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Love Scenes by Felix


Author's Chapter Notes:

This is another off shoot of Luca's story. It's possible to consider this one cannon but for reasons of simplicity it should probably be left as stand alone. ^^;

As for the story itself Kail has a confession to make to Felix on a camping trip. Only getting it off his chest will satisfy his painful curiousity.

Kail's Secret

"Hey Felix? Would you mind if we took a walk?" Kail asked softly as he scratched the base of his ear sheepishly. It was just Kail, Lady, Umbreon, and I out on a camping trip. Luca had gone off for a month with Ashley to compete in some more contests, and Leo was happy to go with them, though I suspected his reason was because he wanted to spend more time with Latias.

"Sure Kail. What's up?" I answered as I set down the book I was reading. We had hiked the first few days but now we had found a spot to settle down and just relax. It was still about mid afternoon though and we wouldn’t need a fire till it got dark, so the four of us were just lounging in the forest shade.

"Nothing, just wanted to get some exercise." Kail replied, but seemed a little nervous about something. I just shrugged it off as I got up to follow the Lucario, actually finding a walk a pleasant idea having sat around for most of the day already. Lady raised her head as I got up but I told her we’d be back and she happily went back to lazing around with Umbreon. "Hey, I was just wondering... How are things going with Luca?" Kail began after we had walked in silence for a while.

“We’re doing well now. That night with her parents and the Lucario mating ritual cleared the air between us entirely. Ashley just wanted to show her off some more and Luca wasn't about to pass up the chance to compete in another contest.” I answered openly with a chuckle, though still wondered what was on Kail’s mind, and what Luca was up to... She had been the one to suggest I take this little recreational trip. I was actually surprised Kail had actually wanted to come when I asked him. In fact this was probably the most small talk I’d ever exchanged with the guy. Despite my suspicion something was bothering him though we strolled along enjoying the company of a friend and me one of my favorite species of Pokémon.

"That's good…" Kail replied softly, his ear twitching at the mention of the ritual and his gaze shifting away, almost seeming embarrassed at the thought of it. After his look he stifled a soft sigh as it tried to escape his muzzle, only letting it out as a long breath. "Has Ashley, said anything about me?" He continued then paused shyly for a moment. "I know I’ve traveled with her for a while now, and I’m sure she understands but..." he trailed off, his thoughts seeming to spin in circles.

"She hasn’t said anything to me. Why? Is something wrong?" I asked caringly as my expression softened to concern as we continued to walk. I thought I was starting to understand. Maybe he was still feeling guilty about staying with my family, even though he had more than redeemed himself.

"N-no nothing’s wrong…" He stuttered, unable to watch his tongue as he spoke. Soon enough we came to the site where I’d first met Kail… where he had saved my life after injuring me. I hadn’t realized we were so close to this spot. Maybe that really was what was bothering him.

“Are you ok?" I asked in return, noticing the obvious nervousness he was trying to hide. However, I couldn’t help unconsciously scratching an itch that happened to rise from the small spider web scar on my chest.

"I…" Kail replied as he took a shaky breath to steady himself. "I’m fine but… I-if I can ask… why did you take Luca as a mate? You know… instead of a human?" Kail asked as we continued past that spot and off the beaten path now towards a nearby lake. As he spoke he looked up to catch my gaze a bit hesitantly.

"W-well I… I don’t know." I answered with a soft blush and looked away, pretending I needed to while stretching a branch out of my way. “I don’t know why, but I never really clicked with any of the human girls I knew. And having raised Luca for most of her life I guess… she and I just complimented each other so well. I-I honestly didn’t know she felt that way about me until that night she had her first heat… And after that… It just felt right.” I continued, rubbing the back of my head and unable to face him, the memories embarrassing me quite a bit and stirring my loins a little as well.

“So… the fact she’s a Pokémon doesn’t matter to you?” He asked as he looked down to pull the same move I had with the branch but with a root.

“Well… It never came to mind regarding Luca… but yeah it was something I had to deal with morally when Lady first came on to me and I realized I had feelings for her… But it doesn’t matter to me anymore. You’re just as intelligent as any human. Why should I treat Pokémon’s feelings any different?” I replied as I looked to him but he looked down after catching my eyes briefly.

“That makes sense… Thanks Felix, I was just wondering.” He replied as he looked up, trying to hide his desire to continue his thoughts as his nerve faded.

“Please tell me what’s on your mind?” I asked calmly as I looked at him and watched him shift softly.

“I-it’s just… the general mating season and…” He started and I couldn’t help but look at him suspiciously.

“Are you… asking me if my sister would be your mate…?” I asked when he seemed unable to finish.

“NO!” He blurted with his eyes wide in horror. “N-no I mean… she’s nice but, I just don’t like her that way…” He said after regaining his composure. “N-never mind, sorry I asked…” He said as he shook his head and turned to head back to camp. He failed miserably though at hiding his disappointment at not getting an answer to whatever he wanted to ask.

“Hey I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed.” I said in apology as I took his paw. He stopped and looked at my hand on his paw before turning to look up at me with an ever so slight blush under his furred cheeks.

“F-Felix…?” He began, his eyes actually locked with mine for the moment. “C-can you ever forgive me…?” He stammered again, a strange resolve behind his shaky voice.
“For what? Attacking memmph…!?” I tried to answer only to be stopped mid sentence by a Lucario’s muzzle pressed to my lips. Frozen, I blinked as I held my breath but didn’t pull away. Kail had just… kissed me…

I slowly started to breathe again as he gently pulled back and looked back at me with fear in his red eyes. I must have starred a moment too long, for as I looked at him in shock he took a step back. Luckily, I still had his paw in my hand. With a soft squeeze I stopped him from running and gently pulled him into a hug. I felt him swallow hard as I did and his eyes were wide in surprise. It didn’t take him long before he wrapped his paws gently around me and nuzzled my chest with a soft whine of appreciation.

