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Pokemon - New Beginnings by CursedKey


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Chapter 14 - Making up by the Pond

The sun had risen over Vulcan Island, heralding a new day as all over the forest-covered island, both humans and Pokemon alike woke from their slumber. Within the hour, the forest was bustling with activity again, as hundreds of Pokemon trainers and Pokemon enthusiasts started on the next leg of their journey towards the center of the island. There, a massive volcano towered into the sky. On its top was a city, where the Battle of the Champions would soon be held.

One such traveler was just waking up in a deserted part of the forest, far away from any regular route. Misty slowly opened her eyes before clenching them shut again as a vicious spike of headache hit her. Groaning, she gingerly moved her muscles and got into a sitting position as she slowly let her eyes get used to the light of a new day. She felt horrible, her whole body ached and she had an amazingly stiff neck, not to mention a stinging sensation between her legs.

As the young girl observed her surroundings she noticed that she had been lying in a black circle of burned grass and foliage. The tree she had been using as an unforgiving pillow was charred black on the side facing her too. Looking down at her body, she noticed three things. One, she was very clearly stark naked and her nightgown lay beside her, ripped in half. Two, she was covered in sooth and had small burns on her legs. And three, there was a white liquid leaking out from between her thighs, the slight dribble of fluid causing an uncomfortable stinging sensation.

“W-…what the hell happened here?!” she mumbled, gingerly feeling around her lower lips until she quickly retreated her fingers when she felt a strange jolt. Groaning and holding her left hand to her head, Misty gingerly tried to look around some more in an attempt to get a better feeling of her surroundings. A single line of trees and bushes separated the black crater she woke up in from a big clearing in the woods. Observing the clearing from behind a tree, Misty gasped loudly as she noticed two naked people and a Pokemon slumbering near a tree stump in the middle of the clearing.

In a flash of heartache Misty remembered what had happened the night before. She remembered how she had found Ash and May. How Ash, the love of her life, had confessed his love to the brown-haired coordinator as they made love beneath the stars. Tears poured from her eyes as Misty again realized what this all meant. She had been too late and now Ash was already taken. The fact that May had had sex with her Blaziken shortly after Misty had arrived didn’t even register in her mind anymore.

With a gasp Misty suddenly remembered another detail of the previous night: her very intimate encounter with Ash’s Pikachu. As the young redhead had been spying on Ash and May, she had started to quietly masturbate. Her soft moans and the smell of her juices must’ve attracted Pikachu’s attention and when Misty had finally realized she was being snuck upon, it had been too late. Against her will, Pikachu had mounted her and penetrated her with his electric-charged member, tearing through her maidenhood. Even though she had grown to love the pleasure Pikachu had given her, Misty still considered what Pikachu did to be little more than rape. And sure enough, next morning the little yellow rodent was nowhere in sight!

“Why that yellow rat! If I get my hands on you Pikachu, you’ll wish you had never been born!” Misty hissed out, loud enough to carry through but sufficiently quiet as to not wake her nearby friends. Fuming with anger, Misty snatched her torn-up nightgown from the ground and pressed it to her chest, giving her at least a minimum of decency as she quickly made her way back to their camp. Running through the forest with only a few shred of clothing covering her body, Misty couldn’t help but feel the forest winds touch her body and caress her private areas. Somehow, running around without her clothes on felt… liberating! Misty had never considered a nudist lifestyle before, but she had to admit it felt kind of good!

The good feeling ended abruptly when she ran into a family of Buizel though. Mouths agape in stunned surprise, the water Pokemon stared at her with eyes the size of dinner plates. One of the two Floatzels in the group, presumably the father of the family, was quick on his way to develop a spectacular boner. It didn’t take his wife long to discover this and Misty quickly made a beeline for the nearby bushes just as the female Pokemon started an amazing shouting match directed at her husband. Misty ran on with a face as bright red as a Voltorb, praying to whatever gods there might be to not encounter another living soul on her way to the camp.

Her prayers seemed answered, because the rest of her trip went on undisturbed. Soon, Misty arrived back at their campsite, covered in a thin film of sweat. Tip-toeing to her backpack, Misty was pleased to find Max was still asleep. He was lying on top of his sleeping bag, which Misty thought was a little bit weird. She didn’t pay it a whole lot of attention though, as her gaze drifted down over the boy’s bare chest before finally ending up at his pants, which sported a noticeable morning wood.

