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Chapter 18: No rest for the wicked.

Know To Understand

Chapter 18: No rest for the wicked.

We were running as quickly as we could, but from the conflicting thoughts that were in my mind I began to slow down. The thought of Ferali being other Dr. Shines control bothered me. Forcing his own son to kill people is just sickening. I was really hoping we had more time before something like this happened but it seems that we weren't the only ones who were busy.

That's when Brian appeared next to me as we continued moving through the forest.

"Krystal everyone is going to take to the sky, hop on my back."

I simply nodded to him and did what he said and jumped onto this back. I hung on arms around his shoulder. We were heading directly to a try, but for some reason I didn't seem to care about it the only thing that was on my mind was Ferali. Hell at this point I couldn't even remember the awkward moment I'm supposed to be having with this guy.

So many questions pouring their way into my mind that I was just beginning to have a hard time not just feinting right there. My attention quickly snapped back when I felt a hard jerk against my entire body which caused me to grab a hold of Brian's shoulders even tighter.

He had jumped into the air so high and quick he managed to clear the tree spout his wings from his hands all at the same time.

When we were airborne I looked around us to see us flying as high as the Pigeys were. Rebecca was directly in front of us with her large Butterfree wings. They glittered bright and gave off a beautiful rainbow like color. Sometimes I actually do envy them for having those suits. She was spinning and doing tricks within the air as if she was a kid on the playground.

Looking over to my right to see Tonya was riding along the back of Brandon. His wings were stretched out far and wide as they flapped effortlessly in the wind. I could only guess that the suit that she was wearing didn't offer her any kind of flight abilities, but more likely a ability for her more effectively use her psychic powers.

At this point I could only hope we have enough to win against that monster. Now that I have some time to think about it, probably half of us will be fighting based on pure emotion. I know I definitely will...Phoenix too, but Rebecca and Tonya more so than me.

The twins really don't have too much of a stake in this other than the fact that father told them to do so and that this is a situation that can't be overlooked by anyone that has the power to change this. I'm pretty sure that other people besides us are on their way to try and fix this problem. And who knows they may actually have a chance in stopping Dr. Shine, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

We were all given radios to communicate with each other, just in case we get separated. They were small ear pieces, but the range on them was one hundred miles.

Looking over Tonya's face made my skin crawl slightly. She looked as she was going to cry she was so angry. Her normally bright complexion was blood shot red with anger. She looked as if she was going too exploded, but then I saw her take a deep breath and she closed her eyes.

"Mom is everything okay over there?" Rebecca asked over the radio.

I looked over to see that Rebecca was looking at her mom. Tonya didn't respond back, hell she didn't even bother to look over to her daughter.

Since either of the boys weren't saying anything to get involved I thought I better have not done anything either. I'm more than sure Tonya has a lot going through her mind.

The flight wasn't going to take that long. At most we had an hour before we arrive. Hopefully we could have come up with a battle plan before reaching him. Everything happened so suddenly we didn't even have a chance for doing any real training with each other. The only thing we've been trying to do was kill each other every chance we got. To be honest I'm just now starting to even like the people around me or even understand the abilities that I possess.

Looking down at the boy that I made the huge awkward mistake of kissing last night...hopefully I won't think about that when I'm in battle. He just now learned how to control his extreme emotions whenever they surface, but even that's barely. His elemental power is great though, as well as his physical power. I think that his suit may give him some healing capabilities as well. I don't think I'm going to have to worry about him when he finally confronts Dr. Shine.

Brandon was next for my optical assessment. He -like the rest of us- didn't say a word the entire time we were flying, but I could tell that he was nervous about the fight we had ahead of us. Hell, before we left in that final speech he gave out sounded like he was coming to terms with his own death. While yes he may not be as strong and as powerful as his brother, I know he won't let us down in the end. Not only that I think there may be something going on between him and Rebecca...then again it's just a feeling.

Speaking about Rebecca she was stilling doing her acrobatic twirls within the air. It was like she was a kid being set loose inside a toy store. I guess it would make since she was under her father's control for so long. He made her do some of the most horridness things to people that would make the average person go insane. But she took it all in stride, and for the most part is keeping a positive attitude about it. She was the fastest of everyone here and I would know that from personal experience. I guess I should really take it easy on her seeing as to how much she's been through. I know she might be looking for a reason to die, but she is also looking for a reason to resolve all of this before then, plus if my suspicions are correct about them Brandon won't let anything happen to her.

The only person here amongst us that concerned me was Tonya. The whole time I've been with her I've done nothing but improve on everything about myself. Even though I hate to admit it but she has truly shown me a side of myself that I had buried within myself a long time ago. She has been more of a mother to me than Sapphire ever was within the short period that I've known her. But right now I can only imagine what could possibly have her concerned. We have to defeat her husband I know...but Ferali. Getting him back is a top priority of matter what.

Thirty minutes came and went by the time we arrived at Olive City. There was an army waiting at the road that leads into the city. They held up a barricade and were holding back some people who were desperately trying to get in. I would say that there was something wrong with those people, but then again they could have a good reason for wanting to get inside of the city for one good reason or another.

"Okay guys we need to land here and find out what's going on exactly. We'd be walking in with blindfolds on without information...remember that." Tonya said.

Everyone who was in flight began to make there decent towards the barricade. One of the police officers flagged us down as we approached. He was a large man with a typical police uniform, but as we got closer I could see something extra on his on shirt. There were huge stains of red on his clothes up to his face. It was blood and it was completely dried up on his face. He held a serious demeanor about himself that seemed to keep back the building mass of people that was in front of him.

