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A young man named Juan Rivera is tired of love. Heartbroken, and with advice from his father, he finds true love in the form of his closest friend...

Story Notes:

This is another lemon I wrote a while after "Playtime", but it's still not too good, and I think I need to work on it some, so it may also be rewritten. This is my first "actual lemon", like it says on its description on Fanfiction.

  1. You Can't Hurry Love (3275 words) [Reviews: 1]

    I went ahead and fixed up any mistakes I made in the original on Fanfiction. Again, this is up for a rewrite soon, so I'll upload it if I get to it. Please enjoy.

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    Friendly Zangoose
    Reviewer: Daneasaur
    Date:Apr 22 2013 Chapter:You Can't Hurry Love
    A fun venture. I'm fond of M human x female pokemon and this fit the bill.

    However, some word mistakes and a bit of pacing makes the passionate encounter feel short.
    Solid 8-10