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You Can't Hurry Love by thecharcoalinpachi


Story Notes:

This is another lemon I wrote a while after "Playtime", but it's still not too good, and I think I need to work on it some, so it may also be rewritten. This is my first "actual lemon", like it says on its description on Fanfiction.

Author's Chapter Notes:

I went ahead and fixed up any mistakes I made in the original on Fanfiction. Again, this is up for a rewrite soon, so I'll upload it if I get to it. Please enjoy.

You Can't Hurry Love

Disclaimer: I am required to inform you that I do not own Pokemon. Pokemon is the trademarked property of Game Freak and Nintendo. Bless their hearts.

You Can't Hurry Love,

A ChamanderXHumanOC Lemon

There sat the young man, on the beach by a small seaside community. The moon was out, full in all her glory. The young man lay himself down to observe the moon and stars better, shining in the sky like flashlights in the dark. The moon was bright yet pale, but broad- and it completely stole the sky from the stars.

The sand was soft against his lightly tanned skin, some of it even seeping through his red shirt and blue jeans, but he didn't care. It tickled him gently as it caressed his body in the coolness. He listened to the waves, closing his eyes. They pounded, alternating between heavy crashes and soft ebbs, which complimented the smell of salt and clean air wafting around him, nearly untouched by pollution and people.

The world around him was silent, save for the sounds of the ocean. Despite this, he found it hard to fall asleep here. His mind was racing with thoughts of love- of want. The girls in his life were all conceited- they only cared for men with money and looks. Even if all those men were complete jerks, he would be the last one to get them. He was like the rotten apple; the last boy picked on the dodgeball team. Nothing.

Even if he did get a girl, he was usually part of some jealousy plot for those girls, which inevitably ended up with him either getting beat up by the jealous boyfriends or left with the huge check for the dinner the girl would order. That's pretty much how it went.

He knew he didn't deserve this, not one bit of it. He was a good guy, he wasn't some druggie or a deadbeat. He went to school and did very well there, in fact. He had a great future ahead of him, yet with no woman in mind to share it with.

"Why is it that out of all the guys in the world, I have to be the one that suck so bad with women?" He asked himself. Though no one answered him.

The young man returned to his house, using his key to unlock it. Click, it went, and he walked in, closing the door behind himself. His mother was in the kitchen, he could smell the grease and meat. She was just making a meal, like every Saturday night.

"Hi, honey. How was the walk?" His mother asked.

"Fine, mom. Dad home yet?"

"Nope. He said he was going to work late again tonight."


He sat down at the counter to watch his mother cook the food. He was a pretty good cook himself, but his mother's cooking was the best in town. Tonight, he saw she was making fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, his favorites.

Rather than ask about the food, he decided his mother could probably give some advice about women. However she beat him to the punch: "So, Carmen..."

He winced at the name. "Uh, she was no good." His mother stopped stoking the chicken and gave him a sympathetic look. "Oh, honey... I'm so sorry..."

"It's okay, mom. I'm sure I'll find the right girl som-"

"Look, I din't mean to bust your bubble, dear, but that is tenth in two weeks." She cut in.

"I just can't figure women out." He sighed.

His mother patted his shoulder. "I'm sure you'll find a girl someday," She reassured, "Besides, you're only 16. You've got your whole life ahead of you."

"You're right... heck, I might've even even seen her and just not know it yet," he chuckled. Just then the front door opened once more to reveal a slightly burly man, with just a hint of white tinging his brown beard, thick beard. He stepped forward and coughed into his elbow, then cleared his throat loudly.

"Hey, dad." The young man greeted.

"Hey, Juan." He said to the young man. "How was your day, dear?" he called to Juan's mother.

"Fine, dear. You and Juan sit down, dinner's ready."

Juan's father grumbled, but walked to the table anyway.

"Dad?" Juan asked, sitting down at the table with his father.


"I was wondering, how many girls did you date before mom?"

"Oh, about sixty."

"Sixty? And yet you still chose mom out of all those women?"

"Well you see, Juan, I met some pretty beautiful girls before your mom. Don't get me wrong... I did, you know... with half of 'em"


"But what drew me to your mom wasn't her beauty, it was her qualities."


