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Pokemon - New Beginnings by CursedKey


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Chapter 3 - A Brand New Start - Misty

The sun had set over Cerulean City about 2 hours ago. The gym, Cerulean’s pride and honor, home of the Sensational Sisters (and the other one), had been closed for the night. Misty was the only one left inside as she made her final rounds around the gym, making sure all the Pokemon were back in the pools where they belonged. As always, she finished up her round with a final stroll around the main public pool. The main pool had recently been reworked and opened to the public. It was quite big and shaped like a Poliwag, a design that was added to the bottom of the pool as well. The part of the pool that was supposed to represent the Pokemon’s tail was designed to be the shallow area, where young children and their parents could play. In the middle of the deep part of the pool, where the Poliwag’s characteristic swirl would be, there was a small island with plastic palm trees and shrubs.

Satisfied, Misty locked away her equipment before she turned to the pool. How she loved this place. It was her home, her work, her life. She took a closer look at the pristine water. Not a single ripple went through it as it lay there, inviting her in. Giggling, Misty stepped out of her slippers before she undid the shoulder bands of her one-piece bathing suit, letting it drop to the ground. Misty had been into skinny-dipping for a while now, and a pool this big and beautiful just begged to be enjoyed!

Slowly, she eased herself in inch by inch. As she submerged herself, she could feel the cool water all over her naked body as it caressed her. Misty decided it was time for some laps, so she set of in a brisk crawl, swimming large circles in the empty pool. She liked swimming. It kept her mind off of things, things she’d rather not consider.

One of these things was the increasing sense of loneliness she had been experiencing the last 2 years. Life had become such a dull repetition since she had taken over the gym again after she returned from Johto. When your days consist of nothing but sleeping, keeping a gym running, then falling asleep from exhaustion before repeating it all the next day, yes, things get quite dull quite fast. Misty had stopped her crawl, instead choosing to float around on her back. Her wet breasts poked out the water in the chilly air. They hardened almost immediately.

“What am I still doing here?” she asked aloud to the ceiling above her.

“I want to travel again, I want to see the world!”

“I want to see A-…”, oh boy, there she went again. Even though she was ashamed to admit it, Ash Ketchum was exactly the person she wanted to see. Traveling with him had been the best experience of her life and, though she would never admit it to another living soul, she had grown fond of the boy. More than just, ‘fond’, really…

Deciding she needed to blow off some steam, Misty got out of the pool. She was stopped though when she looked at herself in the mirrors that lined up the walls of the pool. The cerulean mermaid would never call herself pretty, but what she saw in that mirror certainly wasn’t terrible. She had grown a few centimeters since her Johto journeys and no longer wore her hair in her old spike. Instead she had let it drop to just above her shoulders in a nice straight cut. Her armpits were bare as always, something Misty took great pride in, but her privates were guarded by a nicely trimmed bush of red hair, in the shape of the Cascade Badge she would hand out to trainers as a memento of their victory.

Misty then turned her eyes upwards, inspecting her breasts. They hadn’t exactly kept up with her after puberty and she could still be considered quite flat with her cup A’s. With a pang of annoyance she remembered the last time her sisters had made snide remarks about her chest size. Just because they were all blessed with absolute melons…

“Besides,” she mused as she observed her left breast more closely, “it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it!” She gently stroked her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples, causing a tingling feeling in her lower stomach.

“I might not have a perfect body”, she considered, “but I’m more than happy with what I’ve got.” Feeling a little turned on, she turned around and gently eased herself into the chilly water again. This time, the cold water made sure her nipples were even harder than before.

She dived and swam underwater, in a single breath, to the island that was situated in the middle of the pool. Once she surfaced there, she nimbly climbed the plastic structure and made her way to a fake Shellder in the middle of the plastic shrubs at the base of the palm tree. That Shellder had been one of her own ideas. Inconspicuous and harmless to the untrained eye, but don’t let that fool you! The Shellder was actually a high-tech container, which could only be opened by fingerprint recognition. Misty eagerly pressed the tip of her index finger on the Shellder, which opened its clam almost immediately. Within the container lay a simple, blue vibrator which was adorned with the picture of a Poliwag.

This hadn’t been the first time Misty had felt horny after skinny dipping in the pool. After a couple of sessions, Misty had gotten bored using just her fingers, so she had bought and installed the little Pokemon-shaped treasure chest where she could store her playthings. This particular vibrator was one of her favorites. At first, she had tried the Pikachu brand, a yellow colored stick which was quite small, even for Misty’s tightness. Her second vibrator, one of the Gyarados models and a gift which her sisters had given her under thunderous laughter, wasn’t a good fit either. It had definitely been too big on her, and the way it squirmed when activated freaked her out for some reason. After her first, painful, experience with it she had discretely disposed of it. Her third vibrator, the Poliwag model she currently held, had been a perfect fit.

 She took the vibrator and swam to the shallow area of the pool, where she sat down and got to work. She pulled up her legs before slowly bringing the vibrating blue rod towards her core. As soon as she touched the vibrating rod to her exposed lips she let out a gasp as the world around her seemed to fade away. No longer was she alone in a pool, she was in a steam bath in the jungle, accompanied by the boy of her dreams, Ash Ketchum himself.