What in the…?! Oh, come on! What is up with everyone this morning?

Blushing brightly, Misty stuffed her burnt and torn nightgown in her backpack before retrieving a white towel and a new set of clothes. Wrapping the towel around her body and grabbing a bottle of shampoo as well, Misty made her way out of the camp and towards a small lake they had found the day before. Her previous run back to the camp had left her sweaty and smelling, and she didn’t want to think about the dried up traces of Pikachu sperm around her vagina… With a gasp, Misty realized she was still leaking tiny amounts of the electric fluid even now. She had to take a bath and fast!


Within a minute, Misty had reached the small beach that topped the nearby lake. Dropping her new set of clothes to the ground, the Cerulean gym leader was about to drop her towel as well when she suddenly heard an odd rustle behind her. From the bushes behind her, the one person she did not want to see right now appeared.

Motherfucking May Maple! How did she get here so fast?!

“Oh shi-… Misty! I’m so sorry!” she cried out as she noticed the red-haired trainer before her. Misty took in May’s appearance and couldn’t suppress an annoyed wrinkle on her brow. May’s hair was a mess, a large white stain covered her left cheek and her pajama was covered in wet stains, a dark wet patch near her crotch being the most obvious. It didn’t take a world-class detective to deduce exactly what May had been up to the night before. Seeing how the brunette wasn’t paying it any attention whatsoever greatly annoyed Misty.

Look at the state of her! Covered in cum and she’s not even trying to hide it!

“I’m so sorry… Did I… interrupt anything?” May continued, coming to a halt about 3 meters away from Misty.

“Obviously not… As you can see, I’m about to take a bath! At least, I was, until you stumbled in!” Misty shot back at her, badly masking the contempt in her voice. May gave no sign of hearing her angry tone though, if she had – she was pretty good at hiding her reaction.

“A bath? Excellent! Mind if I join you? I could really use a bath right now!”

“No shit, Sherlock!” Misty practically spat at her, this time the venom in her voice was crystal clear. May flinched visibly at her tone. “Wow, where did THAT just come from?” she asked with a hurt look on her face. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, nothing…” Misty replied nonchalantly, before lapsing into a full on tirade. “It’s just so obvious! Hell, I’m sure I’d be in desperate need of bath as well after getting royally FUCKED by my boyfriend, supposing I HAD ONE!” May had to blink twice before the full meaning of Misty’s outrage got through to her. When she composed herself though, she was quick to reply in her own anger as well.

“Getting fucked?! What the hell are you talking about?!”

“Oh don’t lie to me May! There’s cum all over you and from the looks of it you’re still leaking a bit of your dear Blaziken’s jizz DOWN THERE!” Misty shouted back, her face red and her knuckles white in frustration. May flinched back as though she was physically slapped, a look of pure surprise on her face.

“ saw that? Wait, you SPIED ON US?!” she flared back rushing up to Misty so that they were now face to face. “What happened tonight was a PRIVATE affair Misty! You had no right eavesdropping on us!”

“Private AND illegal in most regions!” Misty shot back, seeming grimly determined to hurt May wherever she could. “I wonder what the Editor in Chief of the Pokemon Fashion Magazine would do if he were to find out one of his star reporters has had sex with her Blaziken? A front-page article, maybe? Complete with centerfold and a one-way ticket to the nearest jail!”

May couldn’t believe what she was hearing and cried out in outrage, grabbing hold of both Misty’s arms. “You can’t… You wouldn’t?!” she cried as tears started to form at the edges of her eyes.

“Don’t you TOUCH me!” Misty yelled as she shoved May away, breaking the brunettes hold on her arms. “What’s the matter with you, Misty?! Why are you doing this? I thought we were FRIENDS!” May cried out as she held her ground, a bright blush of anger on her face as tears slowly leaked from her eyes. She couldn’t believe how malevolent Misty had so suddenly become and she had no idea why!

“And I thought we were friends TOO! I guess I changed my mind though, after I found you FUCKING the man I loved!” Misty screamed as tears fell from her eyes as well. With a jerk she turned her back to May as she finally felt the dam inside of her break. Shoulders shuddering in quiet sobs Misty cried out for the chance she had missed and the love she would never have.

