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Love Scenes by Felix


Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a request I took in exchange for a drawing of a Lucarian weapon I thought up.

This is the story of Kayla, a Mienshao, and a Lucario names Aaron. It's a love story about childhood friends, though with a bit of a humorous twist. I hope you enjoy!


"Alright Aaron... Time to see where you really go every morning..." Said a soft feminine voice from behind the trunk of a tree. A cunning Mienshao stood perched out of sight on a branch as she watched the entrance to a large Pokemon's den. The cavernous hole in the ground was large enough for a six foot tall creature to comfortably walk in, though its occupant was only four foot eight inches. The weasel Pokemon grinned as her target emerged, though he was quickly on his way in a flash of blue as he took off running through the woods. "Gotcha..." She purred excitedly as she giggled softly and gave chase.

The slender weasel jumped through the trees for a short distance, allowing her quarry to get far enough ahead that he wouldn't suspect someone was following. She knew him all too well... and she knew exactly how far back she had to stay to avoid him sensing of her with his species' unique ability to feel aura. Over the years she'd gotten quite good at tracking him from a distance and she giggled at how predictable he was. Left around that tree, right around the next, bounce back and forth between those three... She'd never followed him on his morning run before, but he was a creature of habit in his practicing. Despite thinking she had him pegged though she kept a close watch on the Lucario fifty yards ahead of her. This was the first time she'd managed to get up early enough to see him leave his den, and she wasn't about to stay up another whole night to do it again...

Finally, the figure slowed to a gentle walk; the noticeable noises of his running going entirely silent as he stepped lightly and looked around the clearing he entered. "Why is he being so skittish...?" The mienshao muttered to herself as she slinked silently through the brush, holding her graceful arms close to her to prevent them from dragging in the leaves. She hid behind another tree and peered around just as the Lucario stepped into the clearing and looked around once more.

He sighed in relief, satisfied no one was around, and let the tension fall from his body. He walked casually over to a small pond on the other side of the grassy clearing and dove into the water. The watering hole had once been fed by a tall waterfall, which had carved a nice basin for a pool, but some time ago Pokemon had worked together to make the area more suitable to all who lived in the surrounding forest. The waterfall had been redirected through carved channels in the rock, spreading the water and lessening the force so that Pokemon of all sizes and shapes could come for a nice shower or swim, which seemed to be what this Lucario was doing. He swam over to the shallows near the cascades and found his favorite sitting stone. After a deep breath he let out a pleasant murr as he shut his eyes and stepped into the cascade, letting it soak his fur. It wasn't long though before he took a seat, sitting cross legged under the falling waters.

His mienshao stalker growled in disappointment. She thought it was always some grand adventure he went on every morning, only coming home after washing up to be presentable for her. Or she hoped at least he was doing something secretly naughty she could use against him if she found out... "But no... He just likes to take early showers..." She grumbled softly as she snuck to the water's edge on all fours. Since she was here... she figured she might as well have some fun messing with him.

She smiled playfully as she slipped into the water as quietly as she could. Not that it mattered much as she was sure he wouldn't be able to hear her over the falls. Following her prey's path almost exactly she poked her head above the water in the shallows to make sure she hadn't been heard or seen. With no reaction from the male she cautiously stalked out of the water on all fours, making it just a few feet behind the Lucario before she froze...

"Today Kayla..." He said softly with a dreamy tone as he sat there not four feet away. She thought she'd been caught but he made no move... was this a trap? Had he known she was following him the whole time? And why had he said her name in some kind of love struck tone...?

She knew she couldn't retreat now though... and if she stayed he would certainly catch her scent as it started to spread from her drip drying fur. Still debating what to do her leg started to tire from her physical stasis. Unconsciously she shifted her weight to the other foot. As her claws extended with the pressure the slick rock betrayed her, and a sharp scratch rang out! She cursed her luck as she saw the Lucario's ear twitch at the sound. She knew he wouldn't ignore it and she lunged as he started to turn!

The Lucario's ear twitched as his eyes snapped open from his meditative bliss. He spun just in time to find a soaking wet, fully grown mienshao leaping through the air at him! With her already on top of him and no time to react the Lucario fell to the rocky floor with a grunt.

"You called!?" The mienshao chirped with a giggle as she sat on his belly after her pounce.

"K-Kayla!? W-what are you doing here!? Get off!" Aaron said with embarrassment as he struggled to try and free himself.

"Why are you so embarrassed? You've gone swimming with me before!" She giggled once more with a smile, leaning down to kiss his nose as he stopped squirming so much. However, it was just the chance he needed.

"... Just get off!" He said with a soft growl despite the soft blush at her kiss and put everything he had into flipping her off him. It worked, but she anticipated the move and gracefully spun in midair to land on her feet, snickering as she held her paws in front of her mouth. In the blink of an eye the Lucario righted himself as well and took a defensive fighting stance. "Why'd you follow me?" He asked suspiciously.

