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Chapter 17 - Draconic Intruder

Bright beams of sunlight pierced the green forest canopy as they made their way down, shining in the face of a young Pokemon coordinator. With a yawn, Dawn opened her eyes, quickly closing them again as she blinked furiously from the sudden onslaught of light. As her eyes adjusted to the light, the young girl slowly got used to her surroundings. As she moved to sit up, she noticed her muscles were aching a lot. As she looked down at her body, she noticed she was covered, from breasts to bottom, in sticky white fluid.

“Hmmmmm… Morning Dawn…” she heard behind her, and she turned her head towards the sound. Lying close by was Zoey, one of Dawn’s best friends. In fact, after last night, Dawn considered her to be a ‘friend with benefits’ at the very least. Zoey was lying on her side with her back to the huge furry mass that was her Tauros, which was still asleep. Just like Dawn, Zoey was completely naked and the lower half of her body was covered in the same sticky substance that covered most of Dawn’s body. The one striking difference between the two girls was the fact that Zoey was several months pregnant and had a big belly to match.

“Good morning Zoey…” Dawn groaned as she crawled towards Zoey, sitting herself down cross-legged in front of her. Yawning, she wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“What time is it? I feel like I’ve slept for days!”

“Just around noon, I guess… I haven’t bothered to check my Pokegear yet.” Zoey responded with a lazy smile.

“Noon already?” Dawn asked perplexed. “Arceus, we slept in baaaaaad!”

“That tends to happen if you stay up until 5 in the morning, getting fucked by a Tauros!” Zoey joked, patting the massive bull behind her.

“5 in the morning, was it? Heh, I guess time flies when you’re having fun.” Dawn giggled as flashbacks from the previous night played in her mind. Getting fucked by Zoey’s massive Tauros had definitely been an interesting experience. Not that Dawn was keen on repeating it this morning!

Her body was still battered and bruised from last night, and it didn’t seem like Tauros had a lot to give either.

“Is he always this… Relaxed, after he’s… you know… had his fun?”

“Yeah, he usually wears himself out pretty badly with every session. Apparently it’s one of Tauros’s defining characteristics, or so I’ve read…”

“So… I guess we won’t be able to use him this morning?”
“What? You want another round already? Damn Dawn, and I thought I was the one with a problematic libido!”

“Problematic, hmmm? Maybe we can help each other out…” Dawn said in a breathy voice before she scooted over to Zoey pressed her lips on hers. Opening her mouth slightly, their tongues soon danced around each other as both girls closed their eyes.

“Hmmm, I think I like where this is going, Dawn…” Zoey moaned as she hugged Dawn as tightly as she could with her big belly in the way.

“Then you’ll love this…” Dawn replied huskily as she laid the pregnant girl down on her back before disappearing between her thighs. With her pregnant belly in the way, Zoey couldn’t see what Dawn was up to, but she didn’t have to wait long to find out. Within moments, she felt Dawn’s tongue enter her folds as the blue-haired coordinator lapped away at the leftover cum Tauros had left behind. Zoey moaned in ecstasy as Dawn tasted Tauros’ powerful seed as she let her tongue twist and twirl within her friend’s folds. Soon, Dawn started to taste something much lighter as Zoey’s own fluids were added to the mix as the pregnant girl became wetter and wetter.

“Wow, Dawn… This is amazing! I could get used to waking up like this!” Zoey moaned as she gently massaged her breasts. Dawn removed her face from between Zoey’s thighs for a moment as she smiled, her mouth covered in a mixture of Tauros’ sperm and Zoey’s fluids.

“I’m glad you like it Zoey… I think you earned it after what you’ve been through lately! Just wait and see… It gets better!” she said as she launched herself to Zoey’s pussy again, this time making sure to lick the redhead’s clit intensively. Dawn moaned loudly as she snaked her right hand down her own body, inserting two fingers into her own cum-leaking slit. Her moaning intensified and Zoey cried out in pleasure as the resulting vibrations moved through her lower lips, greatly stimulating her clit. Just as the pregnant coordinator was about to cry out in orgasm, a loud rustle was heard in the sky above them.


