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Pokemon - New Beginnings by CursedKey


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Chapter 11 - Saviour

The crowds went crazy with excitement as the battle reached its pinnacle. A massive explosion of dust had erupted moments before, caused by the collision of the last two Pokemon on either side of the battle. As the dust settled, both trainers looked each other in the eye. On the left side there was Cynthia, the proud Pokemon Champion, standing stoically amid the debris. On the right side there was Max, the scrawny-looking bespectacled nobody who had miraculously defeated every opponent in his path.

His final battle with the impressive Pokemon Champion had been grueling, a true test of his skills as a trainer, and now they were both down to their last Pokemon. As the dust settled, both combatants came into view again. Cynthia’s Garchomp was covered in scratches, including a bleeding cut in his face. Nevertheless, he held his ground, determined to win the fight. Opposing him was Max’s trusted starter, Grovyle. He, too, was covered in painful scratches and cuts, as well as a deep bite in his left arm. Shaking on his feet, supporting his injured arm with his right hand, Grovyle was at his limit, but he refused to give up.

At the command of their trainers, both monsters lunged at each other again, both eager to strike the final blow. With the force of an earthquake Garchomp rammed his fist into the ground which Grovyle had occupied moments before. The agile grass-type had thrown himself to the side though and, sliding on his back, he fired a last desperate Solarbeam. The attack hit Garchomp head on and the ensuing explosion threw him across the arena. With a might crash, he landed at the feet of his trainer, motionless.

Max couldn’t hear the crowd exploding around him and nor, for that matter, could he hear the referee utter the final words of the match, crowning him the new Pokemon Master. He had done it! He finally became a Pokemon Master.

Cynthia stood before him as she recalled her fallen dragon.

“Congratulations Max!” she congratulated him and he noticed her voice was surprisingly low and smooth. The very sound of her sent a shiver down his spine.

“You made it to the finals, and now you have defeated me. Truly, you’re worthy of the title ‘Pokemon Master!’”

“But that is not all you’re worthy of…” she continued as she walked closer towards him, a sly look in the one eye not obscured by her blonde hair. She stopped just a meter in front of him.

“There is another prize…” she finished, her voice huskily. With practiced movement, Cynthia hooked her fingers under the shoulder bands of her dress and before Max realized what had happened; his vanquished opponent had dropped her dress to the floor. She stood before him now, as naked as she was on the day she was born.

Max could feel his jaw drop and his pants tighten as his eyes roamed her delicious body. She made no attempt to cover herself, so Max was free to take in her soft, peachy skin as his eyes travelled upwards towards her breasts. They were huge, he reckoned, at the very least an E cup and both breasts were adorned by rock-hard nipples atop big areolas.

Looking down, Max was shocked to find out Cynthia had, much like him, quite a bush covering her lower regions.

 “No Pokemon Master should take up his title as a virgin” Cynthia continued and Max was instantly snapped awake.

How did she…?

The blonde woman smiled before she lay herself down before him, legs spread wide.

“Allow me to provide you with a ‘suitable’ reward for your victory” she spoke with lust in her voice. “Go on and take me, Champion! Make me yours!” as she uttered her final words, she used her fingers to spread her lower lips, granting Max a good look at her wet hole.

Max was naked before he even realized it. Excited, horny and terribly nervous he settled himself between Cynthia’s thighs. The fact that they were in the middle of a stadium, filled with other people didn’t matter to him anymore. He was going to make love to the most beautiful woman he knew and, most importantly, he wasn’t going to die a virgin!

He took his 14 centimeters of hard-on in his hand and guided his tip towards Cynthia’s awaiting folds. A shudder went through both of them as his tip teasingly touched her entrance. Biting his lip in a groan, Max applied pressure until his member slowly but surely started to sink into Cynthia’s slick pussy. Max moaned loudly as he felt her hot wetness envelop his member, her inner muscles clamped down on his dick hard and he loved it. Slowly, he started to pump in and out of the beautiful ex-Champion, reveling in the feeling of his rod sliding between her folds.

This being his first time, he had never considered just how good it could feel as he let out low growling moans with every thrust. Cynthia’s pussy felt amazing and Max quickly increased his speed as he felt his orgasm building in his balls. He looked at Cynthia and was pleased to see she was enjoying this too, a faint blush on her face as her massive breasts swayed up and down with his every thrust.

Inexperienced and nervous as he was, Max reached his limit all too soon. With a final loud moan he hilted himself inside her as he felt waves of pleasure course through his body. Deep within her, he could feel himself shooting bursts of his seed deep into the ex-Champion’s pussy.

Exhausted, Max let out a gasp as he withdrew from Cynthia, a thin strand of sperm still connecting the both of them. With a groan, Max sat down on his knees as he bowed his head in shame. Like so many times before, when he had masturbated, he had ejaculated way too soon. He looked her in the eyes and to his shock he noticed she didn’t seem happy. In fact, she seemed disappointed.

“What kind of Pokemon Master cums within two minutes?” she asked, disappointment and disgust evident in her voice. She looked down between her thighs with a look of pure disappointment as she noticed his cum slowly dripping out of her. Max was shattered by her disappointment, sweating profusely as the tall blonde rose to her feet again.