"I was curious what you did in the mornings before meeting me... What. Really? Jese I didn't think you would want your daily beating so early." She teased as he took his stance. She casually started to walk closer to him, her steps calm and graceful as her body swayed almost hypnotically. The Lucario didn't answer; instead simply trying to prepare for what he knew was coming... though he didn't know whether to watch her feet or her hands. Feet... or hands...?

Suddenly Kayla dropped to the ground and made a lightning fast sweeping kick at his feet; the slick rock only aiding her impressive speed. Despite it all Aaron leapt from the rock just in time, tucking his legs under him as he floated in the air so her sweep missed him entirely.

As he hovered he waved his paws in a flowing circular motion in front of him, quickly gathering a green glow of energy. When gravity finally won out over his bounce he thrust his fist down, slamming it into the rock and loosing a wave of emerald fire!

With wide eyes Kayla barely had time to cover her face as the dragon pulse hit her. She winced at the hit and slid back a few feet as water sizzled and boiled around her. She was nearly knocked back into the pond but she was not deterred. She smiled as she regained herself and darted at him once more, her arms imitating his stance as he started to move...

Seeing her run at him Aaron took a steady step back and once more waved his paws in an elegant pattern, this time summoning a bright blue vortex of energy between them. Unfortunately Kayla was still faster than him and as she ran she mirrored his movements and talent perfectly. Finishing just a split second before the Lucario she leapt and spun, hurling her ball at his own before he could fire! The two aura sphere's exploded in Aaron's face, sending him flying into the water with an impressive splash.

Once more the mienshao giggled cutely, landing on the outcropping that directed the water into separate falls. She looked for her opponent, expecting him to make another move but started to get worried when he didn't surface right away... 'Those attacks were fighting moves... is he... ok?' She thought to herself as she started to worriedly scan the churning waters. Another second, and another passed before she leapt from her perch to go to the waters edge. Sitting on a rock she still couldn't make out the Lucario's form. "Stop it Aaron! It's not funny!" She barked and leaned over, sticking her head in the water to look around... but finding herself caught...

The canine grinned at his cleverness as he gave a sharp thrust of his paw right at her face, directing his aura through the water itself. This time it was Kayla who was sent flying as an impressive spray of water followed from the impact of the attack. What Aaron hadn't counted on though was the rocky terrain in the area... Though the attack was strong she flew only ten feet before colliding with a boulder, a soft thud forcing a squeak from her as she hit and slid to the ground, unconscious.

"What's wrong!? Didn't see that Kayla...?" Aaron said as he landed on the rock she'd been sitting on, ready to continue but his smug attitude quickly faded. 'Great Mew what have I done...?' he panicked as he quickly leapt off the rock and ran to where she lay. He knelt beside her and put a paw to her chest to feel for her breathing and heart. Much to his relief she was still breathing, and nothing looked broken, though she had a large lump on the back of her head.

Gently he slid a paw under her back to prop her up and examine her a little closer as she groaned and started to come around. "A-Aaron...? Is that you?" She whimpered softly as she cracked her eyes weakly.

"Yeah it's me..." He replied casually, the last of his adrenaline draining...

"Please... I... I may not last long... Just... would you please... make love to me before I go...?" She continued with a weak voice, her eyes starting to tear up as she smiled gently and put a paw over the one he had on her chest. Her other paw though, sneakily rose under the canine to squeeze and rub his sheath...

"Oh for, YIPE!!! Grow up!" Aaron started to growl but yelped as he instantly flushed red from her grope. Thoroughly embarrassed he leapt back, letting her fall back to the ground with her support gone. Kayla yipped softly as she caught herself but giggled playfully.

"What!? I know you want to!" She retorted teasingly as she quickly got up to follow, managing to pounce on him once more, throwing her arms around his neck and letting her long fur drape down his chest as he refused to face her.

Still blushing Aaron looked over his shoulder and into her eyes but quickly became even more embarrassed. He growled and tried to wriggle free but she kept a hold of him as they walked to the edge of the rocks. "Get off!" He growled once more, a shy blush still evident in his cheeks and from the way his ears wouldn't stand up all the way.

"No!" She squeaked back and jumped, putting all her weight on his back in an effort to knock him off balance. It almost worked too, for as she hopped on his back he stumbled forward, nearly falling face first into the shallows. He growled once more, and not wanting to hurt her again he carried her to the edge of the grass.

Knowing him all too well Kayla knew what he was going to do... and she knew just how to break his concentration and tease him further. As he walked she smiled as she watched him, loving how thoughtful he was. She spied his black teardrops however and her mind drifted back to a time when they were kids.

