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Chapter 25 - Iris Makes her Move!


Meanwhile, on another floor and in another part of the hotel, completely unaware of what their friends were doing, Ritchie and Iris made it back to their hotel room for the night. So far, the evening had been quite enjoyable for Iris, with one major exception. Even though Ritchie had invited her for a private dinner at a local French restaurant, he hadn’t even come close to confessing his feelings for her, as she had hoped he would. She had dropped several hints herself, some of them very blatantl at that, but it seemed as though she hadn’t gotten through to the boy. She let out a sigh as the laid on top of the covers of their shared bed and watched him brush his teeth in the bathroom.

He’s so naïve… Just like Ash was, all those years ago…

Ritchie made some vague remarks as she brushed her own teeth after him. Something about how he hoped his Pokemon were getting a good night’s rest, before he would face Ash in the finals tomorrow. She smiled distantly and told him everything would be alright and that he shouldn’t worry.

 Guess I’ll have to be the one to confess first then… Well, so be it…

She got into bed as he had his back turned and, after he insisted on sleeping on the floor again, got Ritchie to lie with her as well. The faint blush on Ritchie’s cheeks told her that, even after two weeks of sleeping in the same bed, the brown haired boy still wasn’t used to being in such close contact with her. With a flick of his thumb he turned off the lights and wished her goodnight.


Sunlight filtered into the room through the sides of the curtains when Iris woke up the following morning. Blinking, she tried to wipe the sleep from her eyes only to find that she couldn’t, thanks to something holding her arm down. It took her a few moments to realize that this ‘something’ was in fact Ritchie’s arm. Grinning, she noticed that Ritchie was hugging her in his sleep, spooning her. She giggled when she felt something hard poking into her lower back.

 Her giggling woke the brown-haired boy and he grumbled something along the lines of ‘5 more minutes…’, not opening his eyes as he cuddled closer to Iris. “Good morning! Did you sleep well?” she exclaimed brightly, grinning as she treasured the feeling of being in his arms. He rumbled in response.

“Hrrmmm, yeah… ‘morning…”

“Nice dreams?”


“I figured you did…”

“Hmmm? Wuzzat?” he grumbled, not understanding as he opened a bleary eye.

“Well… I figured you had nice dreams because you were... you know... kind of ‘poking’ me! Down there…” she explained with a giggle.

“OH MY GOD!” Ritchie cried out as his eyes flashed open and he realized the situation he was in.

“I am so… so sorry! I-… I don’t know what hap-...” he babbled, until Iris shut him up effectively by grabbing the bulge in his pants in her hands.

“Relax Ritchie…” she purred as she turned to face him, an enticing look looming in her eyes. “No need to apologize. In fact… I kind of liked it!”

Ritchie didn’t know what to say. What had gotten into that girl?

“Iris… What are you d-doing?!” he exclaimed as a single drop of sweat dripped across his temple.

“Something I should’ve done yesterday…” the young girl replied before she quickly pulled his face close to hers and kissed him.


Whatever Ritchie had been thinking about, it was wiped from his mind completely now.  He felt Iris’ soft lips on his as she kissed him with her eyes closed. In turn, she felt him tense up as uncertainty hit him. She didn’t let down though and continued her kiss until she felt him relax, to her delight. Breathlessly she pulled back, looking at the bewildered boy before her with a look of curiosity on her face.

“You…” he began, but fumbled as he lost his words. A bright red blush began to spread on his cheeks. “You love me?” Iris merely nodded, never once breaking eye contact.

“Wow… I… I dunno what to say!” Ritchie mumbled.

“You don’t have to say anything…” she replied gently, putting her hand on his cheek. He nearly flinched at the tender touch. “Just tell me if you love me too…”

Ritchie fumbled with his words again, sweating profusely until he finally managed to utter a shaky “I dunno…”

Immediately Iris’ face dropped and she could feel tears brimming in her eyes. She was about to turn away, saying she was sorry for being so forward, when Ritchie suddenly placed his hand on her shoulder.

“I dunno…” he repeated, “but I do know you’re one of the funniest, bright and caring people I’ve ever met. I guess… I guess I DO love you, Iris…”

The chocolate-skinned girl gasped in surprise before Ritchie closed the distance between them again, this time with a kiss of his own. The young girl was almost bursting with joy as she felt him kissing her, clumsily and a little unsure at first, but steadily growing in confidence.