Meanwhile, May was too shocked to speak for a moment as she let Misty’s words sink in.


“Ash… You love him… too?”

“10 years… I’ve loved that boy since we first travelled through Kanto, more than a decade ago!” Misty revealed between sobs. “10 years I’ve waited to make my move and here YOU are, beating me to the punch by a few FUCKING hours!”

“Misty… I’m so sorry…” May mumbled, stunned beyond believe. She didn’t know what to say… but, she couldn’t just say nothing either…

“I know this sounds incredibly stupid, but… if there is anything – anything- I can do to make it up to you…”

“Make it up to me?! You can start by dumping Ash in favor of your Blaziken! But I suppose that would be asking for a little bit too much…” Misty responded, turning her back to May and folding her arms in front of her chest. She couldn’t bear to look at the coordinator from Petalburg.

“For now… Just go… Leave! I need to be alone for a while…” she finished, her lower lip trembling. The young girl from Cerulean City continued to stare across the lake, trying her best to stop the flow of tears as she watched sunlight hit the water in an amazing spectacle of sparkles.


Suddenly, she felt a delicate arm wrap itself around her waist just as soft fingers suddenly touched her lower lips. Gasping loudly, Misty was too shocked to make a move immediately, instead her eyes widened as she felt a chin on her shoulder and lips close to her left ear.

“Why be alone… when we can ‘resolve’ this together, right now?” Misty heard a husky voice say.

“May, what the HELL?!” she cried as she recognized May’s voice within the husky tones. Twisting her head around, Misty came face to face with her rival, who suddenly pressed a deep kiss on her lips as they made eye-contact. Determined not to let her in, Misty pressed her lips together tightly, until she suddenly felt one of May’s fingers invade her lower lips. As she opened her mouth in a surprised gasp, May immediately used the opportunity to push her tongue into the redheaded girl’s mouth. Between indignant moans and an awkward struggle to escape her rival’s hungry kiss, Misty lost her balance, sending both girls to the ground with a thud.

“May, stop it! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Misty cried out in outrage after pushing May’s lips away from own. The water-trainer couldn’t push her rival off of her completely though, May had pinned her down with her body weight and it didn’t seem like she would be letting her go any time soon.

“What am I doing? Why… I’m making it up to you by making you feel good!” May replied, grinning from ear to ear. “That towel you’ve got may cover your upper body, but it sure as hell doesn’t cover the cum stains on your legs…”

It was true, Misty discovered, everything below her pelvis was visible and the inside of her thigh was quite visibly covered in semi-dried-up Pika cum.

“This forest is interesting, is it not? For some reason it’s made me so incredibly horny… and I think I’m not the only one!” May whispered into her ear just as she snaked her hand down to her lower lips again and inserted a single finger into her folds, causing Misty to moan loudly.

“N-n-No! That’s n-not true! I’m a respec… a respectable person! Not a sex-addict like you!” the redhead cried out, shivering from the intense pleasure her rival was giving her.

“Maybe you’re right…” May murmured. “A perfectly normal, respectable person… With an unbelievably burning feeling between her thighs!”  Misty gasped loudly as May pulled out her finger. It was drenched in a mixture of Misty’s juices and leftover sperm from Pikachu and now that her folds were empty again, Misty felt the raging fire between her legs roar back to life. The shocked red head realized she felt exactly the way May just described. With a grin, the brunette saw her theory confirmed.

“You felt it too, didn’t you? It started the moment we entered the forest, and it’s only gotten worse!

I know how you feel Misty… and I want to help!” May confided in her, hovering above Misty’s heavily blushing face and staring into her lust-filled eyes.

“You know how I feel…?” Misty mumbled. With a burst of speed, she grabbed May’s head with both hands and pulled her close so their faces were only a few centimeters apart. “You have NO IDEA how I’m feeling!” she shot at her rival, before crashing their lips together in a kiss.

To say May was surprised would be an understatement, but she gladly returned her kiss, deepening it and gingerly pushing her tongue into the water trainer’s mouth. Misty opened her mouth slightly in order to let her in and soon their tongues were twisting and turning around each other as Misty let out a low guttural moan. When they were both out of breath, May pulled back with a gasp and a bright red blush on her cheeks. A thin strand of saliva still connected the two girls as they attempted to regulate their breathing again after the intense make out.

