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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is an off shoot lemon I felt like writing about Felix and Luca when she was still a Riolu. It is not meant to be cannon to the story. There is a little bit of story as I tend to write that way, even with sex. ^^; My apologies if it bothers you but others like it and if you want to skip to the sex I'm sure you have your techniques to do so.

That being said I hope you enjoy!

Luca's Bath Time Fun

“Come on Luca! Time for our bath.” I said cheerfully to my rather filthy Riolu girl. We’d had a full day of training and my girls were worn out as well as covered in dust and dirt.
“Ok!” She barked happily and gave me a soft giggle as she leapt from the bed beside Lady and hurried into the bathroom. I gave lady a look but she just rolled over and stretched, giving me a look that said she would REALLY rather not move…
“Fine but tomorrow you’re getting a bath. Every tail!” I conceded with a soft scold and playful growling tone to tease her. Her tails swayed softly and she gave me a yip of approval, though it sounded as if she was the one who won. None the less I loved taking a nice long warm bath with my little Luca! I smiled as I turned to find Luca with her tail wagging, dragging a paw through the water. “Gotcha!” I chuckled as I grabbed her by the sides and lifted her threateningly over the water.
“Ahhh!!! No!” She squealed and squirmed, only freezing when she found herself over the water. I grinned at her but she trumped me easily… With her ears laid back she whimpered softly and gave me those darned sad puppy eyes, begging not to be dunked.
“Not fair…” I groaned as I pulled her back, smiling as she laughed and clung to me, her tail wagging in triumph.
“Lady taught me well!” She said proudly as I stepped into the tub clad only in my swimming trunks and a Riolu scarf. I sat down and hmmmed pleasantly as the warm water licked at my bare skin, coming up to my stomach. Luca wiggled to get loose and I let her slowly slide down my chest to dip her paws in the water. As those cute little black paws sunk beneath the surface I could see the aura of dust and dirt dispersing into the water. Still I knew there was more and though Luca was already murring at the warmth she laid back in bliss as I reached to rub and massage her feet.
My little Riolu giggled softly when I wiggled my fingers between her pads but gave only a soft flinch at the tickling touch. I loved how cute she was when she was happy and I continued to wash her through our routine, giving her a soft massage as I did. Her tail swayed and churned the water in her enjoyment though I failed to notice it stop as she blushed softly under her fur as my hands caressed her small thighs. Her thoughts seemed to drift elsewhere as I continued, but she couldn’t help enjoying as I continued. She moaned softly in her adorable way as I raked my fingers through her soft blue belly fur, rubbing gently while supporting her with my other hand. But it was a little hard to concentrate as she wiggled under the touch… Situated in my lap her little rump was pressing against my groin as she squirmed. I tried to ignore the pleasant sensations as I bathed her but I couldn’t help myself from getting half aroused.
I didn’t want Luca to figure out I was bothered so I tried to act normal, but she had always been quite good at sensing my mood and I was having trouble keeping my thoughts from wandering. I wondered about my Riolu pup in a way I hadn’t before as I realized my hand slowly and softly continued to rub just inches away from her private place…
Lost in my own thoughts I failed to realize Luca’s breaths had become a little short and shallow. She lay there in my lap blushing and murring happily with her eyes shut and a small shy smile across her little muzzle. “Mmmm… Feli…” She moaned, bringing my attention back to her and making me chuckle as I thought it was just a harmless sound of enjoyment…
With my train of thought derailed for a moment I continued to massage and wash my girl, working my way up her chest to her shoulders and arms. She seemed to calm down a little as well, though her cute smile faded a bit, almost as if she were disappointed. Regardless she was once again murring and swishing her tail when I got to her ears and started rubbing the little triangles gently between two fingers. I had no idea why canines seemed to like this but it always seemed to make them melt.
“Alright Luca. I have to do your teardrops now. I’ll be gentle ok?” I spoke up once I had finished giving her a treat with her ears. Luca met my gaze and nodded softly and shyly as she lowered her head, offering her teardrops. Once again I failed to notice her shy blush under that wet fur. She never really liked people touching them as I’d found out they were very very sensitive. One of the first times we’d bathed I squeezed a little too hard and made her cry. I suppose I still haven’t forgiven myself.