“Ritchie, thank you! I was so afraid you didn’t love me back!” she confessed with a smile as tears of joy were brimming in her eyes.

“Don’t be, Iris… Because I love you, you hear me?”

“Oh, I hear you!” she laughed before they both started kissing again. Iris was pleasantly surprised when she felt Ritchie’s tongue on her lips, bashfully requesting entrance. She was all too happy to oblige.

Of course, when it came to sex, Iris had had a little experience, thanks to her Fraxure and Ritchie’s Charizard, but when it came to kissing, she found, she had no idea what to do. Luckily, it seemed her body knew what to do just fine, as if by instinct the new lovers deepened their kiss and allowed their tongues to roam around each other freely. Iris felt herself tingle all over and she felt a lust emerge from deep within her, stronger than she had ever felt before. Under the sheets, she took a hold of his member.


Ritchie stifled a groan when he felt Iris’ hands rub his member.

“I-… Iris… What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” Iris replied with a grin, the lust in her eyes left little to Ritchie’s imagination.

“But… what I mean is… so soon?” he rectified. “Shouldn’t we-… you know, start dating first?!”

“Well, you took me out to dinner tonight. Doesn’t that count as a date?” Iris remarked playfully while her hands never ceased to roam around his privates. “Besides… Don’t you want me to do this?”

“I-… I do…” Ritchie confessed with a blush. “But more than anything, I don’t want to you to rush i-into something you might r-regret later on!”

She smiled at that, pleased to hear how much he cared for her. It solidified her belief that she had made the right choice.

“Thank you, Ritchie... but I know what I’m doing, and I’m sure about this! Want to know a little secret?” she continued in a sultry tone. Ritchie gulped audibly, nodding his head without a word. Iris brought herself close to his ear and whispered.

“I’m not actually wearing anything, underneath these sheets… “ Ritchie gasped.

“R-really?! You mean, this whole night, you were lying next to me… NAKED?!”

Boldly, Iris threw back the sheets of their one-person bed, revealing herself to him in all her naked glory. Ritchie’s eyes seemed to bulge and the enormous tent in his pajama pants told Iris all she needed to know. He approved and Iris, who up until then hadn’t considered herself to be pretty by a long shot, was immensely relieved by it.

“I had planned it as some sort of last-resort, to win you over…” she confessed bashfully. “But, I guess I didn't need to! Now, where were we?”


And with that, she proceeded to pull down Ritchie’s pants, freeing his full mast 17 centimeter penis. Iris eyed his tool with a mixture of curiosity and lust. He was about as long as she had imagined, judging from the fondling she had done earlier, and he was surprisingly thin, especially when compared to her Fraxure and Charizard. A neatly kept patch of light brown pubic hair concluded her inspection, an interesting difference, she noted, as she had kept herself completely bare down below.

Eager to get things going, she wrapped her delicate fingers around his shaft and started to gently pump up and down. Ritchie couldn’t help but let out a low moan as his recently acquired girlfriend went to work on his privates. His mind wandered back to the days when he had first set out on his journey. Halfway through Kanto, he had accidently walked in on an older female trainer pleasuring herself. Back then, he ran away without a word, embarrased beyond belief and afterwards, he had spent many a night discovering the art of masturbation thinking about the half-naked girl whose name he didn’t even know.

 But now, his masturbation days were over. With Iris as his girlfriend, he’d never have to take care of business himself anymore. Why would he? Iris seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as he was and she certainly made him feel better than he had ever felt before. As inexperienced as she was, she actually seemed to learn really quickly. Soon, she started to alternate between rapid strokes and slower, firmer pumping, even going so far as to fondle his balls with her other hand from time to time.

“Hmmrggh, Arceus! You gotta stop!” he managed to groan after a few short minutes. “Iris… Please, stop!  Hrgn-… If you keep this up, I’ll cum!”

Rather than obliging, the young girl grinned. “Excellent!” she purred, before opening her mouth wide and engulfing a good two-thirds of his member.