She had tugged on them once and nearly made him cry, and after that first time she was gentler but it became her trademark way to get his attention. He had always hated it, mostly because when she started to be gentle she constantly managed to embarrass him with how good it actually felt. A reaction she far preferred to causing him pain... And now was no different.

She smiled and leaned against him, nuzzling her head under his head ornaments and against his neck, being sure to twitch her whiskers to brush against those teardrops. She smiled wider as she felt the Lucario under her shutter, and his arms suddenly drop her. She expected as much, and with her feet under her she let her paw slide from his shoulder as she dismounted him, but ran her pads across another of his teardrops, giggling as he had to stifle a sigh of pleasure.

"Stop it!" He barked and spun, his cheeks still flushed, to which she pounced him once more. "Ack! W-why won't you... Just leave... Me alone!" He growled as she knocked him down, then he managed to roll her off and pin her, just to have her roll them over again in the grass, all the while smiling and laughing at his vain attempts to win a wrestling match with the wet slippery weasel.

"No... tricks this time!" Aaron barked as he tossed her off of him and quickly rose to rush her with a simple punch.

"Fine scardy dog!" Kayla laughed playfully as she fought with him, ducking and weaving her more flexible body around his jabs and kicks. She absolutely loved messing with the Lucario, but there was more to it than that. They'd known each other since they were pups. She'd always liked him but he hated her for a long time because of how the tomboy Mienfoo picked on him. When she had evolved he had gotten mad and made it a personal goal to beat her in a fight. Ever since then he kept coming back for more, but she knew his little secret...

"Hey! Watch it!" She growled as a swipe of his came rather close to her nose. He grinned at her and gave a whirling kick, forcing her to block with her hands and wrap his leg in her long drapes. Tied together he yanked his leg, making her yelp as she was pulled off balance...

He'd come close to beating her before, and he had become a much better fighter in the process. She didn't know exactly when he had his change of heart but for at least the last year of their lives together he had actually grown to like her. Sure he played tough, but she saw that happy smile on his face whenever she showed up or they went out to do something together. She couldn't have been happier when she realized...

"Hey! Nothing below the waist or behind the head!" Aaron growled with a soft blush as she continued their fight. It was her normal strategy whenever he was getting too close to winning... A roaming hand up his inner thigh as she caught his leg, a soft stroke down his head ornaments as she missed, It always threw him off, making his stance shaky and his concentration wobble just enough for her to win...

It had started for her as a little girl's innocent pleasure of teasing a boy, but as she continued and got to know Aaron she realized he was actually very sweet. Still... she could never bring herself to let down her guard. She was afraid he'd think she was weak... she was afraid she'd loose him. At least when she teased him he didn't ignore her. As they grew though she feared she would push him too far and he'd keep hating her but... he never got that mad. And he kept coming back for more no matter what she did... It baffled her until she realized he secretly liked her and the challenge she gave him...


"YIPE!" Kayla suddenly squeaked, her eyes wide in shock as she was caught of guard, her thoughts having wandered too far from their battle. She blinked, her large eyes locking with Aaron's as he held her tightly to him in a squeezing hug. She squirmed against his embrace but couldn't escape... A blush raised in her cheeks as she failed and continued to stare, realizing soon that she felt him against her, in more places than one...

As she looked into his eyes he remained there grinning at her, as confident as he ever was before she usually handed his tail to him in a fight. She'd lost this one though and pride shown in his eyes. Then, he did something she never expected... Before she could blink he leaned in and pressed his muzzle to hers! If it were possible her eyes would have grown larger still as she found their lips meeting. He was embarrassed even then as se noticed his ears laying back and his arms started to quiver softly.

Between his plump sheath pressed against her belly and his gently taken kiss Kayla couldn't help herself. Her fur prickled as she returned his kiss for the last second he held it. When he pulled away she smirked at him and rubbed his chest softly as he still held her.

"Well... That was bold." She teased, expecting him to get mad but he actually smiled at the taunt.

"I finally beat you; first time since we were pups!" He replied and she grinned as all their fights ran through her head in an instant.

"Won't happen again!" she barked back with a laugh, but he growled at her with his slowly fading confidence and squeezed her a bit tighter once more, though he let her avoid his chest spike pressing too hard.

"Doesn't matter... I only needed to do it once..." He said in a softer tone, his embrace loosening until she slipped to the ground, though he kept hold of her wrists in his strong soft paws. She looked at him and blinked in confusion. "Kayla... W-will you be my mate...?" He managed to ask as his heart beat fast and his cheek fur tinged a slight purple as he flushed.

"I... y... what...?" She stammered, finding no retort to poke fun at him. She blushed as well, still staring at him dumbfounded as he smirked and looked away, finally releasing her.

"Ha. Gotcha again." He chuckled as his heart sunk with her stuttering. He tried to play it off as he turned and started to head back to the pond to finish washing up.