Gently I ran my hand down the black drop, treating it as if it were made of thin glass. I hesitated only a moment when Luca let out a long groan and stiffened in my lap. “I’m sorry. I’ll be done soon.” I encouraged gently, hoping I wasn’t hurting her.
What I didn’t know was that Luca was greatly enjoying the touch… As I continued to stroke and run water over her orbs she started to pant softly as her blush deepened. Her eyes fluttered as she looked at my thighs under her. The rest of her inhibitions about what she’d planned were brushed away with my hands as she stared at my trunks under her…
“There. All done.” I said with an unnecessary apologetic tone. I rested my hands on the sides of the tub as Luca shakily got up and turned around, standing with her chest barely above the water of the bath. I was surprised though when instead of getting out of the tub like she usually did she carefully climbed up to hug me and nuzzle my chest.
“I love you Feli…” She purred and gave my bare skin a soft lick. I could barely contain the smile that crossed my face in response.
“I love you too sweetie.” I answered as I put my arms around her to hug her tightly. She murred and I felt her tail swish the water. There was something else though; she was quite warm. Our bath had been warm and she did have fur but I was still concerned. “Are you ok?” I asked as I shifted, bringing a hand to her forehead to check for a fever.
She smiled and giggled as she replied, “I’m fine!” and grabbed my hand in her paws. “Can you… rub my tummy again…? It felt good.” She asked a little shyly as she brought my hand to her small belly. My thoughts flashed back to where they’d left off while rubbing her but I quickly banished them once more as I nodded and scooped her up. She met my eyes and I could see the shy but happy look on her face, a look I truly loved to see her wear.
After wiggling a little further in the water and putting her on my own stomach I softly started to stroke her fur once more. She murred as before and melted against me, though her paw stayed on my hand as if making sure I wouldn’t stop. Since I had agreed to her request she seemed to let herself relax further this time. Her cute whimpers and pants were louder as she arched and giggled softly. I smiled at her reactions as I continued until she looked up at me and held my hand still. I met her ruby eyes curiously as she wiggled against me shyly. She smiled softly and for the first time I caught her blush, but not before I felt her feet worm their way in the waist of my trunks…
“L-Luca those are my tru…!” I protested as I blushed, feeling her pads graze my member. Despite laying her ears back and looking back up at me her little paws continued to wiggle against my sex. “H-honey please stop.” I said as I put my arms around her a little shakily to lift her against me, pulling her feet from my trunks. I certainly couldn’t deny the soft touch of those little feet had felt wonderful… But she didn’t know what she was doing. Or so I thought.
“Please Feli…? I wanna see.” She whined softly as she wiggled to get free. My blush deepened as she managed to slip out and knelt between my legs with her paws resting on the drawstring of my shorts.
“L-Luca no you’re… too young.” I argued, actually getting a whimpering growl from my little girl!
“I am not… I wanna see you. Lady told me all about males and females.” She said, pulling the string so the bow untied. “And you’ve looked at mine before…”she continued as she softly tugged at the waistline of my trunks, loosening them in the water. I actually had no reply for that accusation… I was blown away at the thought my pup put into this, though I wondered how much was actually from the naughty ninetales in the room…
“A-alright honey…” I conceded, figuring I would have to teach her about boys and girls sometime. Maybe this was as good a time as any. Luca seemed a bit surprised when I agreed but her tail wagged eagerly under the water as she pulled a little harder, wanting to get my trunks off before I changed my mind. I helped her by shifting a bit, letting my last article of clothing be pulled down around my thighs.
It really didn’t help my embarrassment at the situation when Luca found herself staring at my now fully erect member. Her eyes were wide with curiosity and she soon reached out to touch it. Her movements were slow and careful, probably figuring my organ was like her teardrops, but I let her explore for a little bit as I just sat there shyly, blushing deeply and watching.
I couldn’t stop my cock from throbbing as her little paw and pads touched it. The movement gave her a slight start but she wasn’t deterred. She did have an idea though and quickly turned around to hurry to the other end of the tub. “Ok?” I asked, hoping that was the end of it and I could dodge her curiosity for another time.