“I-.. I’m sorry!” he stuttered, feeling incredibly embarrassed, he tried to cover his fluid-stained crotch with his hands. “It… You just felt so good! I-… I couldn’t hold on any longer!” he pleaded.

In the background, Max could faintly hear a roar of laughter building from the crowd. During their lovemaking he had completely forgotten that they were still in the arena. His premature ejaculation had been witnessed by hundreds of people and broadcasted to thousands more! Max grasped his head in his hands as the laughter rolled over him like an avalanche; hot tears of shame quickly came to his eyes.

Cynthia still towered over him, her single unobstructed eye not giving the slightest glimmer of pity.

“If you cannot even pleasure a woman, then you definitely cannot become a Pokemon Master!” she announced, receiving cheers and praise from the audience around them.

“What a waste…” she spat as she turned around and walked away from the shattered boy from Petalburg. On her way to the arena exit she did not look back and neither did she bother to retrieve her dress. Remaining completely naked, she disappeared into the dark corridor at the edge of the stage, her luscious ass swaying lightly.

“Cynthia, please!” Max cried, standing up. “I can do better! Just give me another chance, please!” he raced after her, desperate to catch up to her. But no matter how fast he ran, he couldn’t seem to get closer to the stoic Champion. The crowd went wild with laughter, shaking the very foundations of the arena and as Max kept on running, the ground beneath him split open, revealing a dark chasm beneath. Max never made it to the edge. Falling downward, deeper and deeper into darkness, Max let out a loud cry as the darkness enveloped him, smothering him and robbing him of his senses.


With a loud gasp, Max shot up in his sleeping bag. Eyes wide open; he saw that he was no longer surrounded by darkness. Instead, he was surrounded by trees and bathed in the light of the moon. No trace remained of the arena where he had made his greatest triumph as well as his greatest humiliation.

“Arceus! A dream! It was all a dream!” he muttered softly. Quickly checking between his legs, Max was relieved to find out that, despite the sexual nature of it, it hadn’t been a wet dream. Breathing heavily and covered in sweat, Max decided a short walk was necessary. Quietly, he made his way out of his sleeping bag before he noticed the absence of both Ash Ketchum and his sister. Their sleeping bags looked undisturbed and Max could see two faint trails of footprints in the grass, leading away from their camp.

Now, Max was by no means a stupid boy. He realized quickly enough what this situation could mean; he had seen the way Ash and his sister had acted around each other before Misty crashed the party. The young boy from Petalburg was sure Ash and May where somewhere among the trees right now, probably making out like Jinxes. Breathing in the musky forest air deeply, Max discovered that he couldn’t shake the curious feeling he got from imagining his sister making out with Ash.


“Well, it’s not like I’ve got anything better to do…” he mumbled as he turned towards the footprints and started to follow the trail. “And let’s face it, I’m NEVER going to get to sleep again if I keep thinking about those two. Might as well check it out and confirm it…” Max let out a cheesy grin. He could be quite a pervert from time to time…

Over the next few minutes, Max made his way through the forest as he followed the faint footsteps. He made sure to keep his eyes wide open. After all, he thought, the worst pervert was a pervert who let himself get caught.

As he kept on walking, Max couldn’t help but notice the peculiar absence of Pokemon in the area. In a forest this big, the trees should’ve been teeming with nocturnal life. But now, nothing stirred. Only the occasional Hoothoot or Noctowl passed over from time to time, scaring the living crap out of Max when they did.

After a short walk Max could clearly hear someone moaning in the distance and he couldn’t hide a grin.
“Told ya they’d be making out like Jinxes” he laughed as he heard a moan that definitely belonged to May. Quickly, Max dove down to the ground. Using the nearby bushes for cover, he quietly made his way towards the noise. A strange feeling had started to envelop him. He couldn’t quite place it as he shifted from bush to bush. It wasn’t just curiosity, it was something more. Something deeper…

Max was roughly shaken from his ponderings when he shifted around a large tree and looked upon a large clearing. In the middle of the clearing were two people, lying next to a tree stump. Two people Max knew very well, and now they were very naked. Max had shifted around the clearing and was now looking sideways at Ash and May’s sweet lovemaking.

With a gasp, Max retreated behind the tree, praying to every legendary he could think of to remain unnoticed. When he heard his sister’s uninterrupted moaning, he knew she hadn’t seen him, and he gingerly popped his head around the corner, jaw slowly falling open.

May was lying on her back, her pajama pants were pulled down to her ankles and her shirt was rolled up atop her breasts. Towering over her was Ash Ketchum, Max’s long-time idol, friend and now rival. His pajama pants were at his ankles too, though he had retained his shirt. Max could clearly see Ash pumping his penis into his sister’s dripping pussy, a blue condom wrapped around his dick. With every thrust, Max could hear May moan loudly as he followed her jiggling breasts with his eyes.

“Holy shit… Seems like they decided to skip a few steps and go straight for the main course!” Max mumbled amazed. “Here I thought they’d be making out like Jinxes… Turns out they’re already screwing like Buneary!”

The scene before him affected him greatly. As he watched Ash’s member disappear inside his sister’s wet folds, he could feel his own dick starting to harden at an incredibly fast rate. Looking down at the rapidly growing tent in his pajama pants, Max couldn’t help but blush.

Come on Max, are you really going to get aroused by this? She’s your sister!

