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Pokemon - New Beginnings by CursedKey


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Chapter 10 - Misty's Curiosity



The night was young and a slight breeze wafted through the forests of Vulcan Island. Between the trees, hundreds of Pokemon trainers were now fast asleep, dreaming of the untold fame they had vowed to achieve in the upcoming Battle of the Champions tournament. Falling asleep wasn’t an easy task for all of them though. One particular girl could not fall asleep no matter how hard she tried. A young, fiery redhead from Cerulean City named Misty.

Misty, like most of the youngsters who now roamed Vulcan Island, was travelling towards the giant volcano in the middle of the island, together with her friends Max, his sister May and her secret love, Ash Ketchum. Ash was a Pokemon trainer Misty had travelled with some years ago. He was also the reason they were travelling together again, as they were all headed for the big Battle of the Champions tournament, which was to be held on Vulcan Island in a few days. Misty had tagged along for the journey to cheer Ash on. However, her prime motive was to confess her love to Ash and claim him as her lover.

Sadly, during the day there hadn’t been many opportunities to talk to Ash in private. Every time Misty got close to Ash, the annoying brother-sister pair from Hoenn had interfered, ruining her chances of any romance. This had left her in quite a grumpy state when they finally set up camp and went to sleep. For some reason, it had also left her incredibly horny.

Grunting in annoyance, Misty couldn’t take it anymore. She had been extremely horny ever since they reached the forest’s edge for some reason and the intense heat in her groin was driving her mental. Careful not to wake her friends, who were sleeping nearby, she lowered her panties and started to rub her lower lips with her thumb. As she slowly inserted a finger into her moist center, she let out a soft moan containing equal amounts of pleasure and anger.

The last time she had masturbated, she had vowed to never again resort to using her own fingers to pleasure herself. Rather, she vowed the next time it would be Ash pleasuring her. Yet, here she was, just about two weeks later and with two fingers thrust deep within her folds.

So much for that idea… Arceus, why did I have to throw away that vibrator?!

Using her right hand to tease her nipples, she kept the fingers of her left hand going in and out of her pussy, changing the amount of fingers she inserted from time to time to keep things interesting. Her breathing soon became laborious as her chest went up and down in an increasingly faster tempo. She wanted to moan out loudly, but she knew that would wake her friends around her. Instead, Misty slammed her right fist in her mouth and bit down on her knuckles in an effort not to cry out.

Her tactic worked and minutes later she gave her clit one final rub before exploding into orgasm. Apart from a strained, high-pitched mewl, Misty made no sound as she felt her inner walls contract around her fingers as several shots of liquid sprayed out of her, drenching her left hand in her own love juices. Sweating profusely and with a head as red as a Voltorb, Misty quickly hoisted her panties back on before she kept completely still. Straining her eyes and ears, she tried desperately to determine if any of her friends had woken up by her orgasm, to her relief, she heard nothing but the soft wind in the trees.

In fact, she was quite certain she wasn’t hearing any breathing around her either. Misty rose to her knees and looked around, trying to identify her slumbering friends in their sleeping bags. But her friends were nowhere to be seen. Max, May, even Ash… All of their sleeping bags were empty. Only Pikachu had remained behind, softly sleeping on Ash’s backpack. Curiously, Misty extracted herself from her sleeping bag, which had become clammy with a combination of sweat and other bodily fluids. She looked around their campsite, but she couldn’t find any of her friends in the direct area. Just when she was about to give up and just return to her sleeping bag, her eyes caught  a trail of very faint footprints leading out of their camp. She hesitated for a moment. She could follow the trail, which meant a long walk through the forest in nothing but her nightgown and panties, or she could just go back to sleep and forget all about it.

In the end, her curiosity won out and she quietly made her way through the cool night into the forest around her. She was going to find out where everyone had gone and nothing was going to stop her!