"She was the most caring woman I had ever met. She's also a damn good cook. Damn good."

Juan chuckled. "So just look for a girl with qualities."

His father smiled at him and said, "Yep. Just look for a girl with good qualities and love for you. The pretty ones are almost always taken, and they pick the other boys that are assholes. They usually regret that. Just look for a girl with good qualities."

Juan's father popped open a beer and took swig just as his mother walked in, carrying food. "Eat up, there's plenty.

And eat they did.

After dinner, Juan headed up to his room to hang out before bed. He thought about what his father said, wondering if he missed a girl with qualities among the slew of them he dated. He opened the door to his bedroom, where a Charmander lay on his bed, sleeping and clutching a crumpled piece of paper in her hands


The small Pokemon's eyes snapped open, and she quickly darted over to greet her master. Juan chuckled as the lizard scaled his body and began to plant warm, wet kisses all over his face.

"I see someone's been missing me!" Juan laughed. When Juliana finished her display of affection, he turned his attention to the crumpled piece of paper that she was holding. He picked it up off the ground, but it was quickly intercepted by a very red-cheeked Charmander.

"Char!" Juliana cried, still quite embarrassed.

"I'm sorry. If it's something private, I wont pry."

Juan eventually forgot about the paper after playing with Juliana for an hour. After that, her quickly fell asleep. Juliana, still awake, thought over her current relationship with Juan.

For three long years, she had been in love with Juan. Everything about him was perfect to her: His gentleness, his kindness, and even his body, despite his slight baggage.

He received her as a gift when he was 10 as a birthday present. Initially, she hated everything about him, and never wanted to play with him. She noticed, however, that none of the other boys or Pokemon would play with him. In pity and sympathy, she decided to give him a chance. Over those first three years, he won her over with his appreciation of life and devotion to his education. That was all it took for her to realized she loved him- more than just as family.

To her, he looked like an angel as he slept. Tears welled up in her eyes- the paper he tried to read was her love letter. She was hoping that writing this letter to him would allow him to better understand her, so that she could communicate her true feelings to him. She spent many hours every day while he was gone practicing her handwriting. If she wrote her true feelings, she was hoping he would feel the same.

What a load of crap, She thought, Like he'd ever love a Pokemon...

It killed her to see all of the pain he went through on a daily basis to please the harlots he dated. Nearly every day he would return home a depressed, moody mess. She opened the paper and examined her work.

Chicken scratch. It was barely readable, and even if he could read it, he would surely think that she was some lunatic, since people and Pokemon rarely established romantic relationships; humans thought it was wrong.

In the dim moonlight, she read the paper like she'd been practicing for years now. I... love... you.

Tears welled up in her eyes again, and she buried her face in her pillow, sobbing. She was so stupid. Why would he ever love a-


She was snapped out of her by Juan's gentle, sweet voice. A voice that both comforted and scolded her, and it made her feel so happy.

She sniffled as the boy went on. "Are you going to show me that paper now?" Her heart beat faster as soon as the words hit her ears. This was her chance to tell him! She only hoped he would understand.

Nodding, she handed him the piece of paper and turned the bedside lamp on. She then sat next to him, waiting silently. Juan's eyes scanned the page, attempting to decipher the strange characters scrawled on the page. At first glance, he'd assumed them to be illegible, but after a closer look, he was able to make out a few of the shapes.

"I..." He read aloud, then he looked at her for assurance. She nodded. He continued, but found it harder to read the second word, made up of for strange characters. This is how she wrote? After a hard thought, he realized that the second word was "love."

"Is-is it 'love'?" He asked, still unsure of what it was. She leaped up and nodded vigorously. He continued, his heart beating faster and his mind racing. What could she be trying to say?

"Y!" he shouted, nearly bursting from the pressure. Sweat beads flew in a few directions as she nodded again, her tail smacking against his bedsheets, leaving burn marks from the flame.

Suddenly, the word (and her tail) hit him! "You!" he called. She stopped shaking, blushing as the three simple words came together in his head.

"I... love you?"

The lizard Pokemon blushed hard, nodding. She was mortified and ashamed. The boy was still in shock, and didn't know exactly what to say. In denial, Juan smiled and thought that this must be some platonic statement of love, like a brother and sister.