With slightly shaking hands, he lowered his pants to his ankles, releasing his throbbing member into the musky night. His dick had already attained its full 14 centimeters in length and he could see a faint sign of pre-cum already leaking from his tip.

I guess that’s a yes… Once a perv, always a perv…

This hadn’t been the first time Max had spied on his sister, and he had long since come to terms with the fact that he was actually sexually attracted to her. It had all started during their first journey with Ash. Travelling across Hoenn meant they didn’t always sleep indoors, let alone in separate bedrooms. During their travels Max had often come across his sister just as she was putting on her clothes or taking a bath in a lake. The peeks he had stolen of his sister’s naked body on those days had remained with Max forever.

But the real catalyst for his attraction came when the two of them had started their return trip to Hoenn, after Ash’s Battle Frontier battles. The first evening of their journey home, May had retreated to the bathroom of their shared bunk on the cruise ship to Hoenn. Max had been idly zapping through some TV channels when he heard a soft moan coming from the bathroom. Inquisitive, he had placed his ear on the door and soon discovered the strange moans had come from May. Spying through the door’s keyhole, Max had gotten a shady glimpse of May, lying down on the bathroom floor, quickly pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Now, Max wasn’t naïve. He knew a thing or two about sex at that point. As the group’s operator of the PokeNav, he had already discovered internet porn using its wireless connection. But this, this was different. This wasn’t some cheap Flannery cosplayer playing with her tits in front of a webcam, this was his own sister masturbating on the other side of that door! Horny as hell, Max had dropped his pants and had stroked himself to his first ever orgasm. Already he ejaculated a tiny amount of white fluid. Using a towel, he had only just finished cleaning up when May re-entered the room, and he pretended not to notice the faint blush on her face and her slightly awkward walk. Ever since, the incest taboo had been one of Max’s favorite fantasies.

Now, as his sister was getting fucked only a few meters away from him, he was reliving each and every one of his incestuous fantasies as he stroked his hardened member. Panting and sweating, he noticed that Ash was suddenly increasing his tempo and May was eagerly urging her lover on. Max could feel his own balls tightening as his orgasm built deep within him. With a groan, he tried to suppress it, but he knew it would be of no use, the scene in front of him was simply too erotic for him to slow down the frantic stroking of his member. He quickly retreated behind his tree and pressed his chin to his chest as he hit his limit.

Clenching his eyes shut he felt every muscle in his body strain as pleasure exploded within him. Throbbing in his hand, his penis released 4 thick strands of his cum into the air as Max tried desperately to stop himself from moaning. Just then, he could hear his sister and Ash moaning loudly behind him and he realized they had reached their limits too. Using their noise as cover, Max let out a loud groan as he repeatedly bumped his back into the tree behind him. Finally, he had ridden the last wave of his orgasm and he slumped down with a sigh.


Max was sweaty and exhausted, but he felt great nonetheless. Even though he hadn’t kept up as long as he would have hoped, his last orgasm was the best he had ever had. Smiling contently, Max opened his eyes again, only to discover the shock of a lifetime. He opened his mouth wide to scream, but to his surprise, no sound left his throat.

In front of him was a Gardevoir. Elegant, tall and seemingly enveloped in a soft white glow, it was kneeling down between his legs, eyeing his rapidly softening member. With a shock, Max discovered white strands of cum covered the Pokemon’s face. Had he really sprayed his seed all over its face? He was sure he hadn’t seen anything even remotely resembling a Gardevoir when he closed his eyes…

Just… Just how long has it been here? And what’s it gonna do to me?!

Again Max tried to cry out, only to discover that this time he couldn’t even open his mouth. In fact, he couldn’t move a single muscle in his entire body, except for his eyes, which were now pointed straight at the psychic Pokemon’s face. The Pokemon seemed to radiate curiosity as it continued to observe his flaccid penis with a look of almost innocent naivety in its eyes. She raised her face to look him in the eyes as her face took on a grumpy, almost indignant look.

“Oh, no no no – NO! This simply will not DO!” he suddenly heard a voice say. The voice had sounded eerily distant and awkwardly close at the same time and it definitely sounded female. Max struggled to speak again, but still he found himself unable to move.

“No need to struggle, little man. You won’t get free unless I allow it. And no talking either, we don’t want to inform your nest-mate and her partner we’re here…” the voice said in a matter-of-fact tone. Though the message was ominous, the tone with which it was given did not feel threatening. In fact, it felt like a strange mix of friendliness and awkwardness.

Nest-mate? What’s she talking about?

“I believe you humans use the term ‘sister’…” the voice responded.
“Wait, is that you? You can-…?” Max thought and the Gardevoir flashed a brilliant set of white teeth in a wide smile. “Read your mind? Like an open book, Max… Like an open book.”

Max was gob smacked; here he was in the middle of a forest, naked from the waist down and completely at the mercy of a gorgeous female Pokemon that could effortlessly read his mind.

“Gorgeous, am I?” she giggled as Max let out another gasp. Looks like she wasn’t going to stop reading his mind any time soon…

“You honor me with your praise Max. You are still just as kind as I remember” the psychic type continued as she looked down on him with a loving smile. Max’s pupils dilated in shock.

Remember? What does she mean, remember?!

