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Chapter 24 - Hurt



If only it had been that easy. In the end however, Ash’s Gabite proved to be too strong and too fast for Max’s Umbreon and Grovyle. Ash had won, kicking Max out of the tournament in the process. It had been an enormous blow to him, but Max had faced his former idol determined not to cry and they parted ways for the day on good terms.

Upon their return to their friends, his sister May had not wasted any time in jumping into Ash’s arms, sobbingly apologizing for something as irrelevant as not cheering him on from the start. Dawn, Zoey and Iris, as well as Mrs. Ketchum, Professor Oak and Tracey had all congratulated him on a fine battle and an amazing result for someone his age. He had been humbled by the praise, but the hurt of losing didn’t go away completely.

Before long, everyone went their separate ways. May mentioned something about having a surprise for Ash, which made Max shudder and hope she hadn’t forgotten the hotel’s less-than-soundproof walls.


Max went to the town’s Pokemon Center at the first opportunity, where he now was, being hugged by Misty. After leaving Absol in the good care of the local Nurse Joy, the redheaded water trainer had watched the battle between Ash and Max on the Pokecenter’s television.

“You were great out there today, Max. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you different!” she said as she came out of their hug, keeping her hand on his shoulder.

“Thanks Misty…” Max mumbled, “I tried to give Ash a wallop like you asked, but… In the end, it just wasn’t enough.”

Misty quickly waved him off. “Eh, don’t mention it. I wasn’t in a proper state of mind anyway when I said that this morning…”

Just then, Max suddenly remembered why they were in the Pokemon center to begin with. Feeling quite guilty having forgotten all about his sick Absol, he turned to Misty with a heavy heart.

“And w-… What about Absol? Is she alright?” he asked. To his immense relief, Misty broke out a warm smile and assured him Absol would be completely fine.

“In fact… According to Nurse Joy I should congratulate you!” she remarked with a grin, causing to Max to frown.

“Congratulate? What do you mean?”

“I mean that your Absol is pregnant. She’s going to be a mother!” Misty revealed. Max could feel his jaw dropping as disbelief set in. His Absol, the second Pokemon he ever caught, pregnant?!

“Pregnant?! You’re serious?!” he exclaimed.

“Of course I’m serious!” Misty retorted firmly. “Nurse Joy ran every test she knew and she told me herself: your Absol is pregnant and this morning she was most likely suffering a bad case of morning sickness.”

Max was lost in his thoughts for a good minute following Misty’s confirmation, until the redhead started to shake his shoulder impatiently.

“Well? What do you think?” she asked.

“I-… That’s great! Absolutely wonderful…” Max mumbled with a frown. “But, I don’t understand! How? How did this happen?” To his surprise, Misty started to snicker.

“Well, I had thought you had at least figured THAT part out! Considering what happened in the forest a few weeks ago!” she joked, causing Max to blush brightly.

“Okay, it’s like this… You take a boy Pokemon and a girl Pokemon, and when they love each other very much, the boy Pokemon puts his-…” Misty continued in a mocking tone until Max quickly interrupted her.

“All right, all right! I get the picture! What I don’t understand is how it happened! She’s only ever been intimate with Grovyle, and the two of them aren’t compatible when it comes to breeding!” he clarified in a rush.

“Okay, so that rules out Grovyle as the potential daddy… What about the other Pokemon on your team?” Misty enquired, holding her hand to her chin in thought.

“From what I’ve read, Absol could only breed with Ampharos and Umbreon. Ampharos is ruled out of course, since she’s a girl as well, and Umbreon only joined the team after Absol had gotten ill…” Max pondered. That ruled out any of the Pokemon on his own team.

“Then Absol must’ve mated with another Pokemon here on the island…” Misty concluded, cutting short his train of thought. “Nurse Joy did mention something about the mating season having started for a lot of species of Pokemon on the island… Maybe Absol snuck out during the night and found a local Pokemon?” she offered. Max had to agree Misty’s theory held merit, but he decided to drop the subject for now. What mattered now was that Absol was pregnant and in need of extra care.

In the end, Max and Misty checked up on Absol personally before leaving her in the capable hands of Nurse Joy. Grovyle insisted on staying with the pregnant dark-type, something Nurse Joy was all too happy to allow. As it was nearly dinnertime by the time they were done, Max invited Misty to dinner at a local pasta restaurant.


It was almost midnight by the time Max and Misty arrived back at their hotel room. The food, lasagna for Max and a spaghetti dish for Misty, had been wonderful and Misty had even indulged on more than a few glasses of wine while Max politely refused. Despite the fact that she was obviously tipsy, Max hadn’t seen Misty in a brighter mood since they arrived on the island.

As a result, Max was shocked when he walked past the door leading to the room Ash and May shared. A do-not-disturb sign was hanging from the doorknob, which could only mean one thing. Ash and his sister were probably going at it again, unhindered by the hotel’s thin walls. Max rushed after Misty into their own hotel room, praying she was too tipsy to notice the noise.


“Ash! Oh!  Ah… A- ASH! R-RIGHT THERE!”

