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This story is a direct continuation of "Road to Understanding" Getting back to Ferali and Krystal. As their bonds will be tested in many ways, both new and familiar faces appear to either help them in their journey or see it to a swift end.

  1. Chapter 1: Tell me when?! (3784 words)

  2. Chapter 2: Let's meet again. (3832 words)

    As things between Ferali and Krystal heat up a unwelcome'd interruption spring forth.

    Moar Plot otw!

  3. Chapter 3: Not like this. (4228 words)

    And just when things were going well...

  4. Chapter 4: Friends Forever. (3796 words)

    Light can still shine through in our most darkest hours. For the ones we love sacrificing ones life seems like a fair deal, but what about the ones left behind?

  5. Chapter 5: Greatness in us all (3777 words)

    Don't sacrifice yourself "just" for the sake of love. Sacrifice yourself because you made a call and it was the right thing to do.

  6. Chapter 6: Family Reunion. (3706 words)

    Its funny how some family reunions there are people you want to see, but then there are those who you would like gone. Ferali's is having one right now that would make anyone choose their selected family or their natural.

  7. Chapter 7: All together now! (3948 words)

    moar plot with moar family.

  8. Chapter 8: Do not hate. (3519 words)

    Tension and emotions flare.

    And the Plot thickens!

  9. Chapter 9: The unconscious truth. (3173 words)

    Krystal finds out some new information. How does she cope with it?

  10. Chapter 10: A new plan. (3158 words)

    What have Tonya been doing this entire time all of this chaos has been going on? Where has she been? She has a sit and talk with her son for the first time in months.

  11. Chapter 11: The way its done. (3852 words)

    Okay! Everyone I'm so sorry about last week. Thanksgiving was a pain as I had to actually cook some food and was up all night doing such. The day came to quickly and I assumed that everyone was to busy stuffing their faces to read anyway so I took the week off...sorry.

    Anywho lets get this story train moving!

  12. Chapter 12: Crossing Territories Uncharted. (3879 words)

    Oh boy all of the rivals are training with each other: Ferali vs Osha, Krystal vs Brandon and Brian. As the battles start to heat up someone have been doing some training on their own.

  13. Chapter 13: The Unsavory kind. (3764 words)

    After someone has done so much to you could you honestly put the past behind you just like that? Krystal is going to have to make that decision...its never pretty.

  14. Chapter 14: New Bridge to Build. (3122 words)

    Well look like things are starting to look up on Krystal's end. Let's check up on our Feraligatr and see how he is fairing!

  15. Chapter 15: Down the right path! (3017 words)

    Trying to understand someone that you hate can be difficult at times. But give it enough time even the most bitter of rivalries can become the best of friends.

  16. Chapter 16: To no end. (3076 words)

    Hello everyone first off happy new years, secondly MOAR PLOT!, and last getting down to business.

    Something weird finding gold inside oxygen...weird right?

  17. Chapter 17: Our odds. (3545 words)

    Yeah, then this happened...if it's not one things its' another with these people.

    But that's why we love them.

  18. Chapter 18: No rest for the wicked. (10294 words)

    OMG this is the final chapter of the 3rd Vol of the "How should I know?" series.

    Moar reading a bit of a warning beforehand there is a few horror parts, so no light tummies please.

    Please comment and tell me what you think about this chapter or the series in general. For that is one of the only reason why I write.

    Besides that I have a lot of projects I have to start finishing up and working, but this won't mean I'm inactive please send a PM if you want me to read any stories of yours or help out with an idea.

    Like always this is Pod155 and I'm outta here!

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