"Oh, girl, I love you, too!" He said hugging Juliana. She angrily released herself from this faux embrace. She knew he wouldn't understand if she just wrote it down for him. Feeling angry and mortified, she grabbed both sides of his head, pulled his face to level with her's, and pressed her lips against his.

Juan felt the passion behind the kiss he was given, and no longer felt shocked. He understood what she meant. She loved him. It all made sense to him- the affection, the over-protectiveness. She loved him.

He eased into the kiss. He didn't know why, but he felt the same way about her. He would often think of her when he was alone- mostly her cute little bottom. She was the only girl who was ever attracted to him. That was special enough, wasn't it? It didn't matter if others thought it was wrong. It felt right to them, and that's all that mattered.

The awkward kiss continued for a little while, made strange by the fact that she had a snout and he didn't. They eventually broke the kiss, a small strand of human and Pokemon drool connecting their lips. Their cheeks were flushed, and they were panting...



"I love you, too..."

Juliana blushed even harder and giggled. Finally, finally he knew how she felt, and it was even better that he felt the exact same way. She ran a small claw through his charcoal-black hair, and he wrapped his arms around her, embracing her tenderly. They stayed like this for a few seconds.

Juan then lay her down against the bed, his hands circling her belly. He rubbed this spot gently, since she really liked to be touched there. She relaxed against his touch, stretching. Was this a dream?

Suddenly, she felt a stirring down below. Looking down, she saw that her crotch was red and soaked. He noticed her sudden hesitation, and moved his hand just a little bit lower to see if something was wrong. He received a moan as his compensation, and then it was clear to him.

He stopped rubbing and stared into her beautiful brown eyes, knowing that she was aroused. He then turned his attention to her crotch, seeing a slight shine in the moonlight. Wanton eyes, wet crotch... she was definitely horny.

"You... you want me?" he asked. Juliana nodded, her eyes almost pleading. He wanted her too. "O-okay..."

His hand drifted down to her crotch, gently cupping it to feel. As one would expect from a female Charmander, it was hot. Nervously, he rubbed against her outer lips with his middle and ring fingers, allowing for her to relax as she experienced these new sensations. He massaged against her folds as gently as possible; She was young and he didn't want to hurt her.

Juliana was lost in pleasure. She moaned quietly as he massaged her folds, feeling juices start to drip. Sensations traveled across her body, making a tingling feeling course throughout all her limbs. This was much better than a belly rub!

Juices from her cunt began to well up even more at her entrance, allowing for pheromones and the scent of fresh grapefruit to waft all around the room. His mouth began to water.

He rubbed her folds faster, brushing against her clit in blind lust. The moans increased in volume until she cried out, shuddering as warm, sweet cum soaked his hand.

Coming down from her orgasm, she breathed softly. "Did you like that?" He asked, curious about his actions. She nodded, cooing in lust. "Good," He said, relieved, "Let's have some more fun."

She nodded, pointing at his member. It pushed at his pants, creating a painful tent. Curiously, the Charmander grabbed the zipper, pulling it down. This allowed for his boxers to push out into the open, a slight parting at the flaps revealing the tip of his erect member. Excited, she pulled the flaps apart, allowing his member to come out into the open. It was only five inches, average for a human, but huge to a Charmander. With lust consuming her mind, she used to small hands to massage her master's member, which by now was rock-hard and leaking pre. Juan moaned- no girl had ever touched him like this! Hearing her master moan, she rubbed faster, the sounds turning her on. Too aroused to hold back any more, she closed her mouth around his member and began to suck.

She definitely noticed the load groan from him as the hot insides of her mouth spread all around his dick. A lightly salty, somewhat bitter taste filled her mouth, but she loved it and couldn't get enough of it. She attacked his dick with with rapid tonguing and hard sucking, but she worried that she was not doing a good enough job, considering her size and experience. She stopped, feeling unconfident. She instantly received reassurance.

