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Chapter 18 - The Day After



August 1st was well under way by the time Ash and his companions had dried themselves and their gear, after a violent rainstorm had passed over the island. The chilly water had been a blessing in disguise though, as it had cleaned everyone of the sticky evidence their lovemaking had left behind. Now, with refreshed bodies and refreshed minds, they were once again on the road to Mt. Rapture deep within the island’s forests. After about half an hour, they had found the main road again and Ash had urged them all on to walk at an increased pace to make up for lost time. The tournament would be starting the day after tomorrow and he did not want to miss this chance!

Meanwhile, May, even though she shared in Ash’s desire to get through the forest quickly, had other important things on her mind. Thanks to the heavy rainstorm, her mind was clear again and nothing remained of the lustful haze that had clouded her senses ever since the group entered the forest. Now that her mind was clear, she was starting to wonder if what they had done that morning and the night before had been right… Especially the fact that she had made love with Max, her own brother, was weighing on her a lot heavier now that her mind wasn’t clouded with lust anymore.

Uncertainty gnawed at her as she pondered over it all. Unsteady, she walked closely behind her brother and tapped him lightly on the shoulder.

“Erhm… Max? Could I talk to you for a second?”

“Oh, sure sis. What’s up?” the bespectacled teen replied. His light tone of voice and bright demeanor were in stark contrast with her own emotions. She pulled him to the back of the group, signaling Ash and Misty to keep going. They’d catch up with them soon.


“So, Max…” she started, feeling whatever confidence she had sink rapidly as her voice wavered already. “I don’t know how to say this, but…  About this morning, at the lake…”

“You’re… having second thoughts, aren’t you?” Max concluded for her. As usual, the little know-it-all she called her brother was right. He didn’t sound hurt or anything. In fact, he sounded as if he understood her. Looking solemn, she nodded.

“I know the feeling…” Max mumbled, his face mirroring her own look of uncertainty. “I mean, I know I love you, and I don’t regret what we did this morning… at least, I don’t want to regret it…”

“But still…It was incest, what we did!” May countered him.

“Then… Let me put it this way… Did you enjoy it?” Max asked bluntly. May stared at him with wide eyes for a long moment before finding her voice again to reply.
“W-… What kind of question is THAT?! It was incest, it was wrong! For Arceus’ sake you’re my brother Max! We shouldn’t have done-…”

“You’re not answering the question May…” Her brother interrupted firmly, looking her in the eyes. “Ask yourself. Deep down inside, despite the lust, despite the whole heat of the moment thing… Did. You. Enjoy. It?”

May didn’t answer for a long while as thoughts and feelings raced through her like a storm. Finally, she hung her head in shame and answered.

“Y-yes… I did enjoy it…”

“Good… I’m glad to hear it, because I enjoyed it as well.” Max confessed gently, the hint of firmness in his voice never quite leaving. As they kept on walking, he continued, asking a question of his own. “How can it be truly wrong if the both of felt good doing it… and nobody got hurt?”

“But what if it gets out? What if people find out we’ve had sex? My reputation would be ruined, and yours as well!” May replied quickly, her fears evident in her voice. Max halted suddenly and grasped her by the shoulders as he looked her in the eyes firmly.

“May, get a grip! Besides Ash and Misty there was nobody there! We were miles away from the regular roads, nobody else has seen us!”

“I guess… If you say so…” his sister mumbled shakily as her body almost seemed to deflate as stored up fear drained away from her. “But, what happens now? What happens to us?” she asked next as she regarded the young man walking besides her. Such a long way they had both come since their childhood…

Max sighed. “We go our own ways, I guess. If I’m not mistaking, you’re Ash’s girlfriend now, right?” May smiled for the first time since she and Max separated from the group, a feeling of joy and love erupting within her.

“I am…” She confirmed, feeling very happy being able to say those words. “Arceus, I love him…”

“Then let’s leave what happened this morning behind us and focus on the future, okay? Nobody else will know and, if you want, it won’t happen again. Deal?” Max offered with a shy smile, extending his hand towards her.

“Deal!” she exclaimed, shaking his hand. With renewed spirits, May started a little sprint, catching up with Ash and Misty again as they continued on their way.