As we approached people started to clear way for us to land, I noticed that that there was both people and Pokémon all in uproar and crying. One woman was yelling about how her family was still within the city. Others were yelling the same about one reason or another how they needed to get back within the city. What made the situation even weirder, the fact that I could hear Pokémon yelling the same thing.

"What's going on here?" Brandon asked.

Tonya and myself hopped of the boys backs and onto the ground in front of the crowd.

Everyone quickly backed away from us with a disdainful look. An Umbreon let out a low growl as well as a few other Pokémon within the crowd.

"There are more of them; this is the end of us all!" A woman screamed in the background.

Just like that everyone within the crowd started to panic and run away. People were starting to fall and trample over each other.

Within an instant Rebecca muttered something under her breath and vanished. I could feel her swiftly move behind the crowd and cut them off. "With the power of understanding I summon, Thunderbolt!" A huge flash of light whipped across the sky as if it were a sword piercing the heavens.

"Everyone calm down!" Tonya yelled. She was trying to get some order within the chaos. "Someone please tell me what's going on?"

Just like that out of pure fear the crowd had settled down. They looked in horror as Tonya slowly approached them. She kept both of her hands up in a surrendering gesture. Some of the Pokémon within the crowd growled and bore there fangs towards her.

One woman with red hair screamed, "What the hell do you think is going on? There so much blood within the walls of the city. I-I..."

"I understand everyone hear both humans and Pokémon. I also understand everyone's concern about the city." She said.

I could only assume that she must have read someone's thoughts. I hoped that things weren't as bad as I thought they were. She wasn't making a scene nor was she signaling us to go within so I could only assume for the better.

"We are a group of people given the same technology as the monsters inside. We are going to stop them and put an end to all of this bloodshed. But we're going to need everyone to evacuate the area as quickly as possible." She said making an empty promise.

I could tell that she was only saying that to keep everyone calm. But it was written, not on her face, but within her tone. Her heart was beginning to blacken and she was readying herself to do something unspeakable. The way she said it also lead me to believe that she as talk about more than one person.

The crowd began to disband and Rebecca promptly made her way towards us. She carried the scowl her mother had earlier on her face and but then quickly looked away from everyone with a few sharp huffs.

"Could someone please explain what's going on?" Brandon asked.

With a sigh, Tonya looked at him, "Everyone pull out your Pokémon this is something that they're going to need to hear as well."

A minute pasted with everyone calling out all of their Pokémon. We had a full array of Pokémon before us: from what everyone kept saying that the Glaceon was the strongest of them all, then there was the Samurott, the Typhlosion was supposed to be next when it came to defense as well as strength, there were two more Pokémon I had yet to see a Pawniard and Meinshao, and then last but by no means least Tristan. What confused me was that Tonya only called out Phoenix, but from the stories that I've heard was that she was a Pokémon master and I'm sure that she has more than the three I've only heard about so far.

I decided that it was best not to ask. I'm sure she has her reasons, hell after all we've been through I can gladly say that I trust her.

"Okay guys the situation may be far worse than I had thought originally. And my future sight abilities aren't working-"

"No, you saw something..." Brian said seriously. "You saw something within the minds of those people. You know exactly what we're up against. All I want to know is should I let my Pokémon go free right now?"

"That is completely up to you Brian...I won't beat around the bush here. Everyone as soon as we step into this city we will have to fight for our lives. If any of you want to leave right now, I will completely understand. I will tell Alexander anything that you guys want me too, there should be no reason as to why you children should give up your lives for a mistake we foolish adults made a long time ago. I believe that you all should live."

When she said that I could tell that our chances of coming out alive were zero. Whatever she saw within those people minds must have spooked her some fierce. I'd never admit this in her face but Tonya is very strong woman and I know she doesn't scare easy by anything.

Brandon started a completely inappropriate slow clap. He shook his head in disapproval. Suddenly his mask formed over his face. The connecters that ran down either side of his face started kicking out small sparks of electricity. "That was a nice speech there Ms. Tonya, but I didn't come all of this way to abandon you now. And I know I speak for my three boys here when I say that we need to end this now."

All of his Pokémon nodded and cheered at the same time. His Typhlosion banged on its chest while letting out a mighty roar.

This inadvertently gave the rest of the Pokémon some back bone as they started to rally as well. All, excepted Phoenix, she looked up at Tonya with a shocked expression. Her pupils had gone small from the shock and horror.

"Phoenix what's wrong?" I asked. My curiosity had gotten the better of me.

"...he's not..." She muttered to herself.

"Okay now that we've established that none of us are leaving." Brian said. He looked around at everyone's face to see if there was any falseness in his words. There were none saved for Phoenix but she will definitely be coming if Tonya is coming.

Brian's mask and Rebecca's mask formed to their face at the same time. Seeing them readying themselves in such a way felt comforting.

"Ms. Tonya, what's the plan?" Brian asked.

"There is no plan Brian. But," She took a deep breath before letting out a breath that she was holding for a while. "That doesn't mean that the situation is hopeless."

"Well that's comforting." I said.

She looked over to the police officer who was still standing there this entire time. He looked as if he hadn't even blinked in since we arrived. He was a zombie just standing there like time placed him on hold.

"That man has seen so much. He's lost so many of his friends and family members that right now there is literally a battle going on within his mind," Tonya said. "He can't decide on whether or not life is worth continuing."

Rebecca stepped forward, "It's funny I can feel everything going on within his mind, but I can't feel anything within the city. Should we help him mom?"

"No, that is something for him to decide. Kids I want you all to remember this. Death can be mercy. It may not sound like a fairy tale, but if one is suffering, it's sometimes better for them to let go."

We all nodded including the Pokémon. I know that there is something that we all have to be willingly to accept at one point or another.

"When we enter, there will be three targets."