"Don't stop. You're really good at that!" he panted. Reinvigorated, she went back to work, more motivated than before. Juan, however, was still quite curious. Deciding that she deserved more motivation, he turned his focus to her wet crotch, close to his face. Her pussy emitted a sweet, citrus-like scent that was extremely intoxicating. The moonlight shimmered on her pussy, wet and hot. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. While she continued her messy blowjob, he took a big whiff of her warm, moist pussy, just begging to be tasted. He salivated, hoping it tasted as good as it smelled. Readying his tongue, he took a long, soft lick of her pussy, making her shiver at the touch. He tasted some of the juices, which had a tangy, fresh taste, with a slight heat. He decided that it was quite good, so he licked several more times, receiving many muffled moans as compensation.

The two continued their respective tonguing, the moans escalating in volume. Juan worked he well, turning his attention to her sensitive clit. This in turn made her focus on the tip of his member, swirling her tongue around it. Almost immediately, Juliana's mouth filled with the pheromone-laden semen, which leaked out of the corners of her mouth, too small to hold it all. At the same time, her juices splashed all over him like hot shower water, filling his mouth with the hot, citrusy cum.

It ended up soaking his shirt, but he didn't care. This was the best thing he'd felt in his entire life. He sighed as he allowed the feelings to wash over him. Juliana sat up, panting softly. She was just as happy as he was.

They both knew what to do next. He picked her up, laying on his back. He lined her lips up with his. He was terrified and nervous that it wouldn't fit at all and that it would hurt her. She was afraid, too. She knew there would be twice as much pain, considering his size, and hoped that her body could take him in. It had to- it just had to.

"A-are you r-ready?" He stammered.

"Ch-char." She replied nervously.

He was laying down, ensuring that he wouldn't crush her. She hesitated, hoping to Arceus that this wouldn't hurt as bad as she knew it would. She took a breath and pushed down, a fleshy, wet sound in the silence as her lips parted. She winced, it was already quite painful, and the pain escalated as she eased down further. She opened her eyes to see her progress, and to her delight she found that she already managed half of his member! Motivated once more, she fought through the pain and pushed down.

Finally, his member hilted her, both of them sighing in relief. Now the real fun can begin, She thought. She began to rise and fall atop his dick, feeling the excruciating pain increase as it rubbed all her insides. Confident that the pain would end soon, she humped faster, watching his dick disappear and pull out of her pussy with clouded eyes.

As the pace increased, so did the moans. The pain was all gone now, and what was left was mindless pleasure. He was doing the work now, holding onto her thighs. He picked her up and pushed her down rapidly, wet slaps and moans filling the room. The moonlight revealed their joined flesh, dripping with human and Charmander cum.

"Oh, Arceus, girl..." Juan groaned mindlessly, consumed by pleasure.

"Chaaarrrr..." Juliana growled lustily.

For a while, the sex continues, the pair joined in a harmony of moans with only the sounds of the sea outside to accompany them.

Juan felt it first- a strange tingling feeling beginning to overtake his entire member. Juliana snarled, feeling her climax on its way. The two fucked faster, eager to to reach their orgasms, ready to complete the experience.

"Oh god, girl! I'm- I'm gonna cum!" he cried, feeling his member quake, ready to blow.

"CHAR!" The Charmander cried, juices splashing all over his crotch. The heat and tightness of her pussy was too much- it forced him to cum.

"ARGH!" He growled as he fired shot after shot of his seed into her pussy, moaning with every one. The tightness of her flower milked him dry, and eventually, it was all over.

Exhausted, Juan and Juliana eased into their bed, giggling and holding each other in the afterglow. They talked for a little while, both wondering if others would approve of their relationship, Juan's parents in particular.

"Hmm... well," the boy thought aloud, "I think my father would understand, at least." He looked at her, noticing she was still quite unsure and confused.

"My father told me to find a girl I love and possesses qualities." He said, feeling unsure himself.

"Char?" she asked, "Qualities? Like what?"

He understood her perfectly. "Well, you love me. I think that's the most important quality of all, right?"

The End.
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    Friendly Zangoose
    Reviewer: Daneasaur
    Date:Apr 22 2013 Chapter:You Can't Hurry Love
    A fun venture. I'm fond of M human x female pokemon and this fit the bill.

    However, some word mistakes and a bit of pacing makes the passionate encounter feel short.
    Solid 8-10