Meanwhile, Ash and Misty had put quite a bit of distance between them and the troubled siblings. While Ash was in a joyful mood and excited for the rapidly approaching tournament, Misty felt only sadness as she contemplated everything that had happened since she set foot on Vulcan Island. She knew she had lost Ash to May and she hated herself for it. If only she had been quicker, if only she had confessed her feelings to him sooner. He could’ve been her boyfriend now, instead of that incestuous brown-haired piece of-…

No. She shook her head violently. She didn’t mean those words. She didn’t want to mean them. But… they came so easily to her now, in her moment of hurt.

No, she thought firmly. She was just… just channeling all her hurt and bitterness towards May, even though the troubled red head knew the Hoenn brunette wasn’t to blame. She loved Ash, just like Misty did; she just got to him first…

“Misty?... Hey, Misty! Anyone alive in there?” Ash called out as he tapped her lightly on the shoulder, rousing her from her thoughts.

“Oh? Hmmm, what is it?” she mumbled timidly, avoiding all eye contact.

“You’ve been kind of quiet so far… Are you okay?” he asked, slowing his own pace so that he walked right beside her.

“Hmmm –m fine…”

“C’mon Misty… There’s obviously something on your mind...” he nudged on.


“Be honest with me Misty… please…”

“Oh, cut it out, Ash Ketchum! I AM FINE! Now please, leave me alone!” she retorted, her voice heavy with irritation. She quickened her pace and quickly put a good 20 meters between herself and the surprised trainer from Pallet.

Ash shrugged as he looked at the irritated redhead. He recalled the morning before, when Misty had confessed a long-held love for him. In the back of his mind, he had brushed it off as a ‘heat-of-the-moment’ thing. Something she had said only because she was being affected by whatever it was this forest had done to them. He knew whatever it was had sure made him feel a lot hornier than usual and he figured out the girls must’ve felt the same. Now though, he felt nothing unusual and Misty sure looked to be her old self again. Yet still… she seemed to be awfully upset over him and May being a couple. That was one thing about last night Ash was certain about. No matter what had caused them all to act as they did, what he felt for May was true and pure. His feelings were genuine.

As for Misty… He would lie if he said he’d never had feelings for her. Looking back, there had been one or two occasions where sparks had flown between him and the Cerulean girl. But nothing ever came of it. Neither of them made their move and he had come to feel for Misty like he would feel for a sister.

And now here he was, standing between two girls both vying for his love, knowing that he’d have to disappoint one of his oldest friends. He just hoped the redheaded girl would come to accept the fact that he loved May instead. The last thing he wanted was for the two girls to end up on a collision course…

As he mulled things over in his mind, Pikachu suddenly jolted up on his shoulder, letting out an excited ‘Pika!’ as he pointed his paw to the horizon. There, just beyond the trees, the impressive base of Mt. Rapture could be seen, hiding in an ever-present veil of mist.

“I see it buddy!” He replied excitedly, petting Pikachu on the head. “If we keep this up, we can be there by dinner! C’mon, let’s go!”

With that, Ash started an excited jog and he was soon joined by Max and May, who had caught up with him again. Together, they raced towards the mountain’s base. Misty, meanwhile, didn’t join them in their sprint, preferring a slower pace in the solitude of her own thoughts. She’d catch up with them later. Maybe by then, the confusing swirl of thoughts and emotions within her would have faded.


On the other side of the island, two Pokemon coordinators were also making their way towards the volcano’s base, seated on the back of a giant Tauros. The red head sitting in front was quite obviously pregnant and her blue haired friend sitting behind her also showed a slight bulge in her stomach as well, though for very different reasons.

“Urgh… I can’t believe that Dragonite pumped so much into me!” Dawn groaned as she looked at her stomach. “Look at me! I look as though I’ve been pregnant for the past few MONTHS!”

“Oh... nothing personal Zo…” she added, giving an affectionate squeeze on her companion’s shoulder.

“None taken!” the pregnant girl smiled back, eyeing her girlfriend with a loving smile.

“I wonder if it’s ever going to come out… It’s so thick and sticky; I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up clogging everything up in there!”

“Well, I don’t think Tauros has a problem with that!” Zoey giggled. “I doubt he likes having his fur covered in somebody else’s cum!”

“No need to worry then, big guy. This stuff isn’t coming out anytime soon!” Dawn reassured their mount as it trotted on at a brisk pace.

Tauros continued on his way and the two lovers on his back were silent for the next couple of minutes, choosing instead to take in the sights and smells of the forest around them.

“Zoey?” Dawn asked after a while, to which the other girl replied with a short hum.

“When this tournament is over… What do you plan on doing next?”