“We met before, you and I. Many years ago… Remember Izabe Island?  If it hadn’t been for you, I would have never survived that fever!” Gardevoir replied and things finally started to click together in Max’s mind.

“Ralts!” he shouted out mentally. “You’re the Ralts I saved back then, you evolved!”

“Gotcha!” she replied, obviously pleased with herself.

“I… I remember, Gardevoir. I remember our promise!” Max continued; referring to the promise he had made long ago to come for the Ralts he had once saved. True to his word, shortly after starting his journey Max had visited Izabe Island again, but he never found the family of Ralts evolutions again.

“I came for you Gardevoir! I came to find you, but you weren’t there! I searched the island for three days!” Max thought to her frantically as the memories of his failed quest returned to him. It had not been a pleasant experience to say the least.

“I know you did, I saw it in your mind Max.” Gardevoir said soothingly as waves of reassurance pulsed out of her, calming Max down. She was called the Emotion Pokemon for a reason, Max found out. She could play his emotions like a harp with no apparent effort, smoothing out his chaotic emotions into a calm sea of contemptment. “And I wanted to wait for you, I truly did. But shortly after you left, a pack of Mightyena invaded the island. Dark Pokemon, Max, our psychic powers meant nothing to them! We had no choice but to flee…” a single tear slid down the Pokemon’s cheek as she explained her situation.

“So, you moved to another island and ended up here?”

“Yes, and by the time we finally got here, our lives had become so hectic, I never had the chance to return to find you. I’m sorry Max…”

“Don’t be, Gardevoir” Max consoled her, trying to put as much reassurance into his thoughts as he could. He wasn’t completely used to the whole mental conversation thing, so he hoped his answer would come through alright. If only he could use his mouth to actually talk!

“I’m a Pokemon trainer now!” Max continued, “You found me now, you can still join me! I always kept a free spot in my team just for you!”

“Thank you Max, but I cannot accept” Gardevoir answered, her head hung low, tears slowly dripping from her cheeks.

“During the past few years, I started my own family. Like my mother before me, I’m the head of our clan now. I cannot leave them, they need me!”

“You… started your own family?” Max was amazed.

The little Ralts he had saved so long ago had matured into a gorgeous Gardevoir with a family of her own. Finding her again only to realize he couldn’t take her with him greatly saddened the Petalburg prodigy.

“Yeah! I’ve actually got children of my own now… I swear, they’re the most beautiful Kirlia in the world! I wish I could show you, but it’s in the middle of the night now, I don’t want to wake them…”

“Speaking of now…” Max responded as he tried to move his body again to no avail.

“Could you let me go now? You know I won’t draw any attention to us!” His request made Gardevoir snap her head in his direction again. Giggling ominously she shook her head.

“Oh, no no no! Not just yet, Max!” her thoughts rung in his head as she gently floated towards him, kneeling down in front of his lap. “I cannot let you go, not unless you help me Max. I need you tonight…”

This made Max raise an eyebrow, or at least, he tried to.

Need my help? Why would she need my help? She’s got kick-ass psychic powers that can hold anyone she wants down! How could I ever be of help to someone like that?

“Kick-ass psychic powers, have I?” Again, Gardevoir’s tinkling laughter echoed in his mind, like crystal bells ringing in the morning air.

“Thank you, your praise really means a lot to me Max. But my powers will not be enough this time, and I feel you are my only hope…”

Max swallowed hard. “What is it you need then? What can I do to help?” Gardevoir lowered her head, her mental voice suddenly reduced to a whisper.

“It’s a long story… You know I have psychic powers, obviously. One of these powers is Future Sight, it-…”

“It shows you a glimpse of the future…” Max finished for her.

“Yes, I’ve been seeing flashes of my future lately, in my dreams, and they scare me to death…”

“Every dream starts out the same. I am all alone, here in the forest. It’s midnight and all is quiet” the psychic type continued, fidgeting her hands together, accidently pushing her luscious breasts together, making Max squirm and pray she wasn’t reading his mind now.

“The mating season has started all over the island, and I’m in the middle of my heat cycle. Then, suddenly, from the bushes around me a gigantic monster appears!” Gardevoir shuddered as she felt a cold shiver travel up her spine.

“Its eyes are blazing red and jets of steam erupt from his nostrils. He is the personification of death, and I’ve got his full, undivided attention…”

“What kind of monster?” Max asked, almost too afraid himself to ask the question. Gardevoir emitted a massive amount of fear and their psychic link was transferring it all to him as well.

As Gardevoir continued her story, he was pretty sure he could even see flashes from her dream in his mind’s eye.

“A Tyranitar… The biggest and strongest Pokemon currently living on this island.” Gardevoir explained, her voice trembling.

“Usually, he doesn’t leave his caves at the base of the volcano, but during the mating season he comes out, looking for a mate. His original mate was caught by a trainer a few months ago and it has left him heartbroken. Now, at the height of the mating season, he is completely at the mercy of his own musth and devoid of all reason.” In his mind’s eye, Max could see the big hulking form of the Tyranitar growling loudly before charging at the helpless Gardevoir.

“Every dream, I try to run, I try to reason with him, I try every psychic ability that I know! Nothing works, and all I can do is run for my live…”

“Tyranitar is a rock and dark type Pokemon…” Max mumbled as he followed the fleeing Gardevoir with his mind’s eye. “Against a dark type, you’re powerless! H-… How does the dream e-… end?”

