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The Leafeon and the Girl by Beluinus


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Author's Chapter Notes:

Well, this is the first part, and I will add to it later. Sexless for now, will add appropriate tags when they apply.

Chapter 1

"Who-who's there?" says the little girl who's crying in the alley.
A Leafeon walks out from behind a trashcan which was blocking her view, the sliver of moon high in the sky, casting a dim light down on them, the only other light coming from a bare, flickering bulb hanging off the wall of a building a few feet away.
"A Leafeon? What are you doing here?" She is wearing a dress which is riddled with tears and holes. It's too dark to see very much, but he can tell her hair is a tangled mess.
"Leaf leaf leafeon." he says to her, forgetting that she can't understand him.
Tears streaming down her face, she crawls over to him, wrapping him in a hug and crying into his fur. He looks at her, unsure of what to do with this little girl crying on him. She mumbles something, the noise muffled by his fur, but he can still slightly hear her, enough to know she was talking, but not what she said.
She assumes he wants to know why she's crying, so she answers him. "I'm crying because my mommy and daddy don't want me, and I'm hungry."
The Leafeon thinks for a moment, considering what to do. He can't just leave the little girl all alone, but he doesn't know what to do with her. His kind nature not allowing him to abandon a child of any species, pokemon or not.
"Leafeon" he slips out of her grasp, not going more than a foot away from her. She sniffles, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand and looking at him.
"Where are you going? Don't leave me here, please? I'm scared."
He turns away from her, looking back at her over his shoulder and nodding his head, hoping she gets the message.
He starts to walk away, looking back to see if she is following him, but she hasn't moved, and is still sitting on the ground. He sighs, wondering why he is even bothering with the little girl. He walks over to her again, biting her dress with his fangs and giving it a tug.
"Do you want me to follow you?" She asks, getting up. He nods at her, starting to walk away again, and this time she starts following him.
The walk by building after building, all the lights off and and all the people asleep. He walks to the edge of town, looking back every couple minutes to see if she is still there, continuing to walk when he is sure she is. They make it to edge of the forest without encountering any other people or pokemon, and he enters the woods, looking back at the little girl, seeing if she is still there. They walk through the woods, the Leafeon ducking under branches and weaving through the trees, stopping every few seconds so she can catch up, unfamiliar with the woods, not knowing where he is leading her, but following dutifully since she has nowhere else to go.
After about ten minutes of walking, they arrive in a clearing, a lonely stump and the grass and flowers the only things occupying the space. He jumps onto the stump, waiting for the little girl to catch up. She steps into the clearing, walking over to the Leafeon on the stump silently, looking around the clearing.
"Is this where you live?" She asks almost quietly, addressing the Leafeon. He shakes his head, jumping off the stump and walking to the edge of a clearing, shoving aside vines and grass, revealing a small opening in a rock face that she hadn't noticed. He walks in, followed by the little girl crawling on her hands and knees, the space too big for her enter standing upright. She crawls through the tunnel, entering a cave that the Leafeon stopped in. He walks to a spot on by the wall, where a pile of berries sit.
"Are those for me?" She asks, her stomach rumbling at the sight of food. The Leafeon nods, and the little girl shuffles over, kneeling over and picking one up, sticking it into her mouth and eating it. She hurriedly eats them one after another, soon devouring the entire pile. She walks over and gives him another hug.
"Thank you." He nods at her, walking over to the other side of the cave, sitting on the edge of a pile of leaves and grass. His head rests on his paws, and the little girl walks over to the pile as well, laying down and using it as a pillow, while cuddling up to the Leafeon.
He looks at her and shrugs, closing his eyes and going to sleep, soon followed by the little girl.

Chapter End Notes:

If you have a request or idea for a story, feel free to tell me. No gen 5 or anthro. And if you see any errors, please let me know.

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    Reviewer: jeirco
    Date:Aug 22 2013 Chapter:Chapter 1
    Just wondering if you guys are going to continue this fic, if not then it's a shame, fanfics like this are rare to come by
    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Sep 3 2013 Chapter:Chapter 1
    A nice start. Loli (with/out sex) fics are a rare thing here it seems, so you have taken a bold first step with this.

    However, the text seems a bit clumped together, and you were slightly repetitive when tge Leafeon was escorting the girl.

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