“Hmmm, first thing on my agenda is to go home and have this baby, obviously” she replied, patting her stomach affectionately.

“Moving in with your parents for the time being, I guess? Have you told them yet?”

“Hmmm, no. I can’t say that I have…” Zoey confessed, blushing uncomfortably.

“What?! You’ve been pregnant for almost 8 months and you haven’t even told your parents yet?” Dawn cried out incredulously. She could never imagine herself being pregnant without telling her mother… What had Zoey been thinking?!

“Hey, it’s not like I didn’t want to! It’s just… Well, Snowpoint City is very traditional, and my parents are some of the worst when it comes to that.”


“You know… No sex before marriage, no children out of wedlock… and I’m pretty sure they won’t approve of my recent choice of lovers either…” she finished, indicating both Dawn and Tauros.

“I guess that doesn’t really make things easier…” Dawn mumbled in response. “But come on, you’re their only daughter Zo… I’m sure they’ll come around sooner or later.”

“I dunno, and frankly I’ve had no desire to find out either. I guess I’m going to have to face the facts when the tournament is over…”

“Well, you won’t have to do it alone Zoey… I’ll be right there with you!”

“Really? Until the baby’s born?”

“And far beyond that, if you want me!” Dawn assured her, rubbing her shoulders affectionately.

“Thanks Dawn, I love you…” Zoey replied, tears shimmering in her eyes as she turned around slightly to press a kiss on Dawn’s lips.

And so, both girls continued their way towards the volcano’s base, feeling reassured, loved and ready for the future. By the end of the day, they had reached the volcano’s base, where they soon found Ash, May, and all of their other friends, waiting for the pulley to ferry them up the mountain.


The morning sun shone brightly as Iris dipped her toe in the cold water of a small river. Shivering, she concluded that the water a bit too cold for her liking. Then again, she HAD to clean up after her late night sexual encounters with both her own Axew, now newly evolved into a proud Fraxure, as well as her new friend Ritchie’s Charmeleon, which had evolved into a majestic Charizard halfway through their session.

Needless to say, the whole experience had left the chocolate-skinned girl quite exhausted and semen from both Pokemon had left stains on her clothes and her body. Taking a bath wouldn’t be a luxury; it would be a damned necessity!

So here she was, stripped of all her clothing, her face, hair, chest and groin covered in white stickiness, ready to plunge herself into the cold river below. Taking a deep breath, she cannon-balled into the water. The intense chill practically shut her body down until she jumped up again, gasping for breath as goose bumps covered her skin. Shivering, she quickly went to work, scrubbing herself clean bit by bit.

Fraxure laughed excitedly as he jumped in after her, splashing water all around as he cannon-balled in as well. As the young dragon smiled mischievously, he slowly circled around his trainer until he was facing her, before he shoved a big load of water into her face.

Iris coughed loudly as she blinked her eyes furiously, trying to regain her sight.

“Frisky, are we, Fraxure?” she said with an edge of challenge in her voice. “Well, two can play at that game!" With a great shove of her delicate hands, she shoved a wave of water towards her starter Pokemon, hitting him square in the mouth as he had still been busy laughing at her. What started as a friendly joke soon turned into all-out warfare as human and Pokemon continued to splash each other with water, yelling and coughing loudly as they did battle.

Zippo, Ritchie’s newly evolved Charizard, was the only one not joining in on the fun. His kind had no love for water, given the fact how easily they could die if the water were to hit the flame on their tail.

He took the greatest of care as he scooped small amounts of water out of the river and on to his scales as he cleaned the lower half of his body.

It didn’t take long for Iris and Fraxure to exhaust themselves, and they quickly returned to their cleaning duties after regaining their breath. While Fraxure managed to get cleaned up relatively quick, it took Iris a lot longer to finally finish up. Her large bushy hair had been hit by more than a few strands of Fraxure’s cum, and the thick, sticky goop had been quite difficult to get rid of.

When she finally considered herself clean again, Iris climbed out of the river and joined Fraxure near Charizard. The big fire-type had pushed the flame on the end of his tail to grow bigger, providing Iris and Fraxure with some much appreciated heat as they both dried up.

“That should just about do it…” Iris mumbled appreciatively, examining her freshly cleaned body before donning her clothes.

“We’d better start moving though guys. We have to get back to camp before Ritchie gets suspicious!” she said to her Pokemon companions. Both of them nodded in understanding as they started walking back towards their camp.