Almost instantly, Max regretted ever having asked the question. The world around him faded away as he was now fully pulled into Gardevoir’s nightmare. With a loud roar the hulking Pokemon grabbed Gardevoir by the shoulder before throwing her to the ground. Shaken, the psychic Pokemon screamed for help, but no one came to rescue her. Pinning her down by the neck with one of his massive claws, Tyranitar used his other claw to get rid of Gardevoir’s dress, exposing her folds, dripping wet with her own heat. Scared to death, Gardevoir cried her eyes out as she saw Tyranitar’s member growing rapidly. It was enormous, sharply pointed and covered in sharp-looking barbs. Nothing a fellow rock Pokemon wouldn’t be able to handle, but Gardevoir shuddered to think what it would do to her.


Just then, just before Tyranitar slammed his rod into her, Max focused with all his might and pulled himself out of the vision.

“ENOUGH!” he yelled mentally. “I don’t want to see anything more!  Please… I can’t bear to see you like this!” As the young trainer opened his eyes, he noticed he had been crying. He also noticed that he had somehow been able to move his body, as he was now holding Gardevoir in a strong embrace as the psychic type shuddered with sobs.

Composing herself, Gardevoir used her psychic powers again to push Max down once more before she continued her story.

“I-… I’m sorry Max. I never wanted you to see that! That-… That’s the last of it though… The dream always ends there…”

“But… if it’s really a vision of the future… then it won’t end there when it really happens!” Max gasped, his pupils shrinking to pinpoint size.

“No… It won’t.” Gardevoir confirmed sadly. “Tyranitar aren’t known for their tender lovemaking. If my nightmare becomes reality, that night will be my last…”

“And Max…” she continued, “the mating season started tonight. I’m in my heat right now and for all I know, Tyranitar could come for me at any moment!”

“No!” Max mentally yelled out as he radiated with shock and despair. “I won’t let that happen Gardevoir, I won’t allow it!” Quickly he wracked his mind, trying to find a solution.

“I’ve got Grovyle to help me now, and Blastoise! Tyranitar won’t stand a chance!” But Gardevoir shook her head, a look of defeat still on her face.

“They won’t stand a change, not against this Tyranitar… Not in that state…”

“Then… What can I do to help? I’m a Pokemon trainer, what use am I if I can’t use my Pokemon?”

Gardevoir still shook her head, but this time she flashed Max a small, sad smile.

“I don’t need any other Pokemon, Max. I need you…”

“But, wha-…?” but before Max could mentally finish his question, Gardevoir had finally closed the distance between them, locking their lips together in a tender kiss.

“I need you, Max… Only you…” quietly, she ended their kiss and retreated a few centimeters, leaving Max in a stunned daze.

“I need you, Max. Please, mate with me…”

If his body hadn’t been psychically restrained by the gorgeous psychic-type, Max was sure his jaw would’ve dropped to the ground. The small Ralts he had saved all those years ago, the very same Pokemon he had sworn to find again, was now asking him to mate with her?


“M-mate with you?! B-b-but how?!” Max stuttered, even in his thoughts. “I’m a human, you’re a Pokemon!  I wouldn’t be able to get you pregnant, so what good would mating with me do?! How’s that going to solve your problem?!”

Gardevoir hushed him, placing a delicate finger on his lips, despite the fact that Max was only speaking through his mind.

“You talk too much sometimes, Max. We are not of the same species, that’s true, and as far as I know humans can’t impregnate Pokemon.” Gardevoir answered; her voice remarkably even. “But getting pregnant has never been my goal tonight. If you’d mate with me, your scent would be all over me, and my heat would be temporarily subdued. Which means-…”

“Which means Tyranitar won’t come for you…” Max finished for her as he caught on to her plan.

“Exactly! Trust me Max, if I thought there was any other way, I wouldn’t be sitting here tonight! But… between you and all the other Pokemon on this island… I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone but you…”

Max wasn’t sure what to do. Having sex with a Pokemon wasn’t something to take lightly, especially since it would be his first time. Hell, Max knew for a fact that Pokephillia was outright forbidden in Sinnoh and severely frowned upon in just about every other region. If someone caught them in the act, he would lose his trainer’s license!

Then, from the depths of his soul a voice of reason echoed through his mind.

Lose your trainer’s license! So what?! If you don’t help her she’ll be dead within a week!

The thought echoed in his mind, and he knew it was true. If he didn’t act now, Gardevoir would be defenseless against Tyranitar’s rampage. He couldn’t just let that happen!

“Alright…” Max answered, his mind made up and a look of newfound determination in his eyes.

“I’ve saved your live once and Arceus be damned if I don’t do it again! Just… tell me what to do…”

As soon as the full meaning of his words got through to Gardevoir she enveloped him in a deep hug.

She used no words to express her gratitude. Instead, Max felt a huge wave of gratitude wash over him and he knew the odd sensation originated from Gardevoir.

“Thank you Max…” She said, her voice choked up in un-shed tears as she broke her hug. “Just sit back… I’ll take care of everything.” Having said that, Max could see her eyes glow a bright blue and he felt her releasing his penis from her psychic hold. Immediately upon its release, he could feel his flaccid rod rapidly growing to its fully erect 16 centimeters.