“I didn’t know you preferred males…” Was all I could think to say to the Lucario in my arms, but his ears flattened against his skull as he blushed. Not wanting to give me the wrong idea he softly pulled away and looked back at me nervously.

“I-I don’t prefer them... I just… I can’t explain it. Felix, I owe you and Luca my life… but you trusted me even after I nearly killed you, you gave me a new life… I don’t know why I feel like this and I know you’re mated to Luca. I just… I wanted you to know…” He answered, starting slow and calm but becoming nervous as he finished. All the while his ears were still laid back and he rubbed his arm timidly.

“So it’s just me?” I asked curiously, unable to hide a soft blush of my own. While my sexual preference was females, I couldn’t deny that I had thought of males before… I was happy with Luca and when she and I had become mates everything else seemed to flow away. Now though… my curiosity was starting to resurface and I was wondering just how deep Kail’s feelings went.

“Y-yes…” He answered simply looking to the side and blushing deeper.

“How long have you felt like this Kail?” I asked kindly, if a bit embarrassed, as I took a step towards him to try and get him to continue walking with me.

“I don’t know… e-ever since you and Luca pulled that prank on me I suppose…” He replied while turning and walking with me. I couldn’t help smiling though remembering that time. Although seeing how much pain it seemed to have caused him lately I found myself regretting it a little.

“Sorry. We didn’t mean for it to bother you so much.” I offered as an apology but he shook his head.

“Felix I… I really can’t thank you enough. Like I said… You gave me a new life, and it actually started there.” He replied, looking up with a small smile as we came to the lake shore.

I chuckled and smiled back at him kindly. It felt a little strange to do to another guy but I put a hand on his head and rubbed between his ears. He groaned softly in what sounded like displeasure, but it was clearly a mocking tone and it seemed he actually enjoyed the touch. He smiled very softly as I took my hand away but swallowed and fidgeted softly.

“Hey Felix...?” He asked softly. “H-have you ever... thought about taking a male as a mate...?” He managed to squeak out, his cheeks burning and his ears pressed against his skull. I could feel my throat dry and my cheeks redden as the question registered. And I figured I had my answer as to just how deeply he felt about me...

“I-I...” I stammered in my shock as Kail turned his head away. I swallowed and blushed deeper as I looked in the same direction and continued. “I-I had b-but never had a male that meant that much to me...” I admitted, my heart beating faster. The Lucario’s ears went straight up for only an instant as his eyes flashed at me in shock and hope. Still, he said nothing, and I figured he both feared and wanted to voice his thoughts.

“Kail I... I trust you as much as Luca or Lady... D-do you... really care for me like that...?” I said when he hadn’t spoken up. Once again his ears were back as he looked at me out of the corners of his eyes, avoiding my gaze as much as possible while still returning it. He nodded timidly and clenched his paw around the other’s wrist spike. I smiled softly at him and gently reached up to stroke the back of his head, purposefully brushing my fingers down a head ornament with a light touch.

Kail’s breath caught as I saw his paw tighten and his body stiffen. Even his tail rose a little at the touch. It seemed to banish some of his fear as well because he turned and kept my gaze. I found myself looking the Lucario over as we stood there and blushed once more as I caught sight of his plump sheath. The thought of Kail as a lover actually had me excited as well... and I felt my member twitch against the fabric of my pants.

“C-can I... be your mate Felix...? E-even if it’s only for right now...?” He managed to speak again, feeling the tug of arousal at his neathers and obviously trying to fight it until he knew for sure I wouldn’t turn him away.

I knew nothing I could say to him would have been sufficient for either of us. So instead I took a step closer and leaned over to meet his lips gently as I rubbed his stiff ear between my fingers. I felt his lips quiver and his body shake under my touch. It only lasted a moment though before he let slip a soft murr and returned the affection, tentatively allowing his paws to roam around my waist and hug me close.

After a moment of our shared kiss I pulled back slowly, still rubbing the soft fur of his cheek under my hand. He was breathing harder and obviously blushing at his enjoyment of that kiss. I brought one of my hands to his paw lingering at my waist and encouraged him to pull at my shirt.

He looked down as he did as instructed, hooking his digits under the fabric and pulling up, taking the garment up my stomach and over my chest before I wriggled my arms to let him work it over them. I could tell by the look in his eyes and his shallow breaths he was enjoying this, and though I felt a little odd admitting it, so was I.

He tugged the T-shirt gently over my head and took half a step back as it came free. I stood there only half naked as I looked back at Kail. He looked at the shirt in his paws as his nose twitched softly at my scent coming from it. Soon enough he looked back and smiled at me in earnest, his nervousness eased but not forgotten entirely.

As he looked at me he lowered my shirt to his side and dropped it to the ground. As I watched I noticed the veined red tip of his canine penis starting to emerge from his swollen sheath. My cheeks burned as my gaze froze there for a moment too long.

“Can I...?” I asked as I looked back into his eyes, the look of embarrassment clear in those red irises having been caught aroused.

“Please?” He replied shyly, smiling when I did at his reply. Once again I came closer to him and stroked a hand through his fur, admiring his tone form hidden beneath. His body was harder than Luca’s, but it fit him well and gave him a nice figure for a male. If he had been as muscled as a machamp this definitely wouldn’t have been as enjoyable for me. My hand roamed across his chest, brushing his spike with my finger tips before raking over his tight flat belly as I knelt before him.

Something I truly enjoyed from my bonding with Luca was that my sense of smell had become sharper. I sniffed softly at Kail’s musk as I stared at his groin, watching as his length twitched just from the attention, letting the tapered but rimmed head of his penis slip from its home. His thick scent flooded my nose, making me moan softly in appreciation. I nervously but eagerly brought my hand to touch the Lucario’s sex, rubbing a finger across the slight dip of his urethra and smiling as the warm flesh throbbed against my touch.