"Wait when did it become three? Last I check there was only your husband and probably your son." Brandon said.

"No, my son is on Dr. Shine's side," She took another deep breath before finishing her sentence. "Treat him as if he were an enemy trying to kill. I don't know what his father has told him or has done to him but ninety percent of the bloodshed in there is due to Max."

My breath went short and my throat went dry.

"Krystal, get a hold of yourself!" Rebecca shouted.

I looked up in bewilderment as to trying to figure out how could they said that so casually.

"There are three targets in all. My husband Dr. Shine, his abilities are only something I could fathom in my wildest dreams. Max, should be any problems with him, whatever trance he might be under we need to make sure that it's completely broken without killing him if necessary if not I can't blame you. Then..." She looked down to Phoenix, who only nodded. "There was a confirmed sighting of one of my other Pokémon's, Krystal you may know him."

I slowly shook my head as I could only guess at who she might be talking about.

"He was the Pokémon to give his life for you and the Pokémon inside that city." Phoenix said. She shot me an evil glare as if I should have known right from the start who Tonya was talking about.

"That's not possible. Squirts was killed back at Blackthorn. You said yourself that you couldn't feel him." I said.

She shook her head. "I don't know what to think anymore. I can't make sense of anything anymore. If it was always Dr. Shine intentions set out to destroy logic and sweep the world over in despair, he's off to an excellent start."

"Phoenix you're over two hundred years old. You're one of the strongest psychic's I know, and you said that you couldn't feel him." Tonya said rubbing her chin. "I know that Squirts died back then because his Pokéball went dark. But there is something in there that closely resembles Squirts using all of his abilities."

"This doesn't bode well for us. Does it Regime?" Tristan said. "If this Squirts is as anywhere near as strong as any of you, then we're going to have a problem on our hands."

"I know that's why we will have to imply a divide and conquer strategy. More than likely all three of them will be working together. We will have to split them up and defeat them separately." Tonya said.

We all looked at each other. She motioned for us to come closer we only had one chance at stopping him and the rest of this madness it was either we succeed or we die trying.

"Okay guys everyone understand what the plan is?" Tonya said with a false smile.

She was trying to offer us any kind of comfort that she could afford. For the most part it seemed to work. The Pokémon seemed confident, the boys seemed psyched, but Rebecca, Phoenix and I knew better. We couldn't show it though.

"Everyone the moment we step inside there will be no turning back. Let's go!" Tonya yelled.

Walking pass the police officer who was still fixed in his trance. A wave of sadness washed over me as I knew exactly where he was going through when my mother was killed. But the only thing that had me going was the fact that I had Ferali. Without him I probably would have taken my own life out of despair.

The moment we passed through the gate there was a loud cry and a sudden bang and everyone remained silent. There was no need to turn around and figured out what happened. We all knew better. The only thing we could use his death for fuel to finish this fight.

"Everyone hold...recall your Pokémon." Tonya said. "Keep Tristan and Phoenix out though."

Everyone who had a Pokémon recalled theirs and the only two Pokémon to remain. Phoenix didn't mind seemed to be somewhere else.

"Boys do a scan for all life forms nearby tell of everything location and I can determine who's who and where at."

"Madame Phoenix, are you okay?" Tristan asked.

There was no responds from her. For someone who is over two hundred years old she sure doesn't want anyone to know what she is thinking. But it didn't take a psychic or for her to tell us what she was thinking for us to know what was on her mind. It was the same that was on mine. Squirts, her lover/mate she'd do anything to get him back, the same with me and Ferali.

"Once we make contact with them we'll split up into teams. We'll be slaughtered if they all stay together. I'll do everything I can to get Dr. Shine away from the other two and if possible draw him to a far enough location for you guys to do what you have to." Tonya said.

We each nodded and looked at each other and nodded again. Phoenix eyes began to glow and her maw began to ooze with liquid flames.

"Master, may I assist you?" Phoenix asked inflamed.

"I understand your pain Phoenix, but your task is to get Squirts back at any cost. Dr. Shine has been and always will be my problem. Plus with you at everyone else side, you all stand a better chance of getting both Max and Squirts back."

The boys looked at each other and gave off another nod Brian was the first one to speak up, "Mam you're not going to believe this but there's a huge construct in the middle of the city. It's emitting some sort of psychic energy."

"It's within a defined area, I don't know exactly what it is, but I can tell if a piece of that energy were to get out it'll cover at least half of Johto region."

"My God, mom you don't think he's making a bomb?" Rebecca said. "With the kind of power and technology he possess a bomb that could destroy this planet wouldn't be out of reach."

"Then that means we need to be trying to stop him and stop with all of this talking!" I said with the situation becoming more urgent.

Everyone who had a mask immediately took off into the sky and flew quickly towards the center of the city.

I had unsheathed Sasha's horn and tensed my muscles. The darkness build up was quick and the intensity was great. The thought of Dr. Shine was the only thing I needed to gather all the darkness from my heart and send it directly into my blade. The pain that he's caused me for so long will finally be eased with his death.

Suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around to see that it was Tonya who carried a determined look on her face.

"Krystal just so you know I have no intentions on killing Max, but if he's hurt people or have completely lost himself to Hydro. I want..." She gathered herself while swallowing the air that was in her throat. "I want you to make the decision on what to do. Whatever it may be I'll support you."

She must be slowly cracking the pressure. Hell I definitely couldn't blame her, she has to take care of her husband and possibly kill him. He's one of the strongest beings on the planet. She can't be worried with what happens to us right now. She had given a bond with each other, a plan to hopefully see this to an end, and an enough love to give me the blessing to figure out what to do with her son.

I could only pray that when it comes down to it the decision won't be a difficult one to make.

