up and down the pouch, giggling softly. "Feels the exact same as the rest."

Iliu grins at her and pads closer, nosing at the sheath before running his tongue over it. Lati shivers and murrs to himself, putting his paws on his blushing cheeks as he feels the two Eons play with him. Neiri rubs downward from the sheath soon, feeling the dragon's orbs with one paw, before bringing her second forepaw up to rub them both. Iliu just continues to lap at the sheath, looking up at the pleasured Lati's face and grinning momentarily before going right back to licks. Lati moans softly, his featherscales ruffling a bit in a shiver as the tip of his cock shows out of the sheath's end.

Neiri notices it, and giggles, seeing her brother go right for it, the Jolteon running his tongue over it firmly and slowly, wanting a good taste. Lati watches him, smiling to himself and holding back a giggle. Iliu stops licking and gives the end a soft suckling for just a moment before stopping with a grin. "I think you'll like it, Neiri..." He says.

The Vaporeon nods softly, giggling and waving her large tail, as she scoots forward a bit and noses at the member head before giving it a soft lick. Iliu meanwhile steps away, and instead pads over to the Lati's neck, straddling it and padding forward. This makes Lati lay his head back down toward the ground, blinking and looking up at the Jolteon. Iliu hrms softly and touches noses. "So how good can you kiss, hmm?"

Without leaving letting him answer, the Jolteon locks his muzzle to the Lati's, closing his eyes and murring. Lati ignores the glowing red in his face as he closes his own eyes and returns the kiss to the Jolteon, bringing a paw up to his head and rubbing it before scritching at the base of his ear. Neiri watches Lati's member growing, noticing its ribbed look. She murrs happily, running one of her paw digits over a bulb or two. This makes Lati shiver and whimper softly into the Jolt's maw, right around the time Iliu catches tongues.

Neiri waves her tail as she puts her forepaws on either side of the Lati's cock and runs her tongue up what's showing to the tip, the licks semi-slow. Lati moans, the noises echoing in his throat as he runs his tongue with the Jolteon's. He scritches the Eon's ears with one paw while the other pets at his side, before he gets an idea, nearly grinning. Iliu murrs happily to himself and paws the Lati's neck scales softly, before he eeps and snaps his eyes open when his sheath is gripped. As if on queue, Lati opens his eyes some to meet the surprised gaze of the Jolteon, smirking at him. Iliu takes a moment, before he too smirks, and resumes kissing, their eyes closing again.

Lati's paw strokes at the Jolteon, while Neiri's paws are also stroking some, or rather rubbing at each side of the Latias' member, her maw over the end of it and suckling. Her tongue comes sliding past her lips and over a bit of the flesh every few moments as it caresses what's in her mouth before slipping out. Lati does his best to focus his attention on the Jolteon as Neiri's work is poking at his brain, his paw working under the Jolt's fur while they tongue mingle. Iliu murrs loudly to the Latias, his hips pumping a bit at the paw and the air.

Neiri chrrrs happily and bobs over a bit of the now pulsing member. Her paws stroking the sides and moving about to rub all she can of the flesh. Latias takes a few hard breaths from his nostrils and squirts precum into her mouth, trying to maintain his concentration. Neiri helps him do it as she slows her work to a stop after she drinks some pre, taking her mouth off the cock and leaving a trail of the liquid. She quickly gets it with her tongue before looking up at the two kissing boys. She smirks, and pads forward a bit, giving a lick to one of her brother's orbs. Iliu rrphs and opens his eyes, slowly softening the kiss until it breaks, looking over his shoulder. Both boys pant. Neiri grins. "Can't do that all night, boys." She says.

Iliu chuckles, and chrrs, looking back at Lati and licking his nose before pulling his cock out of the dragon's paw and getting off his neck. He starts to pad away, as Lati lifts his head, seeing the Vaporeon atop of him. She smiles down him and reddens in the cheeks, before Lati feels her wet pussy lips rubbing against the first few inches of his member. He gasps softly and takes a hold of his blushing cheeks, murring loudly at her. Iliu walks toward the back ends of the two, snickering, nuzzling against his sis's tail. "Take him, sis... I wanna see it..." He says.

Neiri looks back at him and smirks, before looking under her belly, positioning her lower half and pushing backwards. Lati's cocktip spreads open her folds nicely before it starts going into her body, making her raise her head up and cry out softly. Lati pushes his head back against the ground and makes a hissing noise during an inhale, exhaling with a moan. Neiri's insides dampen as she pushes onto the large dragon's member, each 'bump' of it sliding into her one by one. Iliu is behind them, watching the Vapor sink onto the cock, murring and idly stroking at his red length with his paw. Neiri stutters in another pleasurable cry as she touches his sheath with her forbidden area, shivering and holding onto the Lati's scales with her forepaws. "Ohh... ohh he's b-big..." She stammers out.

Iliu snickers and licks her tailfin. "Just bigger than you're used to, sis."

She murrs happily, and moves her tail upward to so it's not in her brother's way. Lati pants with his head on the ground, before lifting it back up to see what's going on. Neiri shivers and starts pulling her way back up the cock, feeling each rib pop out of her, and precum from the Latias squirting into her. In the meantime, Iliu murrs loudly, scooting up and half-mounting the Lati's lower half, pushing his cock up against his tailhole before squeezing it in. Lati gasps, but closes his eyes and moans in lust. "Aahh....!"