“Come to think of it… We better come up with a damn good excuse as to how the two of you evolved since yesterday!” the young girl mumbled.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I am NOT telling Ritchie you evolved because I allowed you to fuck me, Zippo!” The big fire-type grinned and shrugged his new shoulders in response as they trotted on.

As Iris rounded a corner about five minutes later, they were met by a gasp.

“Iris! There you are! I was starting to get worried when you didn’t come back last night!” Ritchie cried out as he ran towards her.

“Sorry about that… I guess I just kind of lost my way last night. This forest is bigger than I thought!” Iris giggled, hoping Ritchie would accept her lie.

“It’s a big forest all right… You had me worried Iris! I must’ve searched for hours after you didn’t come back!” Ritchie continued and Iris noticed that Ritchie had indeed gone out of his way to find her. He had heavy bags under his eyes and his hair was standing up at odd places, indicating that he couldn’t have had a lot of sleep at all.

“It’s all my fault really… I shouldn’t have let you go without asking your PokeGear number or something… so we could keep in touch. I’m sorry.”

Wow… I disappear for an entire night and he starts blaming himself? This guy is too good for his own good!

“Ritchie, don’t. It wasn’t your fault; I was the one who insisted on going on a late night walk! If anything I should’ve been the one asking for your number!” She reassured him, not wanting to make him feel guilty for something she caused. “Good suggestion though… Should’ve thought of it myself!” she continued before giving him her number and taking his in exchange.

“Not that I was ever in any danger really… Not with these two guys protecting me.” Iris mentioned as she typed away on her Pokegear, stepping aside slightly to give Ritchie a good look at the two Pokemon that accompanied her.

Fraxure stepped forth, comically flexing his muscles while grinning from ear to ear. With an impressive display of control, he let out a Dragon Rage so focused it sliced a single leaf from a nearby tree, leaving the rest of the leaves untouched.

“That’s amazing Iris, your Axew finally evolved! Congratulations!” Ritchie cried out as he recovered from Fraxure’s impressive display. He circled around the newly-evolved Pokemon, taking in every little detail of Fraxure’s changed physique. “Look at those claws… that tail… and the blades on his mouth! Wow… You turned into a bonafide badass buddy!”

“I knew he had it in him, somewhere.” Iris commented, looking at her Pokemon with pride. “It just never came out, until now of course!”

“Tell me about it!” Ritchie replied with a snort. “I’ve been dealing with the same stuff with Zippo for years now! I know he’s more than ready to evolve, but so far he hasn’t given any clues as to when he’ll evolve yet…”

“Hmmm, speaking of Zippo… I think I’ve got a small surprise for you. Or, maybe… a not-so-small surprise!” Iris laughed before she turned and nodded towards the corner of the road they had passed earlier. The earth shook slightly as Zippo emerged, grinning smugly as he stomped his way towards his gob smacked trainer. Coming to a halt, he breathed a small amount of fire through his nostrils, looking very pleased with himself.

“Z-z… Zippo, is that you?” Ritchie mumbled, not believing his eyes. In response, the Charizard before him nodded his massive head and spread his new wings wide as though presenting himself. Ritchie quickly snapped out of it and launched himself onto Zippo, laughing loudly as he hugged the fire-type’s broad belly.

“Zippo! That’s amazing! You evolved, you finally evolved!” he cried.

“Wow Iris, do you realize how unusual this is? Two Pokemon who haven’t evolved for years, now suddenly evolve in the same night?! What happened?”

Iris flashed him an uncertain grin as sweat drops poured down her back. She hadn’t had much time to come up with a plausible explanation so she was going to have to come up with a pretty good lie, and fast! No way in hell was she going to confess to Ritchie that she fucked both Fraxure and Zippo, or that she’d do it again in a heartbeat.

“Well, it’s a funny story…” she began, immediately noticing how Ritchie focused his complete attention on her.

Great… look at him staring with those bright, sparkling blue eyes… This isn’t helping!

Her eyes darted around at high speed as she thought of what to say next, until she focused briefly on Fraxure, who was throwing punches at some imaginary foe, obviously intent on getting to know his new body. This gave Iris the inspiration she needed, and she continued with a little more confidence.

“I-… I took a walk through the forest last night, like I said, until I suddenly heard the sound of snapping wood and rustling bushes. So, I went over to investigate and there-…”

“Wait, you went to investigate?!” Ritchie gasped in disbelief. “But you were in the middle of a dark forest in the middle of the night! Weren’t you scared?”

