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Chapter 15 - Scratching Misty's Itch



“You can come out now Max! I know you’re hiding behind that tree over there!”


Oh shit! How did she know I was here?!


Max was shaking, his eyes whipping from left to right as he tried to find a way out that wouldn’t end up in him revealing himself. After waking up back at the camp, with the last memories of his sexual encounter with his Gardevoir friend still fresh in his mind, the young boy had decided it was time for a bath. The group had passed a lake on their way there, a two minute walk away from their campsite, so Max had quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and grabbed a bottle of shampoo before making his way towards the lake. He hadn’t expected to find his sister already at the lake though, and he sure as hell didn’t expect her to be naked and having sex with their friend Misty!

Max was stunned and more than a little turned on by the display. May had only gotten together with Ash the previous night, but already she had fucked not just her own Blaziken, but now Misty as well! Was there no stopping her? Did Ash know about this?

Max wasn’t given a lot of time to ponder his questions or to stroke his hardened dick at the sight though. About two minutes after his arrival, both girls cried out in orgasm, causing Max to gasp loudly at the sight. In the end, that gasp had probably been the one thing that gave him away. Soon after recovering from her orgasm, May had stood and pointed directly at his hiding place, calling for him to reveal himself.

“Max, come out of there! Don’t make me come up and get you!”

“Okay, okay! You caught me, I’m coming!” Max replied as he stepped away from the tree that had been his hiding place, his hands raised in mock surrender as his face burned with a blush of shame.

“My, my, Max! That’s quite an impressive tent you’ve got there!” May snickered as she saw her brother approaching, the tight towel around his waist clearly showing his erection.

Max looked down and groaned loudly in embarrassment. May was right; he was indeed sporting quite a tent. Timidly, the bespectacled boy tried to cover his crotch with his hands as he looked away from May, desperately trying not to get eye-contact with her. In his attempt to escape his sister’s gaze though, his eyes couldn’t evade Misty, who was sitting on her knees close by, her soft hands covering her breasts and pussy.  Just looking at her made Max’s hardened member twitch in excitement.

Argh! No! That’s not helping! Think of something that’s not sexy… not… sexy…


Oblivious to Max’s internal struggle, May stood before him, hands on her hips and still stark naked. Her head tilted slightly, she observed her little brother with an overly-dramatized bossy look on her face.

“Well? I think –someone- has some explaining to do! Don’t you?” she said. Max stuttered and mumbled in response. “I-… I didn’t mean to in- interrupt May!  I just w-wanted to take a bath when I walked into you two here on the shore!”

“And you couldn’t just leave us to ourselves, could you? You just had to stay and watch!” his sister continued, walking right up to him and putting her face dangerously close to his. Now standing almost nose to nose, Max was feeling very uncomfortable as he was leaning backwards. The fact that his sister’s breasts were almost touching his naked chest didn’t help though and the young boy couldn’t help but glance a peek, something May picked up immediately.

“Aha! Even now, you’re not paying attention to me, you’re only paying attention to my body!” she shot at him, causing Max to flinch backwards. “No! It’s not like that-… I didn’t mean to!”

“Are my boobs really that special? Does this turn you on?” she continued unrelenting, grabbing her breasts and almost stuffed them in Max’s face. “You’re a little pervert, aren’t you?!” she chuckled as she noticed Max averting his gaze in shame while his towel-wrapped member reared up in excitement.

Oh shit, I’m in for it now… How could I let this happen?!

“You’re right, and I’m sorry May!” Max pleaded with a sigh. “I’m a horrible person…”

Suddenly, May’s mood changed completely as a sly grin formed on her face. She had Max right where she wanted him and she knew it…

“Nonsense! You’re not a horrible person; you’re just a healthy boy in the middle of puberty!” she exclaimed brightly, waving her arms in the air, accentuating her sudden change of mood. “Trust me, this is nothing to be ashamed of! I’ve seen stuff like this happen tons of times! In fact, every time Brock got near an Officer Jenny or a Nurse Joy… You’re perfectly healthy!”

Wait… Did she just link ‘perfectly healthy’ with Brock? What’s gotten in to her?!

“So… You’re not angry with me?” Max tried cautiously as he eyed his sister with suspicion.

“Not at all! In fact… You came here just at the right time!” she exclaimed brightly as she threw her right arm over his shoulder, pulling him into something that resembled a headlock. With decided steps she started to guide her brother to the site where she had made love to Misty, who was still sitting there on her knees, baffled at the events playing out before her.

“You see…” May started as she released Max from her chokehold. “Misty here has been having this itch and, so far, we haven’t been able to scratch it properly…”

Max swallowed audibly as he took in Misty’s nude form. Max had never considered her in this light before, but the girl sitting before him was actually very attractive!  Her body was slightly on the thin side, but she had well-defined muscles, obviously the result of the years she had spent swimming in her gym. Her red hair reaching to just below her delicate jaw which framed a pretty face with dazzling blue eyes.