The two Eons smile to the Lati's sounds, as Neiri goes up about half of the member before dropping herself back down with a groan, trying to immediately go back up, stalling for a matter of seconds. Iliu pushes all of his cock into the Latias, grring softly to how tight he feels, holding onto his stomach as he starts pumping his hips. He makes sure he's not in his sister's way, as he grins, nosing and nuzzling her hip once when it's close. Neiri looks back at him and smiles, driving onto the Latias with a moan and starting to get used to the position.

Latias is in a blushing and pleasure fit as he rests his cheek on the ground, getting penetrated and ridden at the same time. His member seems to leak an endless supply of pre into the water Eon, Neiri using the wetness to her benefit so she can ride back and forth without having to stall. Iliu rrrs happily, pumping himself in and out of the Latias swiftly and nearly fully, his own liquids squirting inside of him. "It's so good, bro...!" Neiri says lovingly.

She's nearly bouncing up and down on several of his 7 inches, her juices running down the Lati's body thanks to how much she's giving them up. Her hindpaws seem to slip for a moment, but she keeps them steady. Iliu growlmurrs happily as he looks at the pleasured face of the Latias, leaning down to lick one of his sister's hindpaws as he drives himself harder into their playmate's tailhole. "You look like you're gonna lose it, sis..." He says.

Neiri just whimpers at him, not wanting to be reminded of how good this feels as she rides on the Latias, tilting her head upward with her eyes shut tight. Lati groans loudly at them and nibbles on one of his paws idly, wishing he could do something like thrust up into the Eon, but they've pretty much got him where they want him. Not that he'll complain at all. But he at least uses his inner muscles to squeeze at the Jolteon pumping into him, getting a growl of approval from the electric-type. The Jolteon pumps his hips faster in response, grinning, his member leaking profusely.

A surprise comes from above as Neiri cries out, freezing up on Lati's member and gripping it hard as she quivers in climax. Latiass yells out in pleasure, his member nearly going off from the squeeze he gets. Neiri clenches her teeth and groans, holding onto two featherscales, Iliu snickering and licking her footpaw again. After a moment she loosens up a bit, lowering her head and opening her eyes. "Oh my...." She says amidst panting.

Her liquids run down Lati's rump some, Iliu coming into contact with them, not that he minds. "Heh heh... Finish him off, sis..." He tells her.

Lati hears those words and his eyes sparkle, his member throbbing hard for the Vaporeon after the squeeze she gave him. She just smiles and gains enough composure to continue, slipping up and down the Latias quickly and forcefully. Lati whimpers as he's getting so close, Iliu driving himself inside and trying to find a sweet spot. Instead, his knot starts growing and shoves into the Latias, stimulating both of them at the tie point. "... Oooh!" Iliu sounds out.

That's all Lati needed as he eeps, his insides squeezing down on the Jolteon hard as his cum shoots in the Vaporeon's belly. Neiri gasps and blushes deeply, sitting down on all 7 inches and taking the seed into her. Iliu groans loudly and squeezes the Lati's stomach, one of his hindpaws kicking as the squeezing sends him to orgasm, his cum shooting against the dragon's inner walls and providing a pleasant warmth. Lati's orgasm lasts a good while as he moans to himself, mouthing his paw and wiggling his feet just a bit. By the time he's done, Neiri looks a bit bloated. She giggles and looks down at his face with glazed eyes. "Well didn't you have a load to give..."

Lati giggles softly, and nods a bit, panting hard. Iliu is panting as well, murring happily, watching as Neiri lifts herself up, some of Lati's cum running out of her and onto his used member, but otherwise she keeps it in as she hops down. Iliu hmms, pulling for a second before his relatively small knot pops out of the Latias, making Lati grunt a bit as the rest of the cock slides out of him. Iliu smiles and pads away, his member bobbing, letting Lati turn around and get up. "Don't talk much, cutie?" The Jolteon asks.

Lati turns to him and smiles. "Didn't think it was appropriate."

Iliu snickers and nods. "I see... But thank you for the fun time." He says, nuzzling his neck scales.

Neiri smiles and nuzzles against him as well. "We'll have to call you again." She notes.

Lati giggles and pets both of them. "Feel free! I love this stuff."

They chuckle and back up a few steps. Lati smiles and waves at them, ignoring his receding member as he turns around, his wings twitching before he takes into the air and flies up to the treetops. The two Eons watch him go, before turning to each other and smiling. "That was great, brother." Neiri says.

Iliu waves his tail. "I'm glad you thought so." He replies, nuzzling her.

She giggles and kisses with his lips momentarily, both murring softly. "I'll call him again sometime." Iliu says.

Neiri waves her large tail as she nods. "Great..."

She looks over at the nearby lake, Iliu following her gaze, and chuckling, licking her cheek. "Let's clean up."

The Vaporeon nods, and they stand up, walking side-by-side and diving into the cool water as the orange disappears from the sky above.


Pokemon and Cities/Locations all Copyright © Nintendo & Game Freak
Characters/Locations used without permission
Latiass © his player, used with permission

~ Scy
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