“W-… Well… This hasn’t been the first time I’ve been in a forest, you know… Why should I be scared?”

“B-.. but, you were alone! Without a Pokemon to defend you, I mean…” Ritchie continued, finding it hard to believe a girl could head straight into potential danger without anyone to defend her. Heck, he was a guy himself and even he didn’t dare to leave his camp without one of his Pokemon accompanying him at times!

“I’ve lived in the wilds a long time, Ritchie. And without Pokemon too, sometimes. I can take care of myself!” Iris said, crossing her arms under her bosom with a look of mild hurt on her face.

Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself…

“Now, mind if I continue?” she shot at him. Mumbling a faint apology, Ritchie nodded his head and once again resumed his attentive stare as Iris continued her story.

“So, like I said… I went over to investigate the loud noise, when I found these two fighting each other again!” she said, nodding slightly towards the two Pokemon besides them.

“They were fighting again?” Ritchie gasped in amazement.

Okay, so far so good… He seems to be buying it! Now, to finish it off…

“When I got there, Axew and Zippo were locked in an epic struggle. Zippo’s Flamethrower against Axew’s Dragon Rage. I had never seen him use Dragon Rage this well before, he was amazing!” Iris complimented her dragon Pokemon, to which Fraxure replied with a shy shrug.

“So then, I yelled for them both to stop it. You know, with our match already being over and all… But when I intervened, the both of them lit up in a bright shining light. The combined force of the Flamethrower and Dragon Rage exploded, so I had to take cover. And when the dust settled, they had both evolved!” she finished; spreading her arms out for dramatic effect. With a mental grin she concluded her lie had been successful. Ritchie was looking at her in awe and amazement.

“Wow, that’s amazing Iris! Both of them at the same time? Man, I wish I could’ve been there!”

Yeah, and I bet you’d wish the same thing if you knew how it really happened…

“So… Now that that’s all covered… How about we get going again? We’ve still got quite some road to cover and only a day and a half to do it in!”

“Right, gotcha! I’ve already packed both our supplies. We’re good to go whenever you’re ready!” Ritchie revealed, handing Iris her rucksack. She was amazed at his level of preparation.

“Actually, come to think of it… I want to try something out.” Ritchie mumbled, facing his Charizard.

“You think you can fly us to the tournament, buddy?”


Iris blinked her eyes in surprise at Ritchie’s request. “Erhm, Ritchie? Are you sure Zippo’s up for that? I mean, he’s only been a Charizard for like, a couple of hours!”

At this, Zippo sniffed loudly and flapped his wings. With a great lunge, he jumped up into the air, ascending sharply as he flapped his wings with great enthusiasm. At the top of his climb he let out a large jet of fire from his mouth as he bellowed his dominance for all to hear.

Zippo landed as quickly as he had taken off, crushing a moderate crater into the ground on impact.

“Okay… I guess he does know how to fly already” Iris blinked, very impressed with Zippo’s feat.

“But… how are going to do this then? Zippo’s back isn’t broad enough to support all three of us, and I can’t keep Fraxure in my hair like I did when he was still an Axew!”

“Hmmm, you got a point there…” Ritchie pondered as his brow furrowed in concentration. Soon enough, he slapped his hands together and laughed.

“I think I got it! If we huddle up tightly, the two of us can fit on Zippo’s back easily, and Zippo can carry Fraxure with his arms!”

“Hmmm, I’m not really sure… but I guess it’s worth the try.” Iris agreed and soon she was hugging Ritchie tightly as they lay on Zippo’s back, flying through the air at high speed.

True to Ritchie’s word, Zippo was up to the task. His training as a Charmeleon had paid off, his new body was powerful and his stamina was nowhere near depleted. Both humans laughed as the wind swept through their hair as they kept a firm hold on each other and on to Zippo.

The only one who wasn’t enjoying this new way of travelling very much was Fraxure. With a mixture of rope and tent pieces, he had been secured to Zippo’s belly, so that he didn’t depend on the strength of Zippo’s arms alone. This high up in the air had made the young dragon-type realize he had a serious fear of heights. He squeezed his eyes shut in an attempt to stop himself from growing nauseous. Thankfully, their flying journey didn’t take long and they reached the border of Mt. Rapture just before dinner. The only hold-up had been a violent rainstorm, which they had evaded by finding shelter in a cave Iris’ Excadrill had quickly created. Soon, they would reach the base of Mt. Rapture and reunite with their friends at long last!


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