Wow… not bad… Not bad, at all! How come I never noticed her before?

“So, we were thinking…” May’s voice pulled Max out of his pondering. “We were thinking we need a real man to scratch this itch! And that’s where you come in Max!”


“WHAT?!” both Max and Misty yelled in unison, though neither outburst seemed to phase May.

“May, what are you saying? Are you serious?!” Misty yelled in surprise.

“Sure I am! You said it yourself, you’re still feeling the burn somewhere deep inside you, and I gave you everything I had in me… One way or the other, if you want to scratch that itch you’ll need a real dick, and Max here seems pretty willing to give you one!” May explained as she grabbed downwards, taking a hold of Max’s towel-wrapped member. Surprised, Max moaned loudly as his sister’s soft fingers fondled the tip of his member through the towel.

“So, Max? What do you say?” he could hear May asking and he focused to respond.

“If-… If it’s fine with Misty… then, sure…” he agreed, seeing May’s eyes twinkle in delight. Misty wasn’t so sure about it just yet, but the whole scene had definitely brought the burning desire between her thighs to the forefront again. Breathing hard and blushing like mad, the Cerulean girl merely nodded before she laid herself down and spread her legs. Now, nothing covered the nudeness of her body and her lower lips were in full display, dripping wet in anticipation of Max’s rod.

“Do it Max… Rid me of these aches!” she spoke huskily as she eyed him with lust in her eyes. Max dropped his towel, finally releasing his considerably thick penis to the musky forest air, earning him a moan of approval from Misty. Sitting on his knees between her legs, member in hand, Max was about to push in before he suddenly stopped and looked at Misty and May.

“B… Before I can’t stop myself… Are you on birth-control Misty?” he asked with concern. Misty gasped and groaned. “Oh no, I’m not! I haven’t been on the pill for months!”

“Damn! I don’t have a condom with me either…” Max said, retreating from between Misty’s legs, a look of angered sadness on his face. Misty groaned as well, feeling cheated out of the good fuck she desperately needed.

“Hold on! I might just be able to help with that…” May mumbled as she crouched down at her discarded pajama clothes. Rummaging in the pant pockets, the naked brunette soon found the purple container she had been looking for. Flicking it open, she quickly took a blue piece of plastic out and threw it to Max. The wrapped condom hit him square in the face and it bounced off on his hands a few times before he finally caught hold of it.

“A condom?!” Max cried out amazed as he inspected the piece of plastic. “You’re actually carrying condoms, May?!”

“Well, it pays to be prepared, wouldn’t you say?” his sister responded, grinning cheekily. “Besides, I have to do something to keep myself protected, being allergic to the pill and all that…”

“Oh for crying out loud, Max!” Misty shouted, causing the bespectacled trainer to instantly snap to her attention. “Are you going to use that thing or not?! I can’t take much more of this!”

“Right! I’ll get right on it…” Max mumbled as he quickly tore the condom’s package off. Pulling back the foreskin on his hardened dick, he used a little bit of the pre-cum that had already leaked out to lubricate his tip before applying the condom. He trembled noticeably as he unrolled the blue rubber over his member, pulling it in place with a satisfying snap. He positioned himself between Misty’s thighs again as the tremors in his body caused him to shake uncontrollably.  

Damn these nerves! I’m shaking so much I can feel my glasses jumping around on my nose! Ok, here goes…


Using his right hand to guide his member, he experimentally poked his tip into Misty’s lower lips, shuddering at the feeling. Giving a bit more power, he thrust his pelvis forward, causing the tip of his dick to disappear into Misty’s dark tunnel. Gasping at the sheer magnitude of pleasure he felt from it, Max continued to push in until his member had disappeared into Misty’s body completely. It was quite a feat if you considered that Misty’s pussy was extremely tight due to her tomboy-ish build

Wow… amazing… So this is what a real girl feels like…

Funny… I never thought I would be losing my human virginity to Misty…

Max groaned as he pulled back a little, feeling Misty’s inner muscles clamp down on his member. The Cerulean girl was so tight and the feeling of her soft flesh around his member was so good Max was starting to fear he wouldn’t last long. Grabbing a firm hold of her legs, he raised her up slightly before he started to rhythmically pump his rod in and out of her, causing the two of them to moan out in bliss. Despite her tightness, Misty was incredibly slick so Max had no problem pushing his dick in all the way with every thrust, stretching the young girl every time. With each thrust, he could feel his balls slapping against Misty’s delicate ass. Max considered the sound to be the sexiest thing he had heard in his life. Well… that, and the high-pitched mewl Misty would let out every time he pulled his rod back out, leaving the girl feeling strangely empty and wanting.