“Glad… to see… you liked it!” the brunette spoke between heaving breaths.

“I did, actually… I’ve never kissed a girl before… but… that was amazing!” Misty replied before moaning loudly again as a new burst of heat shot between her legs. Her lust was growing and she desperately needed release.

“Well, if you thought THAT was amazing… You’re going to love this!” and with that the coordinator practically launched herself on to Misty’s left breast, taking the nipple into her mouth and sucking on it roughly.

Misty’s eyes flashed open and her pupils shrunk to pinpoint size as she let out a throaty moan. From experience, she knew she had always had sensitive nipples, but May’s treatment felt better than anything she had felt before. It was as if the fire between her thighs not just increased her lust, it also increased the sensitivity of her private parts. May’s tongue felt absolutely electrical as she drew lazy circles around her left nipple. As the brunette softly massaged her other breast, Misty was slowly losing her grip on reality and she soon felt the horrible realization that Ash would never be hers fade away. She didn’t care that the one pleasuring her was the very girl who had taken him from her, all she wanted was for her rival to continue her treatment.

Suddenly, May’s mouth left her nipple before paying a short visit to her other breast. The young coordinator didn’t linger for long though, and after a few seconds Misty was left without any stimulation whatsoever. Sweat covered her body as she took heaving breaths. She was about to question May’s intentions when she suddenly felt something she could only describe as pure lightning hit her lower lips. With a shriek of pleasure, Misty shot up into a sitting position only to find May diligently lapping away at her privates. May’s tongue shot out in quick bursts, slightly poking into her folds every time she licked them up and down. Every touch of her tongue sent shivers up Misty’s spine and she loudly encouraged her rival to carry on, begging her not to stop.

“Oh my god, May! Whatever it is you’re doing… don’t stop!” Misty panted, completely out of breath and eyes closed in bliss.

“Glad to hear you like it!” May panted back, blushing furiously as well and shaking with pent up sexual excitement. “I never thought I’d give someone head, but I gotta say you taste kind of good…” the brunette murmured as she took some more lazy, long licks, catching a lot of the juices that were now steadily dripping out of the redhead before her.

“I’m tasting something weird though… Almost like there’s a second taste mixed in there. What’s that all about?” she asked, causing Misty to blush and shield her face with her hands.

“That’s probably… Pikachu…” she said, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“Really? I thought I recognized the taste of static electricity… Funny, I never would’ve thought that little guy would’ve had it in him…”

“Trust me, once he gets going… there’s no stopping that little yellow bastard!” Misty snickered slightly.

“So… Was he any good? Did you enjoy it?” May asked, temporarily stopping her treatment as she observed Misty breathlessly. A look of hurt flashed over the Cerulean girl’s face, but it didn’t linger and was replaced with hazy lust within a few seconds.

“Not at first… You see, Pikachu didn’t exactly ask for permission, if you know what I mean. I won’t lie, the first few minutes hurt… but after that I have to admit it felt pretty good!” Misty admitted. Just thinking back about the night before made the fire between her thighs rage up again. With a pleasured moan Misty pinched her nipples as she looked down at May with begging in her eyes.

“Well… In that case I hope I can match his performance then!” May joked as she gently pushed a single digit in and out of Misty’s pussy. When she pulled her finger back, it was completely covered in Misty’s sticky, transparent fluid. “Ok, here I go again!” she said brightly, bringing her face closer to Misty’s folds again. Just before she could push her tongue inside again though, Misty shielded her entrance with her hand, denying the Petalburg girl entrance.


“W-what’s the matter Misty? Don’t you want me to continue?” May asked with a confused look. Misty nodded slightly before answering.

“Oh trust me, I do want you to continue… But I don’t want to be the only one feeling good today… I want to make you feel good as well, May!” Misty confessed, surprising May greatly. What she had started as a way of apologizing for snatching Ash away from her; turned out to be the start of something completely different!

“What do you want me to do, Misty?” May asked as she sat up on her knees as Misty lay down from her sitting position, lying down completely in the grass below.