Curse that sister of mine! There goes Misty not noticing…


And he was right, Misty had definitely noticed. She was standing next to her own bed, her back to him and her shoulders tensed as she squeezed her hands into fists. At first, the young trainer thought the girl was shaking in anger, until he noticed the telltale shuddering of her shoulders as she sniffed quietly.

“Misty…” he mumbled sadly as he walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She shook extra hard when she felt his touch.

“I-… I’ll get them to stop! This has… it’s gone on far enough now!” he pledged and turned around towards the door. Before he made it to the door Misty called for him to stop, through gritted teeth and with a voice strangely devoid of emotion.

“D-d-d-Don’t!... Leave them…” she groaned. “I’m tired…”

With that, she motioned to take off her t-shirt, which Max took as his cue to turn his back to her in favor of her privacy. Not knowing where to look, he chose to focus on the pattern of the wallpaper on the opposing wall. As he heard the rustling of Misty’s clothing behind him, he was hoping feverishly for Ash and May to keep it short tonight. The sooner they were done, the sooner they would cease tormenting Misty.



“May… May!”

*bonk bonk*

“Ash… Feels so… good!”

*bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk*

“Yes… YES… YES!”

Just great… now they’re humping so hard the bed is slamming into the wall! Absolutely wonderful!


“Max… You can turn around now…” he heard Misty mumble in the same emotionless voice. When he turned around, he was met with one of the most shocking surprises of his life.

Standing beside a pile of clothing was Misty.





Her skin seemed to glow a pale yellow in the light of their bedside lamp as she only chose to cover her breasts, holding one of her arms before them. Tear tracks marked her face and fresh tears were still forming as the naked redhead shuddered slightly.

“Please…” she begged, her voice suddenly wavering, filled with sadness. “Make me forget…”

She dropped her arms to her side, baring her breasts as she lowered her head, still shaking with soft sobs.

Max didn’t know what to do… The hormone driven half of him was more than eager to give in to Misty’s request, something the moral side of him despised. Misty was vulnerable, emotional, not in a right state of mind. He couldn’t take advantage of her like that!

Or could he...?


“Misty…” he began awkwardly. “I can’t… I would just be taking advantage of you!”

Misty raised her head and looked him in the eyes, her lips trembled as her eyes were glazing with tears. “Please…”

Max continued to look her in the eyes for a few lengthy moments until he finally closed his eyes and nodded his head. “Okay…” Nothing more needed to be said.

Silently, almost solemnly, he made his way over to the distressed girl and wrapped his arms around her. He felt unsure what to do next, unsure what to do at all even. Closing his eyes, he pressed his lips to hers and let his hands roam her back. Misty was a few years older compared to Max and she was a couple of centimeters taller than he was, so he had to crane his neck in order to kiss her.

The young girl let out a quiet whimper of relieve and opened her mouth, letting their tongues meet as Max starting making out with her passionately.

Max could feel himself shaking with nerves as he continued to make out with the redheaded water trainer. His hands roamed all over her body and he marveled at the feeling of her. Her skin was soft as silk, but the muscles in her arms, legs, stomach and back felt hard and defined. He felt the beginnings of a six pack as his fingers caressed her stomach.

He stopped their kiss for a moment and gently nudged her backward, sitting her down on the edge of her bed. Their tongues continued their struggle for a while before Max chose to pull away, instead choosing to kiss her jaw, neck and collarbone as he started working his way down. Misty let out a sound that was something between a sob and a moan when he started to gently caress her breasts. He kissed her on the mouth again as he, gingerly and with shaking hands at first, fondled her soft small mounds.

All of Max’s gentle care and attention did not go wasted. He could clearly see Misty starting to blush as her cheeks turned red and the skin below her neck also gaining a reddish hue. Emboldened by his success so far, inspiration struck the young boy from Petalburg and he slowly lowered one of his hands between her legs, all the while fondling her breasts with the other. It didn’t take him long to find the wetness he was searching for and he started to slowly rub his thumb and index finger over the heated skin.

Misty moaned, truly moaned this time, when he slowly pushed one of his fingers inside her. Slickened by her juices, it was easy for him to push over half of his finger inside and he marveled at her tightness. The Cerulean girl began to buck her hips as he inserted a second finger and he quickly got down a slow rhythm, thrusting his fingers in and out of her.


When he pulled back from another kiss, intent on licking her left nipple instead, Misty stopped him, grasping his face in her hands. She was breathing heavily as she looked at him through glazed eyes, but the command that followed was spoken with clarity nonetheless.

“Fuck me!...” she said, adding a pitiful “please…” as Max started to see the hunger in her eyes. He knew his fingers alone wouldn’t be enough, so he quickly and eagerly obeyed. He pulled himself out of Misty’s hot embrace, taking a split second to admire the naked, sweaty girl sitting on the edge of her bed before him, before he went to work undressing himself. His shirt came off easily enough, but he ended up fiddling with his shoes for a while before they too came off, together with his pants and boxer short. His member staggered upward, pointing diagonally up at full strength as it was finally freed from the confines of his pants. The work he had done preparing and pleasuring Misty had left him incredibly horny himself and he wasted no time in getting a condom out of his pants pocket, a souvenir he had snatched from his sister a few days earlier. In the back of his mind, he noticed his hands weren’t shaking quite so badly anymore as he rolled the blue rubber over his rod, securing it in place with a snap.