Her trek through the forest lasted close to 5 minutes as she walked among the trees. On more than one occasion, she didn’t spot a particularly gnarly tree root in time, which earned her a hard fall on the forest’s grassy ground. Both her knees were covered in green stains and she had a slight cut on her left palm. She felt furious enough to spout steam out of her ears.

When I get my hands on these guys, I’m going to kill ‘em!

Muttering angrily, Misty suddenly stopped in her tracks when she heard voices in the distance.


“…ow… eel now … ay?”

“…h… YES!... a…zing wha….ver…n’t stop!”


No! It can’t be!

She recognized those voices! They belonged to Ash and May! The sound of their voices, their tone… Even though she had heard very little, it had been enough to let the blood in her veins run cold. Surely not? This couldn’t be happening!

Misty ran towards the voices, running at top speed as she prayed that whatever was happening wasn’t real, that it was all a bad dream. She reached the outskirts of a big clearing and she slipped to a halt, stunned by what she saw. There, in the grass, lay Ash, the boy of her dreams, the trainer she had secretly admired for years. He lay there, stark naked, and he was thrusting his erect penis into May’s dripping folds with a slow and loving tempo. Both of them moaned loudly each time Ash thrust in and Misty could tell from the sweat on their bodies and the fluids around May’s crotch that they had been going at it for a while.

Misty could feel her heart break as her knees buckled and she fell to the ground, crying bitter tears. Quickly, she hid behind a big tree that bordered the clearing. She did not want Ash or May to discover her and she definitely didn’t want May to see what she had done to her. Hidden out of sight and out of earshot, she let her tears fall freely as the terrible truth hit her.

She was too late. Unbeknownst to her, May must’ve also had romantic feelings for Ash. She had just been lucky enough to get some private time with him before Misty had had that chance. Ash loved May, Misty thought, the sight of him shoving his hardened member into the coordinator’s hairless womanhood had been enough proof of that. How she had longed to have his thick meat inside her, to have him tell her he loved her too. She would’ve given anything to realize that dream. But now she had wasted her chance and Ash would never be hers. Crying her eyes out she slammed her fists into the tree that provided her a hiding place.

In the distance, she could clearly hear the bitch from Hoenn scream:

“Ash… ASH! I’m CUMMING!”

Letting out a soundless cry of rage Misty clenched her eyes shut and slammed her hands over her ears as she laid down in a fetal position, desperate to block out the rest of the world. She didn’t want this; she didn’t want to hear that! She just wanted it all to go away and leave her in her misery.

Almost as if on cue, her body let her know that that wasn’t going to happen. A sharp pang preceded the return of the blazing heat between her legs and Misty cried out in frustration as she felt the need to pleasure herself increase rapidly to almost unbearable levels. She felt disgusted with herself. Here she was, on the brink of depression and suffering a broken heart, and now her womanhood demanded attention? With an angry, almost feral, growl Misty literally ripped her nightgown and panties off, discarding the torn pieces of cloth to the ground. Now completely naked in the chilly night air, she let herself fall onto her hands and knees before she stuck her ass up high in the air and started to rapidly slide her index finger in and out of her moist core. Arceus, that felt good!

As she set up a steady rhythm with her fingers she slowly started to massage her breasts with her other hand. She felt her breathing becoming labored again as she continued her treatment. Adding another finger, she could feel the heat in her center start to cool as she now shoved two fingers in and out of her wet folds. When she felt her fingers lightly brush her clit she let out a soft moan. With a jolt, she remembered she was actually peeping on Ash and May and that she had to stay quiet if she didn’t want to be found! Inching to the side, she carefully peeked around the tree she was hiding behind, catching more than a mere glimpse from the scene that played out 20 meters away from her.

Apparently, cumming once wasn’t enough for May. Peeking past the side of the tree Misty could clearly see the brunette sitting on top of Ash, bouncing up and down as she filled the air with her moans. Misty’s jealousy flared up, causing her to increase the tempo of her masturbation. She had wanted to try that position out with Ash herself! And now here May was, not only stealing what should have been her boyfriend, but also living out every sexual fantasy the poor water trainer ever had! The fact that Misty herself was now masturbating to the scene just added insult to injury.