“No! Wait!” She whined as she flipped the switch for the drain, letting the water start to flow away. Damn she was smart… Now she didn’t have anything in the way. Sighing softly I shifted as she returned, and to show her I wasn’t going to disappoint her I slipped my legs from my trunks completely. She noticed the gesture and gave me a shy smile of appreciation.
Now fully nude in front of my little girl for the first time Luca took the chance to study my lower features with unnerving scrutiny. I saw her little nose twitch as she knelt between my legs and sniffed at my sex. I felt horribly awkward silently watching the pup sniff at my privates but I couldn’t think of anything to say until she inched a little closer and brought a paw to poke one of my testicles.
“Careful… Those are like your teardrops. They hurt if someone squeezes them.” I managed to say calmly, though my cock jumped a little at the touch.
“They feel good when someone rubs them though?” She asked cheerfully and all of the sudden I realized what her sounds were from before…
“W-well… Some people like it but… It doesn’t feel good or bad for me. They just hurt when you squeeze them.” I tried to explain as I felt my blush burning a bit brighter. She listened intently to what I had to say though her eyes were drawn to my softly twitching length.
“W-what about this…?” She asked, actually with a hint of embarrassment in her voice as she reached a paw out to gently rub the underside of my shaft.
“Th-that’s m-my penis… I-it feels very good when someone rubs it…” I admitted shakily, my breath catching as she innocently explored my sensitive flesh. I saw her smile as I finished and I knew now was my chance to end her education but… I couldn’t bring myself to make her stop. I panted softly as I watched her lean close to my erection and sniff at it again, all the while running her soft paw pads all over. “L-Luca… wh-what e-else did you…?” I tried to ask her, quivering softly as she stroked me unwittingly. I was cut short though when she gave my cock a sudden lick!
I gasped softly feeling that slick rough tongue. Luca paused and looked up. She blushed deeply as she realized I had enjoyed her experiment and she quickly tried to continue. I found it in me then though to act. “L-Luca…?” I said as I put a hand on her head softly to keep her from my sex. My breath still came in soft pants as she looked up sadly, thinking her chance was over. “Y-you’re not supposed to just do this with anyone… ok?” I asked her sincerely.
She blinked and gave me a sad questioning look. “Th-those parts are… special. You shouldn’t let just anyone t-touch you there…” I continued, getting her to release a little pressure on my hand that still held her back. She said between my legs, still inches away from my throbbing sex but she watched me with an obedient sad look. I could see she thought she’d done something wrong. “It’s ok sweetie… J-just, you really have to... l-love someone to share these things…” I finished as I took my hand away and met her eyes with an embarrassed look. My heart beat fast as I waited to see what she did and I could feel the blush burning in my cheeks.
My Riolu looked down at her paws, stealing a brief glimpse of my member, which sported a small bead of pre at the tip thanks to her lick. With her nose still down she looked at me through the tops of her eyes. “I-I do love you Feli…” She whispered timidly. I blinked, having not really expected that… I might have though the young pup didn’t understand but… the look in her eyes was too sincere.
“I… I love you too my dear…” I answered shyly as my mind raced with conflictions. But her look… never failed to make my heart melt. She raised her head and smiled softly as she gingerly put a paw back on the base of my shaft.
“Can I?” She asked softly, wanting to continue her explorations.
“O-ok.” I stuttered as my shaft throbbed against her once more. I could see her excitement as her breath quickened. She eagerly leaned close and sniffed at the bead of pre she’d been stopped from investigating. I could scarcely believe I was letting her do this… my sweet little pup, playing with me. But the adorable way she went about getting her answers was so arousing and her touches felt wonderful despite how new she was at this.
Once again I was forced to gasp softly as Luca’s tongue darted out to lick at my tip, smearing the slimy pre across her taste buds. My cheeks burned as I just watched, letting her learn as she wished. My cock throbbed once more, bobbing her lightly on the nose and getting a confused blink in return. She figured out how to keep it from happening though and put a little more pressure into her paw rubbing lower on my shaft, keeping it held down as she gave me more gentle licks across the most sensitive part of my sex.