Encouraged by a low moan from Kail I slid my fingers around his shaft and rubbed down the exposed flesh as it emerged another inch until I came to his sheath. His shaft jumped at the grip once again and eagerly continued to free itself from its home. I didn’t stop where it stopped though; instead I opened my hand to slide my moistened palm down that loose furred skin. I squeezed softly, feeling his hard shaft within, sliding against the moist insides of his sheath. My exploration was rewarded as his sex continued to pulse and emerge. The wet length glistened as I watched and I couldn’t help but sniff him once again. His scent was stronger still and I moaned softly as I gathered my courage and curiosity.

Kail panted softly as he watched me lean closer to his sex and gently kiss his urethra. Pressing a little harder I parted my lips around that tip as it twitched and I brought my tongue to lick at his hole. I was surprised to be rewarded as a dribble of pre jumped from his member across my tongue. The slimy pre had a heavy iron taste but it wasn’t unpleasant, and was complimented by a slight bitter but mild sweetness. After that I licked his tip once again as my lips left it and watched for a second as it twitched quickly, begging for more.

With that last lick Kail shuttered as he watched and finally collapsed to his rump with a yelp. His cock jumped and leaked again as he continued to pant with his arousal. I chuckled and crawled closer to continue, reaching out and rubbing his warm sheath once again, but this time dragging it down softly, sliding it over his cock to expose the little bit of his length that still hid.

For a moment I thought I’d hurt him when he whined and gritted his teeth, but when I relented he gasped in pleasure, his eyes shut. I realized as I rolled his neathers in my hand that the last part of his shaft left to emerge was his slight bulge of a knot. As I continued I couldn’t help but wonder what it felt like to slide free of a sheath like this... and as I once again strove to free the Lucario’s still unformed knot I figured it must feel amazing at times. I watched with eager curiosity as his hard lump of phallus stretched his sheath softly with my downward strokes, and when it reached the largest point it suddenly slid free.

His full Lucarian cock throbbed at the sudden sensation and spurted a string of pre across his yellow furred belly. Once again I chuckled and crawled over him, collecting his pre-seed from his fur with a few soft licks before reaching up and wrapping a hand around his chest spike. Still panting he smiled sheepishly; his ears back shyly as he had obviously enjoyed my exploration of his body.

“Thank you for letting me do that...” I said softly as I lay next to him, retreating my hand to my side.

“C-can I... do the same for you?” He managed to ask through his recovering breath, wondering why I was the one thanking him. I blushed at the question and looked down my body to my pants. Reaching down I undid the button and the zipper of my jeans and began to pull them off. Kail watched intently, excited to finally see me entirely naked. As he watched though his eyes lingered on the bulge in my underwear...

“You might not have far to go...” I said in embarrassment as playing with Kail had greatly aroused me already. Kail met my gaze though and smiled softly, letting me know he didn’t care.

I started to remove my underwear, actually finding myself shaking a bit. I was always shy about intimacy with someone new, I had been with Lady and though I had acted confident with Luca, I was terrified I’d never be able to satisfy her. Seeing my nerves though Kail put a paw on my stomach and pushed gently, encouraging me to roll onto my back. I complied and let him do as he wished to extract me from my own artificial sheath.

My breath started to quicken softly as I watched Kail back down my body and settle between my legs. He sniffed at my straining whites and I was actually surprised when he moaned at the scent and nosed my shaft through the fabric, getting a throb against his muzzle in return. His apprehension had melted away by now and he was like a pup with a new toy, excited and eager, but thankfully he took his time for me to get used to the idea of him as my partner. I saw his canine cock bob and drip between his legs as he sat up a little to hook his paws under my elastic waist band. He tugged at the garment and it easily slid off, revealing my fleshy length.

Kail’s nose twitched softly as my scent grew to a slightly new strength, and he saw my tip was already a little wet with pre. Slowly he slid my underwear down my legs, blushing as he looked over my lower body once again. When he got them to my knees he leaned forward and tentatively reached a paw for my sex, hesitating only that once to look and make sure it was ok. I didn’t give a nod or any obvious consent; I was two bashful at that moment. I looked away, my cheeks burning, but thankfully he took it the right way. He looked back down as his back leg hooked my last article of clothing and pushed it down to and off my feet, leaving us equally exposed.

A shiver went down my spine as a breeze blew off the pond nearby and over my naked form. Goosebumps prickled across my skin both from the breeze and because of Kail running his firm warm pads down my stiff length. My breath caught as I watched him do it again, but this time as it jumped softly with the first touch he wrapped his paw around my girth. Shyly I tried to stifle a moan of pleasure as he stirred his paw, rubbing a tender spot in particular with a pad.

I started to leak a drop of my own pre as he rubbed and stroked experimentally, apparently amazed my skin slid across the tissue inside like his sheath. I don’t think he realized how good his paw felt, even with the slight tickling touch of his fur. I was the one panting now as he continued, and leaned in to lick the head of my shaft, paying back the jolt I had given him. I gasped softly as his broad rough tongue ran across the sensitive area, but the Lucario got his reward as well. My legs tensed and I fought the urge to thrust against him as my cock jumped, squirting a jet against his muzzle.

Surprised, Kail blushed as he yelped, but when he realized what had squirted his tongue snaked across his pearly whites to collect the slick emission. He murred softly and leaned close once to sniff at the drop still left on my member. Once again he moaned as my male scent filled his nose and with another quick pass of his tongue he claimed the last of the treat. All the while his paw never left my sex, and as he looked up my body to meet my gaze that paw continued to massage, ensuring I was as hard as I could be.