Nodding I immediately took off for the others in hopes that the battle wouldn't have started yet. Phoenix and Tristan was just up ahead chasing after the others as well. I quickly joined them as we all then ran at the same pace.

There was a horrifying feeling floating in the air. Everything inside my body was telling me to run away, that this was a suicide run, like the souls of the dead were trying to pull me back.

"Dame, Madame, when we get there I think we should all stick together as a small group." Tristan said as he dodge a few obstacles of broken debris that block our straight path.

I noticed for all the destruction I didn't see anyone who had been killed or hear any screams. Hell there wasn't even as much as a drop of blood that was splattered against the pavement. Something was definitely wrong here.

"Why's that?" Phoenix asked.

"Madame, you too know a vast amount of dark techniques, do you not?"

"Yeah but it's not all that powerful. My powers are mainly special attack fire type and flame manipulation. I have a variety of different types of attacks, but the power in them is lessen since they aren't native to me. Darkness is one of my more "weaker" attacks."

"Any darkness will do Madame; we need to get as much power as possible in order to counteract the massive amount of darkness that resonates within the city. We have no idea what we're really up against in here, since I'm well versed in the element I can sense that there is something in here that is basically drowning in the element. Something's not right here ladies, tis could possibly be nothing but from what I hear Dr. Shine has never been the one for nothing."

I knew he wasn't lying because the closer we came to it the more I actually started to feel it.

We ran for another five minutes before coming to a complete stop. I looked up to see the Pokésuit trio hovering in the sky just above us. Brandon was holding Rebecca with her head buried deep within his chest letting out wails of anguish. I saw Brian looking down towards us as he quickly flew down and blocked my view with his body. He towered over me and with his deep orange eyes stared at me. Even though he was wearing his mask I could tell that he was about to cry. This only made me want to see what he was looking at even more.

"Dame should brace yourself for when you look ahead." Tristan said.

There was a long pause between Rebecca's moans, when Phoenix added, "How could I have not sensed this? How could someone or thing have done this?"

I looked back at Brian who was trembling fiercely with his fist clenched. I nodded to him and the only thing he could do was nod back and step out of my way.

When I saw what everyone was looking at I instantly fell to my knees and began throwing up everything I've eaten earlier that day. It was Blackthorn City all over again. Except it was much worse than that.

There was a huge mechanical tower that stood at least fifteen stories high. But at the base of the building was completely surrounded by...bodies. Belonging to both people and Pokémon, organs splayed about all haphazardly. There had to have been hundreds or even thousands of them men, women, and children. There were none that were spared from this slaughter. They were stacked on top of each other as if they were meant to be living shields for the tower.

There was nearly a fifty yards of dark red blood separating us from the tower.

"AHHHH! I can hear their screams. GOD I CAN HEAR THEIR SUFFERING!" Rebecca cried.

"Brandon, bring her to me immediately!" Phoenix yelled. "She didn't shield herself from the victims' final thoughts and their pouring into her mind without an end."

He did what she said, and promptly brought Rebecca down to her. Phoenix closed her eyes and placed a paw on Rebecca's forehead. When she opened them they had a bright purple glow within them.

When I looked back up I noticed that Brian was staring intently at the lake of blood. Brandon was watching over Rebecca. I walked over to Brian to inquire what he was looking at. He sharply held a hand up to my face and cut my words off. The eyes on his mask squinted at the blood.

My eyes followed his to see what exactly was he was looking at. The blood was trailing towards us, gradually becoming faster the closer it came to us.

I directed Sasha's horn towards the incoming wave. Suddenly Brian's hand gently pushed mine out of the way and pointed his hand towards the trailing blood. He then shot out a huge blast of fire to intercept the creature that was beneath.

"Brian, what's going on?" Brandon asked.

"There was something coming towards us." I answered.

Brandon stood up and joined us. "Are they still there?"

"It'll be hard to tell with the blood heated up." Brian said.

"I knew I should have thrown a dark attack." I said.

Brandon shook his head and said, "No, Brian did the right thing. See our suits don't use up that much power when using a special attack. Yours do and we need you at your best for this upcoming fight."

"Something's coming." Brian said calmly.

We all stood ready to intercept what he was talking about. Looking across the bloody lake I saw a red and white blur jumping up and down. I tried my best to see what it was but couldn't make out anything. Suddenly the blur started making its way towards us with almost blinding speeds.

"Heads up!" Brandon yelled.

We all jumped back when suddenly Phoenix dashed from underneath Brandon and shot straight towards the anomaly. A bright white light burst in front of her that manifested into a shield.

"Shit everybody move! Brian get Rebecca!" Brandon said.

There was a large shockwave that swept pass the area quickly. Brandon grabbed me and jumped back as the wave hit us. We were both carried further down the street Brandon tucked me in tightly as he rolled down the street, using his wings as a shield he wrapped them around of as well. The pain done to our bodies were reduced to a minimum with his quick thinking.

By the time we stop rolling, the chaos that was unfolding around us had settled down. Standing up we nodded to each other and dashed back down the street. There was blood splatter all over and another white light, but it faded as we saw it was. Tristan was standing in front of both Brian and Rebecca with blood all at their feet.

Rebecca was kneeling as was Brian, but she seemed to be panting heavily. He had a hand on her shoulder and quickly stood when he saw us.

"Hey you guys okay?" Brian asked.

"We're fine, how about everyone else over here?" I asked.

Rebecca simply nodded and slowly stood to her feet. Tristan let the shield go completely as he turned around to check on Rebecca. "How are you fairing, Princesse?"

"I'm better now thanks to Phoenix." She stared at the ground. "She's amazing she pulled most of the people here dying thoughts directly out of my mind and into her own in a minute without going insane. She even sensed that something was coming and pulled out when most of the screams were out of my head to intercept whatever it was."