The Riolu’s tail started to wag softly behind her as she listened to my moans of pleasure. I don’t think she quite understood what she was doing but she knew I was enjoying it and that was enough for her. It wasn’t long though before she seemed to have another idea. She smiled as her tail moved faster with the thought before she started to nuzzle my erection! She was marking me! I could barely stand to watch as I stiffened and spurted a string of pre on my stomach. She rubbed my wet member across her cheeks, pressed her nose against it to inhale my scent and continued to give me sweet licks.
It was all just too much… her adorable innocence and the feeling of her adoration for the previously unseen body part I couldn’t hold back. “L-Luca s-stop I’m… g-going to…” I panted, not wanting to startle her. She didn’t seem to care though as she murred again and nuzzled my tip once again while holding it upright with her paws.
I was never one to vocalize my pleasure, so it caught Luca off guard when I climaxed for her. With her nuzzle she felt my member rhythmically throb in her paws. Curiously she stared at it, wondering what she’d done. She yelped and shut her eyes as the first shot of my seed painted her nose, with the second landing across her forehead. Still breathing hard as a relaxing afterglow washed over my body I cracked my eyes to see the sight… Luca still held my pulsing shaft in her paws as she opened an eye as well to look up at me. There was a slight shade of purple in her cheeks as her blush burned so bright it shown through her fur. I shuttered at the sight and blushed deeply, moaning softly as one last dribble of seed slid down my length to cling to her paw.
Little Luca went cross-eyed as she looked at the splotch of seed on her nose. That black sniffer twitched, catching the soft salty male musk of the stuff on her face and paw. Not sure what to do she shyly looked at her paw and my cock slowly going limp. It was then she realized her paw sported a similar paint job to her nose. Curious she lifted her paw and sniffed at the semen.
It was hard to tell what she thought of my scent but I could at least see she didn’t disapprove. That became even more evident when she timidly licked a little from her paw. Her tongue quickly darted back out to lick the tip of her nose, as if trying to wipe the taste away. She only succeeded in smearing it on her nose though, flooding her nose with my scent. She actually murred pleasantly though and looked up at me shyly before starting to clean her paw of my thick seed.
I stared at her dumbfounded for a moment before I managed to shake my embarrassment. “C-come here honey…” I said timidly as I leaned over and slipped my hands under her arms. Gently I lifted her to my chest where I let her sit on my arm. Her tail wagged happily, tickling my stomach softly. I gave her a shy smile before I kissed her nose. “Let me help you.” I continued and brought a finger up to wipe the majority of the mess from her fur. She closed her eyes softly as I did and murred at the touch but grabbed my hand before I could discard my seed. She pulled my wet fingers close and gave me a sweet lick, flooding her maw with my flavor once more as she shyly claimed her treat. I blushed and smiled softly at her as she spoke.
“Lady said males like that…” She admitted, revealing her inspiration for the night.
“I figured she had something to do with it… Sweetie, you don’t have to…” I said with a soft chuckle before trying to make it clear she didn’t have to do anything to make me love her.
“But… you liked it right?” She said with a soft whine, her blush returning as she shrunk a little in my arms. Of course I couldn’t deny it… and even if I did my impish fox would just contradict me later. So instead I pulled her close and gave her a long sweet kiss on the forehead where her fur was still matted.
“I did honey but I love you no matter what, even if you never do it again ok?” I said with a kind smile. My heart beat faster as I saw her face light up with a loving smile before she hugged my neck, nuzzling my affectionately. I returned her hug, snuggling her for a moment before I realized I was getting aroused again with her attention… “Luca…? Would you let me show you what it feels like…?” I asked softly, hoping to help her understand why I had enjoyed her touch.
My little Riolu pulled back but kept her paws on my chest as her tail wagged softly. “W-would you…?” She asked excitedly, obviously eager and curious to know the other side of the feeling. Gingerly I brought my free hand to run over her head, scratching gently at the base of her teardrop.
“Lay back sweetie.” I said gently to her, helping her shift so she was laying on my chest and stomach. “That’s my good girl.” I continued as I ran my hand to her neck then down to her belly. As I had done before I stroked across her fur a few times before starting to worm my fingers down against her hidden skin. My Riolu moaned and blushed as she watched me explore her body. This time there was no distraction from her enjoyment. I slowly worked my rubs lower, smiling as I notice Luca starting to wriggle against me. “Just relax Hun. It’s ok.” I whispered in her ear, making it twitch softly with my breath.