He gave me a shy smile of thanks before he shifted, withdrawing his paw and moving forward to straddle my waist and letting his throbbing, wet cock hang over mine. I silently thanked Luca for what she said before she left. That I should treat Kail as one of the family... Somehow I think she knew what was bothering Kail when she suggested I take him with us, and I could have sworn I heard a soft “you’re welcome” in my head at my thought of thanks...

As Kail looked down at our similarly sized cocks, save for Kail’s addition of a knot, I let go of the last of my inhibitions. Lovingly I sat up and put my hands on his hips to pull him closer. He complied, blushing as he felt our neathers meet. His hot, wet shaft slid against mine as I held him there, our members twitching at the wonderful sensation of the other male’s hardness sliding against our own. I could feel his knot rubbing against the base of my shaft and could tell it had grown since I had last felt it. Both of us moaned as we pressed against each other, our shafts leaking and smearing clear cold pre over the other.

My breath had quickened once again as we frotted and so had Kail’s. My Lucario mate moaned rather cutely as he leaned back, watching with wonder as his desires became real. I knew it could get better though, and while still holding his waist close with my right hand, I brought my left to wrap around both our grinding shafts. Kail whined as the pressure and pleasure increased, his hot sex sliding effortlessly across mine and painting it with more of his plentiful canine pre.

Neither of us spoke as we moaned, whined and panted in our pleasure, but neither of us needed to. Lost in the moment I stroked admiringly at our lengths, being sure to run my grip all the way to his knot and give it a long squeeze against my base, smiling inwardly as each time the Lucario’s hips jerked. With every jerk I throbbed in response and felt my orgasm drawing closer. I hoped I knew how to make Kail cum with me as I quickened my pace...

“F-Felix I-I...” He whined through his pants, snapping me from my lust hazed focus. I realized I was breathing quite hard and we were both thrusting our hips against one another as my hand glided over our cocks.

“M-mark me Kail...” I replied to his warning, surprising even myself with my request. Kail gasped as his ears twitched before laying back timidly, the words themselves seeming to push him over the edge. His shaft surged and he whined and yelped in his orgasm.

I inhaled sharply and gasped myself, feeling his shaft throb against my own. Shakily I ran my hand down our cocks and squeezed that wonderfully sensitive knot against me. It actually grew in my hand as Kail barked once more and came! With his shaft pressed to mine I felt his seed jet up his length, I felt his cock throb and jerk in my grasp as he lost himself in pleasure. A moment later I felt his hot seed splash on my bare chest and couldn’t hold myself any longer.

I grunted and gasped as I joined my new male mate. My member jumped and twitched with its own semen. Seeing how much Kail had enjoyed marking me I twisted my hand to return the favor... The motion made Kail groan long in pleasure as I ground his knot against my seething member. His shaft shot another thick rope across my belly as my own tip pointed at him just as my orgasm burst forth. My first spurt was the hardest and caught Kail right in the nose, making him yelp and gasp as his cock jumped once more, still leaking his pent up seed over my belly. I too was a little repressed, something I was sure Kail wouldn’t mind... Another jet squirted from my urethra to land on his bright yellow chest fur, my sticky seed matting it quickly. Another jolt landed on his belly and though my climax started to lessen I still leaked my thick cum over his twitching length, drooling over our crotches.

The two of us reveled in our afterglows for a long moment before either of us managed to open our eyes to look at the other. Both of us took long slow breaths as we caught the other’s gaze. Simultaneously we blushed shyly seeing the other covered in our fluids. Kail realized he had a string plastered across his nose and shyly but without hesitation lapped his tongue out to retrieve it. I could see the bitterer, spicy taste surprised him but he licked his lips again, resisting the urge to murr his approval.

Seeing his enjoyment of my seed I couldn’t help but imitate... looking down my body I softly released the Lucario to collect a viscous string of canine seed from my chest and bring it to my lips. The already cold liquid seemed to burn my tongue with its metallic bite, but it left a piquantly spicy aftertaste similar to my own. I panted softly at the taste but swallowed eagerly, letting it slide down my throat as Kail blinked and blushed upon watching. Seeing him I smiled guiltily and sat up once more. My half limp member slid from Kail’s still rock hard shaft as I leaned up to pull him into a deep kiss.

He really should have expected it by then but his breath caught softly in surprise before returning the affection. He clung a little too close this time though, and prodded my scar with his chest spike. He was close enough though to let our tongues intermingle for the first time. I cradled him as close as I could with his spike pressing against me but causing little pain. I could feel my own cold seed in his fur as we hugged for a long moment. Soon though we parted to take a breath and I met his eyes.

“Care for a swim...?” I asked with a soft chuckle. The Lucario smiled though his ears were laid back. He nodded as he leaned back and sat on his rump while I rose on stiff and shaky legs. My clothes still forgotten I crossed the few yards to the water and stepped into the warm but cooling pond.

It was a little awkward after our mutual masturbation and I hoped I hadn’t done something wrong. I hadn’t heard Kail join me and I was still facing away from him as I couldn’t help myself from trying his seed once again. The cool cum was dripping down my abs as I stepped into the water and I quickly recovered as much as I could and placed it on my tongue, letting it wash over my taste buds so I could savor the odd overpowering flavor before the rest was washed away.

After my guilty indulgence I realized Kail still wasn’t near me and turned to find him. He was still sitting where I’d left him, but the sight once again started to arouse me... I had seen Luca do it before but watching a male bend in half to lick his still engorged member clean of both our secretions... was entirely different than watching a female. I had to admit the sight made me even more jealous of the species’ flexibility... I blushed as I found myself staring, and my member started to rise once more under the water. It wasn’t long before he had finished, not wanting to prolong his presently undying erection. He sighed in pleasure as his shaft flopped from his muzzle and unfortunately he caught me staring. He blinked and looked away embarrassed before quickly standing and wading into the water to hopefully hide his erection.