“Arceus! What the hell was that?!” Dawn cried out in surprise. Then, the loud rustling was joined by a low roar piercing the sky and vibrating into their bodies. Despite being close to an orgasm herself, Dawn immediately stopped her treatment, turning her back to Zoey as her eyes scanned the sky above them for danger. Zoey moaned pitifully as she was left on the verge of orgasm. She quickly pushed two of her fingers between her thighs and it only took 3 more pumps for her to reach her limit. As her inner muscles clenched down on her fingers and she cried out in orgasm, a large shadow came over her, covering both her and Dawn completely.

“What the…” Dawn mumbled as she looked up in the sky. A large black silhouette was swiftly making its way down to them, the sun behind it completely obscuring its details. All Dawn could see was that whatever came for them was huge and had giant wings that blasted their campsite apart as the creature flapped them around.

“Oh shit! Zoey, get down!” the blue-haired girl cried out to her former rival as she dived to the ground, grabbing Zoey in a protective embrace as the giant creature landed with an earth-shaking thud, blowing large amounts of dusts and grass into the air.

Dawn and Zoey coughed loudly as the dust assaulted their lungs and their eyes, taking their breath away as well as obscuring their vision.

This isn’t good! Whatever creature just landed there is probably bigger than the both of us combined, and I have no idea where my pokeballs are! How am I going to defend myself? How am I going to defend Zoey?!

Determined not to be caught unaware, Dawn blinked her eyes rapidly, clearing her vision just in time to see the dust settle and reveal the giant creature standing before them…

“Holy shit! A D… D-… Dragonite?!” she cried out as the yellow dragon before her gently flapped his wings before folding them behind its back.

“That’s impossible! Dragonites don’t live on this island!” Zoey coughed in response as her eyes watered. A few blinks later she gasped in surprise as she found out just how impossible the Dragonite’s appearance was.

“W-what’s it doing here, Zoey? What do you think it wants?” Dawn asked as she carefully backed away from the dragon, still keeping a close eye on Zoey.

“Don’t ask me! How should I know?! I’m not the one who just crash landed into our camp!” Zoey responded heatedly as the rush from her orgasm drained away completely. She tried to stand, but her tired body didn’t allow her much beyond sitting on her knees. With a grunt of annoyance she settled herself down as she kept a close eye on the invading Dragon type.

“If you want to know why he’s here, go and ask HIM I’d say!”


“Hold on… Him? How do you-… OH MY GOD!” Dawn gasped as she looked more closely at the Dragonite before them. It was painfully obvious how Zoey knew the Dragonite was male, a small pink shaft had emerged from the protective scaly pouch between his legs. As the Dragonite stepped towards them with determination in his eyes, Dawn could see that the tiny shaft quickly grew in size, multiplying in size by almost 5 times until he had a rod that could easily contend with Tauros’s impressive member.

“Arceus… He’s huge! Look at that thing… It’s even wider than Tauros’!” Dawn gasped as she looked at Dragonite’s impressive tool. Just like Tauros’, it didn’t look anything like a normal human penis. Dragonite’s member was segmented and round. At his base, the segments were considerably wider, but the closer it got to his tip, the more his member narrowed, until it finally ended in a final pointed segment. Unlike Tauros, Dragonite didn’t seem to have any visible testicles and Dawn figured they would probably be hidden somewhere in his body, kept warm and well protected by the dragon’s hot core.

Zoey whistled sharply as she eyed Dragonite’s member. “Oh boy, you weren’t kidding, were you? That’s a big ‘un if ever I saw one!”

“So… What are ya gonna do with it, hun?” Zoey chimed, causing Dawn to flinch badly and take a step back, away from Dragonite and his tool.

“D-do with it?!  How about I don’t do anything with it and we run the hell away?!” the blue-haired coordinator shot at the pregnant girl as she took another few steps away from the dragon. The yellow dragon-type wouldn’t have any of it though, and he stepped closer to her until Dawn was trapped between him on one side and Zoey on the other side. Strangely, the way he advanced on the girls wasn’t particularly threatening, as the determination in his eyes made way for a pleading whine.

The air around him rumbled as Dragonite let out a low, keening whine of longing, looking into Dawn’s eyes with his own blue orbs.