She quickly stood up and placed a hand to her head.

Looking out over the mess of the city I could no longer see Phoenix anymore. I knew that she would okay but it's everyone else that would need to be looked after.

"He's coming!" Rebecca screamed out.

"Rebecca's psychic detectors are showing up on ours. There is something heading this way and fast through one of the building coming from the west." Brandon said.

We all looked to our right, to see what may be approaching us. There was a loud clang that rang down from the ally way in between some of the buildings. We all turned our heads to face our upcoming opponent.

"AUGH!" Tristan yelped loudly.

He was suddenly sent flying past everyone and crashing into the large window of the building we were looking at. Quickly whipping my head around to see who could have done this, my eyes could barely process what I was looking at.

Standing exactly behind Rebecca was a gigantic ice dragon, which had its huge five scythe-like claws raised for a strike against Rebecca.

"Behind you!" Brandon yelled.

I quickly dashed over where she was standing and raised Sasha's Horn high into the air just as it came down. Its eyes were a ghostly yellow as it stared down at me I could literally feel death staring into my soul. It's large body was coated in ice sharp teeth and skin was bright blue its mouth looked to be stitched shut with ice rings.

Time seem to slow down when I began to realize that I just might die. I've never in my life ever feared anything before, hell that would even go for Dr. Shine, but this creature felt as if it were put here specifically here to take my life away.

I had no way of knowing if I could truly be able to defend against this things attack while protecting Rebecca. I felt that it was all going to end here and now for some reason. It was if just by the look into this creature eyes sent my very soul into the brink of despair.

Then I could feel Sasha Horn coating itself in darkness. The creature's claws did the same as it came down hard.

"I summon Leaf Blade!" Rebecca yelled out. I noticed that she didn't say the entire phrase.

The monster's claws connected with Sasha's Horn and Rebecca's leaf sword there was another shockwave to that swept the area as it took everything in both our bodies to hold it back. It felt like my kneecaps were going to explode at any time. I could hear a few grunts escape Rebecca's mouth.

"Fire punch! Thunder punch!" The twin dragons yelled.

They both came from either sides and connected with the creature's stomach with enough force to actually lift it off of it's feet and send it flying into a building.

When there was finally a moment to think I could hear the chaos brewing all over the place. The explosions raging from the other two fights could be only be heard there was no way of me telling who was actually winning. I could only pray for everyone's safety.

"Rebecca go check Tristan and recall him if you have to, Brandon call out Ruption and I'll get out Osha and Diamond. Leave Foo and Swipe on reserve for now, until we truly have a need for them." Brian ordered out.

"There anything you want me to do?" I asked.

"I want you to keep following the plan: defend so we can attack. Or we'll defend so you can attack, but be ready to put your everything into that horn."

I nodded in confirmation. He didn't mean for me to kill myself but to do a quick decisive blow if possible. There was no need to hold back and with this new monster in front of us made us fighting at our best that much more imperative.

"Get ready here it come!" Brian yelled.

Within an instant both Brian and Brandon summoned Diamond and Ruption the building that the monster was completely frozen and the entrance doors exploding. I put up my guard to shield myself from the onslaught of shards but Rebecca, in a flash, stepped in front of me and held her palm up. Suddenly all of the glass ice shards stopped in midair and fell to the ground.

"Aren't you supposed to be helping Tristan?" I asked.

"Tristan's a big-boy I'll look at his boo-boo's later." Rebecca said with a dark overtone.

She looked to be very upset at this creature. Or that she could be pissed at this entire situation and somehow keeping it all together. In which case I don't blame her, hell I need to get like her and don't hold myself back.

Suddenly out of nowhere a black and white flash zipped pass my eyes and crashed roughly further down the street. There was so much smoke and debris floating through the air that I couldn't make out what it was.

*COUGH* *COUGH* "What was that?" I asked.

"Oh Arceus, what did he do to you?" A somber woman's voice echoed.

Rebecca disappeared from my left side and reappeared on my right. She held out her hands and an enormous white and purple barrier suddenly appeared in front of us. "EVERYBODY GET DOWN!" She screamed.

There was an invisible force that smashed on Rebecca's barrier with so much force that it bent and dented until finally giving way to the awesome blast. Rebecca and Everyone that stood behind her were immediately lifted off of their feet and sent flying backwards just like the black and white figure. I landed face first into the ground with such force all of the wind was knocked out of me. Soon to follow were other loud and chaotic crashes that rang so loud that my head felt as if it were going to split open and Tonya had helped me over that a while ago.

The sound shattering of glass falling all over and the sound of large structures collapsing coming from all around me. I dare looked up to steal a peek of what was happening, but someone jumped on top of me and held me down. Suddenly something was on top of me, and then turned into what felt like a dog pile.

When everything halted and the noise when dim with silence, the pressure that was holding me down soon let up.

"Ugh...what happened?" I asked.

Come to find out everyone literally jumped on top of me and used their own bodies as a shield to protect me. Rebecca was just above me and the Glaceon was next to her, Brian and Brandon was on top of them with the Typhlosion.

I looked around to see all the damage that was done. But there was another larger barrier on top of us, so large in fact it cover intersection that we stood on.

I turned around to see what it was that could have possibly be emitting it. When I saw who it was I was completely awe stricken, as it was Phoenix...or what I think to be Phoenix.

Her eyes had an eerie purple glow about them. Her mouth dripped with black ooze, each of her paws had a small black flame around them, and each other her tails had a black line running from the center of her back to each of her tails that which from the tip of each tail also emitted a black flame that hovered above the tips.