“S-sorry... I couldn’t resist.” He said softly and sadly as he came near and looked up at me hoping I would forgive him.

“You have no idea how much I’d love to be able to do that...” I blurted, getting a twitch of his ear and a stunned quizzical look for a moment before both of us couldn’t help but laugh.

After that Kail seemed to lighten up a little bit. Still bothered by his erection he started to try and get my seed from his fur, a task much harder than washing his from my skin...

"Can I help?" I asked kindly as I waded over to him, once more admiring his tone form and the lucarian features I found so cute.

"S-sure." He answered a bit unsure, but he didn't want to turn me away.

I could tell he was blushing softly under his fur, that and his ears betrayed him as I put a hand to the line down his chest and started rubbing some water over it. Once I accidentally brushed the tip of his shaft when I dipped my hand into the water to rinse his fur. He shivered softly at the touch but said nothing.

"How long does it usually take to go away?" I asked curiously but with shyness in my voice, unsure if he would be willing to talk about it.

"About fifteen minutes... When my kn-knot is teased like that..." He murmured softly, focusing his gaze on his paws rubbing his chest fur while I fetched water.

"Did you enjoy it?" I continued, hoping to keep the conversation going. I was finding myself warming to him the more we talked. I had never known he was so loving.

He nodded in response to my question, his mind swimming at what he could possibly say. I figured he could hardly believe it had actually happened and I had agreed... "Felix I... I can't thank you enough... Are you sure it's ok I feel this way about you?" He finally managed to ask of me. He stopped cleaning his fur, figuring it was rinsed enough and waited for my answer as I stood in front of him. He looked that little ways up at me with hopeful eyes, unsure if he'd ruined his relationship with me, my extended family.

"Of course it's alright." I began, though I felt my cheeks turn pink as I took his paw and encouraged him to come sit with me in the shallows. I turned and sat in the sandy shoal, but when Kail moved to sit beside me I pulled him into my lap and put my arms around him to hug him to my chest, much closer than his chest spike would allow from the front. I noticed his breath catch in surprise but he didn't resist. The Lucario's tail brushed my stomach as he came to sit and settled over my thigh. I wasn't sure if he could feel or notice my limp penis but the wet fur of his rump settled against my lap as he sat. "Can I be honest Kail...?" I asked him, showing my own insecurities, something I rarely did to anyone, even Luca.

Kail looked up rather cutely by tilting his head back, letting his head ornaments lean back against me. He gave no other indication but I knew he was showing me he was listening and wanted me to continue.

"I'm... attracted to canine males sometimes... I'd never really thought of having a male mate before but I'd... always wanted to do that... I just felt weird for wanting it and didn't want anyone to think badly of me for it..." I confessed, and felt the tension of our situation wash from Kail's body.

Kail looked up at me, his heart swelling softly as I opened up. He let out a soft murr as he laid his head back against me and nuzzled gently. "Thank you Felix. I'm really glad I was able to ask and help you." He answered, relaxing in my arms and thankfully letting down some of the stereotypical male nuances of behavior.

I still felt a little strange hugging a male to me like I was but I felt he truly cared... and that was one of the best feelings in the world to me. I hugged him close, loving the feel of his fur on my skin. It was just like Luca or Lady yet different. I would liken them to hugging a perfectly stuffed teddy bear, just enough squish, while Kail was a little overstuffed, just a bit firmer in my grasp. Still it was a wonderful feeling as he nuzzled me softly.

"I'm glad you were too... It was better than I had imagined." I continued, blushing softly as I felt my shaft jump slightly at the thoughts. Kail smiled sheepishly at the compliment.

"C-can I say something Felix?" Kail said next, after we had sat there for another minute or two in silence.

"Of course." I replied casually and he looked up to meet my gaze.

"I know it's strange but... I really do love you..." He said, opening his heart entirely to me.

"I love you too Kail." I replied with a smile and reached a hand up to run it across his cheek and chin over his throat. He murred happily, soaking up the sound of my answer as his shaft twitched in the water, the movement catching my eye. It had been a while since our romp and he hadn't lost an inch of girth. I figured my constant contact and affections hadn't helped matters... A little boldly I slid a hand down across his belly and into the water, softly wrapping my fingers around his sex. He noticed and watched but said nothing to stop me until he groaned at the feeling of his wanton length being stroked again.

I hoped he didn't mind as I continued, rubbing my fingers over his submerged shaft, noting every twitch and spot that made it jump. It was one of my kinks, I absolutely loved exploring my partner's neather regions... and much to my delight Kail was letting me do as I pleased. However, I was sure he could feel the increasing pressure of my member stiffening under him as I indulged my fetish.

After a few slow strokes across his length and rubs at his tapered, pointed tip I slid my hand lower to his knot. When I bumped it with a little more pressure his cock twitched and squirted a bit of milky pre into the water. I couldn't help but think of how I'd love to have that sensitive of an addition to my genitals... I gently stroked over that bulb of flesh, noting how that part actually had shrunk to as it had been just before we had climaxed. Taking the time to trace my fingers over its contours I could feel his excitement throbbing within the bulb. His beating heart pushed blood through the veins just below the surface, ready to engorge the tissue within. There was also a small bump of a ridge along its underside, though it was hardly visible, and I felt my now hard shaft throb as I wondered how a female might enjoy that rubbing against her clit...

"H-hey Felix...?" Kail gasped softly, blushing as I stroked his knot. I looked at him from over his shoulder and gave a "Hmm?" In reply. "W-would you... let me take you..." He asked shyly.

My hand paused and left his length to rest on his thigh as I listened, and I blushed as the image of him taking me flashed in my mind. "I-I've... n-never taken anything there before..." I answered timidly, but my tone didn't sound rejecting of the idea.