Luca looked up at me for a moment before shyly averting her eyes back to my hand. I gently urged her to spread her legs a little as I rubbed her thigh, my fingers grazing her special place. A soft whine let me know she’d felt it and I continued, purposefully running a finger over her entrance. She gasped and stiffened in my arms as I continued to rub. It was my turn to get a surprise though as I found my finger rather wet with just that one touch… It seemed my little girl really was growing up if her body knew what it was doing.
“F-Feli I-I…” She gasped as she quivered and watched my stroking finger in astonishment. If she liked that I was sure she’d enjoy the rest. I stroked her a little harder the next time, parting her little folds around my finger. She whined and laid her head against my chest as her body squirmed and wrestled with the alien feelings.
My little girl was very hot between her legs and my finger tips glided over her silken sex with the help of her slimy lubricant… “Try not to yell dear. Ok…?” I purred in her ear but didn’t give her a chance to reply. Being careful not to hurt her I found her entrance and prodded my finger tip into her. She started to squeak but my words registered just then and she shut her muzzle and tensed, resisting the urge to make a sound.
Her little tunnel quivered and squeezed at my invading finger until she found it in her to relax and pant for breath. Feeling her relax I wiggled my finger a little deeper, stroking and sliding it against her virgin walls. My pup squeaked softly and whined through her gasps as my second knuckle slid past her lips. “You ok honey?” I asked with a soft chuckle, pressing my finger against the top of her squeezing tunnel.
“Nnny-yes…!” She yelped out with her eyes shut tight. It was an adorable sight, my little girl writhing in an unfamiliar pleasure as I held her. Despite her excitement I shifted my other hand to her belly, holding her to me and letting her sink down the last inch onto me. “Ahhh!” She barked, her paws clutching at my chest as she arches into the rubs on her belly as well as my finger.
With my finger fully hilted in the pup I wiggled it inside her as I rubbed her belly. She let out a long low moan as she stiffened again, my hand stroking down and grazing her little fleshy canine clitoris. She gasped at the touch and I felt her walls quiver and clench. I couldn’t help but notice it was a little different than a human clit. It was a little, clefted, pointed nub of squishy flesh at the top of her folds, a sort of tribute to her canine heritage. I found it wonderfully fun to play with as I stroked and rubbed it between two of my fingers, making her squeak sharply as she neared the heights I had a few minutes earlier.
“F-Feli I-I feel… W-weeeeeeiiird!” She yelped as she blushed deeply, her body tensing in orgasm as she finished. Her little cunny squeezed as I pistoned my finger in her slowly while still teasing her clit. I felt her sex drench my finger in her slippery femi cum as she humped desperately against me.
“That’s it sweetie… Let it all out.” I coaxed, not stopping my motions until I felt the spasms of her tunnel turn to weak squeezes. Luca was gasping desperately for breath as she lay there on my chest, whining helplessly in the wonderful bliss of her first ever orgasm. “That’s my girl.” I praised with an embarrassed and shy smile. I’d been with Lady in more ways than one but having this adorable little Riolu sopping wet with arousal and completely immobilized on my chest was such a wonderful moment. Feeling her wet walls slow further I softly withdrew my finger, being sure to pres my fingertip across the spongy flesh as it came out. She moaned heatedly and arched once again, gasping one last time as it exited her entirely. My stomach tightened as I felt a hot trickle of her juices drip down my skin. Meanwhile my other hand continued to gingerly stroke her little clit to bring her down slowly but I once again couldn’t help myself from doing a little exploring of my own…
My hand was wet with Luca’s cum and the stuff glistened in the light as it clung to my finger. Seeing Luca crack an eye to see what I was doing now that she’d finished she saw me bring my hand to my nose and inhale deeply. My nose wasn’t near as sensitive as hers but I could still sense a hint of her feminine musk. It was a wonderful scent and I wished I could flood my nose with it entirely. Still I continued, putting the finger to my lips and starting to lick her mess from my hand. She blushed as she watched but said nothing, enjoying the sight of me enjoying her secretions like she had me. And enjoy them I did… There was a somewhat strong iron aftertaste but she tasted slightly of a musky Oran berry. It was wonderful and fitting of her and I hoped one day she might let me sample her more…
“You ok honey?” I asked softly as I held her, finally relenting my attention on her clit and settling for rubbing her tummy gently, soothing her weak muscles.