 The virgin boy cried out in shock as he suddenly felt Iris’ hot mouth around his rod. He started to buck his hips involuntary when he felt Iris’ tongue twist around his tip. Seconds later, she pushed him over the edge and he cried out in orgasm as his member twitched within her mouth, shooting copious amounts of thick semen down the back of her throat. The naked girl neither choked, nor did she spit out his spunk like he thought she would. Instead, she even continued to suck on his tip in an attempt to draw every drop she could. When he had nothing more to give and his senses returned to him, he looked at her through bleary eyes, shocked to find her swallowing his load.


“Iris! Why-… Why did you do that?!” he gasped, pulling himself into a sitting position, tiny sweat drops dripping from his brow.

“Do what…?” she replied innocently as she mirrored his pose, sitting cross-legged in front of him.

“You… Sucked-, I mean, you put it in your m-mouth! And then you s-s-swallowed! You shouldn’t have done that!”

“Really? Why not?”

“It-… It’s disgusting! Right?” he asked awkwardly. Sure, it had felt amazing for him, but surely it had to have been disgusting for her?

“Actually, it’s not as bad as you think… I kind of liked it even!” she smiled, giggling even when she saw the look of shock on his face.

“B-but, that came out of my-… Shouldn’t it taste horri-…” he stumbled, until Iris took hold of his face and pressed her lips on his.

 After silencing him quite effectively she gently pulled back, smiling at him lovingly.

“Trust me Ritchie… If I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t have…” she reassured him.

“Oh, ok… It’s just, the thought never appealed to me, so I assumed you wouldn’t like it!”

“But I did like it!” Iris reaffirmed defiantly before she noticeably relaxed and the longing returned in her eyes.

“But… there is something you can do to make me like it more…” her voice suddenly seemed to drip with longing, a husky undertone very evident. He looked at her lovingly, radiating a certain determination to make her feel good as well.

“Anything... You name it…”

Iris smiled, baring her white teeth as she lowered herself down on the bed and spread her legs, using her fingers to spread her lower lips in the process. Her blowjob had gotten her wet, very wet.

“Fuck me, Ritchie Tara… Make me a woman!” she said, her voice a mixture of commanding and begging.


Ritchie’s eyes widened when he heard her plea.  His member reared up almost immediately, rapidly building to its full length again as he eyed her naked, sweaty body with unashamed lust. He nodded silently and positioned himself between her legs almost reverently. He took his member in his hand and gently rubbed his tip over her wet folds. His entire body started shaking as he realized he was about to lose his virginity, the thought making him quite nervous. Iris noticed his momentary lapse of uncertainty however and gently took his hand in hers.

“No need to be nervous Ritchie… you can go at your own pace…” she reassured him. He smiled back at her, swallowing audibly before taking a few slow breaths to calm his nerves. When he had calmed down enough he looked her in the eyes.

“I love you Iris” he solemnly stated.

“And I love you too, Ritchie…” she responded, somehow further cementing their relationship in the process.

It was all Ritchie needed to hear. Before he gave himself the chance to lose his nerve again, he placed his tip at Iris’ entrance and pushed in. Both lovers gasped in ecstasy as first his tip and then the rest of his member disappeared between her folds. Iris held her breath as she felt him push deeper and deeper inside of her, her body trembling in ecstasy and joy as she was finally having sex with the boy she had grown to love in the past few weeks.

Meanwhile, Ritchie couldn’t believe what he was feeling, just as he couldn’t believe this was actually happening. A little over two weeks ago, he had never even met Iris and now here he was, head over heels in love with the bushy-haired beauty and giving his virginity to her to boot! And Arceus above, did it feel good...

Slowly but surely he managed to push his rod further into her body, reveling at the squeezing feeling her inner muscles gave him. Being a virgin, he had nothing to compare the experience with. All he knew was that it was the best feeling her had ever had and he loved the fact that he was enjoying these sensations with the girl he loved. She was quite tight to him but she was also leaking copious amounts of fluid, allowing him to slide in and out of her with little resistance. With each thrust he groaned and with each thrust Iris let out a high-pitched mewl. He bent down to kiss her and let his hands roam over her body, earning him her moans of approval.

 He sped up, pushing in and out of her at a greater rate, causing her A-cup breasts to swing back and forth with each thrust.

“H-how am I doing? D-d-does this f-feel good?!” he groaned as he fully hilted her for the first time, staying in that position for a few seconds as they basked in the feeling.

“You’re doing w-wonderful, it feels so good!” she moaned, gasping for breath as a few stray tears of joy leaked out of her eyes. “P-please… don’t stop!”