Loosening my arms from around Kail I looked at the water before looking back at him. "Just... could you go slow and be gentle...? It might be hard for me to take your knot..." I consented, my curiosity and at presently general lust getting the better of me... Kail smiled as his soft pant remained but he boldly shifted and licked my cheek before kissing me on the lips once more. I grinned at his adorable affection, figuring he'd seen Luca do that to me once or twice and noticed how much I adored it.

"I promise I'll go easy." He murred as he broke the kiss and slowly stood from my lap. I nodded shyly and wondered what this would feel like as I rose and turned over to get to my hands and knees. I was horribly embarrassed taking the position of a needy female in heat before a male, and I blushed crimson as I looked back to see Kail looking at me with about the same level of awkwardness. Still he seemed to enjoy my appearance since his red length twitched eagerly between his legs.

I figured I was lucky we were both already wet but Kail graciously took a few moments to rub his knot with his paw to elicit a dribble of pre along his length. He moaned and my heart beat a little faster in anticipation as I watched. I made a mental note to squeeze that knot as hard as I could to see how pleasurable it was for him...

Soon Kail came closer, his cock bobbing softly as he kneeled and put a paw on my fleshy cheek. Once again I felt my skin prickle at the foreign touch but that was only the first. He sniffed softly at my naked body, inhaling the scent from my hanging orbs despite them being freshly rinsed. His wet nose bumped them as he extended his tongue and gave me a lick, making my hanging member jump suddenly. It was always a strange feeling no matter who it was licking down there... Slowly though Kail lapped higher, seeking my tight tail star and passing his long, broad, and rough tongue over it in a sloppy lick, wetting it with his warm saliva. The slippery fluid clung to my skin as he licked again, drooling intentionally over my entrance so he wouldn't hurt me. I found myself actually enjoying the treatment as my member jumped each time his tongue slid across my pucker. As he finished he pressed harder, murring softly and making me moan as I knelt there, rigid and waiting like a dog myself.

Kail pulled back and looked at my dripping star for a moment; blushing as he thought of what he'd done and how strange it must have felt for me. His eager shaft though reminded him of why he'd just licked me there and he rose to his feet once again to come closer. His paws softly came to my waist as he leaned over my hind end, rubbing his drooling shaft between my already slippery cheeks. His knot spread me the most and he moaned as he felt himself so close. I couldn't help but let out a soft shuttering gasp as he slid himself against my rear, and I tried to relax as I felt him shift, slipping his hot pointed tip between my buttocks to press against my entrance.

I could hear his pants as he held me there, slowly putting more pressure behind his first thrust. His tip found its mark surprisingly easily and I groaned softly as I felt myself being spread around the Lucario's quickly thickening head. Contrary to my first thoughts the sensation wasn't unpleasant, and the soft stretch and clench around the ring of his cock's head made me gasp. It was still a strange sensation having a pulsing, slippery piece of flesh back there but I found myself moaning as he shifted and started to push again, sliding his girth deeper into my tunnel.

"Nnng... Y-you're so tight Felix..." I heard him say in a growling moan as he panted above me, his hot breath washing over my bare back. I tried to relax when I heard, realizing I had tensed up as I felt him sliding in. As he managed to sink himself an inch past the head I heard him yip and felt his thick length spasm within me as it shoot a string of warm goo against my walls. I blushed as I realized he'd just shot his pre into me and my own cock jumped and leaked to reciprocate.

A few more easing back and forth thrusts and another thick spurt of pre later I felt Kail's knot sandwich between my butt cheeks. By now I was panting hard, not from the small amount of pain but from the wonderfully odd pleasure of having the Lucario stuffed so deeply into me. I was average for a human and Kail must have been rather well endowed for a Lucario since his length without the knot nearly matched my own. I could feel his thick phallus as it beat with his rapid heart against my inner flesh, and my body clenched and contracted in response as I tried to relax.

"O-ok..." I said softly, sensing Kail was waiting for me to adjust to him, something I was very grateful for as he continued. Any pain there was from constantly being held open had faded, leaving me with a dizzying pleasure as he pulled his hips back further than any time before. I moaned as he withdrew but felt a rather sad emptiness before he started to push back in, harder and to his knot this time in one swift motion. With a grunt my cock throbbed, his invasion pressing against my prostate in a way too good to ignore.

Kail seemed to be enjoying himself too; his cock drooled within me, making each thrust nearly effortless as his length slurped softly in. His paws affectionately held my waist, though his soft tugs were hardly necessary as I found myself leaning back into him... Each time I heard him give a soft high pitched whine through his panting breath as he pressed his knot hard against my star. The pressure making his shaft twitch and bump that nub of flesh inside me, in turn making my own cock leak over the water below. If any half sentient Pokémon were in this lake they no doubt knew about the pair on the bank by now...

Both of us lasted far longer than our previous escapade but we were no less eager. After getting used to being taken I was panting and moaning as Kail leaned further over me and thrust harder against me. His fur pressed against my ass and his chest spike occasionally ran as gentle as a pen across the small of my back, making me shiver softly. My hanging orbs were wet with excess pre that leaked from my hole with Kail's thrusts and my own length dripped pre as Kail pressed it out of me with his constant rubbing of my tunnel. All the while I felt his swollen knot grinding against me and begging to stretch me wide, a plea that was soon to be answered... Since we started I could feel I had been gradually relaxing and loosening, and now I could feel his knot nearly popping past that ring of flesh with each feral thrust Kail gave.

As I was being mated I could feel my cock begging to be stroked, aching for release as that angry red canine shaft burrowed into me. I could do nothing but gasp whine and moan though because if I reached a hand back I would certainly lose my balance. In fact that was nearly what happened as my hand slipped in the grass I leaned on, ending up leaving me bowing in front of my partner. I blushed at how pathetic I must look but a part of me loved the domination he was giving me. The scent of grass filled my nose as I lay there with my hind end claimed by the Lucario, and I felt him start to linger when he ground his knot against me.