“Th-thank… you…” She whimpered shyly, my little pup returning more to her normal demeanor after such a wonderful experience.
“You’re welcome sweetie. Let’s get you cleaned up…” I chuckled to her, trying to ignore my now raging erection once again…
“B-but…” She stuttered and looked down, blushing as she looked at my sex once again. I blushed as well, wanting to go again but I couldn’t take her and I could tell she was exhausted…
“Want to watch me…?” I asked her curiously and she blinked, having not expected me to offer. She nodded ever so slightly and I could see her blush deepen. I leaned my head down and gave her a sweet kiss on the forehead as I continued to rub her belly. She meeped and closed her eyes but pressed against my lips lovingly.
Horribly aroused I decided to give her another little testament to how much I loved her. I brought my hand to the trickle on my stomach, collecting the slimy cum of my Riolu on my fingers and smearing it over my length to give myself a few quick strokes. I moaned softly, her fluids chilling quickly on my sex. I needed a little more lubricant though so I gently brought my fingers back to her wet lips. Luca moaned and her eyes shut briefly again as she squirmed, still very sensitive down there. She provided just enough with that rub though for my hand to glide across my member…
My cock throbbed as the thought of using my little girl’s fluids stuck in my head. I moaned softly as I started to pump my cock in show for little Luca. She blushed still as she watched my hand stroke and rub, paying special attention to a spot just below my tip. Her breath quickened and her nose twitched, loving the mix of our sensual musk filling the air.
Despite having cum already I knew I wouldn’t last long with my inspiration laying on me and providing a special lube for my motions. I gasped and flexed my hips, my cock starting to twitch as I neared my climax. “P-please… M-mark me again Feli…?” I suddenly heard Luca whimper as she looked up at me timidly. I was right on the edge and I grunted, her request sending my mind spinning. I arched against my hand as I focused on my pleasure spot, but I found it in me to grant Luca’s request… I let her slip down to my stomach as I felt my seed rushing from my orbs. My cock throbbed and jerked before my white jets erupted once again. Luca meeped in a pleasured excitement as the first of my shots landed on her belly, though the second spurted against her tiny folds. She moaned at the warmth of my cum soaking into her fur satisfied her desire. Still leaking softly I relaxed and panted softly, making Luca rise and fall softly with each breath.
I couldn’t find words to say to my sweet little girl at that moment… She was adorable like that, and though I was embarrassed I’d done such a thing to her my heart thanked her for letting me… I murred and gently brought her into a loving hug after a few moments of relaxing. I kissed her sweet nose once before giving her a soft kiss on the lips as she giggled. Her eyes went wide but she quickly returned the gesture before I could pull away. I smiled at her before letting her cling to my neck as I turned on the shower to wash us off one last time… Once my pup’s fur was clean of our mess we got out and dried off. Luca was starting to doze even while standing up so I scooped her in my arms, earning another giggle before she moaned and snuggled against my chest, inhaling the smell of my body wash mixed with my slight lingering scent.
Walking out I found Lady sleeping on the bed already. Thankfully she didn’t wake as I crawled in with a sleeping Luca. The pup clung to my chest lovingly, not letting go for anything after our wonderful time together. The three of us slept well the rest of the night, knowing we had no reason to wake early.

Chapter End Notes:

So please leave comments and feedback. I thrive on compliments and constructive criticism. (In other words don't just bash me, tell me why and I'll gladly take it with a grain of salt.) Thank you for the read! Hope you enjoyed. :)

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    Reviewer: sanguine
    Date:Aug 25 2012 Chapter:Luca's Bath Time Fun
    I remember seeing this on SF and I thought it was very well written. I also like how you said it was a spinoff and so it doesn't ruin Luca's saga.

    *Throws in some 'Ohai, your writing again! Welcome back!' and 'love your work'* ^_^'
    Reviewer: Arrulai
    Date:Aug 25 2012 Chapter:Luca's Bath Time Fun

    as always a great story Felix! The fact you are on the site again gives me all the more reason to be faithful to agnph and your work! Sorry to pry but do you have any more big stories?