“If ya ask me, I don’t think he wants to take no for an answer Dawn! He seems pretty desperate!” Zoey observed. An observation Dawn realized she shared. There was something in his eyes that made it difficult for her to stay focused. Somewhere deep within her body, a strange tingling feeling erupted, which quickly spread to form a hot, throbbing feeling within her stomach. She groaned as she realized just how horny she still was from her session with Zoey. As she felt herself getting wet, Dawn realized there was no going back.

Well, I handled Tauros pretty well before… How much tougher could a Dragonite be? I guess there’s only one way to find out…

“Well, I suppose I could… you know-… h-help you with this…” she mumbled as she gingerly wrapped her fingers around his shaft, causing the dragon Pokemon to groan out. She could feel the earth shake in response to Dragonite’s baritone rumbling and she gasped at the raw sense power he seemed to hold within him.

“I’ll help you with this Dragonite… But you’ll have to let me take charge, okay? No tricks, no sudden movements and when I say we have to stop, you’ll stop. Got it?” Dawn spoke boldly, hoping she would have some sort of leverage over the dragon as she held his member in her hand. Luckily, Dragonite seemed all too keen on continuing as he fervently shook his head in agreement.

“Okay, great!” Dawn chimed before she set to work, wrapping both hands around his cock. “Now… let’s get this big guy lubricated a bit… I won’t be able to take you if you go in like this!”


And with that, Dawn got down on her knees and took Dragonite’s throbbing member into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his tip to take in his taste.  Given Dragonite’s considerable length and girth, Dawn was only able to take in about a third of his member before her gag reflex kicked in, forcing her to slide up on his rod a bit before bobbing her head up and down in a steady rhythm.

“Ah! Zoey, get over here! You have to try this!” Dawn gasped as Dragonite’s member popped out of her mouth. As Zoey crawled up to join her, she started to jack the dragon off while she planted kisses all over his shaft. Before long, both girls had their mouths locked on various parts of his member as Dragonite rumbled in pleasured agreement.

Together, Dawn and Zoey slurped, squeezed and kissed Dragonite’s entire member until it was completely wet and leaking pre-cum from his pointed tip. The dragon was breathing heavily by now and the girls laughed out loud as he slammed his tail into the ground in pleasure, much like a dog wagging its tail. It seemed that knowing he would get what he wanted had relaxed the dragon type considerably. Now, his true personality was starting to shine through and he seemed to be quite friendly and playful.

“I wonder how he got here…” Zoey mumbled as she briefly took her lips away from the throbbing meat before her. “Dragonite aren’t known to live here, and this one’s pretty small compared to some of the Dragonites I’ve seen before…” she continued, causing Dawn to cough in surprise and take her mouth off of his member.

“Y-you… You call this small?!” she gasped, nodding her head to his throbbing member in her hands. The blue-haired trainer considered the dragon to be anything but small. She only reached up to his shoulders and his dick was definitely bigger than anything a normal human could ever hope to achieve. If this was small, then how big could the dragon before her eventually become?!

“Yeah, most of them are at least half a meter taller than this one and a lot heavier too… I guess this guy just evolved quickly and hasn’t grown a lot since…” Zoey confirmed with a small rub at his base. Dragonite rumbled deeply, eyes clenched shut as he held back his coming orgasm.

“Maybe… Maybe, if he’s really is young, he might have gotten lost trying to find a mate?” Dawn suggested as she thought about the whole situation. “Maybe it’s his mating season now? He sure acted like it just before!”

“Well, if that’s true then he won’t be leavin’ either of us alone until he’s completely satisfied his urges. I guess ya’d better get to it Dawn! You ready?”

“Fuck yeah I’m ready! Come on Dragonite, I think you’re lubed up enough for what I’ve got in store for you!” Dawn finished huskily as she placed a final kiss on his member before she turned around and dropped herself on her hands and knees. Presenting her naked, dripping slit to him, she gave him a horny wink and beckoned him closer.

Dragonite roared in relief as he saw Dawn presenting herself to him. Finally, he would rid himself of the burning urge that had clouded his mind for the past week. And with such a kind and gentle human too!