At the same time, Misty was well on her way to cloud nine as Max slapped himself in and out of her heated core. Max’s dick was something completely new for Misty and she loved it. His rod was shorter than most, measuring not more than 14 centimeters when erect, or so Misty reckoned. But what the scrawny teen lacked in length, he more than made up for in width. Seeing as Misty had only ever felt Pikachu’s thin, electrically-charged dick inside of her, feeling Max’s massive rod within her walls felt better than anything she had experienced before. Misty had her eyes closed in constant bliss as he mouth hung open in a seemingly endless moan. With her free hands, she feverishly rubbed the two small mounds on her chest. Her nipples had long since hardened to rock-hard raisins which Misty loved to fondle and squeeze. Deep within her, the fires of lust raged on as her impending orgasm started to build.

“Oh Max! This feels so good! P… please… please… keep going!” she managed to moan out between his thrusts.  Smiling shyly, Max bit his lower lip as he tried to increase his pace, clenching his eyes shut in concentration as he hoped to suppress the raging orgasm that was building within him.

“Wow Max! I gotta say, I’m really impressed!” May remarked. Ever since her brother and Misty had started, the brunette had been sitting close by, legs spread and two fingers firmly stuck between her lower lips.

“I never knew you were so well hung, little brother!” she continued as she observed Max’s impressing, condom-covered penis going in and out of her friend’s slick vagina.

“If only I had known about this earlier…I could’ve been fucking that amazing dick for years now!” she sighed as she feverishly rubbed her clit, her breathing quickly turning labored and erratic.


Max’s eyes snapped open as he heard his sister utter her wish. Immediately, his mind’s eye was filled with flashbacks of the days when the scrawny boy had witnessed his sister’s nakedness. All those times he had seen her, every time he could’ve walked up to her and fucked her like crazy… Did this mean she would’ve accepted him if he had done just that?!

The possibility was too much for Max to bear, with a final thrust he hilted his member into Misty’s wet slit as his orgasm hit him. Moaning out loudly he continued humping Misty for the next 30 seconds before his orgasm finally died down and he fell face first between Misty’s breasts. Breathing loudly and erratically, Max could clearly hear Misty’s sad groan and the loud curse that followed it.

The young boy mentally kicked himself as he closed his eyes in shame, blushing brightly. Another premature ejaculation… And from the sound of it, Misty hadn’t even come close to her own orgasm yet.

“Wow… That was quick…” said May as she watched her little brother  hang his head in shame as he rose up and prepared to pull out of Misty’s needing slit.

“No! Please… Keep going! I’m so close… just a little bit longer!” Misty begged before she groaned loudly as she felt Max’s rod leaving her insides, leaving her empty and unsatisfied.

“I’m sorry Misty…” Max mumbled, not making eye contact as he sat before her cross-legged, staring to the ground. “But I had to pull out. I’m already limp again and if I had stayed in, the condom could’ve come off!” he finished, pointing at the rubber which was now only covering the tip of his softened member.

“Like I give a DAMN about the condom, oh ARCEUS!” Misty yelled as she groaned loudly and pushed two fingers into her dripping folds. It didn’t help though; if anything her masturbation only intensified her burning need.

Meanwhile, May had moved up to Max, putting a hand on his shoulder as the boy tried his hardest to hold in his tears of shame.

“Hey Max… Are you alright?” she murmured with concern. “I thought you would’ve solved that little problem of yours by now…”

“By n-… WHAT?! You knew?! Since when?” Max asked baffled, staring at his sister crouching beside him.

“I’ve known for a while actually… Ever since we were both at home, just after I won the Johto Festival… You know, you make a LOT of noise when you masturbate…” May couldn’t help but stifle a giggle as she remembered the night she had eavesdropped on her brother masturbating in his room. Back then, he had climaxed within two minutes and it was clear to May that her brother hadn’t grown out of his problem over the years.

“That noisy, huh?” Max replied in an embarrassed tone. He pressed his hands onto his eyes, pushing hard as he stretched his tired back and shoulders. Opening his eyes, he looked at Misty, who was still desperately trying to get herself off, pushing three fingers at once into her tight little snatch.

Letting out an angered sigh, the redheaded girl gave up on her endeavors, falling backwards on to the grass with a groan.

“It’s no use! Fuck! No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get myself off anymore! I’m just not feeling it!” she lamented before letting out a helpless moan as the fires between her thighs flared up again, demanding release. Max wanted desperately to help her, he hated seeing a friend in trouble, but his orgasm had left him spent. It would take at least several minutes before he could recover, and even then… What good would it do? He would just end up cumming the moment he pushed his dick inside her again.

“Urgh… What a mess…” Max groaned.


“What the HELL is going on here?!” an unknown voice shouted from behind them, causing the crouching May to lose her balance and fall on her ass. Max jerked his head around, eyes searching for the source of the disturbance as he could hear Misty yelp loudly behind him. The Cerulean gym leader quickly tried to cover her tender breasts and needing pussy with her arms and hands. Shocked, the two girls gasped and Max let out a groan as the owner of the unknown voice stepped into the clearing, revealing himself to be none other than Ash Ketchum himself…

What a mess, indeed...


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