"That must be your final mode?" Rebecca grunted, standing to her feet.

"Yes, Master Rebecca. I see that we're going to need everything in our power to stop them." Phoenix said. She raised her paw up and the barrier that was around us disappear.

My eyes widen in horror when I saw that the extremely tall buildings that were standing proudly around us, were no longer there. Out of the debris of one of the building another white barrier appeared and quickly floated towards us.

The barrier dropped and out came Tristan, who was shaking the dust out of his fur.

"Many thanks Madame. If you'd not place the barrier up before that finally attack landed I fear I would have been crushed."

"Is everyone okay?" Brandon asked.

"For the most part yeah. But I'm assuming Phoenix didn't defeat her opponent." Brian said.

"You can say that." Phoenix replied, coldly.

"Though Brandon and I landed that solid specialty punches against that thing we're fighting and that a building landed on top of it. I'm going to seriously doubt that the thing is dead."

"My opponent just so happens to be Squirts. And he's coming, somehow Dr. Shine manage to enhance everything about him. I can't even so much as read a thought from him." The anger within her was clearly visible as the flames on her tails grew with intensity. "It's like he's no longer there, just some sort of mindless monster."

Out of nowhere there was another explosion that erupted from the collapsed building to the left further down the street from where we were. There was a loud roar that burst forth from down the street. I could only assume that the creature had returned for another bout. We had enough problems with just it now Phoenix's over powered up mate had come to join the fray as well.

"Sorry didn't see you there! HAHAHAHA!!!" Squirts said as he burst into laughter. "Masta said that we have to stop them at all cost even if you have to kill, Ferali! Hehee!"

My heart nearly fell into him stomach when he said that. That monster was Ferali and that he'd been trying to kill us this entire time.

"Krystal, now is not the time to worry about that. He's not the same Ferali you know." Phoenix said. "That bastard did something to them...their not themselves and we shouldn't treat them as such. To allow empathy is to allow death, as of this moment forward we attack to kill."

"There must be something that we can do?!"

Suddenly Rebecca grabbed me and turned me towards her, and slapped hard across the face. She looked as if was going to start crying. "I already knew who it was when this fight started...but...but still I don't want anyone else to die because I failed at doing what was necessary when the time was right."

Now that I think about it, it was Ferali who was the one who brought her around. He did it without the even the slightest notion of trying to kill her. He saved her without even so much as raising a claw to her, but she doesn't have that luxury, hell for all we know it's not even an option.

"But Tonya told me that I had to decide on what to do with Ferali...killing him wasn't my plan!" I retorted.

"If you don't treat him like an enemy I will and...I...I..." Rebecca stammered. "I decided that to see that my brother is happy in the end even...if that mean by his death!"

Thinking quickly I pulled Sasha's horn up and held it up to her throat. But within that instant she held a glowing leaf blade to mine as well. Looking deep within her eyes I could see that she was more than serious, but then again so was I.

"We don't have time for this! If you two don't get your shit we're all going to die!" I could hear Brian yell.

"I'm not killing Ferali."

"My brother is just as much as my responsibility as he is yours. But it seems that I'm the only one who truly knows him. Max wouldn't be able to live with himself if he hurt one of us. Not only that he was one of the one's to have went on his slaughtering spree and killed all of these people and Pokémon."

Suddenly I was grabbed around my right arm which held Sasha's horn and also my waist. Jerked back all I could see that the same was being done to Rebecca as well.

I did my best to jerk away but it was futile.

"Diamond get your strongest and most thickest ice barrier you can manage up right now. Osha use your mastery of water to produce the strongest counter shield you've ever made in front of Diamonds ice barrier." I looked behind me to steal a glance at who was holding me, it was Brian was also issuing out orders to the Pokémon. "Phoenix, Ruption and myself will take up positions right behind the ice and water barriers to be the next line of defense..."

I didn't understand what he was talking about. It sounded as if he were trying to construct a fortress, but why? The air started to become dry and there was a vacuum that seemed to be pulling everything towards the lake of blood. My skin suddenly felt dried as if something was literally stealing the moisture from my body.

Looking towards the blood lake all I could see was Ferali and Squirts standing on top of him. They both had their mouths open and small blue orbs floating near the center of their mouths. There seemed to be water...or all liquids (even the blood) in the areas gathering towards their mouths.

"While you bickered they were charging up what seemed to be their ultimate attack. If we don't construct a proper defense we're going to be obliterated." Brian said, coldly.

I knew that he was right and hell for that matter I knew that Rebecca was right, but I wanted to remain naïve and still think there was hope.

"Ruption and I will bring up a massive fire wall that will act as the second line of defense. Phoenix with your ability you will manipulate the flames and reinforce them so that it is strong and won't melt the ice. Diamond and Osha you will both head to the rear of the line, Osha imbed your swords in the ground and make sure that the counter shield remains up."

"What do you want me to do bro?" Brandon asked. He let go of Rebecca and made his way over towards his brother.

"I'll get to you in a sec bro. Okay Tristan your up."

Tristan stepped forward with a determine vigor. "Sire?"

"You're going to be front line defense with Protect it has to be enough to match Diamond's ice barrier. Unfortunately that also means you're going to have to be right in front of the flame barrier."

"Brian you can't..." Rebecca started.

He shot her a glance of warning. "Rebecca you're going to be right next to him helping him maintain his barrier. And before you say anything Brian you're going with her to charge up her suit with your lighting. Basically bro you're the battery of the operation."

I was getting ready to open my mouth about what kind of role I should have. When suddenly Brian let go of me and shoved me backwards toward rear of everyone.