He closed the distance between him and the young girl in a single step of his big feet before he took a hold of her thighs and aligned the pointy tip of his segmented member with her wet slit.

“Remember, take it easy at first. Okay Dragonite? I need to get used to having you inside me before you go all out!” Dawn said just before he pushed in. 


Of course, Dragonite reasoned, he had to focus! He had to stop himself from giving in to his primal lust. Giving in could ruin his one and only chance of finding a mate this season, as he knew the mating season for his species would be over after this day. More importantly though, giving in to his primal lust could seriously injure the blue-haired girl before him, and that was a weight his kind heart would not be able to bear!

Straining every one of his powerful muscles, Dragonite gently eased the tip of his member into Dawn’s slit. The pointed shape of his tip, combined with the ample amount of liquid both on his member and inside Dawn’s body allowed for a smooth entry. Dawn grunted as her inner walls were spread by his powerful member and Dragonite let out a loud roar as he felt her inner muscles clamp down on his dick. The young human could only take in just over half of his member at first, and when he felt he could push no more, he halted and allowed her to get adjusted to his length and girth.

Dawn’s breathing was labored and her moans were high-pitched as she struggled to pull herself together. It was no meager feat, Dragonite considered. His member was quite a bit bigger than the average male human’s, but the fact that the blue-haired girl was trying to get accustomed to him, and succeeding too, filled him with gratitude and lust.

Dawn groaned loudly as she finally managed to relax her breathing. Dragonite’s throbbing meat within her felt like nothing she had ever felt before. Tauros had come close with his long tool, but Dragonite seemed to radiate a primal power which infused her, making her feel hornier than ever.  As she let out a content sigh of relief, the fires deep within her lit up again, sending a hot wave of cramps through her stomach which made her cry out. She turned around to look at Dragonite, tears of pleasure in her eyes.

“I-… I’m ready now Dragonite! Please… Mate with me!”


Dragonite roared in joy at her words. Finally, after all these years, after all the stories he had heard his older siblings tell of the act of mating and the mating season, finally he would experience them for himself! True, he had expected his first mating to be with another Dragonite, or maybe a fertile, willing Dragonair… But right now, none of that mattered as he took a firm yet caring hold of the girl’s behind and started to push his member in and out of her tight, wet hole. Unknown to him, his tongue started to hang out of his mouth as he clenched his eyes as pure pleasure coursed through his system with every thrust. His older brother had been right when he told him about mating. How the feeling of mating a healthy, strong female was the best feeling in the world. How nothing else seemed to matter as the world around you faded away.

Deep within him, Dragonite could feel primal energies awakening. This time, he did not resist their allure, confident that the girl beneath him could handle him. He quickened his pace, pushing into her with more force than before. With each thrust, his human mate would be pushed several centimeters across the wet morning grass below them before his powerful grip slid her back in place. Her cries of pleasure joined his roars as he bucked his hips and flapped his wings as he felt his precum slowly coating her inner walls.

As Dawn felt the hot, powerful liquid dripping inside her, she let out a sharp moan as the fires between her thighs collided with his precum with an almost explosive force. Her orgasm overwhelmed her as soon as the first drops of his pre leaked out of her and on to the ground. She lost the strength in her arms and fell forward into the grass as her inner walls spasmed around his dick. The primal energy she had felt within Dragonite before now penetrated every fiber of her being and it seemed to give her an almost ethereal, orange glow.

“Arceus… this is amazing! Keep going Dragonite, don’t stop!” she cried as the dragon-type pushed into her again. As she looked in front of her, she could see Zoey sitting only a meter from them, her fingers pushing in and out of her puffy wet slit at a fast pace. For some reason, the sight of a pregnant and naked Zoey, masturbating in front of her, turned Dawn on even more and she begged Dragonite to keep mating her.

The big dragon was only too happy to oblige as he pushed more and more of his member inside her. With an elated grin, he discovered he could now fit in roughly 3 quarters of his length inside her, and he was rapidly going towards fully hilting her.