Kayla's heart about broke when he tried to brush his proposal off as a joke. She hadn't meant to seem insincere. "Yes!" She blurted as she ran after him and grabbed his paw. Unintentional tears wet her eyes as she looked at him hopefully. He blinked as his ears twitched. He turned to look at her and swallowed softly, wondering why she seemed so upset. He hadn't thought she cared so much... "You idiot..." She half whined and half growled. "Don't you know when a girl is speechless?" She continued, trying to sound tough though she was touched and exceedingly happy he had finally asked her. Her problem was she couldn't bring herself to be femininely expressive...

Aaron looked at her curiously, wondering what she meant. "Kayla I... really like you. I just wanted to beat you to prove I was a worthy mate..." He admitted a bit bluntly, not knowing what else to say to her since he thought his subtlety had escaped the tomboy weasel. Kayla giggled though and relaxed more to her normal self seeing he wasn't going to pretend it really was a joke. She looked at him affectionately as she slid up to him, pressing herself to him and looking up into his eyes.

"Dummy... I knew you liked me already." She teased, getting a confused blink in return. She wasn't going to let him go now that he'd asked her... and she knew he couldn't find the will to move away from her either. Her paws snaked around his hips and pulled him to her, feeling his sheath once more press against her belly. He blushed as her soft fur tickled him softly, and her paw running down his stiff tail made his breath catch.

"Y-you knew... How long?" He stammered looking at her in a shy surprise, embarrassed he hadn't been as suave as he wanted to be.

"Since before you knew..." She murred as she smiled sweetly, getting him to blush deeper. "If I knew you just wanted to beat me I'd have let you win a long time ago." She giggled and kissed his chest spike. Aaron growled, not liking her being so dominant about being his mate... He grinned confidently and put his paws around her, making her squeak softly in surprise. His paws rested at the small of her back just above her tail and he held her to him, trying to banish his hesitance as he felt her warm form pressed against his lower body.

"So you said yes?" He asked again, hoping her answer wasn't different this time... Again it was her turn to blush at his bravado. She grinned though and fought him to the last. She leaned up and kissed his nose with a giggle and a firmer stroke of his head ornament.

The Lucario groaned, his hips pressing against her softly in reflex. As the flash of pleasure passed his paws roamed to her rump, rubbing her soft furred cheeks and getting a sweet purr in return. "I don't know... Are you a virile male that can give me lots of pups...?" She teased still, her breaths shortening in anticipation of the Lucario's eagerness to prove himself to her.

He grinned and growled in reply, leaving one of his paws rubbing at the base of her tail while his other cupped her jaw line and leaned her head up for his muzzle to meet hers. He kissed her deeply as he rubbed at her back, pulling her against him and grinding his plump sheath against her tone belly. His tapered tip stretched the hole of its home, the red member twitching at the sensation of burrowing through her soft fur. Both lovers moaned through their kiss. Kayla giggled as she felt his arousal stiffen against her belly and his tongue wrestle with hers like the two fighting not minutes ago. She arched approvingly into the touch as her paws clutched and rubbed at his chest.

"So you want to just kiss me or are you going to do something about that...?" She purred as she pulled back softly from his lips but still found him holding her possessively. Her Lucario panted softly as he smiled and sniffed, catching the betraying scent of an eager female.

"I don't know if you need it enough yet." He growled back and squeezed her rump, getting her to squeak softly and blush once more. No one had ever been bold enough to grope her like that before. The touch was foreign and from Aaron especially, unexpected, but she couldn't deny it set her heat beating when he did... Her expression quickly hardened though as she wasn't about to let him win this competition...Her paw slid down his chest and rubbed a circle around his golden belly fur as she looked down with a mischievous grin. She could feel that discomfort starting to nag at her loins, but teasing him was unbelievably fun for her and it only served to turn her on.

Gingerly she trailed her digits over his emerging shaft, giggling as it twitched and leaked a bit of gooey clear pre. She looked up as she wrapped her paw around his sex and smirked seeing him moan to the sky, letting his eyes slip closed. She felt his body quiver against her touch; particularly that eager and growing part of his canine anatomy. His paws however remained planted where they were, one rubbing and stroking her cheek affectionately, and the other still squeezing her right buttock gently.

"Why don't you help me out a little...?" She purred at him as she started to stroke his member, exploring the tapered head and wet shaft behind as it emerged. She smiled and watched to see if he could still even think as she ran her paw down to his sheath and continued, sliding the fuzzy covering down her wonderful new toy. However, she felt a bump at the base of his shaft as his hips jerked against her. He grunted in pleasure as his sheath stretched softly over his unformed knot, though it was a noticeable lump. Curious, Kayla stroked that mound again to watch his reaction. Her mischievous grin came back when his hips bucked again and he gave a whining gasp. She had him right where she wanted him...