Misty pulled Ash closer to her and claimed his lips in a kiss. The boy from Pallet Town wasn’t content with just kissing though, because he soon shifted his lips to her neck, before making his way down towards her breasts. There, he put her right nipple in his mouth while he fondled her left nipple with his strong hands. The sensations were amazing to Misty as cold and hot shivers coursed up and down her spine. She wasn’t sure how long she could keep this up! She threw her head back in ecstasy as Ash turned his kissing and fondling up a notch, going twice as fast as he did earlier.

Misty took a hold of Ash’s head and fondled his hair, loving the way his spiky locks curled around her fingers. She pressed a kiss to his forehead, urging him to go on. The boy took the advice by heart and quickly made his way down where started to gently stroke her lower lips. Before long, his thumb had found her clit, earning him a hoarse, lust-filled moan from the horny gym leader. His thumb started to lazily draw circles over the clit as he used the index finger from his other hand to lazily stroke her inner folds.

Meanwhile, Misty had trouble staying focused as the sensations followed each other up in high tempo. She took a hold of her breasts, fondling them herself while Ash was busy with her lower regions. When Ash had finally gathered the courage to insert his first finger, a shock went through the Cerulean girl, making her arch her back as a soundless moan escaped her throat. She could no longer keep her eyes open, it just felt too good. As she pinched her nipples, she could feel Ash’s finger going in and out of her body.

“It-… It f-feels, so good!” she moaned to Ash as she could feel her climax approaching. Ash only looked her in the eye and grinned before he resumed his work, this time inserting his tongue in her heated core. That proofed to be more than Misty could take.

“Oh! Ash, ASH! I’m CUMMING!” she yelled, squeezing her eyes shut and pulling up her legs into a fetal position, she could feel her inner walls contracting around Ash’s tongue as she covered his face in her juices.


And then it was over. No more steam bath, no more Ash Ketchum. Just Misty, an empty swimming pool and a tingling feeling in her lower regions. Oh, wait. That tingling feeling could actually be attributed to the blue vibrator still humming away within her folds… With a sigh she took it out and turned it off, laying it on the floor beside her.

She focused on her breathing as she tried to calm herself down again. She didn’t want to get caught with a head like a Voltorb when she’d leave the gym! Looking beside her, she regarded the silent vibrator, wishing she had had the courage to tell Ash how she felt, all those years ago. Who knows, she might not have needed that blue buzzing bastard to begin with if she had told Ash how she felt! But, that was in the past. Ash was training in solitude now, and no matter what she tried, he had not given in to her pleas to return to civilization. She had her chance. And she blew it.

Just then, however, her Pokegear, which she had left with her swimsuit, gave a beep. Curious, Misty got out of the water and made her way to the device. Picking it up, she saw that it was a message from May.


Hey guys!


I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but there’s going to be a big Pokemon tournament on Vulcan Island in a few weeks!

If you ask me, this is the perfect opportunity to get a certain knuckle-headed Pokemon trainer we all know out of his self-imposed retreat. I’ve got a feeling he’ll have been invited for the tournament. Even if he hasn’t been invited, we should all still go there. For old time’s sake!

If we all meet up at the edge of the forest on the south side of the island, we can make the trek through the forest together. It’ll be all sorts of fun!

Let’s meet up on July 31st. That should leave us about 4 days to get through the forest and into the stadium.

Hoping to see you there,

May Maple,

Editor/Photographer – Pokemon Fashion Magazine

Seaside Avenue 42

Slateport City



Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. This e-mail may contain confidential data, directed at the recipient of this e-mail only. If you are not the rightful recipient, please inform the source of this e-mail before deleting it.

Pokemon Fashion Magazine cannot be held accountable for any opinion stated by any employee in this e-mail.


The message had left Misty baffled. After all this time of boring gym work, here was an opportunity to travel again. No, this was more than just a chance to travel again. This was a chance to meet up with Ash! Surely he wouldn’t pass up a tournament like this! This was the chance she had been waiting for!  She wasted no time in messaging May back, confirming she would be on the ferry to Vulcan Island.

Smiling, she closed her Pokegear and pressed it to her chest, just above her naked breasts. She looked around the empty, dark pool and thought how this would be the last evening she’s spent here for a while. Looking down, she noticed her vibrator lying near the edge of the pool where she had left it. Bending down, she picked it up before walking towards one of the waste bins near the wall, where she dumped it and vowed she would never need it again. Next time she felt horny, she vowed, she wouldn’t need her own fingers or some cheap piece of plastic. Next time she would have a real man to pleasure her, a real man with strong hands and a hard dick, big enough to pleasure her ten times over. Next time, she would have Ash Ketchum and she wasn’t going to take anything less!

With an excited spring in her step, she grabbed her swimsuit off the ground and put it back on before she made her way out of the pool area. 10 minutes later, she locked the main entrance to the gym behind and made her way home. In her mind, she was already packing, getting ready for the next chapter in her life and the brand new start ahead of her.


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