Determined to keep going, Iris wrapped her legs around his waist and bucked her hips, forcing Ritchie to join her in a rhythm of her own.


Just as he was about to pick up the pace again, a sudden thought raced through his mind, causing him to gasp in alarm.

“Oh shit!” he swore. “Iris… We completely forgot about birth-control!” he cried out in dismay. He frantically tried to pull out of her completely, but the chocolate skinned beauty kept her legs firmly around his waist, locking him in place.

“Calm down Ritchie, I’ve got it covered!” she quickly said in a soothing tone.

“You-… you’re on the p-pill then?”

“Well, not exactly…” she apologized with a blush. “But I’ve always had a very stable period! Like clockwork, almost! Today is a safe day, trust me!”

“Well… if you’re sure…” Ritchie mumbled when Iris grasped his head in her hands and engulfed him in a kiss, blowing away any of his remaining doubt.


“I’m sure. But, if you want, feel free to pull out when you’re about to cum…” she reassured him with a grin. “Or…” she continued, feeling especially bold, “you could put it in my bum instead!”

Ritchie flinched at the thought. If the thought of a blowjob had been off-putting to him before, he definitely couldn’t understand how anyone could enjoy having a penis up their backside.

“No, I think I prefer your-… erhm, you know…”

“Well, get to it then, lover boy!” Iris urged him on huskily, causing him to resume his rhythmic thrusting with great enthusiasm.


It wasn’t long after Ritchie had started again that Iris was well on her way to orgasm. Her high-pitched mewls had made way to frantic pleads, begging Ritchie to go faster as the boy grit his teeth and clenched his stomach in an effort not to orgasm before his girlfriend. In the end he did outlast her, even though it was only because she had provided the final push herself as she frantically rubbed her clit while he kept on thrusting into her.

 “Ritchie, I love you!” she cried as her orgasm crashed over her. Every muscle in her body clenched together as her pussy twitched and spasmed around his rod, trying to milk him into an orgasm of his own. The extra squeezing proved to be the young boy’s downfall and he cried out his love for the bushy-haired girl beneath him as he hit his peak. With a final spark of sanity, Ritchie pulled out when he felt himself shooting his first burst inside of her, shooting the remainder of his sticky seed onto her lower stomach. One, two and -with a shudder- three shiny white strands contrasted with the dark skin of her belly as they both gasped in the afterglow of their lovemaking.


“That… was… wow…” Ritchie gasped several minutes later. Even after having recuperated at least some of his energy, his limbs were still shaking with a mixture of fatigue and ecstasy.

“I’ll say!” Iris agreed breathily as she draped herself next to him, laying her head in the crook of his neck.

They spent the rest of their morning cuddling together, whispering sweet nothings to each other, talking about their home regions and finally cleaning up the place so that it actually looked a bit proper again. Ritchie especially loved to watch Iris take a shower; for some reason he found the water cascading down her body inexplicably sexy. In turn, Iris greatly enjoyed making out with her brown-haired boyfriend under the shower’s pounding rain.




“When all this is over… the tournament I mean… What do you plan to do after?”

“Hmmm, I dunno. Probably keep on traveling for a while… Train with Fraxure until he becomes a Haxorus, probably. What about you?”

“Me? I was thinking of going back to Kanto. Home… I haven’t even seen my parents in two years…”

“That sounds wonderful!”

“Yeah… I- you know… Hoped you’d be willing to join me?”

“Travel with you to Kanto? I’d love to!”

“R-Really?! That's amazing! Thank you!”

“Besides… I don’t think I’m quite ready for a long distance relationship yet… Unova is –quite– far away from Kanto, remember?”

“Hehe… Guess I won’t get rid of you that easily, huh?”




Chapter End Notes:

And so, the last of the main pairings gets together. And it's not just Iris breaking the ice in this chapter, this part of the story also broke the barrier of 100.000 words!

Never thought I'd write a story, let alone one that would grow to be this long, but I guess -with over 5000 reads and counting- I'm doing something right! ;)

Thanks again for reading this and be sure to drop in a review if you want! I love hearing what you guys think about the story so far.


Next up, another more battle focused chapter as Ash and Ritchie face each other in the final round of the tournament! But it doesn't just end there, because there's also a little surprise looming for a certain bespectacled trainer from Hoenn...

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