The grinning mienshao yelped softly though as her paw was suddenly seized by a black paw. Her gaze went up with a glare hidden in innocence as his shaft throbbed and leaked a dribble of pre down the already slick skin. "Wasn't I doing it right...? I thought you were enjoying it..." She whined sadly but he wasn't falling for it.

"I'm not that easy." He murred and brought her paw up to lick the matted fur between her pads, enjoying his strong scent on her and the slight taste of his pre. She blinked and blushed as she watched, once again having not expected him to do such a thing, though his warm tongue running between and over her pads made her knees weak... She stifled a purr as her paw stretched apart invitingly for him against her will. Thankfully, she thought, he hit a slightly ticklish spot, allowing her to squeak and tug her paw from his grasp.

Aaron chuckled at her reaction but quickly yelped as she lunged at him. She could barely control herself anymore between the need of her body and the Lucario's wonderful musk drifting on the air. She finally let out a needy moan as she hugged to him, pressing the moist fur of her neathers against his unformed knot. Aaron's breath shuttered as his shaft throbbed, spurting a long string of pre against their bellies when he felt the horny weasel press herself to him for the first time. His blush returned as he gasped wide eyed at her purring against his chest and flexing her hips. He momentarily forgot their little game as he struggled to wrap his mind around how eager she was to have him... He decided it was a good thing though as his heart beat fast, not just with the passion of the moment but the love he felt from and held for her.

The mienshao whined as her outer folds kissed at the Lucario's sex, a sound Aaron rewarded with a moan of his own as his paws found her waist and his hips bucked against her. His shaft throbbed again, leaking another lick of pre from his eager tip. His moan brought Kayla slightly back from her bliss and she grinned up at him, thinking she'd won their game. Seeing him under her, panting and blushing with his eyes shut he just looked so cute, and she wondered why she hadn't done this sooner.

With another soft purr she sat up to straddle the Lucario's hips. She giggled at his length, though she was quite impressed... He had quite a gift there. Probably eight and a half inches including his softly swelling knot, which she was just dying to know what it felt like! Her motion caught Aaron's attention and he shyly opened his eyes to look at her admiring his sex. Inwardly he smiled, though his soft cute pants dominated his expression, he'd let her think she'd won for now. After all, she didn't want it bad enough yet...

Kayla's own neather fur was matted with the slick mixture of his pre and her feminine secretions. She felt how wet she had become and decided it was time to put it to use. She wiggled forward and reached down to grab her prize. Aaron's length twitched as her long velvet drape brushed and lay across it. She giggled again as her paw finally reached him and rubbed gently at the red member before angling it upwards. Aaron watched, near breathlessly from his spot under her as she knelt over him and teased his tip against her sodden folds. Her juices dribbled across his cock as she parted herself around just that first half inch of his tapered head. Aaron laid his head back at the sensation, his shaft leaking another thick glob of pre and making her jump softly in surprise. She gasped and grinned at his eagerness and slowly proceeded to lowered herself onto him.

Kayla let out a cute, high pitched moan as her head tilted back in pleasure. It had been a long time since she'd mated with anyone... Far too long... Still tight as ever she blushed as she gently humped at his length, sliding herself gradually lower, letting her eagerly clenching tunnel adjust to her new mate's wonderful endowment.

"K-Kayla... S-slow... down." Aaron moaned as she sank on him, pulling up half as much as she went down each time. His ears were back shyly and he was blushing heatedly as his paws quivered at her hips, softly resisting her motions. She didn't listen though and giggled at the male with a sweet purr. Aaron gasped suddenly as her walls hugged him tighter for a split second. Reflexively he bucked his hips as his paws gripped her hips and sheathed himself the rest of the way in her!

Kayla threw her head back and yelped as a bolt of bliss ran through her. He had hilted the second half of his hard as steel length in one shot. She felt his sex throb and twitch, painting her tunnel with a few spurts of slimy pre. Her sex squeezed in response to the invader, apparently set off by his quick entry.

Panting softly under her Aaron soon relaxed, letting his head lay back once more and his paws loosen. He cracked an eye to smile shyly but coyly up at her, once more getting a giggle in response as she let both of them rest joined up to his half swollen knot as it ground against her outer folds.

"Feel good?" She teased through her quickened breaths as she wiggled softly, getting an appreciative moan in return...

"Y-you're so wet..." He murred back, getting her to blush softly, he knew how much she wanted him... He could feel the occasional drop of her fluid slide over his exposed knot and he loved it! His mind raced with the sensations as he tried to gather his body to shift her, to take her rather than let her take him, but Kayla didn't give him the chance. The mienshao squeaked as she pulled herself from him, sliding her damp silken walls across his shaft. She wasted no time as she dropped back down, purring loudly in her pleasure as she rode him at a casual pace to start.

"K-Kayla s-slower! I can't..." He whined like an adorable puppy, his hips shaking as he tried to resist, not wanting to loose the fight and finish before her. He worried she'd tie him... and that really would be the end of him!

