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Pokemon - New Beginnings by CursedKey


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Chapter 4 - A Brand New Start - Max



It had been a long day when Max and his Pokemon finally ended their training and got ready for bed. Both his Grovyle and his Absol were exhausted. Absol’s tongue was hanging limply out of her mouth while Grovyle had to support himself by putting one hand to the ground in order to remain balanced. They had given it their all and Max was sure they were ready to face their third gym battle in Sinnoh.

Max had had a great journey so far, ever since he started his Pokemon training career, six years ago. Now, at the age of 16 he had turned into a confident, smart trainer whose brilliant strategy had earned him a well-deserved 8th place in the Hoenn League a year ago.

Kneeling down, he gave both Absol and Grovyle a few berries to replenish their energy. Then, he stood tall again and let out the other three Pokemon on his current team. In a flash of light, his Blastoise appeared, accompanied by his Ampharos as well as his Ditto.

“All right guys, I’m going to clean up the pans so we can make dinner,” he said with a smile, “in the meantime, Ampharos, could you and Blastoise gather some wood and start us a fire? I’ll be right back!” Both his Pokemon nodded before turning around and heading deeper into the forest.

As Max kneeled down near a nearby stream to clean out his pans and pottery from last night’s dinner, he couldn’t help but look at his own reflection in the water. He had sure changed over the past six years. He wasn’t a small, bratty kid anymore. Instead, he was now quite tall for his age, though he was still far from well-muscled and he considered himself quite gangly and dorky as a result. His ever-present glasses probably didn’t help in that aspect. All in all, he never considered himself to be attractive or good-looking, but he didn’t care either. He was more focused on his Pokemon battles and looks didn’t matter when you were out in the battlefield.

With his cooking equipment freshly cleaned, Max soon returned to his campsite where he quickly got to work on tonight’s dinner. As usual, cooked rice for him and fried Pokemon food for his companions. Before long, the air around them was filled with the smell of food and they all dug in.

When everyone had had their fill, which took Blastoise considerably longer than the rest of the team, Max let them have some fun before bedtime. His Ditto, always a playful little fellow, immediately transformed into a Pikachu and started playing with Ampharos. In the meantime, Blastoise slowly made his way to the nearby stream where he dived in with a splash before lazing around.

The only ones who weren’t moving were Absol and Grovyle. Absol was lying on her side and rubbing her hind legs together, all the while letting out high-pitched whines. Grovyle was kneeling beside her, a concerned look in his yellow eyes.  Max was quick to notice this unusual behavior, as he had witnessed it before.

About a year ago, Absol had been showing the same symptoms. She would whine constantly while rubbing her hind legs together until the fur had been rubbed off and the skin beneath was a raw red color. For all his knowledge on Pokemon health, Max hadn’t known what to do. His only option was to change their course the following morning and visit the closest Pokemon center. The very night before they would reach the center though, Max was woken up from his slumber by a loud yelp which he recognized to be Absol’s. Max had quickly rushed out of his tent and into the surrounding forest where he discovered the surprise of his life. Absol was lying on her stomach, her hind quarters sticking up high into the air and Grovyle was standing behind her, furiously ramming his member into the dark-type’s aching snatch. Every time Grovyle would pull out Absol would close her eyes and whine and every time he forced his member into her she would yelp and growl, her eyes opened wide. Even though Max knew he wasn’t supposed to keep on watching, the whole ritual had piqued his interest and he took in every little detail with wide-open eyes.  

He noticed that, every so often, Grovyle would be a bit too enthusiastic in pulling out of Absol, which caused his penis to slip out of her folds with an audible pop. His penis was covered in a considerable amount of fluids and when he pulled out of Absol a small amount of those fluids would leak out, causing a small puddle on the grassy ground below. Upon closer inspection, Max saw that Grovyle’s member was shaped very differently from a human’s, featuring straight edges and ending in an almost sharp-looking tip. The area just below the tip was covered in tiny, barb-like nubs, which explained why Absol couldn’t help but growl every time they invaded her inner folds. One final inspection of Grovyle’s member showed an obvious thickening near the base of his rod, confirming to Max that Grovyle was indeed among the species of Pokemon who would attempt to knot with their partners when mating. This also meant that when both Pokemon had finished, they would still be connected to each other for quite a while, until Grovyle had softened enough to extract himself from his dark-type mate.

It didn’t take his Pokemon long before they both erupted in climax. Absol was the first to reach her limit and she let out a distinctly un-feminine roar as she dug the nails of both her front- and her back paws into the ground while her inner muscles spasmed in pleasure, attempting to milk Grovyle of everything he had. The grass-type couldn’t resist, and with a low hiss he rammed himself deep into Absol’s depths, pushing in his knot as well, causing them to get bonded together. From his position in the bushes nearby, Max could take a perfect view of Grovyle’s backside and he could see his testicles contracting rhythmically. He knew, without a doubt, that each contraction meant another stream of Grovyle’s seed was blasted into Absol’s awaiting womb, coating her insides and quenching her heat.

Sure enough, when Grovyle had tried to disconnect from his white-furred partner, he found his knot firmly embedded in her folds, locking them together. So, instead of wasting more energy, he simply lay down on his side and pulled Absol into a hug, all the while hissing affectionately.