I figured Kail could tell when he had almost tied, and sure enough I was right, for as he ground his thick bulb against me on the second thrust only an additional light tug popped it past my barrier, locking us together. Kail barked in a blind pleasure and I cried out myself. There was pain in my cry which made the Lucario hesitate for a split second until he heard the following pants mixed with human whines of pleasure. As soon as that knot was lodged within me I felt it swell once more, making it impossible for me to pass even if I tried. I could have been overestimating but it felt like a tennis ball was lodge up there...

Once he had tied me Kail's thrusts became sharp, short and near frantic. The pressure on my prostate made my cock jump sharply with each push and tug, while I felt his length humping wildly deeper in my tunnel. "B-by Arceus Kail...!" I gasped, getting an approving growl of pleasure from him as I felt a paw leave my side and snake to grip my member. Once again his warm tender pads pressed against my shaft and stroked quickly. Our combined leaking pre smeared across my hard flesh, letting that paw deliver heavenly pleasure, and with that I knew I wouldn't last more than another few seconds...

Sure enough I didn't last long, between Kail's knot throbbing, his shaft buried and twitching through his sharp thrusts, and his stroking paw I cried out in orgasm. "Nnnahhh!!! K-Kail!" I gasped and panted, my body seizing. Somewhere among the haze I managed to find the consciousness to squeeze my rump as hard as I could. I heard him gag and gasp before his paw and hips stopped. His paw squeezed my member as it spasmed, and his hips were pressed as hard as he could against my rump as he howled loudly in pleasure. I could feel his cock explode within me, his seed rushing from his tip and firing against my walls, jet after jet. His knot swelled bigger still, only increasing the pressure I strove to provide as I climaxed with my present lover. Both of us were lost from this world in that instant. My seed spurt from my tip, painting the sand and grass of the shore with a few long strings of thick human semen while all of the Lucario's spunk was sealed deeply inside my rear.

I had to admit I was jealous of him at that moment... for as I felt my member continue to twitch and throb, wanting, WISHING to continue spewing my seed, his flow hadn't stopped. Even as his howl faded to pleasured whining pants I could feel his member still twitching and spurting inside me, spurred on by my clenching tail ring tugging at his engorged knot. He shuttered as he started to come down from his high but any shift either of us made caused his hips to jerk and another gush to escape him. I could feel sticky ooze pooling inside me even now and wondered just how much he had...

Exhausted, I lay there panting while tied to the Lucario. Weakly I looked back at him to find him blushing and panting just as hard. He was trying to stay still so just to mess with him I wiggled my rump. I chuckled through my gasps as I watched his eyes shut and another long moan escape him.

"Can we... Can we lie down...?" I asked tiredly as I remained there with him leaning on me for support. He nodded timidly, thoroughly embarrassed now that he was stuck to me and unable to escape... Awkwardly we managed to move forward and flump to our sides on the soft grassy shore. Kail yelped as I inadvertently tugged at his knot when we fell, and I moaned as I felt yet another shot hit the wall of my tunnel. “Great... Mew Kail... H-how long do you keep... going...?” I panted as I looked back at him, blushing at my current situation as well.

“U-until my knot... c-comes out...” he whined and yipped again as I shifted and flexed my tail star around him. I couldn’t help but groan, the unfamiliar presence still giving me that wonderfully potent odd pleasure.

“I-I’m not helping am I...?” I said with a tired chuckle.

“Noo...” He groaned, blushing as he laid his ears back, trying to resist the urge to thrust against me. Despite his answer I smiled as I tried to slow my breathing.

“Just relax...” I continued and gently reached an arm around to pull his body closer to me, enjoying the soft touch of his fur and even the cold sting of his chest spike as he obeyed and cuddled as close as he dared. Once more reminded I didn’t mind my present situation he murred and leaned close to nuzzle my side, letting me raise my arm to stroke his head ornaments affectionately. I was rewarded with a long moan and another hard throb of his sex in my ass, but I had expected as much. Those hanging black orbs were a very erogenous appendage if treated right, something I had found drove Luca absolutely wild...

“Arceus Felix... that was... amazing...” Kail murred as he melted against me, giving in to the bliss of his exhaustion and letting his eyes slip closed.

“I agree... Luca will be jealous.” I murred as well, but felt a sharp tug at the knot tightly wedged in me. I grunted and felt Kail shutter as he regretted the action.

“W-what...!? D-does she... know? W-will she be mad...?” He whined, his breath quickening in fear once again.

“Mmm... she might.” I said, trying to sound serious.

“D-do you... have to tell her...?” He whined again, his paw shivering softly on my side.

“Well... I could keep it between us but it might be a bit awkward if she finds an image of you and me in my head the next time we mate.” I said as I looked at him and smiled sheepishly. The Lucario’s look of terror only deepened as he stared at me, trying to find some indication I was kidding.

“She... can’t do that can she?” He asked next.

“You’d be surprised what we can do with each other now. For instance... your pheromones are wonderful.” I teased truthfully, again making him blush deeply. He whined shortly after though and shuttered, his mind obviously racing with what to do. “Although... I think I know how you could make it up to her.” I continued, watching as hope flashed in his big red eyes. “I’m sure she’d love to feel this wonderful knot...” I murmured as I flexed my rump.

Kail gasped sharply as he was reminded of his shaft still lodged within me, though the shock had managed to get his mind off the torturing pleasure. “W-what...? Sh-she’s your mate. I’d never...” He whined, his cock still leaking slightly.