“My oh my! So big… I think I’m going to enjoy this!” Gardevoir commented; her voice suddenly sounding happy again as Max could hear the faint tinkling of crystal bells echo in his mind. The psychic Pokemon eyed his tool with a hungry look in her eyes before she moved in to straddle his waist. Max could feel her soft skin rubbing against his throbbing member as he let out a gasp. Gardevoir was now teasingly grinding her pelvis in small circles and because her white flowing dress was covering his lower body, Max couldn’t see what she was doing. Max blushed furiously and was breathing deeply as he felt the world around them grow increasingly hot.

Just then, Gardevoir raised herself a bit and sat down on him – taking his whole rod into her in one go. With a slap, Max felt his balls hit her behind as he hilted her. With a cry Max shot up and took Gardevoir into a hug. The sheer pleasure of their union had broken Gardevoir’s psychic hold on the young trainer and he was happy to notice she made no attempt to restrain him again.

“Feels… so, good! Arceus, Max! You’re so big!” Gardevoir gasped as she didn’t move a muscle, slowly becoming accustomed to having Max’s throbbing member inside of her. Even to a human, Max’s girth was impressive, but for Gardevoir, who had an extremely slender build for human standards, Max’s large tool was quite a challenge to get used to. Gardevoir grit her teeth as she fell forward, supporting herself by hanging on to Max’s shoulders.

“If… If this is too much for you, you can always stop. You know that, right Gardevoir?” Max asked between gritted teeth as his beautiful mate slowly adjusted herself, sending spikes of pleasure through his rod. She felt amazing; Max had never felt anything like her. Her inner walls felt as smooth as silk and as soft as the material from which her dress was made, she was also amazingly wet inside and Max felt himself getting slicked up more with every passing moment. The fact that he was now making love to such a wonderful, delicate creature filled his mind with awe and his heart with a love he had never felt before.

“N-no!” Gardevoir managed to cry out as she slowly and wobbly raised herself into a sitting position again, now leaning her hands on the ground behind her. “I can take this, it’s just… I’ve never had such a large mate before, you’re quite something Max!” she continued, finishing with a small giggle which showed Max she was starting to get used to him.

“Take it easy Gardevoir. I’m ready whenever you are…” the young trainer from Petalburg murmured to her, love and affection laced in his words he slowly came out of his hug before gripping her hips with both hands. Gardevoir looked him in the eye as she regained her confidence.

“You ready, Max?” she challenged him. “Here we go!”

With that, Gardevoir started to slowly move up and down, causing both of them to moan loudly as Max’s member moved in and out of her wet folds. Max immediately clawed his hands into Gardevoir’s thighs as he felt her inner muscles kneading his dick with every bounce.

Heh… First time with a Pokemon…

Max chuckled at the thought. This wasn’t too bad, in fact it was amazing! Gardevoir felt so much better than the dream-Cynthia he had fucked before. Where ‘Cynthia’ had been cold, stoic and demanding, Gardevoir was sweet, loving and very much in need of him. He was her equal, more than once he had was her savior and now he was her lover. Now, as his psychic lover moved up and down on his rod he felt more loved and complete than he had been in his entire live. Yet still, somewhere deep down, he couldn’t shake the feeling that this was somehow wrong… that it was awkward…

Frantically, he tried to push the thought away, instead trying to focus on his hands, which had found their way to her soft breasts in the meantime. He couldn’t hide the stray thought from Gardevoir though, who picked it up despite the haze of pleasure she was experiencing from Max’s wide rod within her folds.


“You… still find this awkward, Max?” she asked, a gentle concern evidenced in her mental voice.

“Let me help you get more comfortable then…” she murmured as her eyes once again shone a brilliant blue. In a flash, she had disappeared. In her stead was a completely naked Cynthia, bouncing up and down his dick with short, quick bursts.  The likeness was stunning, if Max hadn’t known it was another one of Gardevoir’s tricks, he could’ve believed this was the real Cynthia in an instant.  She looked exactly like the stoic blonde he remembered from his dream. Golden, silky hair, peach colored skin that was as soft as snow, lovely curvy hips and finally a big patch of blonde hair between her thighs. The only thing that gave any indication this wasn’t the original Cynthia was the fact that her eyes lacked their usual cold indifference. Instead, her eyes were big, sparkling with a happiness he had rarely seen before and most strikingly of all, they were glowing a bright blue.

“No! Gardevoir! This… This isn’t how I want this to happen!” Max cried out between groans as Gardevoir stopped her hypnotization, quickly morphing back to her usual self.

“Was that not more likeable?!” she hastily babbled as she kept up the tempo of her thrusts.

“Maybe you’ll like this better then?” and with a flash, Gardevoir was replaced by a Nurse Joy. This disguise had been fully clothed, covering his lower body with her apron as she bounced excitedly up and down his rod. Biting his lower lip, Max discovered that with her transformation, Gardevoir even managed to make her pussy feel different. However, neither Cynthia nor Joy had been as silky soft as Gardevoir herself had been.

“No, please! Gardevoir stop this!” Max pleaded, but he fell on deaf ears. Gardevoir was determined to find a suitable hypnotic disguise to make Max feel more comfortable.