"I don't think so A-Aaron... Why don't you ahh... let me have it?" She squeaked, panting in excitement as well as that teasing pleasure she took in torturing him. He felt so amazing inside her... His head stroked all the right places hard as the slight rim of it pistoned within her, and that wonderful tip of his... Arceus! The way it poked and burrowed through her clenching walls was unimaginable. Her paws found a place to rest on his heaving chest as she leaned forward, having to pause now and again to gasp as her tunnel convulsed, squeezing his length and making him grunt and leak within her. "By M-mew Aaron... J-just... c-cum already...!" She whined, feeling him resist each time he got just to the edge and only giving her a twitch and spurt of pre against her quivering walls. She knew she couldn't hold out much longer being so pent up herself... her legs shook and she'd already resorted to leaning on him as she bounced her hips faster.

"Gyahhh!" She finally squealed as she couldn't hold back anymore. Her walls tightened around him and milked the lucario for all she had. Her hips flew, as she mated him furiously until she couldn't stand the pleasure and finally stopped to grind his swollen knot against her neathers. The wanton bulb stretched her wonderfully, but just wouldn't go in! She blushed as she felt herself squirt her femi cum across his bulge as it swelled and throbbed and she wished he'd at least help her finish him!

Aaron on the other hand whined and yipped as she took him. He couldn't hold back either as her walls constricted around him. When she stopped he howled and came with her! His body stiffened as his claws raked through the grass, tearing pawfulls of it from the earth. His hips bucked against her even as she stopped to press against him. Arceus knew he wanted to tie her! But he wouldn't loose...! Still his member throbbed in orgasm and his seed surged from his tip, squirting hard against her depths, the hot seed making his mate squeak in pleasure as she twitched around his shaft with the few and quick thick shots he gave. Soon enough he started to relax. His shaft still rigid inside her softly clenching depths he opened his eyes to look at her with a loving smile.

Kayla followed suit, though she had a loud continuous purr emanating from her as she looked back at him with a smirk of triumph. She remained where she was, wiggling against his still sensitive knot as she leaned over him, her paws still resting on either side of his chest spike. She hadn't expected what he did next though...

Gently his paws roamed to her waist, affectionately stroking the sides of her tummy. "I love you Kayla..." He murred sweetly, his embarrassment all but forgotten as his red eyes met hers.

"I love you too my cute pup..." She giggled, but yelped as he lifted her from his shaft. She saw him shutter in pleasure as she whined a complaint. She loved having him in her and almost hated seeing his wet shaft flop against his fur and waste a small shot of his white seed. Still, what he did was unbelievably sweet. He pulled her close to him, and kissed her sweetly on the lips, letting her snuggle against his side. Their breath started to fail them quickly though, having not fully recovered from their first mating. "So when will this go away...?" She giggled as she trailed one of her arm drapes over his still hard shaft. Aaron moaned at the touch as he throbbed and figured it was time to continue...

"Mmm... When I really get to mate!" He murred, sweetly at first but menacingly as he finished. Confused, Kayla had no time to react as he grinned and rolled with her. She yipped as she found herself on her front against the ground with him murring and nuzzling her neck before giving her a sweet lick on the cheek.

"A-Aaron! Get off! Let me go!" She growled as she blushed. She felt his hanging member rubbing against her short tail and realized too late she hadn't exhausted the male... Her breath escaped her as she fought the lust in her mind at the situation and tried to struggle. Aaron only chuckled and murred over her, letting her get to her knees before he buried his nose in her neck and wrapped a paw around her chest, making her freeze and quiver. Her body betrayed her... he knew she wanted him, and she knew he knew... Her game had backfired and though she hated loosing... she loved his affectionate domination of her...

Kayla's already wet sex leaked his seed softly from her lips as her Lucario lover shifted and slid his shaft across her clit. She tried to stifle a moan, not wanting him to know she was enjoying herself but a squeaking grunt escaped as she bit her lip and stiffened at the touch. He chuckled and licked the back of her neck as he did it again and pressed his thick knot against her opening, moaning softly at her still heated sex flexing against his bulb.

"Want me to continue...?" He murred in her ear, the flow of his hot breath making it twitch softly.
"You know you can't stop yourself anyway..." She taunted and giggled back, letting him have his fun holding her but knowing she would be the one to get him off.

"You're right there but how bad do you want it?" He murred in response, pulling his shaft back along her folds and nestling that tip in a glob of his spunk just between her folds.

"Not as bad as you..." She retorted, pressing back softly to accentuate her point and trying to hide the fact she'd actually done it to beg... She thought he fell for it as he growled and thrust hard against her, hilting himself to his knot in one swift motion. She yelped and whined in pleasure, the rough thrust making her squeeze around him as he paused. "Nnn... Keep it up my eager Rio..." She teased, knowing he would take that as her calling him a puppy. He grinned though, her insults only driving his desire higher. With her bent under him he moaned as he started to thrust, loving the yelps she couldn't always restrain.