“Kail... She already knows. She knew before I knew I think...” I replied and stroked his ear, avoiding torturing him any further. “She told me before she’d like to know what it’s like with one of her own kind... to be tied. Kail Luca and I are spiritually bonded forever. She knows how much I love her and I know how much she loves me.” I continued and smiled at him once again while still rubbing his ear. He couldn’t help letting out a soft murr but his eyes were still uncertain and watching me intently. “If you want I can be there with you...” I offered with a bit of a blush and a smile. He swallowed hard suddenly and I felt his penis throb inside me at the notion. “Just think about it ok...? And don’t be surprised if she tries to blackmail you.” I said playfully and hugged him as best I could. He murred shyly and gave me a smile as he nuzzled my side.

“Ok...” He replied simply at first, and fell silent for a long while. The two of us enjoyed the warm rays of the sun over our bodies as we lay there for the better part of a half hour. Occasionally Kail tested our tie with a gentle tug but a soft grunt as I tried and failed to help him brought us back to our casual relaxation. Finally one last try found his knot had halved in size and popped free from my star with both of moaning and sighing at the eerie lonely feeling it gave. I felt Kail’s shaft twitch and spurt one last time at my winking hole.

Kail looked down with a blush as he scooted back slowly, his member coated in the slime of his seed and his crotch fur matted and wet with our fluids. Meanwhile my rump was starting to dry except for the thin dribble of the Lucario’s seed leaking from me and the sticky spurt of post cum he had given me. I had researched canines enough to know what the purpose of such things were but I was surprised after it was all over at how much he had given me. I could feel the liquid in me as I shifted and sat up next to Kail, though I was embarrassed as I had yet to regain total control of my stretched entrance and leaked a large glob of his thick seed on the grass.

His nose twitched at the strong scents of our mating. He smiled though as he stood and offered a paw to help me up. I took his offer and stood, blushing as I felt another accident run down my thigh... So once more we went to the water to wash off, though this time we kept our harassment to a minimum. I stroked Kail’s length, washing it clean as he washed my own, ensuring we were both clean and comfortable. By the end I had full control of my body again and thankfully could still feel a reminder of our fun remaining... Kail’s shaft slowly retreated once his knot had slid back to its home and when we climbed from the water only his tip was showing.

“You now... we’re lucky a trainer didn’t hear your howl and come looking for a rare Pokémon...” I teased as I put my pants on and grinned at Kail. He was speechless and just looked in the direction of the road with his ears back shyly. I couldn’t help but laugh as I slipped on my shirt and went over to him. Once again I was jealous of him because when he’d stepped from the water he shook most of the water from his fur and was dry by the time I was dressed... Kindly I went over to him and put my arms around the Lucario, pulling his back to my chest for a hug. “Thanks Kail... That was wonderful.” I said affectionately in his ear before giving him a lingering kiss on the lips.

He smiled and fought the urge to lay his ears back, though his cheeks burned as he kissed me back with a loving moan. “No... Thank you Felix... for letting me love you and for finding it in yourself to love me after all I’ve done.” He replied and murred, nuzzling me firmly and not letting me go for another minute. I knew it was a fight I would never win so I stayed quiet as I enjoyed his fur once more and gave him one last peck on his ear tip.

After all that the two of us strolled off back to where we’d left Lady and Umbreon. We were talking and laughing when we came back in the waning evening but as we entered the camp Lady stared at us with a growl. Kail and I both blinked, the air stiff with tension as we rejoined the foxes. “Felix better have been on top...” Lady growled at Kail as he tried to sit down. At her words though he missed his seat and yelped as he fell back. She grinned at having unnerved Kail but shot a curious eye at me, asking for an explanation.

“I mate with you don’t I? Why should I deny Kail?” I said flatly, stunning the fox rather effectively.

“I-I... b-but he’s...” She stammered, trying to think of a retort but surprisingly unable. So instead she just growled at me and eyed Kail as he avoided her gaze uncomfortably.

“Calm down... I still love you.” I said as I went over and sat with her, murring as I hugged my large fox and buried my face in her fur. Lady smiled and covered me in her tails, unable to stay mad. As I cuddled her I looked over at Kail. He gave me an understanding smile as he remained where he’d found a seat. Lady looked over as he did though and rolled her eyes, extending a tail and wiggling it invitingly.

The Lucario looked, wondering if he’d really seen the fox invite him over. He was hesitant but didn’t want to pass up the offer. He rose to his feet and slowly came over as Umbreon whined softly in jealousy. Since he was closer Umbreon murred and crawled against Lady’s chest, nuzzling under her chin while Kail came to me. Since I was lying with my head lying on Lady’s flank Kail sat in front of me and did the same, when he knew she would allow that it... I put an arm about him to hug him playfully as I stroked Lady’s neck with my free hand. She murred and smiled at the attention she was getting and licked Umbreon’s ear before looking back at Kail and leaning in close to him,

Once more her eyes were scrutinizing and he swallowed hard. She growled softly and nipped his ear, holding it in her teeth as she growled softly to him. “Don’t think Luca and I will let you be on top, even if Felix will...” She rumbled soft enough to avoid me hearing, though I saw Kail’s eyes widen as his free ear laid back in embarrassment. It gave me a decent idea of what she’d said but it was more of a compliment than Kail realized. It was her way of showing she cared and it was nice to see she seemed to have finally accepted him after so long...

Chapter End Notes:

You know the drill! Hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a Male/Male scene!

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    Reviewer: Beluinus
    Date:Aug 27 2012 Chapter:Kail's Secret
    Damn dude! You just make it harder for us to realize we will never have our very own lucario.
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    Date:Jan 18 2014 Chapter:Kail's Secret
    Dude honestly the best scene you've made so far. It was pretty sensual witch I enjoyed and I simply love the way he came out to... ermmm... felix...... but it was still a facinating chapter. Please do more lucario/trainer storys. I really like them.

    But if you could... please add a little bit more romantic drama before the sexual activitys.

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