FLASH! Joy was replaced by an Officer Jenny, wearing tight leather bondage attributes.

FLASH! This time it was Team Rocket’s Jessie sliding up and down his member.

FLASH! Now Flannery, the fiery gymleader from Hoenn, was grinding her pelvis on his lap, squeezing his member inside her hot tunnel in ways he hadn’t considered possible.

FLASH! Flannery was replaced by a particularly busty member of Team Aqua.

 Shit! She’s reading my mind again! She’s transforming into all of the girls I’ve ever fantasized about!

FLASH! Professor Juniper, stark naked.

FLASH! Misty, her hair hung loose, her tiny breasts swaying up and down.

FLASH! Iris, her inner walls clamping down on his dick, trying to milk him of everything he had.

FLASH! Max’s face was pressed between the big breasts of Delia Ketchum, Ash’s mother…

FLASH! Now he was pumping his dick into Caroline, his own mother! She was screaming at him to go faster, sounding exactly like the woman he had left behind in Petalburg.

FLASH! His mother made way for a perfect replica of his sister, her strong hips squeezing his dick and her large breasts swaying with every thrust. Her hairless pussy practically devoured his member and coated his groin with her wetness.


“ENOUGH!” Max yelled and with a loud grunt he took May-Gardevoir’s head in his hands, holding her still.

“This isn’t what I want, Gardevoir!” he said as he gasped for breath. How he had managed not to cum yet was beyond him. “I agreed to mate with YOU, remember? Not with Cynthia, Flannery or even my sister, I agreed to mate YOU…” by the end, his voice had been reduced to a whisper, but he knew it had come from the heart.

“I want you, Gardevoir… Not some cheap imitation based on my fantasies! Please, show me the Pokemon I’m making love with…”

Gardevoir knew his words were true and big, salty tears fell from her eyes as she felt the last of Max’s insecure feelings melt away within him. Now, she was being loved by someone more than she had ever been loved before and all she could do was cry in happiness. With tears still rolling down her cheeks, she released her hold on her hypnotic powers, slowly morphing back to her own form.

“Thank you Max… For everything!” she let out in a sob.

“Don’t mention it…” Max chuckled, his voice warm as he gently stroked her face. “You don’t need to be anyone else for me; I love you just the way you are…”

And with that confession, Max took a strong hold of Gardevoir’s hips and he twisted them both around. Now Gardevoir was laying on her back with Max on top of her in a missionary position. His dick never left the confines of her body.

“Now, let’s get things going again, shall we?” Max grinned shyly before he slowly started to pump his member in and out of her again. With long, powerful strokes he retreated until only his tip remained inside, before slamming his entire length into her again fast, his balls making a juicy slap every time they smacked against her ass. With every slap they both moaned loudly.

As he got into a steady rhythm again, Max suddenly bent down and placed a kiss on Gardevoir’s lips. Almost immediately, Gardevoir opened her mouth and soon their tongues were stuck in an epic battle for dominance. The psychic Pokemon had been unfamiliar with the concept of kissing, but she had read enough of Max’s memories to get the general picture. Truth be told, she loved it. Her lips were so sensitive it made her shudder every time their lips brushed together and the feeling of his tongue dancing around hers was so strange to her she couldn’t help but love it.

When they were both out of breath, Max raised himself up again, gasping for air. Then, grabbing hold of her legs in his arms, he started a series of shallow but powerful thrusts. Each time he would only let a few centimeters of his rod out before he would thrust it in again, making Gardevoir moan every time as she felt his tip grace the entrance to her womb.

With a smile, Gardevoir’s eyes glowed up again and Max could see something had changed about her. The green skin that had previously covered her breasts like a bra and her arms like gloves had somehow come loose. As though they were simple garments, she took off the green gloves, revealing perfect, spotless ivory arms. The green bra-like patch on her chest was next to come off. With a sly grin and a heavy blush on her face she pushed it down, revealing two beautiful mounds of ivory flesh, adorned with bright pink, rock-hard nipples and lacking any areolas.

Max was stunned as Gardevoir gently stroked his face with her pearly hand, it felt softer than anything he had ever felt and it pushed him on to increase the rhythm of his thrusting again. He never even knew the Gardevoir species could do this, he had always believed the green parts of their skin were just different colorations. Knowing that Gardevoir trusted him and loved him to such an extent as to show this kind of a gesture filled Max with pride and love.

The look of her swaying breasts bouncing back and forth with every thrust he made soon became too much for Max. Once again he lowered himself down upon his Pokemon lover, his head hovering mere centimeters above her erect nipples now. Breathing heavily from the ecstasy of their lovemaking he breathed hot air onto her nipples, causing Gardevoir to moan loudly and clench her eyes shut. Gently, Max took hold of her left breast, slightly pinching the nipple as he used his mouth to capture her right nipple. He kneaded her breast as he used his tongue to draw quick circles around the other nipple, pushing Gardevoir beyond any level of pleasure she had experienced before.