This had been Max’s cue to make himself scarce. He definitely didn’t want to be caught peeping on his starter Pokemon in the act of mating! Not to mention, a single look down on his own pants confirmed that Max himself was having quite a boner too. It had been the first time he had seen anyone or anything have sex and it had affected him more than he had realized at first. After Max had made his way back to his tent he had swiftly jacked off into one of the best orgasms he had ever experienced so far, and ever since that night he had given Absol and Grovyle his blessing whenever Absol’s heat would arise.

This night was no different. After their training, Absol couldn’t do anything else but whine.

“Alright girl, alright! I got the message!” he shouted as he packed his cooking materials away, “go on then, take Grovyle and get it over with, I’m sure he doesn’t mind! Just… try not to wake up the entire forest, okay?” he smiled. Absol looked at him with joy in her eyes before she padded towards the forest, making sure to rub against Grovyle along the way and waving her tail in front of his nose. Grovyle gave one look to Max as if to say ‘thank you’, before he jumped after Absol and disappeared into the forest.

As Max sat down near the campfire, he couldn’t help but smile and be happy for his two Pokemon. Sure, their love was based on nothing but lust and need, at least in the beginning, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that both Pokemon had developed actual feelings for one another.

Of course, being the research nerd that he was, Max had done extensive research when he discovered their little affair. As much as he wanted his Pokemon to be happy, he wouldn’t have been able to deal with Absol constantly carrying around cubs. Luckily, Max had found out that Grovyle and Absol belonged to different so-called egg groups and that only Pokemon from the same egg groups could produce offspring. So, for now, both Pokemon could act on their instinct whenever they felt the need to, and it would never impede on his training schedule or Pokemon league plans.

After about an hour, it was time to head in for the night, so Max recalled his Pokemon to their Pokeballs. All of them except Grovyle and Absol of course, who were still going at it somewhere in the woods and Max had no intention of interrupting them. They could take care of themselves. Suddenly, he could feel his Pokegear beeping, indicating that a message had arrived.


Subject: Special Invitation! The Battle of the Champions awaits!

Date: July 15th, 2017, 23:50


Curious, Max tapped the screen, opening the full contents of the e-mail:



Vulcan Island, July 15th, 2017



Dear Mr. Maple,

It is with great delight that I hereby wish to extend you a formal invitation to compete in the Battle of the Champions tournament, this coming August.

The Battle of the Champions is a new tournament, officially sanctioned by the Pokemon League, where qualified trainers battle it out for a special chance to take on the reigning Pokemon Champion, Cynthia. As you well know, defeating Cynthia in a full 6 versus 6 battle earns the victor the title of Pokemon Champion and Pokemon Master.

You were chosen for this invitation because you placed high in the Hoenn League, last season.

Should you accept this invitation, please reply to this message immediately and we will officially sign you up. If you so choose, you will be expected on the top of Mt. Rapture on Vulcan Island on the 3rd of August. Starting a week prior to the tournament, various ferries and airliners will open up, allowing free passage for competitors and greatly reduced prices for their friends and family. Should you desire to travel to the island yourself, please find the enclosed download with the exact coordinates for your Pokegear map.

On behalf of the Pokemon League Association,

Charles Goodshow, Chairman




Max released a breath he had not known he was holding in. A Pokemon Tournament, reserved for the very best of trainers and his Hoenn league results had scored him an invitation! With a manic look in his eyes, he quickly typed a reply, confirming his entry into the tournament. When he had just sent his reply off, he received another e-mail, this time from his big sister May.

“Heh” he chuckled, “forgot to use your private mail again, sis?” May had never been as precise as he was when it came to using technology. In her haste to reply to e-mails, she would often just use her work e-mail, which always came with a lengthy automatic signature which would nearly always make up more than half of the message. It was a minor mistake, but it was one Max loved to exploit to his sister’s expense. Her actual message was quite interesting though, as she was inviting him to make the journey on Vulcan Island together with her and their old travelling group. It had been years since Max had last spoken to some of their friends. It didn’t take long for Max to make up his mind, and he quickly sent his reply to his sister, confirming his participation.

As he stowed his Pokegear in his back pocket he was about to go into his tent when Absol and Grovyle emerged from the bushes. Both looked incredibly sweaty, tired and most of all incredibly pleased with themselves.

“I take it you guys had a good time” Max snickered as he took out their Pokeballs. “Well guys, you’d better get some rest, because we’ve had a chance of plans! Tomorrow, we’re heading for the Battle of the Champions tournament and I need you to be in top shape when we get there!” His words had an immediate effect on Grovyle, whose eyes lost their glace and instantly focused when the word ‘tournament’ came along. With an excited “Gro!” he punched his fist to his palm as the Pokeball’s red light enveloped him and his mate and they retreated into their capsule homes.

“Oh, you’ll get your chance, my friend” Max laughed as he patted his starter’s Pokeball “but first, we’re going to get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is going to be the first day of our new journey!”


And with that, Max retreated into his tent where he spent the next hour between awareness and sleep, constantly considering battle strategies, strengths and weaknesses and how he could exploit them in the upcoming tournament. He was going to get the most out of this chance, and he couldn’t wait for the start of his brand new journey!


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