"You have better be stronger than the time we fought Krystal. Because while all of this is happening you're going to be the one to hold all of us together. You're going to be the anchor along with Diamond and Osha at the rear. You cannot fall or falter no matter what happens to us." With those words he finished giving out his orders to everyone else and made his way to his position.

The way he said that was as if he was going to kill himself for some sort of stupid valiant cause or reason. I guess because of my defensive capabilities or lack thereof is the reason why I'm being stuck in the back. All I know is everyone better come out of this alive.

The Glaceon with the Samurott made their way towards the front and immediately began working on their defenses. A huge ice wall in the shape of the Glaceon's headdress sprouted from the street until it curve around all of us. The Samurott was next as she stabbed both of her swords within the ice and let go of them, she had her palms open as she began to channel water into them. A sudden eruption of water burst from out of the ice wall and began to run along the creases and crevasses of the wall as an added layer of protection. They promptly made their way back to where I was and dropped into a meditative stance with their eyes closed.

Next up was Tristan who started to glow with a bright white aura. His fur began to bustle with movement and everything had grown still for a moment. When he opened his eye they were solid white with an angelic glow in them. Suddenly there was a blinding white energy field that appeared front of the wall.

Rebecca and Brandon both came up behind him and holding hands. Rebecca reached down and touched Tristan on the back using her own psychic powers actually stabilized his and enveloped his shield and aura with her own purple one. Brandon began to emit his own electricity that fed itself into her suit as if a human charger.

Then it was the final three to step up: Ruption, Phoenix, and Brian.

"Ruption we burn together Phoenix this will be a lot of energy burning it'll be up to you to make sure nobody gets roasted and that this barrier does its job. Think of Ruption and myself as perpetual fuel for the flames." He then looked at Ruption and nodded. Ruption nodded back.

"Don't worry I'll take care of everything." Phoenix said.

Brian flexed his muscles as hard as he could to where there were literally vein surfacing through the suit. In a small explosion of fire, he directed his flames towards Ruption and with open palms released the massive energy. Ruption let out a mighty roar and let loose an explosion of fire himself. When the flames touched it created an explosion that I thought would sweep me and everyone else who were behind me away in an instant. But no, instead the explosion did not travel far but instead stayed right in front of me and remained. Both Brian and Ruption were both still within the flames.

Phoenix's eyes were a misty grey as she contained the flames around them. She was calmly sitting down on her haunches and kept her eyes on them.

I've never felt more unless in my life but at a time like this, but I guess this is what it means to have friends to rely on. I need to place my faith in someone and right now Brian has it, with his emotions in check he thinks logically. Hopefully it will help us see a tomorrow.

"What are you doing?" A new voice said. I looked around to see the Glaceon looking at me with a dull gaze. The Samurott had both of it's sword still imbed in the ground and her palms pointed at them dumping her power into them. "Don't sit there and look all nervous and scare, it makes you look bad. If this is Brian's plan then it's going to work."

The Glaceon had a smart mouth on her but she was right.

I lowered myself into a ready position for anything that could happen.

"FFFFFFIIIII YYYYYYAAAAA!!!!!" I could hear Squirts yell. "Double Annihilation Cannon!"

The sky turned redder than the blood that flowed through the lake and the pressure was so intense that I felt like my bones were going to shatter at any moment.

From where I was standing I couldn't see the shape of what the attack look like but I could see that everything that everyone has done so far wasn't for nothing.

When the attack finally connected with the first barrier I could a bit of my soul leave my body (figuratively of course). Looking over left confirmed that the barrier worked as planned. Everything around us seemed to have been obliterated into nothingness.

Suddenly I could hear the cries of both the Pokémon behind me the sounds of bodies hitting the ground. Turning around I saw both the Samurott and the Glaceon both on the ground panting heavily. The Samurott collapsed on to the floor from exhaustion.

"Oh shit!" I yelled. As I realized that everything was going to go to hell in a hand basket really soon because those two were the second line of defense that were supposed to be guard Tristan, Rebecca, and Brandon. I could only imagine their shadows only being left after an attack like that.

I took a few steps forward towards the wall of flames when suddenly all three of them fell through the wall. A wave of relief washed over me when I saw them. They were a little worn for wear, but alive none the less.

Brandon's suit was completely fried his mask was as if though it was torn off of his face. His hands and feet were exposed and blacked as if they were burned by something. Tristan white fur was smoky grey and Rebecca's long hair was actually shorten with a few grey streaks running down the center of them. I don't know what happened to her but think that she won't be the same the next time she speaks.

"Hold it a little longer!" Phoenix yelled. Blood was dripping from the corners of her mouth and every other open orifice on her face. "Hold it! Krystal get those three!"

They were the final line of defense and from the looks of it the flame shield was beginning wobble and steam. Phoenix was holding a psychic barrier around the flame wall to strengthen its defenses.

Suddenly the chaos stopped. And Phoenix instantly reverted back to her normal state and collapsed to the floor in pure exhaustion. She was still conscious and looked extremely pissed at whoever she was staring at.

Ruption and Brian were on their knees staring ahead just like Phoenix. When I looked up to see who they were looking at it was both Squirts and Ferali...but they were charging for another attack. When I looked back, everyone was down but not knocked out.

I already knew that nobody here had enough energy within them to stop another attack and hell the only person who has any power to do anything about it, don't have any defensive capabilities.

It was a kill or be killed moment that flew through my mind. I put everything I had into Sasha's horn. The energy output was that of the power I used to blow out the back of the house.

I wanted to beat them to the punch and hurried and threw my attack out.

"Krystal, look out!" I could hear someone yell.

I instinctively brought the horn in front of me to act like a guard. Suddenly a huge icy fist came out of nowhere and hit me square center of the chest. The horn was shattered and the shards placed deep within my chest as I was sent flying away. I could hear the explosion of my attack going off in the distances not doing any damage to anything.