“I w-want you t-to… undress… and lie with me…” Misty indicated, blushing furiously as she spoke.

“Oooh, are you suggesting a 69, Mist?” May giggled as she took hold of the edges of her pajama shirt and prepared to take it off. Misty nodded slightly, and soon May sat before her in all her naked glory. 

The multiple grass-stains, as well as the obvious sweat and cum stains on her body could not disguise the fact that May had a gorgeous body, at least to Misty. Jealously, she stared at May’s soft C-cup breasts. May’s completely hairless pussy also caught her eye, a tiny trickle of fluids still dripping from between the young girl’s lips. Without another word, May positioned herself above Misty’s face, gently lowering herself down to her knees, giving Misty all the access she would need. The water-trainer was quick to take up her self-appointed task and swiftly started to push her tongue into her rival’s folds.

Immediately, May cried out in bliss as she felt Misty’s tongue eagerly poking around between her thighs. Feeling the wiggling muscle within her was somewhat of an awkward experience to May. She had never been licked before, but all doubts vanished from her mind as Misty started hitting all the right spots within her.

“Arceus! Misty, that feels good!” she cried out as the shock caused by these new sensations caused her body to grow weak. May fell the short distance that separated her face from Misty’s crotch, landing nose first into the small tear-drop shaped patch of pubic hair that adorned the young girl’s pussy.

“Oh yeah? Well, then this is going to feel even better!” Misty remarked with enthusiasm as she used her thumb to stimulate May’s clit as her tongue delved deeper within her folds.

“Oh FUCK! That’s it… right there!” May moaned. Once more with feeling she dived upon her own task, licking Misty’s lower lips with quick short laps as she tried to find the redhead’s clit with her fingers. Misty moaned out loudly as May’s thumb finally hit its goal.  Rubbing the hardened nub sent the young Cerulean into an uncontrollable fit of shivers as pleasure coursed through her veins. At the same time, May was having trouble supporting herself as the pleasure from Misty’s oral treatment threatened to overtake her.

Both girls kept going for several minutes as they desperately tried to bring one another to orgasm, quenching the raging fires between their thighs. Misty was the first to give in, as her tight pussy walls clamped around May’s tongue and copious amounts of her fluids were sprayed into her mouth and onto her face. Still containing the last traces of Pikachu’s seed, the mixture of fluids had a slightly stinging taste and May greedily lapped up every little bit of it she could find. Just when she was done cleaning up Misty’s lower lips, May finally hit her own orgasm. She could feel her inner muscles contracting as she let out a loud moan. Fluids leaked from her pussy as well, though they were not ejected as forcefully as they had been with Misty. Instead, a steady drip of clear fluid, mixed with thick white clots dripped out of the brunette’s pussy and into the mouth of her red headed friend.

“Hmm, not bad!” Misty moaned as she swallowed the last of the fluid. “I can definitely… taste a bit of Blaziken in that… So warm and powerful…” she said between gasps, her A cup breasts slightly jiggling as her chest heaved with her deep breathing. May couldn’t help but blush. “Yeah… I suppose… he pumped quite a bit… into me, last night!” she gasped as she rolled herself off of Misty before lying herself next to her gasping friend.

Oh my gosh… I hate to admit it, but that was amazing!

“Thank you May… That definitely helped extinguishing the fires down there for a bit…” Misty reckoned as her breathing slowly returned to normal as she descended from her orgasmic high. May nodded with a smile. For her, too, the raging lust between her legs had been quenched and suddenly the world around them felt a lot less heavy as the morning sun shone brightly.




“But… to tell you the truth…” Misty began, turning her head to look May in the eyes. “I don’t think that was quite enough though. I can still feel it burning somewhere deep inside me!”

May chuckled. “Well, I suppose I can help you with that some more…”

“Really?” Misty asked with a sly smile. “And how were you planning to… ‘help’ me this time?”

“Oh, I got my ways…” May said with confidence as she pulled herself up into a sitting position. Looking straight at the bushes that lined the lake they were laying close to, May pointed her finger.


“You can come out now Max! I know you’re hiding behind that tree over there!”


Chapter End Notes:

Steal her would-be-boyfriend, make up for it by eating her out... Seems legit!

And now Max will apparently join in... Dare I say, trio in the next chapter? Who knows :)

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