As she watched her rival ride the love of her life, Misty couldn’t shake the notion that she was incredibly jealous of May’s body. Her body looked so soft in the moonlight and her ass looked lovely and big compared to the saddened Cerulean’s, even May’s breasts triumphed over hers. Comparing herself to May, Misty reckoned she looked like nothing more than a stick. A skinny, flat-chested stick with no ass worth mentioning.

As she watched Ash’s condom-covered dick getting engulfed in May’s dripping hole she considered defeat as she felt bitter tears fall from her cheeks. With a body like that, of course Ash would end up loving her. Misty had never stood a chance.

Might as well hook up with a Sudowoodo, perhaps they would find me attractive…

Feeling her orgasm building up deep within her core, Misty took her fingers out of her wet snatch. Instead, she lowered her ass to ground level and focused on rubbing her fingers over her clit in quick circular motions. She moaned softly and bit down on the knuckles of her other hand in order to not cry out in bliss loudly. As she increased her speed and felt her pleasure spike, the entire world around her seemed to fade away. Nothing else mattered, nothing but this one great need for release and a desire to just forget. Forget about Ash, forget about May, just to forget about everything as darkness enveloped her as she neared her orgasm.

Had she bothered to look behind her, she could have known she was in for a great surprise…



Suddenly, Misty was violently shaken out of her delirium when she felt two paws grab hold of her butt cheeks.


Before Misty well and truly realized what was happening she felt a long, smooth object being rammed inside her wet pussy at breakneck speed. With a startled cry Misty felt pleasure explode inside her as the unknown intruder triggered her orgasm. She pressed her breasts together as she felt her vaginal muscles spasm and clench as they were milking the strange smooth object that was now being thrust in and out of her rapidly.

After a minute of mind-numbing pleasure, Misty regained enough of her senses to take in her surroundings again. She could still feel whomever or whatever was assaulting her vagina going at it, so she turned her head around to lay eyes on her assailant. What she saw then shocked her to her core and it sent a cold shiver up her spine. Balancing on her back, his paws desperately holding on to her ass, was Pikachu, the smooth object inside her being his yellow penis.

“PIKACHU!” she cried in shock. “What the hell are you doing?! Get off of me!” she shouted in embarrassment as she tried to use her right arm to force the little lightning mouse off of her, while she supported herself with her left hand. Pikachu wouldn’t budge though and he dug his paws even more firmly into her ass as he kept on thrusting his pelvis at increasingly fast rates.

“Pikachu, please! You’re hurting me!” she cried as she felt new tears drop from her eyes. “I don’t want this Pikachu! Please, STOP! Take it out!”

She was lying though, from the moment Pikachu had mounted her to the moment she had come down from her orgasm, the electric type hadn’t hurt her a bit. In fact, even as Misty hated herself for admitting it, having Pikachu’s member inside of her actually felt quite good.

By now, the little electric-type was forcing his entire length into her with every thrust, slapping his balls on her ass with a resounding smack every time. For his size, Pikachu was absolutely huge, Misty reckoned.

She estimated his length to be about 12 centimeters, which was about a third of his total body length!  As she had never seen his rod out in the open, she couldn’t make an estimation, but from the feel of it, Pikachu’s member ended in a pointy tip which seemed to scratch her insides in all the right places.

As good as it felt, Misty knew she had to stop this. She was being fucked by a Pokemon! Raped even, considering the circumstances. She buried her face in her arm as she was overwhelmed by an intense feeling of shame, her body slowly shaking with sobs.

That’s just great… First, I find out my crush loves another girl, and then I practically get raped by his Pokemon!