As I was floating through the air I saw who my assaulter was...and I wasn't surprised to see that it was Ferali. I landed on the ground roughly and I could only watch helplessly as the only thing I could do was cling to life. I didn't know what to think...I didn't know what to feel...hell everything was out the window for me. The only thing I could do was wait for death to take me.

"Krystal!" Brian screamed.

He charged in bravely with his left palm open spitting a huge amount of flames and his right hand cocked back charging up for a Fire Punch. Ruption was right behind him doing the same.

Ferali used his left hand to bat away the flames while charging up for an Ice Punch himself. Brian approached him at full force and piston his fist out at him. Ferali did the same but what looked like a remarkably less effort. When they connected there was a small explosion that erupted from their fist. But something went horribly wrong as Brian entire forearm crumbled as if it were a piece of paper. Pieces of bone were protruding from his folded limb.

He didn't even let out a scream in agony but instead tried to attack with his left hand, but was quickly cut off by Ferali's as he punched him hard with a left hook to his face. Brian's mask actually shattered on impact and he himself was sent flying away into some unknown location inside of the crater left behind by Ferali and Squirt's tag team attack.

Ruption tried to do the same but was blown away with a power Hydro Pump. He was sent flying right after Brian into the crater.

"Brian...Krystal..." Brandon said. He was pulling himself forward with his right arm.

I felt so pathetic from the simple fact that I couldn't even respond to him. I was still further down the street when I witnessed all of this happening. I couldn't even stand, but only watch with my head propped up on a small rock.

Ferali suddenly vanished and reappeared above Brandon and dropped his body on to Brandon's back full force.

Brandon screamed out in pain but Ferali promptly grabbed him by the head and force it into the ground. Squirt soon appeared out of thin air and calmly walked by them. Brandon, though his face was in the ground, his screams of pain soon grew to another height as I soon witness one of the most horrifying acts of...I don't even know what to call it, it was so terrible. Squirts slowly began to pull on Brandon's leg until there was a loud *pop* the bone had dislocated from the joint. But this did not stop Squirts from pulling his leg. That's when there was a loud sickening tearing noise that drowned out anything other noise that was in the area. Suddenly Squirts stood back holding Brandon's leg in both of his small arms, laughing loudly. Spurts of blood shooting all over the place.

Brandon started charging lighting within his right arm and tucked it in front of him. He did his best to swing it backwards to knock Ferali off of him but was caught within the jaws of the giant monster. And with a simple bite, saw that his arm was completely removed.

They were killing Brandon who was the most carefree of everyone here and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop them. Right now I rather be dead than to witness anymore of this. But Ferali was making sure that I stayed alive and conscious to witness his atrocities.

Out of nowhere Tristan leaped forward with a blazing darkness around his claws. There didn't seem to be any emotions within his eyes as he came near. He was aiming intently on Squirts head, but Squirt quickly fired what seemed to be a water bullet straight at Tristan's face. With quick reflexes Tristan tucked his head down and the bullet collided with his horn instead and completely shattered it. He was veered off into the direction of where Brian was inside of the crater.

The Glaceon was about to stand to her feet to try and intervene but another quick water bullet whacked her across the head. She was promptly knocked on her back with a broken headdress.

Another popping noise flooded the area but instead of it being Brandon's entire leg it was only from the kneecap down. That was all that it took to pull it off. There was a pool of blood floating around them sponsored by Brandon body.

Brandon had long since passed out from the pain alone. Ferali stood up from him and turned towards me and started walking. My eyes were fluttering as the feeling within my body was going numb I assume that it was from the blood lost.

When Ferali stood over me like a harbinger of death. With the kind of power they possess it made since how they were going to take over the world. There wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop them.

"AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!" A scream rang out; Ferali quickly whipped his head around to investigate.

There was Phoenix on top of Squirt's sinking her teeth deep within his throat and pulled back quick and fast. There was a geyser of blood that blasted from the body of the frog Pokémon.

"I understand everything, thank you my love...we will meet again." Phoenix said, as she stared deep into his now fading eyes.

"Well I'll be, you actually killed him. And here I was thinking you actually loved him."

"Not another FUCKING word out of your disgusting mouth! He showed me everything before he died...there no greater evil on this planet than you. to call you my master would insinuate that I'm still connected to you, that Squirts was connected to you. Max, you and your father are one and the same." She shot him an evil glare. "You leave go back to your master. This victory is yours and Dr. Shine. But know this...this isn't over and before everything is said and done I will kill you."

Ferali was going to say something before suddenly he was lifted into the air and flung far into the air and into the lake of blood. Suddenly Tonya stepped in front of me. When she kneeled down to me, just before everything started to go black I noticed that her left eye was missing. And that her hair, that was once golden blonde, was now silver grey.

"I'll close his wounds immediately. And gather the others." Phoenix said.

After that everything went black for me. I didn't care about living anymore and just wanted to die. The man I loved tried to kill everyone that I held dear. I didn't know how I could go on living.

There was a voice within my mind. "You don't have the luxury of giving up on life. There are too many people and Pokémon still relying on you Krystal. If you were to give on living too many others would give up as well. So no, you are not given permission to die yet."

Whoever the voice was had a calm overtone to it. Dangerous, very dangerous. But they were absolutely right about one thing. I can't give up now...even though the chips are down, but we're not out.

I don't know what Dr. Shine is planning but he lost one of his strongest companions and we now know what we're up against. I'll never forgive Ferali for what he's done here, even Phoenix confirmed that it was him. I'll kill him...I will kill them all.

I'll be back...hell we'll all be back to finish this, because at the end of the day there is never any rest of the wicked.
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