He was puzzled as to why the other female had joined them in their activities though. He looked at her with wonder in his eyes as she appeared to be mating her own fingers. Why she would be doing that, Dragonite didn’t know. Wasn’t she already carrying whelps? At least the young girl he was mating now was fertile, mating with her actually made sense! The concept of mating just for the pleasure of it was alien to the relatively young Dragonite, whose species only mated for the sake of reproduction, in mating seasons that were few and far between. With a groan, Dragonite sped up his thrusts a little bit as he decided he would definitely introduce this ‘mating for pleasure’ concept to his female, assuming he would get a female during the next mating season.

“Oh my Gooooood!” Dawn cried out with a high screech as Dragonite suddenly took her arms in his strong claws and pulled her up, keeping her vertical as he remained standing, pumping his dick in and out of her. With gravity helping him, she could feel her draconic partner pushing more and more of his member into her. The pressure inside her was mounting, but strangely enough, she didn’t find it uncomfortable. In fact, as she continued to glow from the primal energies Dragonite was sharing with her, she found herself adjusting to his length almost immediately.

Dawn attention was momentarily diverted from her draconic lover, when she heard Zoey let out a high-pitched squeak, indicating her release. Dawn looked at the pregnant girl, lying in the grass some meters away from her. Her hips were bucking rhythmically as a small amount of clear liquid dripped out of her folds, followed by a sizable load of leftover cum, courtesy of Tauros last night.

The way Zoey smiled at her seemed to trigger something in Dawn though. The heavy blush, the shining in her eyes, the heavy eyelids… The loving smile…

Dawn let out a mental laugh as she thought about it. Here she was, getting hammered by a dragon Pokemon as she found out she was truly in the love with the girl lying before her.

Her mental laugh was quickly wiped from her mind though, as Dragonite’s powerful thrusts pushed her into her second orgasm. Every muscle in her body tensed up as she brought her hands to her breasts and squeezed them. Deep within her, her inner walls clamped down on Dragonite’s dick, almost refusing to let him go again.


As he felt the girl in his lap going through her second orgasm, Dragonite swelled with pride at giving her this level of pleasure. With a long, deep roar that shook the very earth they were standing on, he finally relaxed and gave in to his orgasm. Grabbing the young girl by her sides with his powerful claws, he forced her down, forcing her to take his whole member inside her. He felt himself shooting wave after wave of his potent draconic seed into her fertile womb and reveled in the feeling. He had accomplished what he hadn’t thought possible anymore this season. The young girl cried out in surprise as she felt the lowest two segments of his member expand within her. A trait unique to his species, these two segments would grow until they completely plugged her vagina, ensuring that his hot, potent seed would be uncontested in its duty.

The muscles in his legs twitched as his orgasm continued, far longer than his human mate would be accustomed to. Breathing heavily, Dragonite allowed himself to fall back on his behind, keeping Dawn perfectly still, impaled on his member. A short distance away from him, he heard the other human female cry out as well. Apparently she, too, had experienced some form of release. Without the aid of a male though, which puzzled the dragon somewhat.

Meanwhile, Dawn had hardly recovered from her second orgasm by the time Dragonite’s ejaculation pushed her into her third peak of the session. Again, her whole body tensed up as her inner muscles milked Dragonite of his powerful seed. Dawn gasped for breath as she realized Dragonite was still pumping cum into her at a steady rate, even after two full minutes of ejaculation.

Just… how much… does he have-… to give?!

With nowhere else to go, Dawn moaned loudly as she felt her stomach expanding as Dragonite continued adding to the load of cum inside her. Dawn couldn’t make sense of it, her belly was expanding to a size not much different from Zoey’s pregnant stomach. Surely, this wasn’t possible? Surely, this should hurt immensely? But for some reason, it didn’t hurt. In fact, it seemed Dragonite’s potent seed filled her with a primal energy she had never felt before, allowing her body to adjust to his treatment without any pain whatsoever.