Her wet walls gripped at his length as he continued to rut her a bit rougher than she'd taken him. He knew she loved it though as she pressed back against him and stiffened each time he finished pulling back. He knew she wanted him and he loved that he had her bent over for once, his cock twitched eagerly as he watched the whining mienshao try to hide her enjoyment. Continuing their game he nuzzled the base of her ear before growling and taking it between his lips, rolling his teeth over the tender appendage teasingly. Kayla once again squeaked under him as she gasped, her ear trying to twitch away despite her body shuttering in pleasure at the touch. Me murred as he nibbled her, making her moan in response, her sex twitching around him as he thrust once again.

"A-Aahhron..." She moaned as she gasped when he released her ear and buried his nose in her neck, breathing her scent deeply and licking her in return. The Lucario only gave a rumbling chuckle as he continued and started to grind his knot against her opening, stretching her a little more each time without her realizing... "H-ha... G-gonna cum again, R-rio...?" She teased, hearing him groan as she felt his member twitch and squirt a hard shot of pre.

"Not until... you beg for it..." He growled playfully, making her blush and fume.

"I'd n-neverahhh!" She started and squealed as he pulled against her chest, standing them up and pressing his knot hard against her. He took a shaky step forward and to the right let her lean on a tree with him still thrusting softly the whole time. She growled in lust and frustration as he continued, keeping her pinned as he leaned over her and licked between her ears. She blushed; embarrassed she was enjoying it so damn much!

"Want me to tie you...?" He murred in her ear as he lightened his thrusts, teasing her with the absence of his knot pressing against her swollen outer lips.

Unable to think of a witty retort that wasn't a flat out plea she managed to growl at him with a glare, betraying her pride and making him grin as he gave a long moan with his next hard teasing thrust. 'He's... lasted longer...' She thought desperately before she squeaked and whined in pleasure against her will as she realized... he'd planned this... 'He didn't tie me before because he knew he'd be last longer!' she screamed in her head as a blissful gasp escaped her maw. 'Arceus why am I enjoying this so much!?' She thought as she blushed, looking back at him with only a half formed glare in her wavering resolve. That wonderful maleness spreading her sex, his strong body, his tender but controlling paw rubbing her belly, pressing her insides tighter against his shaft... She could barely contain herself as her sex started to quiver in ecstasy. She growled again as he leaned against her, bracing himself on the tree with one paw to her two. He hadn't said a thing to her growls... He just kept teasing her, moaning and murring in her ear, gasping and panting, his hot breath washing over her fur as his knot spread her. She could feel herself taking him, she tried to press herself down to force him to give it all to her but to no avail... each time it was quickly tugged away, leaving her with only the soft pleasure of his cock a little deeper and the thickest part of his phallus stretching her tight entrance.

"Nnyaa-ahhh..." Aaron moaned as he paused, his knot so temptingly close to tying her. She wiggled, humped, ground against him as his cock twitched against her walls, spurting another restrained glob of his slimy pre. She couldn't help but whine as he continued, his pace slowed considerably. She blushed deeply though as he chuckled, having heard her desperation.

"S-stop...! Teasing...! I know you, want it tooooo...!" She commanded, moaning as she shuttered when he pressed it against her and gave two short humps.

"Beg me for it... I'm real close... You can have, all my seed if, you just ask..." He murred as he nuzzled her neck once more in a loving flirt.

"N-never! J-just give it to me!" She squeaked as he did it again. Her body shivered in desire as her tummy and tunnel tightened in futile anticipation. Just one little tug and push from his possessive paw and hips would tie her to the wonderful male driving her insane with pleasure! Just one little push! From him!!! ."Just doooo i-it!!!" She howled in pleasured frustration, trying to thrust back against him, or at least topple him so she could take her prize! Unfortunately her arms were weak and useless, he had her pinned and held tight... she could do nothing but yelp in pleasure as he moved his paw to rub at her twitching and ignored clitoris.

"Say please..." He moaned as he felt her walls shutter and convulse, milking his length as he drove her to the lowest peaks of orgasm. He wanted her badly, he wanted to cum with her, and he was close... it was why he stopped and sat still within her. Despite that however her sucking tunnel wasn't helping him keep control... he hoped the adorable shivering weasel in his arms cracked soon...

"PLEEEEASE!!! B-by mew A-Aaron... By the g-great A-Arceus P-Please tie m-me!" She squeaked and pleaded in desperation. She wiggled and whined, her blush burning across her face as her eyes were squeezed shut. She couldn't control herself. She didn't want to say it but she couldn't help it! Her heart thumped in her chest at the shear embarrassment and unbridled ecstasy it for some reason brought her.