Turning around again, Misty eyed Pikachu with determination shining through the tears in her eyes. “Pikachu, that’s enough!” she yelled. She took hold of the little mouse with both hands now, determined to push him off (and out) of her. As soon as she touched his fur though, Pikachu dug his paws in harder and let out a quick shock of lightning, shocking Misty’s hands away. His shock also transferred to his member, causing him to electrify her insides as well, amplifying her pleasure beyond anything she had experienced before.

Instantly, getting Pikachu off of her was the last thing on her mind. That shock had hurt, but the pleasure his electrified rod had given her was more than worth the pain. Misty returned her attention to the scene in front of her, once again using her fingers frantically rub her clit.

On second thought… This actually feels quite good! Might as well enjoy it if I can’t get him off of me…

Casting her eyes to the scene playing out 20 meters away from her, Misty was shocked to see how Ash and May had progressed. The brunette from Petalburg was no longer energetically bouncing up and down Ash’s dick; rather, she was on her knees – getting rammed from behind by her Blaziken!

What in the? When did THAT happen?!

Misty was baffled. From the loud shrieks she was producing, Misty could hear May definitely enjoyed this as Blaziken roughly shoved his thick cock into her dripping folds. And Ash just stood there, slowly rubbing his own rod as he took in the scene before him. Misty couldn’t understand, Ash and May had only gotten together just now, and already he was letting his girlfriend get fucked by her own Pokemon?

A particularly potent thrust from Pikachu brought her back to her own predicament as sparks erupted from the Pokemon’s balls. Pikachu had a fierce look in his little eyes now as used his Agility attack to increase his speed, desperate to achieve orgasm. A constant stream of “Pi-pi-pi-pi!” left his mouth and Misty found she too had lost the ability to form a coherent sentence. In tune with Pikachu’s thrusts she let out a stream of short, stabbing moans as she felt the electric charged rod rub her inner walls. Her orgasm came closer and closer as Pikachu continued to slap his hips into her, she could feel the fire raging within her, begging for release.

“Pikachu, please!” she begged one last time. “Mate with me! Give me everything you’ve got!” she screamed as the fire within her body raged into an inferno and her orgasm hit her with the strength of a tidal wave. Her inner walls clamped themselves hard on Pikachu’s rod and the little mouse cried out in bliss. Charging up a Volt Tackle, he rapidly increased the speed of his thrusts until his pelvis was nothing more than a blur and he felt as though his speed was so great, he wasn’t leaving Misty’s tight hole at all anymore. Within the span of a few seconds, Pikachu felt his knot forming at the base of his dick and he knew that it was over. Slamming in one last time, he felt his knot pop into place inside the Cerulean girl’s pussy, locking them together. With a loud cry, he unleashed a massive thunderbolt which lit the area in a blaze of light as pure electricity flowed through him and his mate.

Having only barely recovered from her last orgasm, Pikachu’s thunderbolt was the last straw for Misty’s weakened body. As lightning coursed through her she felt a pleasure she had never experienced before and with a loud scream she lost consciousness. Meanwhile, Pikachu was rapidly humping her as much as his knot would allow as he shot load after load of his electric seed into her womb, soothing the aching heat that had occupied it ever since Misty had entered the forest.

Pikachu had a fierce look of happiness on his face, his work was done.  As the last few drops of his seed left his tip he stopped his thunderbolt before quickly falling into unconsciousness himself. His knot was still firmly in place, preventing any of his sparking stickiness of flowing out again. His high-speed, feral love-making had left them both in a small black crater. The side of the tree they were hiding behind was completely black and Misty, the girl who had let him call her his mate, was covered in sooth, her hair on end and a couple of angry burns on her body, courtesy of his electricity.


Surely, you’d think Ash, May and Blaziken would have noticed the entire ruckus by now. They were, however, oblivious to the fact that they were being spied upon. Too caught up in their own orgasmic bliss, they failed to notice the loud lightning strike that preceded Pikachu’s peak.

The only living soul who could’ve noticed, a skinny, bespectacled young man, was too occupied himself to notice either…


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