With a final cry, Dawn slumped forward as Dragonite finally stopped cumming inside her. If it hadn’t been for his strong arm, she would’ve fallen off of him completely, pulling him along by their shared knot. Happy and content, the orange dragon carefully laid her down on top of him. She seemed so tiny; her head only reaching the base of his neck as he gently stroked her hair as she tried to settle her breathing. Truth be told, he knew he would be ready to go again in a few minutes. In the wild, or so his instincts told him, he would’ve mated his Dragonair or Dragonite female several times a day over the course of the mating season, to ensure successful conception. But with this girl, he knew that wouldn’t be the case. He knew she wouldn’t be able to take him a second round and it didn’t really matter anyway. His job here was done and, come noon, his mating season would be over.


Feeling slumber tug at his eyelids, the accomplished dragon let out a large yawn as he wrapped his wings around himself, sheltering the girl who had been so kind as to help him as she lay there, dripping with his seed. Knowing it could take several hours for his knot to completely recede, he figured he might as well get some sleep. Arceus knew he had hardly gotten any the past few days, driven by his mating instincts to travel great distances every day, even though he knew he would never reach the mating grounds in time…

Just before he closed his eyes, he checked on the other human female. He was startled for a second when he couldn’t find her lying next to her Tauros, but he soon located her as she tapped lightly on his leg.

“Hey there big guy… Mind if I lie with you two?” she breathed in a hoarse voice.

Such a strange request, he pondered. Intruding upon him and his mate…

Then again, given she was already carrying whelps, she wouldn’t cause any trouble. Plus, it had been partly due to her encouragements that her blue-haired friend had decided to mate with him in the first place!

Nodding friendly, he opened his wings and allowed the redheaded mother-to-be to climb on his chest, her weight not even registering to him. She lay down on her side and embraced his blue-haired mate, planting a kiss on her lips and mumbling a bit. He decided to pay her no heed and folded his wings over them again, shielding both girls from the early morning air before giving in to slumber himself.

“Wow Dawn… That looked quite spectacular! How do you feel?” Zoey asked with tender care in her voice as she took her lips from Dawn’s. Dawn was still breathing heavily, her breasts jiggling with every ragged breath as she answered.

“I feel… great!... Kind of bloated… actually…” Zoey giggled at this and patted Dawn’s swollen belly with her right hand. With all of Dragonite’s cum inside her, Dawn had the impression of being at least 6 months along in pregnancy.

“Trust me hun, I know the feeling…” the pregnant redhead smiled.

“Zoey… I love you…” Dawn murmured, placing her hand on Zoey’s cheek using what little energy she had left.

“I love you too Dawn… Now and always…” Zoey murmured in reply before she placed her lips on Dawn’s, engaging in a tender French kiss.


By the time their kiss had ended, neither of the girls was still awake. As the sun above them reached its zenith, the two lovers slept together in peaceful bliss, knowing themselves save and protected by the slumbering dragon on which they both lay. Even the fierce rainstorm that swept over the island a few hours later did not wake them, completely protected from the cold drops of water by Dragonite’s large wings. All around them, trainers from all over the world sought refuge from the downpour as they continued their way towards the center of the island. With only two days left to go until the tournament started, spirits were high as hundreds of trainers hoped for that one chance to proof their worth.


Chapter End Notes:

Suddenly, dragon sex! Gotta love it :)

Had a lot of fun writing the few pieces from Dragonite's point of view throughout this chapter, trying to make him look like the friendly giant he is, while at the same time underlining his somewhat more primal, instinctive way of thinking.

The next few chapters will focus primarily on everyone dealing with what just happened in the last few chapters before they reunite at last and the tournament finally starts. So, a little less smut in the next few chapters, but then again I AM aiming for this to be as much of an actual story besides being just fap material :)

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    Reviewer: MachThreeSlug
    Date:Sep 27 2012 Chapter:Chapter 17 - Draconic Intruder
    Ah, so the first chapter wasn't just an excuse plot and you really are going to get to the tornament. That's cool. I also liked how you wrote Dragonite's point of view in this chapter. You really captured it's Gentle Giant perssonality while at the same time letting us know that it still has it's own primal urges to deal with.
    Author's Response:

    Thanks for dropping a review!

    Yeah, the first chapter definitely wasn't just an excuse plot. I'm aiming to create a story with lemons, rather than lemons with a story, if you know what I mean :)

    The tournament will take place and even after it has finished, there will be a story to tell!