"Of course my love." He murred in satisfaction, moaning softly as he continued with redoubled effort. Her mental restraints gone Kayla whined and moaned like a Persian in heat. She relaxed into Aaron's thrusting hips, confident he wouldn't deny her plea, but just to be safe...

"Please... T-Take me... Make m-me your mate..." She whimpered and gasped in pleasure as his maleness spread her wide. She moaned as she felt his thrusts shorten and lengthen, his knot threatening to finally slip inside her... He grunted each time he pressed against her and she gave a breathless sigh. "A-AHH!" She squeaked as it finally happened! Her cunny clamped around him as she felt that wonderful bulge swell further! She couldn't have removed it even if she EVER wanted to at that moment. As an added bonus she felt his shaft twitching and rubbing against her deepest reaches. He tickled her cervix with his throbbing head as it pressed against a previously unreachable spot of spongy flesh. Her vision flashed with sparks as she came for her mate!

Aaron gasped and panted hard, his cock jumping and throbbing, buried deeply in her spasming tunnel. He pumped his hips, tugging at his knot and at Kayla as he neared his now unavoidable climax. Kayla beat him too it but she was too much for him to resist, her squeezing satin tunnel milking him desperately brought all the seed he could give her bursting forth.

Aaron's length throbbed; with his swollen knot squeezed by the orgasming mienshao beneath him he joined her in bliss. His milky seed shot from his tip with such force that Kayla jumped in surprise as she squeaked loudly again with that first sensation. The thick fluid hit her cervix and pooled around his tapered head as he shot another and again. Kayla gave a sharp gasp as the third broke a sort of damn within her. She felt his wonderful gift leaking and squirting past her cervix into her womb, painting and claiming her forever as his being the first to go that deeply into her body. She visibly shook as a shiver went down her spine, feeling that hot seed pool in her most private of reservoirs. She only wished she had been in heat so the little Riolu swimming in her would have a chance to be born...

The Lucario whined and panted hard with the feeling of his seed rushing from his shaft. As he pressed and rubbed Kayla's clit and outer folds he moaned and yelped, simply amazed that mating could feel so good! She was his first... but she didn't need to know that... and he barked as she shook, squeezing his length again and making his seed spurt once with the intensity it had the first. His shaft felt amazing buried within her, and even as the pressure of her orgasm started to flow from her, releasing his shaft from her vice grip attack... he still leaked his thick see in her. His knot made sure not a drop could escape, though her sex seeped her own lubricants down the very base of his shaft, matting the fur of his blue sheath.

"S-sorry..." Aaron managed to say first, a sheepish smile on his face before it scrunched with a whine of pleasure, accompanied by a twitch and spurt from his member. He was blushing just as deep as Kayla had and his ears were laid back cutely.

"I-I'm..." Kayla began, still breathless and dodging the last sparks in her vision. "Going to... get you for that..." She threatened with all the playful glare she could muster. Aaron chuckled through his pants; he actually looked forward to that threat...

Still stuck together the lovers groaned as they weakly lowered to their knees and then to their backs. Kayla laid her head next to Aaron's chest spike and licked it sweetly, making the Lucario chuckle and throb within her. Gently he let his paws rest on her chest, rubbing her fur sensuously as she remained tied to him for another half hour at least... With how she liked to tease him she dragged out their post orgasmic afterglow as they lay there for a full hour before his knot had shrunk enough to slip free of her clenching folds. Kayla gasped and whined softly, feeling a little empty as his shaft slowly started to slide and retreat from her tunnel, leaving a sticky trail of canine post cum. Still she was very wet with her own fluids that dribbled from their union as he retreated, covering his groin in her thick scent and mark. She giggled as her nose twitched at the wonderful scent of their mating in the air, something she knew Aaron greatly appreciated as well.

On shaky legs the two finally rose once all that remained of Aaron's length was his pointed tip poking from his sheath. As they regained control of their muscles Aaron looked at Kayla and blushed shyly. He had ravished her... Her fur was messed softly from his spike grazing her back to his nuzzles and licks, and finally her neather regions, matted with their passionate emissions. He was sure he looked the same and he smiled as the showers caught his eye.

"You look just as bad..." She growled as she stepped closer, holding her paws in front of her the way she usually did to keep her drapes from dragging. However her attitude had changed... She didn't seem like she was going to make fun of him, or fight him, instead she murred happily as she put her arms around her Lucario mate and nuzzled his chest affectionately. Aaron's breathe quickened and his heart fluttered as he murred happily, returning the gesture and holding her tight.

"I love you Kayla..." He murmured after a bit, hoping he wasn't dreaming.

"I love you too Aaron." She said sweetly, giving him a genuine smile that lacked any trace of mischief, for now...

Chapter End Notes:

So there you are! Hope you enjoyed it. I truely enjoyed writing this sweet story.

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