Misty had been watching him like a Meowth watching a pool of Magikarp, her mouth slightly open and a look of hunger in her eyes. She quickly laid herself down on the bed and spread her legs wide, inviting him with a motion of her fingers as she whimpered with need. Breathing heavily, Max climbed on the bed with her and positioned himself between her legs. He caressed her strong hips as he pushed his tip on her entrance, groaning as he felt himself entering her. He grit his teeth as he could watch his member disappear within her folds, reveling in the feeling of it. Misty let out a gasping cry and he groaned when he finally hilted her, slowly pushing his whole length into her.


Max was breathing hard as he tried to concentrate, but he was having trouble keeping himself together. Misty was so tight… A lot tighter than May had been-… NO ! He couldn’t allow himself to think like that! May was his sister, a one-time thing… Off limits… Comforting Misty and making her feel good was all that mattered now. With clenched teeth he pulled out a little, earning a pleasured mewl from Misty. He smiled with pride, certain now that he was on the right way as he started a slow rhythm of long, languid thrusts. Agonizingly slow, he would pull out of Misty’s wet tunnel almost completely before pushing himself all the way in again, slapping their hips together.

“Arceus m-Misty…  You’re s-s-so tight! It feels amazing!” Max hissed as he continued making love to the girl. “A-… Am I doing this right? Does t-this f-f-feel good?!”

Misty looked at him through hazy eyes, blushing a bright red as her body rocked slightly with the force of his thrusts. “You’re doing a-a-a-amazing!” she said, her voice low and husky. The intense pleasure she was feeling started to cloud her mind, reducing her to rambling random encouragements as she moaned when Max pushed in once again. “Please… Go harder… Go faster!” she cried out loudly.

Max nodded nervously and increased his pace, alternating between quick short jabs and fast full-length pounding. Misty’s cries of pleasure instantly confirmed that he was hitting all the right buttons. In the back of his mind, the young boy was thankful that he had been able to endure the pleasure so far. Unlike the last time they had fucked, Max wasn’t going to erupt prematurely. But it wasn’t over yet…

With a grunt, he pulled out of Misty completely and turned her over, letting her lie on her stomach with her butt sticking up in the air. He softly caressed her cheeks before spreading her lower lips wide, pushing his member in again at great speed. Misty let out a howl of pleasure when their hips crashed together as she slid several centimeters forward over the soft surface of her bed. Max was fucking her doggy style and he loved every second of it. In this position the young Cerulean girl felt even tighter as her inner muscles clamped down on his thick meat, he grunted with effort as he tried to keep his orgasm at bay.

Meanwhile, Misty tried her best to answer his rhythm with her own thrusts, but the raw amount of pleasure made it impossible for her to focus long enough as her small breasts swayed back and forth with every stroke. It didn’t take long for the pleasure to completely overwhelm her, her arms gave way from underneath her, forcing her down on her stomach as Max held up her rear as he pounded away inside her.

Sweat beaded on his brow as Max kept up his efforts, determined to push Misty to her peak. The redhead herself was covered in a thin layer of sweat as well, pearly drops glistening on her skin as they were illuminated by the light of the moon coming in from the nearby window. Suddenly, Misty’s high-pitched squealing came faster and faster as Max felt her pussy spasm around his dick. She was close, he had managed to push her to the edge, but he didn’t want to end it like this. He wanted to look her in the eyes when she shattered, when she succumbed to the pleasure and love he was giving her.

He took a deep breath and pulled out again, this time causing Misty to let out an almost feral whine. Quickly, he sat himself down, turned Misty around and sat her down on his lap, impaling her on his rod in the process. Misty immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, locking him in place with her ankles and preventing him from pulling another stunt like that. But Max wasn’t going to do that. Not anymore, not when he was just as close to his peak as Misty was. He was going to finish it, and he was going to finish it NOW.

He hugged her with all that he had as he bucked his hips, furiously pounding his member into her heated core. He felt her first spasm before he heard her scream…


“Oh god… OH!... I LOVE YOU ASH!”


What. The. Fuck?!


He felt her nails digging into his back as Misty finally reached orgasm. Her pussy twitched and spasmed around his dick as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her body. With a cry, Max came as well gritting his teeth as he continued to buck his hips into Misty’s as his orgasm ran its course. Both of them could feel him shooting off several waves of his seed, even through the protective rubber of his condom.


By the time the young Cerulean’s orgasm had worn off, she was simply too tired and drained to carry on. She fell backwards onto her pillow, fainting practically instantly.

It left Max feeling quite alone as he pulled out of her, breathing heavily and with sweat pouring from his body.


It hurt.

Arceus, it hurt so much…


In the end, after everything he had done to make her feel good… She had cried out her love for Ash, and not for him…


Chapter End Notes:

Ouch! I bet that hurt... Definitely not good for poor Max's confidence, not to mention his relationship with Misty.

Next up, we take a closer look at Ritchie and Iris.

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