Being pleasured by his hands and tongue, while also being pleasured by the thick meat within her was too much for Gardevoir to bear. With the loudest moan so far, she gave in to her orgasm. Crying out loudly she hooked her legs behind her lover’s back, pushing him in to the hilt and not letting go as her inner walls spasmed trying to milk Max of his seed. As he felt his dick being squeezed by her twitching inner walls, Max let out an almost feral roar as his orgasm hit him with the force of a freight train. Bucking his hips and clenching his eyes, Max could feel himself shooting wave after wave of his sperm deep inside of his Gardevoir lover. With every twitch of his balls another strand of his seed coated the insides of her temple until it was finally filled with every drop he could muster.

With a gasp, Max fell forward. He could barely stop himself from colliding head-first with Gardevoir as he caught himself with his arms.

“Arceus… That was… That was amazing Gardevoir!” he managed to speak in between heavy panting.

“I-… It sure w-… was, Max!” Gardevoir stuttered, her voice incredibly uneven as she let out short, high-pitched moans every time Max’s member shot out another few drops of leftover sperm inside her. When her teenage lover tried to pull out, she flexed her legs forcefully and reached her hands between her thighs, grabbing a hold of his testicles and keeping his member firmly inside her.

“No! I w-want to have you i-inside me as long as I can Max!” she begged of him, so Max shifted his weight slightly and got comfortable resting on his elbows.


“So…” he started as his breathing started to become more even, “do you think it worked?”

Gardevoir giggled and let out a short moan as she felt Max’s rod slowly shrinking inside her folds.

“With the amount of sperm you pumped into me? I’ve seen Rapidash who came less than you just did!” she finished laughing, again projecting the sound of tinkling crystal bells in his head. “This will work just fine, Max… Trust me. You saved my life, again!” she held his cheek in a single hand, softly rubbing him with her thumb. Max could only smile at this as he stared into her eyes lovingly.

“I love you, Gardevoir…”
“And I love you, Max…”

After a while, Max’s dick had completely shrunk inside her and Gardevoir released her hold on him. Exhausted, he pulled out of her and cuddled up beside her lying on the ground. When his member left her folds, not a single drop of his seed left with it. Gardevoir had activated her psychic powers again, using them to keep every single drop inside her.

“Gardevoir… Mind if I ask you a bit of an awkward question?” Max asked as he protectively wrapped his arm around her chest.

“Go right ahead…” his Pokemon lover answered, calmly staring at the starlit sky above them.

“Usually, when I masturbate…” the young teen started, a heavy blush appearing on his face. “Usually, I end up cumming really fast...”

“Yes, you have an unfortunate tendency for premature ejaculation, I noticed that when I read your mind and saw the dream you had earlier!” the Pokemon responded with a slight hint of mirth in her voice. “It didn’t bother you just now, though, did it? We must’ve been going at it for a good 30 minutes!”

“Exactly! Normally, I wouldn’t even last 2 minutes!” Max confirmed. “But this time… You did something to me, didn’t you?” Gardevoir slowly turned her head around, looking him straight in the eyes.

“You didn’t just use Hypnotize on me when you changed into those girls, or when you restricted my movements using Psychic…”

“You’re right Max, I didn’t” Gardevoir confessed, looking slightly ashamed with herself. “I used my powers to give you a psychic endurance boost, numbing your senses a little, so you could keep going longer!”

“I could’ve gotten from you what I needed within a minute, but you deserved better! I wanted to give you more on your first time than just a quickie in the bushes…”

“And I couldn’t have wished for a better first time, Gardevoir…” Max interrupted her confession, pressing another kiss to her lips. Relief washed out from Gardevoir as she embraced her lover tightly, determined to stay within his protective embrace, while she knew that the moment of their separation drew closer…


Minutes passed before either of them moved again, but finally the moment arrived when they had to say goodbye. Max once again sported his pajama pants and Gardevoir had pulled on her green clothe-like garments again.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with me, Gardevoir?” Max asked, hoping against knowing better. Saddened, Gardevoir shook her head as tears slowly welled up in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Max, but I can’t… My live is here on Vulcan Island now, with my children. I can’t leave them behind!” The young trainer from Petalburg lowered his head in defeat, knowing that there was no way his wish could be granted. Stinging tears of regret dripped from his eyes as he stared to the ground.

“I guess… this is goodbye then?” he asked. “Will I ever see you again?”

“I’ll always be here Max… If it’s your wish for us to meet again, then we will see each other again my love…”

“I love you Gardevoir!” Max managed to squeak as his tears flowed freely. He looked up from the ground to where his lover had been standing, only to find an empty forest before him.

She was gone.

Left without a trace..

Only a single echo carried her sweet voice to his ears one last time…

I love you too Max… Thank you, for everything…

“No problem Gardevoir…” Max thought with a sad smile. “No problem…”


With that, Max turned around to make his way back to their camp. He didn’t halt, nor did he look back. Not even once. He ignored the strange sight that was his sister, sleeping peacefully with her Blaziken’s massive member wedged within her walls. He never even got close enough to the scene on the other side of the clearing, where a soot-covered Misty lay unconscious as Pikachu lay asleep on her stomach, his knot still locking them together at the hips.

Max ignored all of that as he made his way back to camp. Behind him, the first awkward rays of sunlight were already starting to appear, heralding the end of the night. The end of the first night of mating season on Vulcan Island…


Chapter End Notes:

Phew, another long chapter down. Hope you like it! I'm sure Max did...

Before starting this fic I did some research, and I couldn't find anything definitive on Ralt's gender. So, for the sake of my story I decided on female :)

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